R. L. Polk's Iowa State Gazetteer and Business Directory, 1918-1919

Decatur County

Population, 700. An incorporated town, located on Grand river and on the C., B. & Q. R. R., in Burrell township, "Decatur county, 8 miles s. of Leon, the judicial seat. It has 5 churches, electric light and 2 banks. Tel., W. U. Exp., Adams. Emma R. Cummings, postmaster.
Adams E A, drayage
Burrell J. W., hotel
Campbell George P, real estate and ins
Craig A G, live stock
Cummings Emma R, postmaster
Davis City Telephone Co, R H Johnson mngr
Downey & Son, meats
Farmers' Bank The (capital $10,000), S Radnich pres, O L Frazier cashier
Frazier Bros (C S and G R), flour mill
Frazier O L, cashr Farmers' Bank
Frazier & Riley (L M Frazier, W. L. Riley), lumber and coal
Gable O L, dry goods
Gates J N, pres and cashr Valley Bank
Graham N G, garage Griffith U B, r r, exp and tel agt
Grimes G. G., clothing
Hartman Fred, poultry
Henderson George, furniture and undertaker
Henderson & Son, drayage
Laney F. A. Mrs, drugs
Latta W J, blacksmith
Llewellyn Hotel, A. L Teale propr
McClaren H L, general store
McLain J Lyman, grocer
Parker J F, meats
Parker R A, restaurant
Reed Guy P, physician
Robinson J H, drugs and books
Robinson W J, dentist
Tellin O G, restaurant
Tharp Joseph & Son (Joseph and John D), insurance
VALLEY BANK (Capital $2,000), J N Gates Pres and Cashier
Wailes J. W., physician

Population, 350. Settled in 1854. An incorporated town on the Burlington Route, in Decatur township and county, 5 1/2 miles w. of Leon, the judicial seat, and 81 from Des Moines. Has Christian and Methodist Episcopal churches, a graded public school, an opera house and 2 banks. Tel., W. U. Exp., Adams. Earl W. Riley, postmaster.
Britton J E, physician
Campbell S H, hotel
Carrington C. M. general store
Chamberlain R P Mrs, milliner
Citizens' State Savings Bank (capital $25,000), Henry Rauch pres, Ollie Walker cashier
Colter W. H., live stock and county Supervisor
Cozard James, cashr Decatur State Bank
Creal O B & Son, hardware
Creswell A. J., meats
Creswell W. G., drayage
Decatur Co, C R Riley mngr, lands, loans and abstracts
Decatur State Bank (capital $10,000), W H Lloyd pres, Jas Cozard cashr
Decatur Telephone Co
Dobson J B, live stock
Esch Henry, moving pictures
Fisher J E, house mover
Geetin G. John, grain
Lake & Co, flour mill and grain
Leon Electric Co
Litle R R, drugs
Lloyd Cliff & Co, automobiles and garage
Lloyd W. H., general store
Meeker C R., general store
O'Neal E L, drayage
Palmer L, r r, exp and tel agt
Palmer R L & Co. hd we and implts
Reddle Bros, general store
Riley C R, asst postmaster
RILEY EARL W., Postmaster (U S A)
Talbert Grain Co, J C Cozard mngr
Walker Ollie, cashr Citizens State Savings Bank
Walker-Townsend Ins Agency
Watson H C, real estate

Population, 30. In Long Creek township, Decatur county, on the C., B. & R. R. 12 miles northwest of Leon - the judicial seat, 5 from Van Wert and 7 from Grand River, both of which, latter places afford banking facilities.
Exp., Adams, Telephone connections.
De Kalb H D, live stock breeder
De Kalb Supply Co, General Store

