The Leon Reporter
Leon, Decatur County, Iowa
Thursday, January 18, 1917, Page 1

New Court Cases

H. A. Graves vs. Horace and Sadie Millsap. Suit is brought claiming a real estate commission of $80 earned by securing a purchases for 80 acres of land. Ed H. Sharp, attorney for plaintiff.

J. W. Scott vs. J. A. Caster and Millard F. Stookey, Justice of the Peace. Defendant J. A. Caster secured a judgment for $45.12 against Art and Sophia Scott before Justice Millard F. Stookey, and garnished Irene Buchanan who had in her possession checks and cash from the sale of the household goods of Art Scott and wife. Plaintiff claims the goods sold were his property and asks for an injunction restraining defendants from leaving on same to satisfy the Caster judgment. V. R. McGinnis, attorney for plaintiff.

Joseph Tharp vs. Ralph and Mabel Perdue. Suit is brought on two promissory notes on which there is due the sum of $558.92. Marion F. Stookey, attorney for plaintiff.

Walter Beck, Charles Kelley and Henry Street vs. T. L. Hembrey (Hembry?). Defendant is president of the rural independent district No. 1 of Grand River township and after the school house in his district was destroyed by fire, he procured a building alleged to be unsanitary and unfit for school purposes. Plaintiffs and others appealed from this order of the school board to the county superintendent and on hearing the superintendent reversed the order of the board and held that the children of the district should attend school in the town of Grand River until a new school house was erected in said district. that in defiance of said order defendant employed a teacher and held school in the building, paying the teacher out of his private means and on July 9th, caused himself to be re-imbursed in the sum of $86.00. That prior to the commencement of this suit plaintiffs demanded the return of the money so illegally paid, and bring suit to recover the amount so paid out. Baker & Parrish, attorneys for plaintiffs.

NOTE: The school house that burned down was the Jefferson (a.k.a. Funktown) School House, which burned down in 1916.

Gooch Milling & Elevator Co. vs. Biddison Coal & Grain Co. Plaintiffs allege that on January 27, 1916, defendants contracted for 210 barrels of flour at $6.10 per barrel to be delivered within 60 days. That on may 27, 1916, defendants cancelled the order, and plaintiffs ask for damages of the sum of $231.00. Baker & Parrish, attorneys for plaintiff.

C. B. & Q. R. R. Co. vs. F. C. Mullinnix and John Woodmansee, justice of the peace. Defendant secured a judgment against plaintiff before a justice of the peace for $20 and costs and it is claimed afterwards secured payment for the two barrels of beer sued on from the firm which shipped it and plaintiff asks that the judgment against them be declared cancelled. V. R. McGinnis, attorney for plaintiff.

Rock Island Plow Co. vs. E. W. Hamilton. Suit is on four notes amounting to $875.00. S. A. Gates, attorney for plaintiff.

Barber & Weldon vs. W. H. Hazlet and Rolla Chastain. Plaintiffs allege they are the owners of 80 acres of land which defendants took possession of in the year 1916, and used as pasture and suit is brought to recover $240.00 as rental for the property. Ed H. Sharp, attorney for plaintiffs.

G. E. Smith vs. F. L. Grimes. Suit is brought on two notes for $50.00 each which provide for a vendor's lien on lots 5 and 6, Smith's addition to Leon. Amos P. Olsen, attorney for plaintiff.

William Hendrson vs. Josephine Henderson. Plaintiff and defendant were married on April 29, 1914, and until October 24, 1914, when he claims she deserted him and he has never heard from her since. He asks for a decree of divorce on the grounds of desertion. C. W. Hoffman, attorney for plaintiff.

C. Ancil Barry vs. W. A. Hill. Suit is brought on a promissory note for $80.00, and an attachment is asked against the property of defendant. Marion F. Stookey, attorney for plaintiff.

Transcription and note by Sharon R. Becker, March of 2015
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