Decatur County Journal
November 24, l892

A rather sad case was tried in the District Court last week, lasting
three days.  It was the case of A.E. CARRITHERS vs. CARRIE E.
CARRITHERS, in which the plaintiff had filed a petition asking that the
marriage contract be annulled, on the ground of insanity of the wife
prior to their marriage.  The guardian ad litem filed a general denial
and set up as a defense post-connobial insanity.

The testimony was voluminous and quite racy.  As usual, when cases of
this character are being tried, the court room was packed with
spectators eager to catch every word.

It was on September l5, l89l, at her father's home that MISS CARRIE
became the happy wife of the husband of her choice, with anticipations
of a life of wedded bliss.  At the time, being in delicate health, the
excitement and preparations attending the event seemed to affect her
mental condition and on the 23rd of September, being just one week and
one day from the time of her marriage, she was adjudged insane and taken
to the asylum at Clarinda, where she remained until the time of the
trial last week.

The testimony disclosed the fact that prior to the marriage, she had
talked incoherently.  A number of neighbors testified as to her
eccentric ways and were of the opinion that she was mentally deranged
for some time prior to September l5, l89l.  The members of the family,
however, had always regarded her as of sound mind.

The Court found insanity to have existed prior to the marriage and, as
no lucid intervals were shown, granted the petition of plaintiff,
annulling the marriage contract.
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