R. L. Polk's Iowa State Gazetteer and Business Directory, 1912-1913

Decatur County

BLOCKLY. A flag station on the Burlington Route, in Eden township, Decatur county, 6 miles s. of Leon, the judicial seat, and 4 ½ from Davis City, both of which places afford banking facilities. Has rural delivery from Leon.

BRACEWELL. A discontinued postoffice in Woodland township, Decatur county, 12 ½ miles s. e. of Leon, the county seat, and 8 ½ from Lineville, its banking and shipping point. Has rural delivery from Lineville.

BURRELL. A discontinued postoffice in township of the same name, 10 miles s. w. of Leon, the judicial seat, and 6 from Decatur, the nearest bank location and shipping point, whence mail is supplied by rural delivery.

CROWN. A discontinued postoffice at Smith’s Station, on the C., B. & Q. R. R., in Center township, 4 ½ miles n. of Leon, the judicial seat and banking point. Has rural delivery from Leon.

DAVIS CITY. Population, 489. An incorporated town located on Grand river and on the C., B. & Q. R. R. in Burrell township, 8 miles s. of Leon, the judicial seat. It has 4 churches and two banks. Tel., W. U. Exp., Adams. Telephone connection. W. L. Severe, postmaster.
Adams Express Co, U G Griffith agent.
American Express Co, U G Griffith agent.
Bailey, W T, propr Llewellyn Hotel.
Brown, L A, insurance agent.
Bulloch, S B, furniture and undertaker.
Campbell, George P, real estate and ins.
Davis City Telephone Co, G P Campbell mngr.
Depot Hotel, J R Hullinger propr.
Downey & Son, meats.
Earley, P F, clothing.
Farmers’ Bank The, S Radnich Pres, O L Frazier Cashr.
Farris, J H & Co, agrl implts.
Frazier Bros (C S & G R), flour mills.
Frazier & Riley (L M Frazier, W L Riley) lumber and coal.
Gates, J N, propr Valley Bank.
Griffith, U G, r r exp and tel agent.
Henderson, George, grocer and hdware.
Henderson & Son, drayage.
Hullinger, J R, propr Depot Hotel.
Laney, Mrs F A, drugs.
Llewellyn Hotel, W T Bailey propr.
McClaren, H L, general store.
Radnich, Stephen, cattle breeder.
Reed, Guy P, physician.
Roberts, M A, restaurant.
Robinson J H, drugs and books.
Scott Carter & Son, grocers and hdware.
Severe, W L, stationer and postmaster.
Shirley P E, livery.
Shoemaker, Lewis H, restaurant.
Tharp, Joseph & Son (Joseph and John D), insurance.
Toney, Isaac, agrl implts.
Turpin, Henry, plasterer.
Valley Bank, J N Gates pres and cashr.
Van Winkle, A, carpenter.
Wailes, John W, physician.
Western Union Telegraph Co, U G Griffith, agent.
Wood, S L, real estate and ins.

DECATUR. Population, 311. An incorporated town on the Burlington Route, in Decatur township and county, 5 ½ miles w. of Leon, the judicial seat, and 81 from Des Moines. Has Christian and Methodist Episcopal churches, a graded public school and a bank. Tel., W. U. Exp., Adams. Telephone connection.
Adams Express Co., E E Blades, agt.
Akers Benjamin, carpenter.
Akers W H, hotel.
Beck C C, livery.
Blades E E, rr, exp and tel agt.
Bowsher & Bowsher, hardware.
Camp M, physician.
Campbell S H, meats.
Carrington C M, general store.
Citizens State Savings Bank (Capital $20,000) Henry Rauch pres, E W Townsend cashr.
Colter W H, livestock.
Creal O B & Son, hardware.
Decatur State Bank (Capital $10,000) W H Lloyd pres, James Cozard cashr.
Ellis J E, livestock.
Geeting John, grain.
Kier Allen, restaurant.
Lloyd W H, general store.
Meeker C R, general store.
Reddle Bros, general store.
Riley C R, lumber and mayor.
Ross R E, drugs.
Springsteen D R, physician.
Watson H C, real estate.
Western Union Telegraph Co, R E Blades agt.

DE KALB. In Long Creek township, Decatur county, on the C., B. & Q. R R., 12 miles nw of Leon, the county seat, 5 from Vanwert and 7 from Grand River, both of which latter places afford banking facilities. Exp., Adams. Telephone connection.
Berger J N, general store.
De Kalb H D, postmaster.

