Young Cemetery

Richland Township, Section 27

Photo courtesy of Sharon Becker, 2009.
Nearest town: Grand River
Cemetery GPS Coordinates: 40.8255172,-93.9424396
Earliest tombstone burial: Nov. 11, 1853 (#5-2)
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History: Land was laid out for the Young Cemetery by a farm owner, John Landis Young who came to Decatur County from Indiana in 1851 or 1852. According to some records, the first burial was a child by the name of Potter. (There is no tombstone however.) Many of the burials were of those that came from Indiana in the wagon train of 1855-McConnell, Millstead, Brammer, Briner, Bohall and others. The earliest road to the cemetery was through a field. Levi Tabler made an improved road to the cemetery. In 1895 Mr. Tabler was killed in a train crossing accident and ironically, he was the first to be carried, in a wagon hearse, over his improved road. The cemetery is well cared for, although vandalism has caused some large stones to topple.
SurnameFirst Name Row-StoneBirth AgeDeath Comments
-L R33y 10m 4d14 Jul 1872(broken) see #11-14?
ActonClarissa4-1218531949w/o John
ActonIda Bell4-418761907
ActonMary4-318531916d/o Calfurna M; w/o Silas
AlexanderBonnie L1-1-17 May 1934
AllenCalfurna M5-1873y 4m 16d12 Jan 1901nee Williams; w/o Charles
AllenElizabeth D4-1713 Oct 182618 Mar 1895w/o EL
AllenEveret T7-81y 3m 10d14 Jul 1885s/o JT & S
AllenInfant7-7--s/o JT & S
AllenSarah Ann5-21y 5m 19d11 Nov 1853d/o Chas & C
AllenTheodore5-320y 11d04 Oct 1870s/o Chas & C
BanksMarvin P19211997
BeckGearl D4-119171917s/o SL & PE
BeckHugh H4-119151915s/o SL & PE
BeckerSharon Rae11 Jul 195266y 6m 10d21 Jan 2019b. Grand River, d. Des Moines IA; d/o Grant & Norma (Foland)
BohallJ C9-11--Co E 31st IN Inf
BohallJohn11-1507 Jan 184913 Aug 1928s/o Wm H & Mary Ann (Morgan); h/o Mary E Briner div
BohallLeyron30 Jul 191130 Jul 1911courthouse records
BohallRosa Belle11-1407 Jun 185711 Aug 1887w/o John
BolesInfant2-12-15 Dec 1918d/o FG & GM
BolesKonny K2-1320 Nov 194204 Dec 1942d/o PR & RW
BoydAnna63y 11m 18d18 Jan 1964nee Miller; w/o Thomas
BoydInfants8-14-19 Apr 1914sons of Frank & Mary
BoydThomas8-1263y 2m 21d16 Jan 1867
BradshawSarah J12-1524y 7m 10d19 Jul 1892d/o Geo & Martha (Baker) Cole; w/o Wm Gannon Bradshaw
BrammerAlexander7-9181518 Nov 1890b. Patrick Co VA, d. Decatur Co
BrammerAnne E5-1518591932d/o John Timmerman & Malinda (Milstead) McConnell; w/o Robt F
BrammerClarissa M9y 3m22 Apr 1911courthouse records
BrammerDora A2-618781942w/o John W
BrammerDruzilla5-1618551923d/o John Timmerman & Malinda (Milstead) McConnell; w/o Harvey
BrammerElizabeth7-927 Sep 181519 Aug 1901b. Clarke Co IN, d. Decatur Co; d/o Wm & Mary (Bridgewater) Morgan; w/o Alexander
