The Davis City Advance, Davis City, Iowa
Thursday, June 28, l900

Last Saturday completed the cycle of 50 years since DANIEL WELLER, father of our popular fine stock man, W.H. WELLER, led his blushing bride to the altar of hymen.

They are still traveling hand in hand down life's journey, enjoying a beautiful old age, and their affectionate children decided to make the occasion a landmark in their history.

Some time ago the Advance office printed the beautiful gold decorated invitations which were sent to the guests. As many lived at a distance and were unable to come, they responded with letters of congratulations and good wishes. Those present were: F. Varga and wife, of Leon; A.E. and E.D. Dorn and families; R.D.R. Topliff and family, and Rev. Rusk and family; Mrs. Catherine Robinson and husband, of Kansas City, Mo. and Mrs. Nellie Walker and husband, of Bloomville, O.

The last are the only daughters of MR. and MRS. DANIEL WELLER and completed the family circle, which had not been reunited before in 24 years.

At 2 p.m. a sumptuous repast was served and all enjoyed the hour to the fullest extent. Mr. Varga made one of his happiest addresses in honor of the aged couple which was feelingly responded to by the happy patriarch.

Many beautiful presents were received by the guests of honor, and a very happy time was enjoyed by all. May they enjoy a diamond wedding is the wish of their many friends.
The Davis City Advance, Davis City, Iowa
Thursday, July 5, l900


By some unintentional oversight the names of Dr. F.W. Robinson, of Kansas City, and Dr. Wailes and wife of this city, were omitted from the list of guests at the WELLER Golden Wedding last week. It is hoped they will overlook the slight as we assure them it was entirely unintentional.

Copied by Nancee(McMurtrey)Seifert
October 20, 2003