The Lamoni Chronicle
December 2, 1909

Got Five Years.

The trial of Carl BANKS, who was charged with bigamy was held at the last term of court. A written plea of guilty had been filed with the court, and his attorneys made a strong plea and showing for leniency, but the court after reviewing the case which showed that BANKS had deserted his first wife in Kansas City, and then come to Lamoni and in a few months had married another girl under an assumed name, without first securing a divorce from his first wife. The court sentenced him to five years int he reformatory at Anamosa, but stated that if he showed an inclination to do what was right and his first wife would obtain a divorce from him as it was stated she would do at once, and he would agree to return and live with and care for the second wife, the court would recommend that a parole be granted to him after he had served a portion of his sentence.

Copied by Stacey McDowell Dietiker
April 23, 2003

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