BrammerFrancis7-13May 1863-died in infancy; s/o FM & Nancy A
BrammerFrancis3y07 Sep 1884s/o Marion & Lucinda
BrammerFrancis M2-472y 8m 6d02 Dec 1905
BrammerHannah6-665y08 Dec 1863b. Patrick Co VA; d/o Wm & Jane (Ferguson) McAlexander; w/o Robt
BrammerHoyle W29 Jul 191621 Jan 1917s/o HL & Stella
BrammerInfant4-9-01 Sep 1886d/o JA & ME
BrammerJames M59y09 Nov 1907courthouse records
BrammerJefferson3-232y 2m 24d09 Sep 1878s/o R & AE
BrammerJohn A4-1152y 11m 20d06 Oct 1909
BrammerJohn Francis26 Oct 190516 Oct 1914courthouse records
BrammerJohn W2-618751936
BrammerKizzie E6-81y 5m23 Oct 1875d/o R & M
BrammerLafayette7-1145y 7m 14d11 Jul 1888s/o SD
BrammerLouisa12-1877y 9m 16d31 Jan 1914nee Kneusman; w/o Daniel
BrammerMalissa71y 10m20 Feb 1907courthouse records
BrammerMartha9y16 Oct 1895d/o Marion & Lucinda
BrammerMary E4-1046y 5m06 Sep 1903d/o Geo & Sarah; w/o JA md 17 Mar 1878
BrammerNancy Ann08 Dec 183407 Oct 1921nee Briner; w/o Francis Marion md 04 Jul 1852
BrammerRobert6-796y04 Feb 1882
BrammerRobert F5-1518571932
BrammerWilliam Lafayette7-3Jun 1867Feb 1868s/o FM & Nancy A
BrenamanEsther9-958y 8m 17d30 Aug 1872nee Cryder; w/o Henry
BrenamanNellie18 Jun 187522 Sep 1896d/o Peter
BrennamanEsther A8-917y 5m 29d29 Jun 1899d/o Blair & Mary
BrennamanHenry9-778y15 Mar 1886
BrennamanMary E J8-1018631949d/o David Alfred & Laura Avina (Kelley) Jennings; w/o Blair
BriggsAllie A12-919y 8m 17d20 Sep 1888d/o WB Howard; w/o OL
BrinerClarence Lowell8-215y 6m 10d26 Nov 1918s/o SE & ED
BrinerEdna D8-118781955w/o Samuel E
BrinerElizabeth3-1618481933w/o Wm M
BrinerLaura6-13m 20d27 Jun 1884d/o WM & SE
BrinerMartisia6-523y 11m 26d07 Jun 1869d/o Alexander & Elizabeth (Morgan) Brammer; w/o Wm M
BrinerMinnie6-39m19 Aug 1872d/o WM & SE
BrinerPeter4-1361y 3m 19d19 Nov 1865s/o Peter & Catherine (Cook)
BrinerSamuel E8-118751962s/o Wm Morgan & Sarah E (McConnell)
BrinerSherman6-44y 2m15 Dec 1870s/o WM & SE
BrinerWilliam L6-23m 10d03 Jul 1881s/o WM & SE
BrinerWilliam M3-1618411918h/o 1st Martisia Brammer 1864, 2nd Sarah E Briner 1870
BrownAddie5-822 Oct 187107 May 1874d/o H & M
BrownAndrew J4-1826y 5m 17d22 Aug 1897s/o J & M
BrownDella5-711 Feb 187417 Mar 1874d/o H & M
BrownEliza A6-1014 Apr 184311 Nov 1964d/o John Landis & Judah Young; w/o Harrison
BrownEmily4-1918y 21m 3d11 Aug 1868d/o J & H
BrownGartry5-1071y 20d26 Feb 1887d/o Robt & Hannah (McAlexander) Brammer; w/o Isaiah
BrownHarrison6-1172y 1d30 Dec 1911
BrownHorace R2-1116d12 Mar 1906s/o J & C
BrownHuldah4-2116 Jun 182710 May 1900d/o John Landis & Judah Young; w/o Joseph md 1848
BrownInfant5-607 Mar 186714 Apr 1867s/o H & M
BrownIsaac N15-618581918
BrownIsaiah5-1082y 10m 29d26 Apr 1894
BrownJames W4-2817 Sep 189506 Feb 1896s/o L & S
BrownJohn L4-2418641947
BrownJohn L6-94m05 Jun 1863s/o J & EA