ELK. A discontinued postoffice in Grand River township, Decatur county, 12 miles from Leon, the county seat and 7 from Decatur, the nearest banking and shipping point. Has rural delivery from Lamoni.

GARDEN GROVE. Population, 611. An incorporated town located on the C.,B. & Q. R. R,, in Garden Grove township, Decatur county, 13 miles northeast of Leon, the county seat, 24 southwest of Chariton and 66 south of Des Moines Has Episcopal, Free Methodist, Methodist Episcopal and Presbyterian churches, excellent schools. a bank and a weekly newspaper, the Garden Grove Express. Tel, W. U. Exp, Adams, W. H. Jennings, postmaster.
Akes Stephen R, restaurant.
Amos Spencer H, lawyer.
Boyce Thomas, propr The Elk-Horn Mills and Elevator.
Clark Harriet, milliner.
Coonts Jesse S, physician.
Daniels T B, horse dealer.
Dilsaver George C, mason and brick mfr.
Ede L J & Sons (Louis J, Frederick M and Victor H), genl store.
Elk-Horn Mills and Elevator, Thomas Boyce propr.
Farmer Charles N, meats.
First National Bank (capital $26,000), C S Stearns pres, J W Stearns cashr.
FISHER JAMES L, Proprietor The Lady Amber Inn.
French R A, tailor.
Garden Grove Elevator Co, J L Phipps manager.
Garden Grove Express, R C Hoadley publr.
Gehlhaar O George, shoes.
Hamilton Ernest P, horse breeder.
Hoadley’s Band, R C Hoadley leader.
Hoadley Roy C, publr Garden Grove Express.
Humphrey James L jr, Dell Mundell mgr produce.
Hutchins Apollis J, dry goods.
Jennings Wm H, postmaster.
Job Lewis M, apiarist.
Jones Jonas, auctioneer.
Jordan O C, lumber.
Lady Amber Inn, J I Fisher propr, rates $2.00 per day.
Lineville Telephone Co, James McDowell mngr.
Lovett E J & E O, livestock.
Lyon Wm E, physician.
McClung James J, livery and bus.
McGuire Charles, books and wallpaper.
McKibben J O, cattle and sheep breeder.
McNay Leo, vet surgeon.
Matthews Benjamin H, horse dealer.
Miller Walter E, gen merch.
Murbarger George W, restaurant.
Northrup Albert E, grocer.
Potts Harry W, jeweler.
Raleigh & Stearns (W Harry Raleigh, Rolla A Stearns), drugs.
Russell George M, harness and agrl implts.
Sanford Gould, photographer.
Sheffer Harry, furn and undertaker.
Spellerberg August, hardware.
Stearns C S, pres First National Bank.
Still Bros (Julius and Wm C), real estate, insurance and farm loans.
Still Julius L, genl insurance dealer.
Still Wm C, livestock dealer.
Strohl Henry, rr, exp and tel agt.
Sutherlin Millard W, carpenter.
Vail John E, farm loans and investments.
Ward Willis C, dentist and undertaker.
Webster Wm H, carpenter.
White Wm, drayage.
Wilkin Thomas J, physician.
Wilson Ernest, painter.
Wilson James A, carpenter.
Yang Henry H, genl store.

GRAND RIVER. Population, 333. An incorporated town on Grand river, and on the Burlington Route, in Richland township, Decatur county, 18 miles northwest of Leon, the county seat. Has Baptist, Catholic, Christian and Methodist Episcopal churches, 2 banks, an opera house, and a weekly newspaper, the Grand River Local. Tel., W. U. Exp. Adams. B. S. Baker, postmaster.
Ackerly J L, genl store.
Baker Birt S, Stationery, Post Cards, Phonograph Supplies and Postmaster.
Beck N A, milliner.
Beck W J, shoes and clothing.
Bezold A H, furniture and pumps.
Binning Wood, cement blocks and coal.
Bone F M & Co, drugs.
Buell A A, meats.
Chandler J W, harness.
Day W B, restaurant.
Edwards J H, hotel.
Evans E A, genl store.
Farmers’ Bank, Jacob Switzer, propr.
First National Bank, Jacob Switzer propr.
First National Bank (capital $25,000), A L Ackerley pres, J C Brothers cashr.
Fowler J W, livery.
Grand River Cornet Band.
Grand River Local, Greeley Printing Co, publrs.
Grand River Opera House, Jacob Switzer propr.
Greeley Printing Co.
Greenland Frank, live stock.
Griffin & Co, agrl implts.
Hines J F, produce.
Johnson T J, genl store.
Landes L J, physician.
Latla J L, furniture and hardware.
Loyd & Andrew, hardware.
Parrish E F, r r, exp and tel agt.
Perdew J A, hotel.
Robinson James W., physician.
Trower R R & Co, genl store.

