Leon Reporter, Leon, Iowa
Thursday, June 11, l903

'Decatur County Medical Society'

The annual meeting of the Decatur County Medical Society was held in the parlors of Hotel Leon on last Wednesday and Thursday, and for a county medical society meeting the attendance was phenomenal, there being nearly thirty physicians present, and the excellent program well repaid them for the trouble of attending.

The papers read were of great interest, and a practical discussion of each subject was participated in by nearly everyone present. The most important papers were "Extra-Uterine Gestation" by Dr. C.E. Ruth, of Keokuk; "Compound Fracture of the Skull" by Dr. Jacob Geiger, of St. Joe; "Orthopedic Surgery" by Dr. J.W. Cowkenower, of Des Moines. Other papers were "Care of Women During Confinement" by Dr. J.W. Wailes, of Davis City; "Use of Thyroid Extract in the Treatment of Tumors" by Dr. H.R. Layton; "Medical Ethics" by Dr. F.A. Bowman; "Pneumonia" by Dr. W.E. Lyon, of Garden Grove; "Prescribing" by Dr. J.W. Wailes, of Davis City; "Forensic Surgery" by Marion F. Stookey.

At the business session the following officers were elected for the ensuing year:

President - Dr. F.A. Bowman, Leon.
Vice President - Dr. O.W. Foxworthy, Leon.
Treasurer - Dr. W.E. Lyon, Garden Grove.
Secretary - Dr. B.L. Eiker, Decatur.

The following physicians were in attendance at the meeting:

Dr. C.E. Ruth, Keokuk.
Dr. Jacob Geiger, St. Joe.
Dr. J.W. Cowkenower, Des Moines.
Dr. J.X. Allen, Ogden, Utah.
Dr. T.B. Ellis, Bethany, Mo.
Dr. J.H. White, Mt. Ayr.
Dr. D.D. Drennen, Corydon.
Dr. B.S. Walker, Corydon.
Dr. I.M. Lovett, Lineville.
Dr. C.B. Galbreath, Lineville.
Dr. O.P. Jamison, Weldon.
Dr. J.F. Snyder, Weldon.
Dr. M. Phelps, Van Wert.
Dr. O.E. Macey, Pleasanton.
Dr. W.E. Lyon, Garden Grove.
Dr. E.W. Doolittle, Garden Grove.
Dr. C.E. Wright, Lamoni.
Dr. Bertha A. Greer, Lamoni.
Dr. J.B. Horner, Lamoni.
Dr. J.S. Coontz, Woodland.
Dr. R.G. Reed, Davis City.
Dr. J.W. Wailes, Davis City.
Dr. B.L. Eiker, Decatur.
Dr. A. Brown, Leon.
Dr. H.R. Layton, Leon.
Dr. O.W. Foxworthy, Leon.
Dr. F.A. Bowman, Leon.

Copied by Nancee(McMurtrey)Seifert
"With permission from the Leon Journal Reporter"
March l3, 2003