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Front Row: Elmer Franklin, George Tye. Center row: Arthur Edwards, Eugene Franklin (who later played in Sousa's Band), Rev. Gordon of Indianola, and the band instructor, Ott Hutchison. Back row: George Young, Brent Tye, Charley Cornett (Asst. Mgr.), Frank Hollister, Dr. E.C. Macy (Manager), Grover Tye, Glen Mitchell and Merle Cornett.

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Pleasanton Depot, 1906

Dr. Peters House, year unknown

Nellie Dale's Music Class, 1904

Main Street, 1909

City Park, year unknown

Pleasanton City Park

Supply Store, year unknown

CB&Q Depot, 1912

1911 Residents

Smith & Snethen Store

Ruth Turpin

J.E. Leeper, Sr.


1954 Centennial

Dudley Mathis article

City Hall
Masonic Hall

Masonic Hall

Pleasanton Business Directory, 1892

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about 1905, as related by Brent G. Tye.
The photo taken in Pleasanton, just before a game with a team from Cainsville, Mo. which came here on the 2 p.m. passenter train and went home on the 5 p.m. freight caboose.

We carried two tents, one sleeping and one cook. We played in southern Iowa and northern Missouri.

The team played the famous much talked about 13 innings at Kellerton Reunion. We lost the 13 inning game to Grant City., Mo., stocked up with players from the old St. Joseph, Mo. Western League. Sport Summa was one of them. Charlie Tye pitched the entire game and yours truly was the catcher.

I'm sure John Fulton and Harve Butler of Leon will recall that game. Harve traveled with us part time.

At Mount Ayr their team came out in bright new uniforms. We beat them 20-0.

Front row, lying on ground - Clyde Bradshaw and Charley Bradshaw, both former 31 League players.

Front row, sitting l - r: Charley Tye, pitcher, Ralph Musselman, Brent Tye, catcher. Rufus Musselman, Hearld Atkinson, Frank Farson, Carl Molleston, Boyd Porter.

Standing on scales: Guy Davis, Grover Tyle, 13.

Back row: Ancel Mitchel, Clell Hill, Mr. Macy, Dare Snethen, in Door, Ray Graves, near scales, Rub Griffin, Elmer Franklin.

Leon Journal-Reporter, Leon, Decatur County, Iowa, publication date clipped off; transcription by Sharon R. Becker
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