The Lamoni Chronicle
Lamoni, Iowa
January 12, 1905



The I. O. O. F. and Rebekahs installed their officers for the ensuing year in joint public installation Thursday evening. For the I. O. O. F., John BELL, District Deputy Grand Master and John PARRISH, Grand Marshall, both of Leon were the installing officers, the following being installed: N. G., J. L. HEATHMAN; V. G., JAMES NELSON; Sec., C. U. GRENAWALT; Fin. Sec., W. J. MATHER; Treas., W. A. GRENAWALT. For the Rebekah's Mrs. John GRAY was the installing fficer, the following being installed: N. G., Mrs. Minnie LAWHORN; V. G., Mrs. S. KEOWN; Sec., Vida KEOWN; Treas., John GRAY.

Each member of the two societies were privileged to bring a friend and a goodly number took advantage of the opportunity to show outsiders some of the workings of the societies. A well-prepared oyster supper, served by the Rebekahs, followed the exercises. Altogether a pleasant evening was had.

Copied by Stacey McDowell Dietiker
July 9, 2003