1907 Decatur County Postal Service Employees

Blockly:Smith, F. T.Postmaster$23
Davis City:Teale, Edward W.Postmaster$750
Grimes, GrissomRural DeliveryIA$900
Newton, JohnRural DeliveryIA$864
Decatur:Bear, Winfield S.Postmaster$589
De Kalb:Baxter, Elbert H.Postmaster$65
Garden Grove:Jennings, William H.Postmaster$1,037
Jennings, Miss EvaClerkIA$60
Knapp, Curtis J.Rural DeliveryIA$900
Knapp, Vance C.Rural DeliveryIA$900
Grand River:Hukill, JohnPostmaster$809
Hukill, Mrs. Lottie M.Ass't Postmaster$48
Day, Daniel W.Rural DeliveryIA$900
Draper, AustinRural DeliveryIN$900
Lamoni:Anderson, DanielPostmaster$1,800
Scott, Miss Lorna M.Ass't Postmaster$204
Heathman, James L.Rural DeliveryMI$900
Lester, Clarence D.Rural DeliveryIA$900
Thomas, Oscar I.Rural DeliveryOH$900
Woodrum, George R.Rural DeliveryIA$900
Leon:Stookey, Millard F.Postmaster$1,700
Beck, Claude W.ClerkIA$240
Akes, Clarence L.Rural DeliveryIA$900
Allen, Frank P.Rural DeliveryIA$864
Beck, Edward E.Rural DeliveryIA$900
Perdew, William M.Rural DeliveryIA$900
Williamson, HarlRural DeliveryIL$900
Le Roy:Baker, William H.Postmaster$307
Pleasanton:Willis, James M.Postmaster$556
Loving, ThomasRural DeliveryIA$900
Tuskeega:Bason, LutherPostmaster$60
Van Wert:Porter, Frank R.Postmaster$626
Porter, Mrs. BelleAss't Postmaster$36
Hampton, Elmer N.Rural DeliveryIA$900
Weldon:Lillard, Mrs. Mattie R.Postmaster$752
Bartholow, Ira A.Rural DeliveryIA$900
Showers, Lyman L.Rural DeliveryOH$900
Wade, James I.Rural DeliveryIA$900
Woodland:Beavers, Mrs. MelliePostmaster$148

Source: Official Register of the United States, 1907: Vol. II, The Postal Service, pages 144-160
Transcribed and contributed anonymously January 2020.
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