HIGHPOINT. A discontinued postoffice in Decatur county. Has rural delivery from Garden Grove.

LAMONI. Population, 1,541. On the C., B. & Q. R. R., in Decatur county, in the heart of a rich agricultural, gently rolling prairie county, where a failure of crops has never been known, 16 miles s. w. of Leon, the county seat. It is a prosperous and progressive city and has churches, a fine system of graded public schools including an accredited four year high school, and Graceland College, a non-sectarian institution of learning with first-class instructors in all departments, an opera house, 2 banks, water works, electric light and 4 weekly newspapers. The Lamoni Commercial Club is a live organization and letters of inquiry directed to the Secretary will receive prompt attention. Tel., W. U. Exp.
Adams Daniel Anderson, postmaster.
Allen George, restaurant.
Allen James, flour and feed mill.
Anderson Daniel, postmaster and sec Commercial Club.
Anthony Leon, painter and paperhanger.
Autumn Leaves, Herald Pub House publrs.
Barr Hotel, J A Reed propr.
Barrows Charles H, drugs.
Bass George, painter and paperhanger.
Bathe & Hill (Irvin Bathe, T J Hill), meats.
Beverstock Bert, mason.
Blair Charles E, mngr Supply Store.
Blair George W, notary public.
Bootman Clarence E, drayage.
Brackenberry Charles, photographers.
Brand Ruby & Co (Ruby and Frances Brand), milliners.
Briggs Edward D, real estate and livestock.
Brown John, real estate.
Chronicle Pub Co The (Ray K and Todd B Nicholson, Orra E Teale), publrs The Chronicle.
Clum Wm H, tinsmith,
Dalbey Frank, lumber.
Denio Grocery Co, Irvin A Denio prop.
Derry George H, harness and building blocks.
Dillon C W, apiarist, 6 mi w.
Downey James, 2d hand goods.
Electric Shop, Herald Pub House proprs.
Farmers’ State Bank (capital $25,000), Fred Teale pres, Orra Teale cashr.
Fleet Benjamin D, general store.
Foreman, Teale & Co (George S Foreman, Orra Teale, Frank W Newcomb), coal and implts.
Fowler George, mason.
France Lumber Co (Wm A and Joseph E France).
Frees Luella & Son (Luella and Charles A), restaurant,
Frink Lyman J, wagonmkr.
Garrison Frank M, bill poster.
Graceland College, J A Gunsolley pres, S A Burgess sec.
Greer A Dill, oculist.
Greer B A, physician.
Grenawalt Charles W, hardware.
Grenawalt WA & Bro (Wm A and Joseph R), clothing.
Gunsolley J A, pres Graceland College.
Harrington Tracy, carpenter.
Hatcher Earl M, coal and wood.
Herald Publishing House, E L Kelley pres, J A Gunsolley sec, publrs Saint's Herald and Zion's Hope.
Hills Henry M, physician.
Horner James B, physician.
Hougas John, carpenter,
Humphrey J L jr, Fred Hartman mngr, produce.
IOWA-MISSOURI GRAIN CO (Clarence R, Henry T and Ferd W Rauch), Grain, Seeds and Coal.
Johnson George W, jeweler.
Johnson Ray, watchmkr and engraver.
Judson Arthur, brick layer.
Judson Arthur R, contr and produce.
Krucker Ether C, grocer.
La Frounce Joseph, carpenter.
Lamoni Auto Co (George H Derry, George S Foreman, James Martin).
Lamoni Chronicle (weekly), Chronicle Pub Co, publrs.
Lamoni Coliseum, W A Hopkins pres.
Lamoni Commercial Club, Daniel A Anderson sec.
Lamoni Cornet Band, J H Anthony leadr.
Lamoni Electric Co, Wilbur P Cochran prop.
Lamont Hardware Co (Wm Anderson)
Lamont Land and Loan Co, W A Hopkins pres, Oscar Anderson vice-pres, Geo W Blair sec.
Lamoni Plumbing & Heating Co (Roy E Haskins, Luie B Butterfield).
Lamoni Telephone Co, Charles France pres, Wm J Mather sec, George H Derry treas.
Lester Cyrus J, dray.
McDonald Francis M, baker.
McElroy Wm H, drugs.
McLees Robert J, wagon maker.
Marti Sisters (Olga and Clara), milliners.
Mather James W, dentist.
Mather Wm J, dentist.
Nicholson Todd B, insurance.
Oldfather Mrs Etta, variety store.
PRALL EMMETT B, Prop West Hotel.
Rabidou & Smith (Joseph J Rabidou, Mrs Martha L Smith), meats.
Rauch Bros (Hank and Earl), restaurant.
Reed J A, prop Barr Hotel.
Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, library.
Richardson Bros (Floyd and Clyde), garage.
Roberts Fred J, jeweler.
Rouch Clarence R, poultry fancier.
Russell Benjamin M, lawyer.
Saint's Herald, Herald Publishing House publrs.
Shippy Moroni, livery.
Silsbee Merchantile Co, P A Silsbee mgnr, gen store.
Siltz Lew F, r r, tel and exp agt.
Silver Joe T, restaurant.
Sorenson S K, carpenter.
State Savings Bank of Lamoni (capital $30,000) W A Hopkins pres, Oscar Anderson cashr.
Stead Mrs J D, general store.
Supply Store, C E Blair mngr.
Teale Herbert W, harness.
Turnbull A M, mason.
Walker Remedy Co, D J Walker propr.
Weld F M, mason.
West Hotel, E E Prall Prop.
White-Smith Furniture Co (A Otis White, Mrs Lillian Smith).
Wickes, Minnie R, milliner.
Zion’s Hope, Herald Publishing House, publrs.

