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Subject: Article William and Mrs. Rains
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Former Davis City Couple
Celebrates Fifty-Second Wedding Anniversary

The following article was taken in part, from the Buffalo, Oklahoma
newspaper and concerns, and Mrs. William R. RAINS who were married near
Davis City fifty-two years ago.
Mr. RAINS is a brother of Mrs. Etta MAYNARD of Leon, and Mrs. Nora TONEY of
Mud River.
Sunday, Jan. 6, 1903, was not a stormy day, neither was it beautiful. It was
more or less an ordinary winter day near Davis City Iowa when marriage vows
for Miss Pearl READMAN and William R. RAIN were spoken in the home of a
neighbor, Rev. W. R. MANCHESTER, pastor of the Davis City Christian Church.
January 6, 52, years later, found a similar day forming the setting when Mr.
and Mrs. RAINS quietly observed their wedding anniversary at their home in
She was born February 1885, in Harrison county Missouri, the daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. J. E. READMAN. Bill was born in Harrison County Iowa, to Mr. and
Mrs. Thomas RAINS. The families were only about three miles apart.
Since they had known ach other just about as long its they could remember,
Pearl and Bill found it easy to decide to marry. They drove to the
Manchester home in a top buggy with motivation provided by a span of big
mules After the wedding they were able to avoid neighbors who wanted to
charivari them, until several days later when they were caught at the home
of his parents. Amid much noise, with the shooting of guns adding to the
confusion, Bill slipped out to join in the shooting although he does admit
he did not get close enough for them to catch him.
That spring they moved to Garfield County, Oklahoma where her father was
then living, and that summer RAINS and READMAN, accompanied by two neighbor
boys, traveled by Santa Fe to El Reno where they registered for the
Kiowa-Comanche land drawing. Two months later they went by covered wagon to
Lawton, where they found that town with only one building, the Rock Island
Railroad station.
That fall, Mr. And Mrs. RAINS returned to Iowa where they lived about three
years before moving to Lookout where READMAN had filed. They were there
about eight months before deciding to return again to Iowa. After residing
there until 1915 they decided to try Oklahoma again and moved to Woods
County shipping their possessions in an immigrant car to Coldwater, Kan.
They moved that fall to Harper County and settled north of Fern where they
stayed until they moved southeast of the Kibby community and to Buffalo in
Both Mr. And Mrs. RAINS are members of Buffalo lodges. He joined the
Independent Order of Odd Fellows in 1911 at Blythedale, Mo. He is also a
member of Buffalo Encampment and the Canton. Mrs. RAINS became a member of
the Buffalo Rebekah group in 1936. They are the parents of six children. <>

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