BrownJoseph4-2108 Feb 182410 May 19006
BrownLewis5-517 Mar 188127 Oct 1881s/o H & M
BrownMartha H6-1152y 10d03 Dec 1895d/o Hiram & Elisa (Hemphill) Hukill; w/o Harrison
BrownMary J5-1318691919nee Woodard; w/o Ransom G
BrownNathan5-4-11 Jan 1856s/o Jos & H
BrownNathan5-906 Feb 183626 Jun 1885
BrownNina Leota09 Nov 190016 Sep 1929courthouse records
BrownNora P15-718671962d/o Wm R & Elizabeth (Switzer) Green; w/o Isaac N
BrownOpal P4-2204 Oct 190622 Dec 1906d/o JL & RA
BrownRansom G5-1318641943
BrownRolla M4-2318971910
BrownRosa A4-2418741946nee Fogleman; w/o John L
BrownSarah4-2718651949d/o John Timmerman & Malinda (Milstead) McConnell; w/o Lewis 1884
BrownSarah82y 10m 29d26 Apr 1884source: Wilma Foland
BurhamElva N17-118621931
BurhamGeorge A17-218681910
BurhamInfant15-1-05 Nov 1902d/o JW & EP
BurhamJohn17-418371912Co E 32 IA Inf
BurhamLaura J17-318501946
BurkhartElcena R3-318571937s/s John w & Lennie
BurkhartJohn W3-318781927
CameronHugh A9-13178495y24 Dec 1879b. Scotland; War 1812 taken prisoner at Hull's Surrender
CameronJane9-1378y 10d16 Aug 1879w/o Hugh A
CarltonAvadia17 Dec 187505 Nov 1914nee Smith; w/o Eli
CarrelDruesilla9-1018241857d/o Moses & Polly (Collins) Dunlap; 1st w/o Sylvester
CarrelSylvester9-1025 Dec 182205 Nov 1896
CarrollMelissa24 Jan 183914 Jan 1916courthouse records
CarterEdward9-151y 9m 10d19 Apr 1884s/o HA & SC
CasonDarlene M04 May 193113 Jun 1993d/o Ben W Cason
ClarkClover May18951895d/o John Little & Clarissa (Kaylor)
ClarkWilliam21 Feb 183205 Oct 1915source: Wilma Foland
ColeGussie15-3-1905inf d/o Clint & Permelia
ColeInfant11-1906 Aug 187909 Aug 1879s/o D & GR
ColeMartha12-1418201915nee Baker; w/o Geo
ColePermelia15-318651942w/o Clint
CollingsInfant9-217d12 Oct 1893s/o EE & J
CombsMary J10-618501914d/o Wm Moses & Lydia (Cloyd) Zornes; w/o Wm
ComstockEdward Owen14 Jul 182812 Jul 1896s/o Coleman & Lydia (Bush)
ComstockLydia3-1809 Dec 179985y 2m 26d04 Mar 1885nee Bush; w/o Coleman
CunninghamInfant17-6-05 Apr 1915s/o T & V
DayDaisy M14-414y 7m 25d30 Apr 1892d/o OA & DR
DayDaniel R14-518391889Co C 48th IA Inf
DayMidga14-326 Mar 188414 Apr 1894d/o D & O
DayOlive A4-518421922w/o Daniel R
DeanFay31 Jul 192528 Oct 1925d/o Wm
DrakeErma J9-1618911892
DudleyLouisa18351894d/o Alexander & Elizabeth (Morgan) Brammer; w/o James W
DukesJennie4m26 Dec 1884courthouse records
DukesSusan4-2029y 1m 22d04 Apr 1878w/o WP
DyerDollie30 Mar 189630 May 1986d/o Luke & Clara (Hall) Collins; w/o 1st Geo Jones 1915 Decatur Co, 2nd Albert 1915
EdwardsErmie5-1129 Dec 188829 Dec 1888d/o JH & E
EdwardsGeorge8-1710m 13d11 May 1879s/o JH & E
EdwardsLawrence21 Jan 191705 Feb 1917courthouse records
EdwardsWilber H9-1826 Jan 190408 Feb 1906s/o JH & E
EvansAnnah E4-618851977d/o Albert & Lavina (Brammer) Jimmerson; w/o Edwin A