LEON. Population, 1,991. The county seat of Decatur county is an incorporated town on the Burlington Route, 88 miles s. of Des Moines, and 168 from Burlington. It is lighted by electricity, has 2 brick school buildings, 6 churches, an opera hall, first-class hotels, 2 banks, and two weekly newspapers, the Decatur County Journal and Leon Reporter. Exp., Adams. Tel., W. U. Stookey, postmaster.
Akes Charles M, live stock.
Alexander Wm A, drugs and furniture.
Allen Ray O, jeweler.
Avery Daniel F, 2d hand goods.
Baker George W, lawyer.
Ballew T W Lumber Co, D L Twyman mngr.
Barnhizer Hotel, Mrs Rose E Barnhizer propr.
Bashaw James R, jeweler.
Bell John, wagonmaker.
Bell & Robinson (Edward E Bell, Claude W Robinson), drugs.
Berry Wm L, implements and harness.
Bowman Fred A, phys.
Bowman John W, harness.
Bowsher & Bowsher (James R and Robt) autos.
Bradfield Harry, grocer.
Brown John D, live stock.
Caffray Madeline, milliner.
Carmean Mrs Edith, restaurant.
Caster Adolphus M, grocer.
Caster & Martin (John T. Caster, Everett Martin), feed mill.
Chastin Frank, poultry breeder.
Clarinda Poultry, Butter and Egg Co, Harry Penniwell mngr.
COOPER GEORGE B, Proprietor Hotel Leon.
Crichton Wm & Son (Wm and James C), hardware.
Crouse Emma, cleaning and pressing.
Decatur County Journal Weekly, Will F Lindsay publr.
Decatur County Mutual Wm S Pottorff mngr.
Eiker Bert L, physician.
ELWELL LOUIS, Manufacturer of Single Trees, Hammer Handles and Neck yokes from Selected Native White Oak and Black Hickory, General Blacksmithing and Repairing.
Exchange National Bank (capital $35,000), J V Ackerly v-pres, E G Monroe cashr.
Farmers' & Traders' State Bank (capital $50,000), John W Harvey pres, Fred Teale cashr.
Farquhar & Sons (Horace, Edwin W and Frank), hardware.
Fillical Wm, pumps.
Forbes Arthur, clothing.
Foxworthy O W, physician.
Garton Florence, milliner.
Gates Samuel A, lawyer.
Griffin Michael, live stock.
Hansell Frank N, general store.
Harris Charles M, photographer.
Harris J A & Bros (John A, Elmer S and Julien T), marble works.
Harvey John W & Son (John W James F), lawyers.
Hatfield Charles A, livery.
Hoffman Calvin W, lawyer.
HOTEL LEON, G B Cooper Propr First Class in Every Respect.
Hubacher Christopher A, Peter E Brady mngr, lumber.
Hull Oliver E, publr Leon Reporter.
Hurst Bros (Charles E and James W), general store.
Jacobs James W, restaurant.
