Weldon Photos & Images

Courtesy of Decatur County Historical Society Museum & Bob Bixby

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Fourth of July


Delks Violin Shop

year unknown

Terry Residence

Pump house at left

Citizen Band

year unknown

Allen Hotel


Church of Christ

year unknown

Kozy Club


J. P. Kline Home

year unknown

Kozy Club


Christian Church

year unknown

Main Street

year unknown

Dr. Foxworthy's Office


Weldon Hotel

year unknown

Main Street

year unknown

Weldon Hospital

year unknown

Weldon Depot

year unknown

West Side of Main Street


East side of Main Street


Main Street


Weldon Elevator


Corn Huskers

Nov. 12, 1930

Train Derailment

year unknown

Band Stand Site

after Halloween, 1930's


April 17, 1921

Weldon Residents


Weldon Depot


Unloading Coal


Weldon Depot


Gas Station Burning

year unknown

E. A. Lockwood Store

year unknown
Train Derailment

year unknown

Hard Surfacing Main Street Weldon, 1934
Courtesy of Decatur County Historical Society Museum and Bob Bixby


On the back of the photograph of Weldon, 1895 (above), it reads:

"Photo by Buntz
Taken from Belfry of school House Looking North East toward Town (the 1895 one).
Christian Church at Right Edge of Picture.
Meat Market with Ice House, 2nd North from Church
"Odd Fellows Hall showing NE from Ice House
Maxwell Hotel - N - across street from Meat Market
Dobson & Patterson Homes with washing on line between Old Bank Bldg. North of Pattersons. This Bldg. was moved to Jeff Horney location - now the home occupied by Wayne Exley (Virgil Simmerman now Mrs. Ellis).
Arlene Moyer House North of Dobsons.
Cleve McWilliams House across street North from Meyers.
Box Car on the Railroad can be seen North over McWilliams Barn.
White Gabled House seen just to right is John Tallman property (which Bell's)
The 2 story Bldg North - Northeast over Dobsons and Josephine Coffey Homes
The Ruffcorn - McCartney General Store -
___story Bldgs on East Side of Main Street can be seen North of Maxwell Hotel.
___ Terry Home & Barn to left nearest Camera.

"Harold Pearoy [illegible], Weldon, Iowa."

Weldon, Iowa, 2013

Band Stand

Post Office


Depot Complex & Library

Quayle Park

Weldon Depot

Quayle Park

Weldon Library

Weldon Residents
Courtesy of Decatur County Historical Museum, Leon IA

Elsie M. (Durnall) Abercrombia


Elmer & Martha Delk

Garris Family

Mr. and Mrs. Hall

The Hodges Family

The Hulls

Samuel James Family

Robert Jamison Family

Robert and Christena Jamison

Thomas Keeran Family

The Kelleys

The John P. Kline Family

John P. Kline

Mr. & Mrs. Landis

The Marshall Family

McAlister Family

The McFarland Family

The Mitchells

The Nish Family

Madison Pearcy Family

The Randol Family

The Sanders Family

Mr. and Mrs. Shutts

Mrs. Terry

Irlene Thomas

Dorman Trisler Family

James I. and Jennie Wade

James I. Wade, 1914

Austin Wallace Family

John E. & Laura Wallace

Wallace Brothers

W. R. Warren Family

Weldon Men, 1918

The Westfall Family

Jonathan Williams Family
Weldon Girls, 1913


Weldon Business Directory
Courtesy of Decatur County Historical Museum, Leon IA
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