EvansEdwin Arthur4-618841950
EvansRalph H4-619051907s/o Edwin & Annah
FergusonGrace E4-2618891952
FolandFrank18721951[Benjamin Franklin] s/o Christian & Lucinda (Edwards)
FolandHelen20y08 Nov 1914d/o Frank & Tersa
FolandTersa8-2918751958d/o Henry H & Elizabeth Young; w/o Frank
FullertonElmer27 Jul 190611 Aug 1906courthouse records
GibsonSarah C12-827 May 185301 Feb 1891nee McDowell; w/o John W
GilreathEliza J9-2418471929nee Bryant; w/o Henry H
GilreathHenry H9-2418291922
GilreathJennie D9-2319y 3m 14d26 May 1897d/o HH & EJ
GreenInfant1-2-26 Dec 1918s/o WH & C Greene
GreeneOpal1-3-25 Nov 1912d/o WH & C Greene
GreeneCarrie M1-527 Apr 188506 Oct 1974nee Brown; w/o Wm Henry md 18 Oct 1902 Decatur Co
GreeneWilliam H1-504 Jun 187923 May 1949s/o Wm Riley & Elizabeth (Switzer) Green
HarrisInfant21d21 Mar 1899courthouse records
HarrisMartha A27y 4m15 Nov 1899courthouse records
HarrodJane L9-2272y 8m 16d19 Nov 1894nee Gordon; w/o James
HawkAlice M12-1728 Jan 188719 Oct 1907d/o Levi B & Dora I (Brammer) Guthrie; w/o JA
HendricksonErastus53y 10m03 Jul 1887courthouse records
HowardEmily12-1218401910w/o WB
HowardW B12-1218351909
HukillCharles V11-3018871969
HukillCoyle11-2818 Sep 191327 Feb 1914s/o Chas V & Mabel
HukillElisa2-773y 3m 4d30 Oct 1890d/o John Lewis & Eleanor (Rittenhouse) Hemphill; 2nd w/o Hiram
HukillHiram2-784y 11m 8d19 Feb 1884
HukillMabel L11-2918881956d/o Milton & Maggie (Harder) Gill; w/o Chas Victor abt 1887 IA
HukillOhio E11-2618421910s/o Hiram & Elisa; h/o 1st Sarah J Mansfield md 14 Apr 1866, 2nd Satira Ann Burns md 11 Feb 1878/1877
HukillSatira A11-2618531930d/o James & Angeline (Campbell) Burns; 2nd w/o Ohio E
HukillVictor Albertice11-272y 9m 13d25 Oct 1911s/o CV & ML
JimmersonAlbert A4-708 Jul 188905 Nov 1895s/o AA & L
JimmersonLavina4-818651942d/o Francis M & Nancy Ann (Briner) Brammer; w/o Albert
JohnstonMildred E3-101 Nov 191201 Nov 1912d/o HA & MJ
JohnstonRobert W3-205 Nov 191305 Nov 1913s/o HA & MJ
JonesEdith V18901912d/o M Alecta
JonesGeorge W7-3186619351st h/o Dollie Collins
JonesJames Jr1m22 Aug 1900courthouse records
JonesLebert R11-31y 3m 12d22 Sep 1872s/o LR & M
JonesLebert R11-418391872
JonesMary Alecta10-112 Dec 187011 Mar 1912
JonesMelissa11-418391916w/o LR
JonesRobert R--s/o M Alecta
JonesSylvia12 Nov 189221 Feb 1910d/o M Alecta
JonesViva4y14 Nov 1900d/o M Alecta
JonesWilliam L7-119181978s/o Geo & Dollie
KelsoEdmond4-247y 11d16 Aug 1912
KelsoElijah Douglas4-250y 11m 19d19 Apr 1919s/o T & M
KelsoMatilda4-274y 10m04 Jul 1907w/o T
KelsoThomas4-278y 3m 28d12 Dec 1910
KirkLennie18821967nee Burkhart
KirkpatrickDella M9-31y 1m 2d20 Aug 1883d/o JW & SC
KirkpatrickJames W9-115 Jan 184212 Oct 1904
KirkpatrickJohn F9-32wks18 Aug 1889s/o JW & SC