Keller C M & Co (C M Keller, G F Wright, J T Robertson), real estate.
Ketchum C M, r r, exp and tel agt.
Kraft, Grimes & Co, George Kraft pres, Mark F. Grimes sec-treas.
Langreder Wm, tailor.
Leon Baking Co, Guy L. Stark propr.
Leon Clothing Co, John A McIntosh propr.
Leon Commercial Club, J S Parrish sec.
Leon Electric Co, John F Smith pres, Samuel C Johnston sec-treas.
Leon Hospital, Mrs Laura Asbury mngr.
Leon Loan and Abstract Co, Stephen Verga propr.
Leon Opera House, Van Werden & Ogilvie proprs.
Leon Reporter (weekly), O E Hull publr.
Leon Tile and Cement Co, A M Caster mngr.
Lindsay Will F, publr Decatur County Journal.
Lindsey Wade, 2d hand goods.
Long Harry L, general store.
Lucas Healty Co (Wm E Lucas, P Estes).
McGinnis Van R lawyer.
McKinley H, dairy.
Marshall Frank E, livery.
Miller & Miller (Wilbur L and Loring D), restaurant.
Mitchell Clair H, physician.
Oiler Sylvester S, grocer.
Olsen Arnold, lawyer.
Otten Henry, meats.
PARRISH JOHN S (Sharp & Parrish), Lawyer, Agent National Sec Leon Commercial Club.
Pease & Pease (H L and Lou), estate.
Penniwell Bros (Virgil F and James R), meats.
Rogers & Bigley (Robert Rogers, Wm A Bigley), moving pictures.
Rosen Mrs Rose, milliner.
Rowell James W. dentist.
Sanders Thomas R, painter.
Sankey Ezekiel J, real estate and notary public.
Sells Wylie, carpenter.
SHARP ED H (Sharp and Parrish), County Attorney and Breeder of Pure Bred Hampshire (Belted) Hogs.
SHARP & PARRISH (Ed H Sharp, John F Parrish ), Attorneys, Practice in all Courts, State and Federal.
Sigler Bus Co, Ralph A Sigler propr, dray.
Sigler Insurance Agency, Ralph A Sigler propr.
Smith Lloyd M, photographer.
Smith Roy S, pantorium.
Statzell Jasper, produce.
Stemple & Cherrington (Wm C Stempel, Charles A Cherrington), drugs.
Stewart Frank S, furniture and undertaker.
Stookey, Marvin F, lawyer.
Stookey Millard F, postmaster.
Stout & Fulton (Orval R Stout, John A Fulton), restaurant.
Teale Auto Co (Edward W and Chet L Teale).
Tharp James T, produce.
Tullis Hannibal L, agt Adams Express Co.
Van Nostrand Bros (Henry L and C Lem), grocers.
Van Werden & Kopp (Louis P Van Werden, Philip F Kopp), drugs.
Van Werden & Ogilvie (Lou Van Werden, George Ogilvie), propr Leon Opera House.
Varga Stephen, propr Leon Loan and Abstract Co.
Waight Wm F, physician.
Walker P H, ice cream mnfr.
West Wm R, dentist.
Woodard Marion, lawyer.
Woodman see John O, osteopath.
Wright Harry A, autos.

