My cousin, Judy Chastain, who is on this list found this newspaper
article in our Great Grandmother's scrapbooks and sent it to me a "long"
time ago!  Thanks, Judy!

Eden Prairie
February 3, 1881

Mr. Editor:--The residence of Mr. & Mrs. Levi Chastain of Eden Township has
been the
occasion of one of the most enjoyable entertainments I ever had the pleasure
of attending,
it being the fiftieth anniversary of their marriage - - their golden
wedding.  The writer
hereof, with many others of the friends and neighbors, being invited to
partake of the
hospitalities of the aged and venerable couple, with pleasure accepted the
invitation but
was notified at the time that there would not be any presents expected. They
intend it only
as a social gathering of their family and neighbors.  When we arrived at the
residence of
the bride and groom (which, by the way, is a large two story brick in the
shape of an L,
and is beautifully surrounded with nice shade trees and evergreens, all the
work of their
own hands) we found many of the friends and neighbors already assembled and
themselves, eating delicious apples and drinking some of the good cider as
can be found
anywhere and to which they all did ample justice.  All the while, everyone
seemed to vie
with each other in making it a most enjoyable occasion.

We found by inquiring that there had been some seventy-five guests invited,
including the
two married sons who are living near by and one married daughter and family
who live in
Indiana.  They have two daughters living at home with them, one a widow with
a bright
little boy, the other a maiden lady.

Levi Chastain is 72 years and Mrs. Chastain is 70 years old.   They have
Grandchildren living and five dead.  Levi Chastain is the son of Martin
Chastain, was born
and raised in Kentucky and is one of Seven Children, all of whom are living
but two.

Mrs. Louisa Chastain is the daughter of John Martin and is also a native of
They were married in Bath County, Kentucky on the 3rd day of February 1831,
by the
Rev. John Smith, a very noted preacher of that time.  They both belonged to
the same
church and hold to the same faith at this time that they did when married
and are both
worthy members of the Christian denomination.

Mr. Editor, I should not do justice to this worthy couple did I fail to tell
you what
transpired in the large dining hall.  At the hour of one o'clock p.m.. we
were invited to
partake of the good things prepared for the occasion.

Elder J. C. Porter and wife led the way to the tables followed by the Bride
and Groom,
Mr. & Mrs. L. H. Walton, Mr. and Mrs. Ketcham, Mr. and Mrs. John Albaugh,
Mr. and
Mrs. J. McCutcheon, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Artt, Mr. and Mrs. G.W. Gammon, Mr.
Mrs. D.C. Burks, Mr. and Mrs. M. B. Reid, Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Gibson, Mr. R.
Southworth, Mrs. L<Lucy Bradfield, Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Gammon.

When we were seated at the table, Elder Porter offered thanks after which we
were helped
to the many substantial dishes prepared for such occasions.  Then came the
pies and cakes
of many shades from snow-white to a rich golden, (the latter being the bride
's cake) with
almost innumerable dishes of fruits and jellies piled up before each guest.

After the guests at the first table had done ample justice to what was
before them, the
table was prepared again and was surrounded a second time, by Mr. Henry
Jenkins, Miss
Annie Gammon, Mrs. Allen, Mrs. D. Brooke, Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Chastain, Mr.
and Mrs.
W. A. Albaugh, Mr. L. R. Chastain, daughter and two sons, Miss Josie
Scanlan, Mrs M.
Walton, Miss Amelia Southworth, Mrs. Henry Oney, Miss Ida Hazlitt, Miss Lide
and several little folks.

They also made it the occasion of presenting each of their children with
fifty dollars in
gold (following the scriptural injunction "It is more blessed to give than
to receive").  The
groom also presented the bride with a beautiful gold ring.  Their two sons,
L. R. and J. M.
Chastain, presented their father with a beautiful pair of gold frame
spectacles and Mrs. L.
B. and J. M. Chastain presented the bride with a beautiful gold ring.  Some
of their old
friends brought some nice presents as tokens of esteem:  Mr. and Mrs. John
Albaugh, gold
pen and holder; Miss Josie Scanlan, gold breast pin and tooth pick, also two
cards with letters in gold, "February 3, 1831 and February 3, 1881" which
were suspended
on the wall in the dining room with a beautiful wreath of evergreens
surrounding them;
Mr. and Mrs. Gammon, two china cups and saucers.
Levi Chastain and Louisa Martin were married February 3, 1831 - fifty years
ago today -
and will celebrate their Golden Wedding at their home in Eden township this
evening.  The
Journal hopes they may live to celebrate their Diamond Wedding.
Typed by Janice Chastain Lund, 2nd Great Granddaughter of Levi and Louisa
February 22, 2001 (120 years later)