KirkpatrickSarah C9-103 Jan 184503 Jan 1929d/o Coleman & Lydia (Bush) Comstock; w/o JW
LaddAmos S15-518271912
LaddColeman29y03 Dec 1900s/o Amos S & Minerva E (Comstock)
LaddComstock20y1904s/o Amos S & Minerva E (Comstock)
LaddEllen20 Jun 184828 May 1929nee Wycoff; courthouse records
LaddMinerva Elvira06 Jun 183427 Mar 1922d/o Coleman & Lydia (Bush) Comstock; w/o Amos S; no stone, WPA records
LeethyJennie MayJun 18841915nee Herrod; w/o Wm Leonard md 1900
LloydVelma L19 Jan 191015 Nov 1931nee Wadsworth; courthouse records
McCartyInfant04 May 188504 May 1885(son) courthouse records
McConnellAmanda C13-17184908 Apr 1930d/o Wm B & Ellen (Draper) McConnell; w/o Franlin P McConnell
McConnellClinton Jr13-1817 Aug 191717 Aug 1917s/o Clint & Elizabeth
McConnellElizabeth13-19188519--w/o Clint
McConnellFranklin P13-1718521928
McConnellInfant3m09 Nov 1900courthouse records
McConnellIva Ellen13-416y 8m10 Jan 1909d/o FP & M
McConnellJ McClellen11-81y 11m 25d01 Oct 1864s/o JT & M
McConnellJames E11-611m 6d07 Oct 1867s/o JT & M
McConnellJohn T4-2918361912s/o Thos & Keziah (Morgan)
McConnellKeziah3-1569y 4m17 Jul 1882d/o Wm & Mary (Bridgewater) Morgan; w/o Thos md 23 Jul 1833
McConnellLert13-7188820 Nov 1973
McConnellLilla12-32y 7m 18d06 Oct 1876d/o UD & DN
McConnellMalinda4-2918351912nee Milstead; w/o John T
McConnellMaria F11-72m 22d30 Jun 1861d/o JT & M
McConnellMettie E13-1618811940w/o Clay
McConnellNan13-718881963w/o Lert
McConnellWilliam A4-3018681935s/o John T & Malinda I(Milstead); h/o 1st Mary Emma Underwood md 1897, 2nd Martha J Dobson 1899
McConnellWilliam B18211879
McIntoshBeverly W12-234y 1m 11d10 Dec 1876h/o M
McIntoshElizabeth12-177y 6m 18d18 Jun 1921nee Milstead; w/o WA
McIntoshW A12-170y 8m 20d29 Jun 1911
MilesCarrie Edith4m 05 Mar 1886d/o Naomi C; source: Wilma Foland
MilesGeorge Cornelius7mMay 1900s/o Naomi C; courthouse records - dates conflict?
MilesJohnnie4m 1900s/o Naomi C; courthouse records - dates conflict?
MilesNaomi C2-818511895
MilesPeter12-611m 23d23 Jul 1871s/o HJ & ME
MillsteadEarl12-134m 22d01 Jan 1889s/o J & V
MillsteadElizabeth11-10-1892temporary marker
MillsteadJoseph10-1078y15 Apr 1876h/o A
MillsteadMillie10-818571913[Amelia] nee Dudley; w/o Benjamin
MillstedAmerica10-1186y 4m 20d18 May 1905d/o Elijah & Catharine (Collings) Bess; w/o Joseph md 1838
MillstedInfant5d30 Aug 1889courthouse records
MillstedJames11-944y 21d18 Dec 1865
MillstedJohn11-1818451926s/o Joseph & America (Bess)
MillstedJoseph10-923y 8m05 Nov 1865s/o J & A
MillstedLydia A11-1660y 6m23 Jan 1886
MillstedMonta11-175y 6m 29d06 Mar 1879s/o JW & R
MillstedRachel11-1818451898w/o John W
NicholsM Mae7-418871915nee Allen; w/o Robert F
NicholsRobert F7-418861936s/o Frank P & Virginia (Lutz)
OlliverWilliam C11-2414 Oct 184913 Jan 1896