LE ROY. Population, 185. On the C., B. & Q. R. R., in Garden Grove township, Decatur county, 18 miles n. e. of Leon, the county seat. Has Methodist Episcopal and Presbyterian churches and a bank. Tel., W. U. Exp., Adams. W. H. Baker, postmaster.
Baker W H, Hardware and Postmaster.
Buffum E S, cattle, hog breeder and mayor.
Exchange Bank, B D Barge propr.
Jordan O M, lumber, coal and grain.
Powell D, R, r r, exp and tel agent.
Rushing H E, horse dealer.
Still Mr, live stock.
Young & Wheeler, genl store.

MORGAN. A discontinued post office in Decatur county, 16 miles from Leon, the county seat, and 8 from Lineville, its banking and shipping point, whence mail is supplied by rural delivery.

PLEASANTON. Population, 200. An incorporated town on the Burlington Route, in Hamilton township, Decatur county, 12 miles s. of Leon, the county seat. Has 3 churches, a newspaper and a bank. Tel., W. U. Exp., Adams. J. M. Willis, postmaster.
Adams Express Co, D R Clampitt agt.
Beach Ivan, live stock.
Bowsher & Biddison, agrl implts.
Chew J Wesley & Co, real estate.
Clampitt W R, r r, exp and tel agt.
Cozad A, hotel.
Davis G E, real estate.
Elmore S F, restaurant.
Farmers' and Merchants' Bank, Wm Woodward pres, J W Chew cashr.
Haag A M, grocer and genl store.
Higdon Cleave, livery.
Hollinger J M, county surveyor.
Macy E, physician.
Mitchell & Wilson, wagon makers.
Moss Mrs R M, milliner.
Pleasanton Lumber Co.
Pleasanton Telephone Co.
Richardson B, mayor.
Smith & Hagan, general store.
Thorp Bros, restaurant.
Tye J B, general store.
Western Union Telegraph Co, W R Clampitt agt.
WILLIS J M, Confectioner, Stationer and Postmaster.

SPRING VALLEY. A discontinued postoffice in Decatur county. Send mail to Pleasanton.

TUSKEEGA. Population, 50. On the Burlington Route, in Bloomington township, Decatur county, 18 miles s. w. of Leon, the county seat, and 5 1/2 from Lamoni, the nearest banking point. Tel., W. U. Exp., Adams. Sadie De Bolt, postmaster.
De Bolt J B, general store.
DE BOLT SADIE, Postmaster.
Murray H B, hotel.
Vanwinkle W A, grocer.

VAN WERT. Population, 461. An incorporated town, located on the Burlington Route in Long Creek township, Decatur county, 12 1/2 miles from Leon, the judicial seat. Has Christian and Methodist churches, a bank and a weekly newspaper, the Record. Exp., Adams. Tel., W. U.
Adams Express Co, M W Wailes agt.
Bank of Van Wert, W. F. Blair Pres, E O Stearns Cashier.
Belding & Co, drugs.
Blair E J, insurance.
Briner W F, general store.
Croft T M, propr Palace Hotel.
Davis & Walker, hardware and furn.
Downing Ida, restaurant.
Easter H A, general store.
Halstead & Crofford, lumber.
Hanks J A, feed mill.
Harper O V L, hardware.
Holt Jesse, painter.
Lindsay V T, physician.
Owen E T, insurance.

WELDON. Population, 308. On the Burlington Route, in Franklin township, Decatur county, 11 1/4 miles n. of Leon, the county seat. Has Christian and Methodist churches, a bank and a weekly newspaper, the Weld on American. Tel., W. U. Exp., Adams. M. R. Lillard, postmaster.
Ayres Chester A, physician.
Bower J, blacksmith and hotel.
Carlan Mrs W H, restaurant.
Coffey Joseph, carpenter.
Delk E E, meats.
Ewing & Parrish, furn and hardware.
Heidlebaugh John, lumber and coal.
Hoadley R C, publr Weldon American.
Lillard M H, postmaster.
Lockwood & Warren, general store.
McAllister Roy, general store.
McCullough W B, restaurant.
Parr L M, meats and insurance.
Richards & Miller, hardware.
Sandy Mrs Roxanna, milliner.
Sampson J W, drugs.
Tansey A J, paperhanger and painter.
Tansey C E, real estate.
Terry D L, carpenter.
Weldon American, R C Hoadley.
Weldon Band, A Tansey leader.
Weldon Savings Bank (cap $20,000), E Stevens pres, F L Hall cashr.
Wood Claude E, insurance, publr.
Westfall & Woodbury, genl store.

WESTERVILLE. A discontinued post office on Grand river, in Richmond town ship, Decatur county, 20 miles n. w. of Leon, the county seat, and 2 1/2 n. of Grand River, the nearest railroad station and banking point, whence mail is supplied by rural delivery.
McConnell George, flour mill.

WOODLAND. Population, 75. A settlement in township of same name, Decatur county, 12 miles s. e. of Leon, the judicial seat, and 10 from Garden Grove, the usual shipping and banking point. Mail, daily. Mrs. Minnie Woolman, post master.
Beavers Erle L, genl store.
Beavers J S, horse breeder.
BEAVERS NOVIA S, Insurance, Notary Public and Real Estate.
Bethards & King, carps and painters.
Farver J J, carp.
Lockwood J Q, carp.
Lockwood R D, carp.
Lovett C E, phys.
Petty H O, genl store.
Still J, live stock.
WOOLMAN MINNIE, Postmaster, Milliner and Restaurant.

Source: Iowa State Gazetteer and Business Directory, 1912-1913, Vol. XVI, Published Biennially by R. L. Polk & Co., Des Moines, Davenport and Detroit
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