From Semi-Centennial Souvenir Booklet - September 13, 1929

The community Responded To The Nation's Call

During the years of WWI the community took its place with those who served energetically and efficiently. It gave workers and supplies. In the days of peace the real test of patriotism is shown in movements for civic uplift.

The Ralph A. Judson Post of American Legion was organized in Lamoni in 1919, and has a dual purpose to help ex-service men and to assist the community in all ways.

The town service flag includes:

Walter Adair, Oren Adair, Elmer E. Anderson, Leslie Anderson, Scott Anderson, Wilber Allen, Wm. G. Allen, Carl Bandy, Philip Bradfield, Wayne Blair, Vernon Barrett, Bert Brooner, Allen Barrows, Alvie Ballentyne, Towner Bohn, Riley Barrett, Lyman Case, Arthur Church, James Cantril, Luther Cobb, Clyde Cochran, Ray Carmichael, Ray Chasey, Ephraim Edwin Christian, David Dancer, Howard Dancer, Dwight Davis, James Dillen, Edward Elefson, James Eubanks, Wright Erwine, Clarence Gibson, Zeb Gray, Vane Grenawalt, Orra Gray, Thomas Gruver, Harold Gunsolley, Verne Gunsolley, Arthur Gaulter, Alma Goode, Fred Goode, Joseph Garland, Alvin Hyer, Horner Hopkins, John Hawley, Earl Hartschen, Orren Hartschen, Roy Hall, Howard Judson, Carl Judson, Ralph Judson, Howard Jackson, Wallace Jackson, John Jackson, John Johnson, Ralph Johnson, Edward Jones, Lewis Jones.

Perry Keller, Orlo LaFrance Everett Lasley, Hiram Lovell, Roy Lebrash, Walter Moon, William Murray, Vaughn McElroy, Morris Mortimore, Emery Martin, True Myers, Albert Marshall, Ward McWhinney, Arthur Nonn, Earl Nunn, Arthur Noftsger, Arthur Parks, Loren Pitkin, Lloyd Poush, Ralph Rew, Elza Rew, Buell Randall, Jesse Roth, Layton Rhodes, Earl Rauch, Raymond Scott, Rothmer Scott, Dale Scott, Fred Stubbart, Walter Schenck, Ralph Silver, Howard Silver, Byron Sweeley, Joseph Shakespeare, Ross Stark, Howard Spurrier, Glen Snyder, Gerald Smith, Earl Traxler, Alfred Truman, Floyd Tallman, Ralph Teale, Paul Teale, Rupert Wight, Leslie Wight, Zenas Wood, Asa Williams, Alvin Wood, and Bert Young.

Copied from Reflections of Lamoni
The Lamoni Chronicle
Special Issue
by Stacey McDowell Dietiker