Population, 750. Settled in 1847. An incorporated town, located on the C. B. & Q. R. R., in Garden Grove township. Decatur county, 13 miles northeast of Leon, the judicial seat, and 60 south of Des Moines. Has Episcopal, Free Methodist, Methodist Episcopal and Presbyterian churches, excellent schools, a bank and a newspaper, the Express. Tel., W. U. Exp., Adams. G. E. Jennings, postmaster.
Amos Spencer H, lawyer
Barbour Bros, real estate
Castle Theatre, Mrs G C Dilsaver prop
Clark Harriet, milliner
Coontz Jesse S, physician
Culver H. J., cash C S Stearns State Bank
Dilsaver's Opera House, Mrs G C Dilsaver prop
Fisher Charles, bakery and restaurant
Garden Grove Elevator Co, J L Phipps mgr
Garden Grove Express, R C Hoadley editor
Grenawalt J R, clothing and shoes
Hamilton Ernest P, horse breeder
Hoadley R C, pub Garden Grove Express
Humphrey James L. jr, Geo Spence mgr. produce
Jenkins F L, brick manufacturer
JENNINGS G E, Postmaster
Jordan O C, lumber
Lady Amber Inn, James L. Fisher prop
Layman & Richards, drayage
Lineville Telephone Co, Charles Reaves mgr
Lovette E J & E O, live stock
Lyon Wm E, physician
McClung James J, livery and bus
McKibben J O, cattle and sheep breeder
McNay Leo, veterinary surgeon
Matthews Benjamin H, horse dealer
Morlan E P, insurance
Morris Robert, general store
Phipps Elevator Co, James L Phipps mngr
Place A F, grocer
Raleigh W. Harry & Co, drugs
Roberts G W, restaurant
Roberts W H, general store
Roberts & Herwey (Alva Roberts, Wm Herwey), garage
Russell George M, harness and agrl implements
Sanford Gould, photographer
Spellerberg August, hardware
Stearns A W, variety
Stearns C S, State Bank, C S Stearns pres, H J Culver cashr
Strohl H F, r r, tel and exp agt
Throckmorton W. S. furn and undertkr
Ticknor Fred, variety store
Vail John E, loans
Ward Willis C, dentist and undertaker
Young Henry H, meats

Population, 380. An incorporated town on Grand river, and on the Burlington Route, in Richland township, Decatur county, 18 miles northwest of Leon, the judicial seat. Has Baptist, Catholic, Christian, Apostolic and Methodist Episcopal churches, 2 banks, an opera house and a weekly newspaper, the Grand River Local. Tel., W. U. Exp., Adams. Forest Cole, postmaster.
Baker Arthur, clothing
Baker R & Son, hardware
Beck W. J., shoes and clothing
Bone H C, physician
Bone H C & Co, drugs
Boyd Nora J., cashr Farmers' Bank
Brammer P, produce
Brammer Roy, restaurant
Brothers J C, cashr First Natl Bank
Brown D A, milliner
Brown George W., meats
Brown R G, harness and repair shop
Burham J. W., restaurants
Carr J. Ross, physician
Chandler J. W., harness
COLE FOREST, Postmaster
Davison A G, r r, exp and tel agt
Edwards Ida L, hotel
Empress Theatre, Brothers & Hines proprs
Farmers' State Bank, A R Switzer pres, Nora J Boyd cashr
First National Bank (capital $25,000), A L Ackerley pres, J C Brothers cashr
Fowler J W, livery
Gale Ed, grocer
Grand River Local, Co publrs
Grand River Lumber Co, lumber, cement blocks and coal
Grand River Opera House, A R Switzer propr
Greeley Printing Co, printers and publr Green River Local
Greenland F A, live stock
Hines E. J., dentist
Hines J. F., gro and notions
Johnston H A, automobiles
Latla J L, furn and hardware
McConnell & Davidson, hawe , implts and pumps
Mitchell Enos, physician
Mulcahy A R, physician
Stark J H, genl store
Street H J, general store

A discontinued post office in Decatur county. Has rural delivery from Garden Grove.
Duling Isaac C, general store