OverholtzerEdna7-502 Feb 188710 Jun 1906d/o John Little & Clarissa (Kaylor) Clark; shot & killed by husb George md 18 Nov 1903
PetersonJohn W14-222y 11m 6d23 Aug 1893s/o P & E
PhillipsAlice-1898courthouse records
PrayHezekiah9-1239y 2m 2d01 Mar 1880
PrayLucinda9-1214 Aug 184724 Dec 1918nee Pruitt; b. & md Jefferson IN w/o Hezekiah 1865, d. Lamoni
ReddCora8-2618741958nee Mills; w/o 1st Ira P Young
RossC4-1672y 2m 10d27 Aug 1860Mrs
SeguinDorothy Jean19 Jul 193019 Oct 1988
ShawAnna M3-624y 5m 27d03 Nov 1918w/o JC
ShawJohn Clifton3-527 Nov 188020 Dec 1951
ShawRosa E3-430y10 Sep 1910w/o JC
ShieldsDonald Guy9-415 Oct 191801 Aug 1928s/o Rolland & Anna
ShieldsFrancis M10-718391914
ShieldsJoseph H9-618671944
ShieldsKatie L9-618721931[Catherine Lillian] nee Day; w/o Joseph H
ShieldsMason10-718481890d/o Wm Moses & Lydia (Cloyd) Zornes; w/o Francis M
ShieldsRolland F9-518981938
ShieldsSarah9-830y 8m 25d12 Dec 1873nee Brenneman; w/o FM
SmithElizabeth8-418471919d/o Wm H & Mary Ann (Morgan) Bohall; w/o Joseph L
SmithJoseph Lafayette8-418421914s/o Joseph B & Rebecca W
SmithJoseph M8-11183805 Feb 1876Co E 23d IN Inf; s/o Sarah Ann Smith; h/o Nancy Jane Pruitt
SmithMaggie Jane8-71y 5m 17d05 Jan 1885d/o JL & E
SmithViola C03 Jun 186916y18 Mar 1886d/o Joseph L & Elizabeth (Bohall)
SnyderFreddie G13-1122 Apr 189326 Apr 1893s/o WB & LB
SnyderGeorge13-1358y 6m 17d06 May 1901
SnyderLillian B13-1016 Dec 186619 Jun 1897w/o WB
SnyderLizzie S13-1360y 6m 16d16 Jul 1903w/o Geo
SnyderW B13-1006 Mar 186911 Dec 1943
SprayCalvin3-2422 May 190922 Mar 1977PVT US Army WWII
SprayElfa Faye31 Mar 190225 Apr 1902twin d/o Marion & Martha
SprayElizabeth3-2174y15 Jan 1874w/o Wm
SprayEva May31 Mar 190221 Apr 1874twin d/o Marion & Martha
SprayHarmon Baker3-2029y 10m 8d12 Mar 1877s/o Elizabeth
SprayHenry W3-2225y16 Mar 1874s/o ME
SullivanGeorge R15-241y 3m 23d01 Sep 1901
SwanMary J11-2555y 6m 5d14 Apr 1892w/o TD
Tabler-2-918871895on bottom of Levi's stone
TablerLevi2-935y 7m 26d11 Sep 1895s/o Abraham E & Anna (Lee)
TateVirgil5m22 Aug 1889source: Wilma Foland
TimbermanEliza J11-111y 3m 10d10 Nov 1870d/o J & C
TrowbridgeMary Ette14-118501934nee Bohall; w/o Walter Wm md 1870
TrowbridgeWalter W14-118501922s/o David J
TrowerJames K5-1418521896s/o Wm & Clarinda (Bradshaw)
TrowerM Lillian5-1418551931nee Montgomery; w/o James K
VanderpoolLucritia26 Aug 189003 Sep 1920d/o Ramson G & Mary J Brown; w/o Judson I
WadsworthErastus E3-945y 2m 17d30 Nov 1899s/o Wm B & Judah (Hassinger)
WadsworthFay Dean31 Jul 192528 Oct 1925d/o Wm F & Mabel; funeral home marker
WadsworthInfant3-1004 Mar 189524 Mar 1895d/o EE & Louisa
WadsworthLouisa3-976y 1m 27d30 May 1934d/o Francis M & Nancy Ann (Briner) Brammer; w/o Erastus E
WadsworthMary L3-1124y 2m 24d12 Oct 1901d/o EE & Louisa
