City, District and County Medical Associations


This society was organized January 8, 1875, auxiliary to the Iowa State Medical Society.
   OFFICERS: President, J. R. McClelland of Leon; vice president, W. J. Laney of Decatur City; recording secretary, H. R. Layton of Leon; treasurer, W. A. Todd of Garden Grove.

Organization meeting June 8, 1975.
   Members present: W. A. Todd, V. L. Chester, and Dr. Stuart of Garden Grove; J. P. Finley, J. R. McClelland, H. R. Layton, and Dr. Sanford of Leon, Dr. Todd was chosen temporary chairman.
   Officers elected: President, J. R. McClelland; secretary, H. R. Layton. Drs. W. J. Laney and H. C. Bone, both of Decatur City, became members at the second meeting.

This society has functioned continuously since its organization and is rated high among the various societies of the state. - Howell, J.M., and Smith, H. C., History of Decatur County, Iowa and Its People, S. J. Clarke Pub. Co., 1915, Vol I.

Note: the first version of the organization of this society is probably correct since Dr. Lathrop, publisher of "The Medical and Surgical Directory of Iowa" is the authority for the statement. The second version is the J. M. Howell and H. C. Smith report of the first organization. It is presumed these authors were not physicians.

Members 1880-81: H. C. Bone of Westerville; M. Daniels of Terre Haute; J. P. Finley, Sr.; R. D. Gardner, J. F. Hildreth, H. R. Layton, J. R. McClellend, and L. H. Sales, all of Leon; A. Hamilton, E. C. Macey, and W. C. Wheeler of Pleasanton; W. J. Laney and Henry Parish of Decatur City; C. W. Lillie of Davis City; and T. F. Calbraith and N. M. Smith, locations unknown. - Med. & Surg. Dir. of Iowa, 1880-81.

Reorganized March 31, 1904, with nine members.
   Officers: President F. A. Bowman of Leon; secretary, B. L. Eiker of Decatur; delegate, B. L. Eiker of Decatur. - Trans. Iowa M. Soc., xxii:323, 1904.


One Hundred Years of Iowa Medicine: Commemorating The Centenary of the Iowa State Medical Society 1850 - 1950
Publisher: Athens Press, Iowa City, Iowa

Transcribed by Conni McDaniel Hall 22 Jan 2021.
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