Population, 1,900. Settled in 1879. On the C., B & Q. R. R., in Decatur county, in the heart of a rich agricultural, gently rolling prairie country, where a failure of crops has not been known, 16 miles sw, of Leon, the judicial seat. It is a prosperous and progressive city and has 2 churches, a fine System of graded public schools, including, an accredited four-year high school and Graceland College, a non-sectarian institution of learning, with first-class instructors in all departments, an opera house, 2 banks, water works, sewerage system, electric light and a weekly newspaper, the Chronicle. The official publishing house of the Latter Day Saints is located here. The Lamoni Commercial Club is a live organization and letters of inquiry directed to the Secretary will receive prompt attention. Tel W. U. Exp., Adams. George W. Blair, postmaster.
Allen George, restaurant
Allen James, flour and feed mill
Anderson Oscar, cashr State Sav Bank
Autumn Leaves, Herald Pub House publrs
Badham Coal Co (W. G. Badham)
Badham Plumbing & Heating Co
Barr Hotel, J E Stowell prop
Barrows Charles H, drugs
Bathe & Hill (Irwin Bathe, T J Hill), meats
BLAIR GEORGE W, Postmaster
Blair Wallace H, editor Lamoni Chronicle
Brackinberry Charles, photogr
Brand, Ruby & Co (Ruby and Frances Brand), milliners
Briggs Edward D, real estate
Dillon C W, apiarist 6 miles w
Downey James E, 2d hand goods
Electric Shop, Herald Pub House props
Farmers' Grain & Seed Co 'The, Eli Hayer pres, S S Keown v-pres, Oliver Hayer sec, D P Stickle treas
Farmers' State Bank (capital $25,000), Fred Teale pres, Orra Teale cashr Fleet Benjamin D general store Foreman C. E., restaurant
Foreman Joseph M, restaurant
Foreman & Martin (G. S Foreman, J A Martin), autos
France Lumber Co (Wm A and Joseph E France)
Frink Lyman J. wagonmaker
Graceland College, G. N. Briggs pres, J F. Garver sec
Greenawalt Charles U, hardware
Greenawalt W A & Bro (W. A. and Joseph B), clothing
Greer A. Dill, oculist
Greer Bertha A, physician
Hammer Remedy Co (Ray Hammer)
Hammer & Danielson (R A Hammer. J C Danielson), auto supplies
Hardwick & Frisby, grocers
Herald Publishing House, B M McGuire pres. J A Gunsolley sec, publrs, Saints' Herald. Zion's Hope and Autumn Leaves
Hills Henry M, physician
Horner James B, physician
Hougas W. E., machinist
Humphrey J L jr, produce
Interstate Garage (Hougas & Rew)
Iowa-Missouri Grain Co, George Fore man mngr
Johnson George W., jeweler
Johnson Ray, jeweler
Jonathan Hotel, Sherman Reynolds prop
Jones J. F., drugs
Lamoni Auto Co (George H. Derry)
Lamoni Chronicle, Wallace H. Blair editor
Lamoni Coliseum, W A Hopkins pres Lamoni Commercial Club, E D Moore Sec
Lamoni Cornet Band, J H Anthony leader
Lamoni Hardware Co (T P Hinderks)
Lamoni Land and Loan Co., W A Hopkins pres, Oscar Anderson v-pres, Daniel Anderson Sec
Lamoni Milling Co
Lamoni Telephone Co. Charles France pres, George H. Derry treas
Lester Cyrus J, dray
Lewis C J, notions
Lynn Lumber H. H. Lynn prop
Nicholson Todd B, insurance
Rabidou & Smith (Joseph J. Rabidou, Mrs Martha L. Smith), meats
Robinson R C, drayage
Robinson W J, dentist
Russell, Benjamin, lawyer
Saints Herald Publishing House publrs
Silsbee Mercantile Co., P A Silsbee mngr, general store
Siltz Lew F, r r, tel and exp agt
Silver Joe T, restaurant
State Savings Bank of Lamoni (capital $50,000), W A Hopkins pres, Oscar Anderson cash
Stead J D Mrs, general store
Supply Store, C E Blair mngr.
Tapscott H Alba, livery
Teale Herbert W, harness
Waswo Herman, baker
White D C & Son (David C and Charles H), general store
White-Smith Furniture Co (A Otis White, Mrs Lillian Smith)
Wight L S. poultry remedies
Zions' Hope, Herald Publishing House publrs