WadsworthMary M3-818661966nee Wycoff; w/o Wellington
WadsworthMax--funeral home marker
WadsworthRex--funeral home marker
WadsworthWellington3-818611934s/o Wm B & Judah (Hassinger)
WadsworthWilliam B10 Mar 182507 Sep 1908b. England; h/o Judah Hassinger
WaltersIsabel7-1047y 2m 6d19 Jun 1901d/o Alexander & Elizabeth M (Morgan) Brammer; w/o SJ
WardDaniel W16-118541908s/o Jesse & Mary (Prescott)
WardLoretta16-118531936nee Milstead; w/o Daniel W
WattersDonny L19461999funeral home marker
WattersTommy D2-519471974funeral home marker
WeinenigerLillie E13-618841908w/o H
WestGrace M5-1229 Jun 188721 Mar 1905nee Brown; w/o John
WilsonClaria44y03 Dec 1898b. IL; courthouse records
WilsonEmily F12-410y 3m 6d15 Nov 1874d/o TM & M
WilsonGeorge B12-58y 24d11 Sep 1874s/o A & SO
WilsonJane67y16 Sep 1911b. IN; courthouse records
WiningerRichard Parnell3y 1m 14d20 Jul 1912s/o H & E
WoodardEliza J9-212 Nov 187716 Dec 1903d/o JW & SC Kirkpatrick; w/o Chas H md 1899
WornstaffMariah10-1261y 11m 8d08 Jul 1894d/o Valentine E & Eleanor E (Hakes) Wheeler; w/o Noah
WycoffJ10-276y 3m 10d09 Nov 1884
WycoffRachel A10-268y 2m 3d14 Jun 1883w/o J
WycoffSarah J18461926
YoungAndrew J8-2318461929s/o John Landis & Judah
YoungAndrew J6-122m02 May 1871s/o IJ & HJ
YoungCassie14 Apr 188314 Apr 1883d/o Andrew J; funeral home marker
YoungDorothy10 Mar 191701 Dec 1918courthouse records
YoungDuncan18781887funeral home marker
YoungEarl11-22--funeral home marker
YoungElizabeth8-2108 Apr 184724 Feb 1910w/o HH
YoungGeorge Curtis17-518801945
YoungGerata8-275m 20d10 Mar 1896d/o IP & CM
YoungGiles Marshall18751887funeral home marker
YoungHenry H8-2020 Feb 183401 Sep 1890s/o John Landis & Judah
YoungIda B11-20--funeral home marker
YoungIra P8-2818691923s/o Henry H & Elizabeth; h/o Cora Mills md 29 Jan 1893
YoungJacob W8-1649y 19d24 Jan 1872s/o John Landis & Judah
YoungJohn L8-1986y 8m 7d15 Jan 1882s/o Jacob & Rachel (Goodnight)
YoungJoseph Warren13 Feb 187143y 3m 21d06 Jun 1914s/o Henry H & Elizabeth
YoungJudah8-883y 11m 9d04 Dec 1883w/o JL
YoungLulu M8-2424y 2m 15d04 Jul 1894w/o RG
YoungMamie J8-3034y 5m 19d18 Jan 1907w/o JW md 1899
YoungMinnie18721874funeral home marker
YoungNancy M3-1918291883d/o Coleman & Lydia (Bush) Comstock; w/o Wm H
YoungPearl8-221y 1m 17d23 Aug 1892d/o HH & E
YoungPhyllis8-303d15 Jan 1907d/o JW & MJ
YoungRachel J8-2318501926
YoungRobert11-23--funeral home marker
YoungThomas J11-21--funeral home marker
YoungW Gerald17-727 Feb 190027 Sep 1909
YoungWilliam H Sr9-2018311920s/o John Landis & Judah

Source: Cemeteries of Decatur Co. IA; compiled by Lois Slade and transcribed for Decatur County IAGenWeb by Stacy Dietiker. Updated and reformatted by Conni McDaniel Hall, May 2019.
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