Leon Reporter, Leon, Iowa
Thursday, May 5, l904

Last Friday afternoon at the spacious home of MRS. J. HOFFHINES, the ladies of the New Century Club had an open meeting at which each member was privileged to invite a guest, and all who were on the favored list were present.

There was a short program, MRS. J.L. YOUNG having a splendid paper on "Lace Making as an Art," MRS. CHAS. HURST an equally good one on "The Bayeux Tapestry," a trio composed of MESDAMES J.A. CASTER, W.A. BOONE and O.E. HULL, who were accompanied on the piano by MISS ELLA FINLEY, and a solo by MRS. THOMAS TEALE.

The principal feature of the meeting was the magnificent art display, the committee in charge of this exhibit, MRS. C.M. KETCHAM and MRS. THOMAS TEALE, having secured a magnificent collection of all kinds of art, including a display of hand painted china, embroidery, needle work and crayon and oil paintings. The display was a large one and the guests spent a good part of the afternoon examining the many beautiful things shown. Special mention should be made of a child's wardrobe of many years ago, the property of MRS. L. VAN WERDEN, who received many of the articles as heirlooms from her great grandmother. Another interesting exhibit was an old German castle made entirely from hair and pasted on a paper in imitation of an oil painting, the property of MRS. J.L. HARVEY. There were over one hundred articles exhibited and the display would have done credit to many large cities. It was something out of the usual line for club meetings, but one which was thoroughly enjoyed by the club members and their guests.

Dainty refreshments were served, and the guests all expressed themselves as having spent a most delightful afternoon with the New Century Club.

Copied by Nancee(McMurtrey)Seifert
"With permission from the Leon Journal Reporter"
May 6, 2003