Population, 2,200. The judicial seat of Decatur county is an incorporated town on the Burlington Route, 88 miles south of Des Moines, and 158 from Burlington. It is lighted by electricity, as 2 brick school buildings, 6 churches, an opera hall, first class hotels, 2 banks and two weekly newspapers, the Decatur County Journal and Leon Reporter. Exp., Adams. Tel., W. U. Edward E. Beck, postmaster.
ALEXANDER BROTHERS (James and Roll), Garage and Machine Shop, All Makes of Automobiles Repaired and Overhauled, Tel 113
Alexander Wm A, drugs
Baker & Parrish (George W. Baker, John S. Parrish), lawyers
BECK EDWARD E, Postmaster
Bell Edgar E, drugs
Bell John, wagonmaker
Benefiel S. Elliott, general store
Berry Wm L, harness and implts
Biddison Coal & Grain Co (C G Biddison, J. H. Noll, W T Lingle)
Bowman Fred A, physician
Bowman John W., harness
Bowsher James R., automobiles
Bradfield Harry, grocer
Brady P E, Lumber Co
Brigham L E Mrs, milliner
Brown John D, live stock
Campen Chris, photographer
Caster J T & Son, restaurant
Castor J A, grocer
Central House
Chastin Frank, poultry breeder
Cherrington Charles A, drugs
Colby Theron W, propr
Leon Storage Battery Co
Conner George W., tailor
Craig Wm W, blacksmith
Crichton Wm & Son (Wm and James C), hardware
Crouse Emma, clothes cleaner
Decatur County Journal (weekly), W F Lindsay publr
Decatur County Mutual Telephone Co, Wm S Pottorff mngr
Elker Bert L, physician
Elwell Louis, blacksmith
Estes Oral, automobiles
Exchange National Bank (capital $35, 000), Albert L. Ackley pres, E G Mon roe cashr
Farmers & Traders state Bank (capitol $100,000), Thos Teale pres, Fred Teale cashr
Farquhar & Sons (Horace, Edwin W and Frank), hardware.
Fillical Wm, pumps
Foxworthy A w. physician
Frost W. M., county supervisor
Fulton John A. sheriff
Gardner Lou, second hand goods
Gardner Orra, county recorder
Gates Samuel A, lawyer
Gillham Lou, grocer
Griffin Michael, live stock
Grimes Clothing Co, Mark F. Grimes Sec-treas
Hansell Frank N, general store
Harris Bros (Elmer S and Julian T), marble works
Harris Charles M. photographer
Harvey James F, lawyer
Hoffman Calvin W, lawyer
Horner Mabel, county supt of schools
HOTEL LEON THE, John McBride Propr, New Fire Proof Building, 55 Rooms, 25 With Bath and Telephone, Sleeping Porches, Best Dollar Room in Iowa
Hull C. V. restaurant
Hurst & Co (James W and John), dry goods
Hutchison E. L. grocer
Idle Hour. Theatre, W. F. Lindsey propr
Iowa Southern Utilities Co
Jaggard L. F., physician
Johnson Bros, billiards
Johnston Charles, books and jewelry
Keller C M & Co (C. M. Keller, J. W. Hurst), real estate
KELLER & PRYOR (Mrs C M Keller, Mrs Jessie Pryor), Full and Complete Line of Up-to-Date Millinery
Ketchum C M, r r, exp and tel agt
Langreder Wm, tailor
Layton H R, physician and county coroner
Leon Baking Co, Guy L. Stark propr
Leon Clothing Co, John A. McIntosh propr
Leon Hospital, Mrs Laura Asbury mngr
Leon Loan & Abstract Co, Stephen Verga propr
Leon Reporter (weekly), O E Hull publr
Leon Savings Bank (capital $10,000), Marion Stookey pres, George Ogilvie cashr
LEON STORAGE BATTERY CO, Theron w Colby Propr, Authorized Willard Service Station, Electrical Special ties
Leon Tile & Cement Co, H R Layton mngr
Long Harry L, general store
McBride John, propr The Hotel Leon
McClain J L, coal
McIntosh John A, clothing
McGinnis Van R, lawyer
McKinley H, dairy
Mallette F G, county engineer
Martin & Gardner, feed mill
Martindale John A, plumber
Monroe E. G. cashr Exchange Natl. Bk
Moss Maude Mrs, propr Park Hotel
New Theatre, W. F. Lindsey propr
Ogilvie George, cashr Leon Savings Bk
OLSEN AMOS B, Attorney-at-Law: General Practice in State and Federal Courts, Collections
Osborne Walter, county auditor
PARK HOTEL, (American Plan), Mrs Maude Moss Propr, Special Rates by Week, Commercial Trade Solicited
Penniwell Bros, meats
Penniwell Bros & Lindsay (Harry, Fred Penniwell, Wm F Lindsay), moving pictures
Pleuss Wm. D, meats
Price Garvin B, clothing
Pryor Augustus M. Real Estate and Farm Loans, Iowa Farm Lands. Exchanges and Town Properties
Richarsdon & Crawford (C M and C B Richardson, A L Crawford), lumber
Riddle Louis H, blacksmith
Rowell James W, dentist
Rumley Ralph L, clerk of court
SANKEY EZEKIEL, J, We Buy, Sell or Trade Real Estate on Commission, Examine Titles to Real Estate, Loan Money on Improved Farms, Notarial Work Promptly Done
Sharp Ed H, lawyer
Shewmaker Elba, county treasurer
Springer W. J., county attorney
Stark Guy, baker
Statzell Jasper, produce
Stewart Frank S, furn and undertaker
Stookey M. F., lawyer
Stout Orville, drayage
Swim A. E. produce
Teale Fred, cashr Farmers & Traders State Bank
Townsend Fred, insurance
Tullis Hannibal L. agt Adams Exp Co
Waight Wm F, physician
Wallace & Stookey (T W Wallace, Millard F Stookey), insurance
West Wm R. dentist
Woodard Marion, lawyer
Woodmansee John O, osteopath

Population, 300. Settled in 1879. On the C. B. & Q. R. R., in Garden Grove township, Decatur county, 18 miles northeast of Leon, the judicial seat. Has Methodist Episcopal and Presbyterian churches and a bank. Tel., W. U. Exp., Adams. L. E. Helmick, post master.
Boor O G & N R, garage
Boggs L L, garage
Buchanan JA, blacksmith
Buſſum, E. S. cattle and hog breeder
Burbank D S, drugs
Exchange Bank, D C Thurlow cashr
Hatfield M B, general store
Heaton & Tener, hardware
HELMICK L E, Postmaster
Jennings H E, r r, exp and tel agt
Le Roy Lumber Co
Miller W. M. general store
Scott Ray, live stock
Silvers E A, real estate
Smith Guy, soft drinks
Stanley V. K., horse buyer
Talbot O A. grain and coal

Population, 250. An incorporated town on the Burlington Route, in Hamilton township, Decatur county, 12 miles south of Leon, the judicial seat. Has 4 churches, a weekly newspaper, the Star, and a bank. Tel., W. U. Exp., Adams. Delana Davis, acting postmaster.
Bowsher & Bowsher, agrl implts
Chew Bert, cashr Pleasanton Savings Bank
Clampitt J E, livery
Clampitt W. R., r r, exp and tel agt
Cozad A, hotel
Craig G. A., publr Pleasanton Star
DAVIS DELENA, Acting Postmaster
Downey D A, meats
Edwards S A, produce
Henderson W. B., feed mill
Little J C, drugs and general store
Macy O E, physician
Moore S A, live stock
Pleasanton Lumber Co
Pleasanton Star, G A Craig publr
Pleasanton Savings Bank (capital $15, 000), C M Coulter pres, Bert Chew cashr
Pleasanton Telephone Co
Putman & Putman, general store
Seymour Edward, restaurant
Thorp Bros, restaurant
Willis H A, grain and feed
Wilson H. M., blacksmith

Population, 50. On the Burlington Route, in Bloomington township, Decatur county, 18 miles s. w. of Leon, the judicial seat, and 5 1/2 from Lamoni, the nearest banking point. Tel., W. U. Exp. Adams.
DeBolt J B, general store
Iowa-Missouri Grain Co
Reynolds Lee W, general store, grain and hay

Population. 500. An incorporated city, located on the Burlington Route, in Long Creek township, Decatur county, 11 1/2 miles from Leon, the judicial seat. It has Christian and Methodist churches and a bank. EXP. Adams Tel., W. U. Marguerite E. Edwards, postmaster.
Allen J M, grocer
Barcus J N, harnessmaker
Blair & Prather, furniture and hardware
Burkey O E, drugs
Campbell W. H., restaurant
Craft FM, meats
Easter B F, general store
Edwards M E, postmaster
Fuller W. R, restaurant
Hall Fannie, milliner
Hall Fred A. jeweler and 2d hd goods
Halstead & Crawford, lumber
Hampton J B, poultry dealer
Harper O V L, hardware
Harvey James, elect supplies
Hastings L P, county supervisor
Jones C. G., poultry breeder
Owens A J, real estate
Palace Hotel
Parmer John, feed mill
Phelps Myron H, physician
Potter L G, r r and exp agt
Smith S W & Son, meats
STEARNS E 0, Cashier Van Wert State Bank and Insurance
Stickler N A, hotel
Talbott Grain Co
Tallman George D, physician
Thompson & Briner, real estate
Tiedji W & H, garage
Tuttle H O, undertaker and photogr
Van Wert Electric Co
Van Wert Garage
Van Wert Land Co
Van Wert Rural Telephone Co
VAN WERT STATE BANK (Capital $25,000), W. F. Blair Pres, E O Stearns Cashier
Walker C A, general store

Population. 75. Settlement in township of same name. Decatur county, 12 miles southeast of Leon, the judicial seat, and 10 from Garden Grove, the nearest, shipping and banking point. Mail daily.
Beavers Erle L, general store
Lane J H, garage

Source: Iowa State Gazetteer and Business Directory, 1918-1919, Published Biennially by R. L. Polk & Co., Des Moines, Davenport and Detroit
Transcribed and contributed by Conni McDaniel Hall, 05 April 2020.
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