Woodmansee Cemetery

Decatur Township, Section 30

Photo courtesy of Nancee (McMurtrey) Seifert, 2010.
Nearest town: Decatur City
Cemetery GPS Coordinates: 40.7405590,-93.8944817
Earliest tombstone burial: Oct. 1, 1862 (#4-2)
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History: James W. and Rachel Woodmansee came to Decatur County in 1851, the first permanent settlers in Decatur Township. The story is told that a young man’s body (never identified) was found floating down the river and they buried him where they pulled him out, which was the start of Woodmansee Cemetery. There are rocks in the northwest part marking unknown babies graves. The main “state road” used to run on the south side of this cemetery.
SurnameFirst Name Row-StoneBirth AgeDeath Comments
-Etta G5-9--
-B M2-3--hand-carved rock
BakerFlorence L01 Aug 191814 Mar 2005w/o Truman V Jr
BakerMargaret E2-551y 3d05 Nov 1913w/o WH
BakerTruman V Jr11 Mar 192020 Sep 2004
BakerW H10 Sep 185818 Aug 1952
BarnesSarah8-420 Nov 182726 Mar 1887w/o IB
BarnesThomas9-112 Mar 185716 Feb 1902
BeckJ H2-426 Jun 182715 Mar 1904
BeckMartha D2-430 Mar 183817 Apr 1913w/o JH
BronsonDavid Will4-1119021902funeral home marker
BronsonSarah E4-818441917nee Prettyman; w/o Matthew
BronsonWilliam H4-1218681956
CampHarriett3-1416 Jul 187107 Sep 1963nee Shields
CampbellAnn E3-435y 9m 21d21 May 1876w/o JM
CampbellArthur E3-610y16 Jan 1895
CampbellDella3-733y20 Oct 1896
CampbellEtta C3-2-1868
CampbellIda C3-2-1868
CampbellJ Marion3-323 Jun 183904 Jun 1903
CampbellMartha A3-818411929
CampbellPhebe S3-218331868
CampbellRobert M3-11y 1m 5d11 Apr 1866s/o JM & PS
CampbellRobert S3-1065y 9m 18d18 May 1880
ClayBeulah B11-316 Sep 188009 Aug 1881d/o Swen & Ida E
ClayTressa C11-228 Sep 190018 Apr 1902d/o Swen & Ida E
ColterHannah C7-718501917
ColterInfant7-813 Sep 189006 Jan 1891s/o WH & HC
ColterWilliam H7-718581939
CorderRose L3-1318751956
EllisNancy6-723 Mar 180703 Nov 1865
ErwinMatilda2-111y 1m 12d04 Oct 1866d/o S & NA
ErwinNancy A2-250y26 Jul 1872w/o S
ErwinS-1885no stone, WPA records
EurittCaroline R7-925 Mar 183010 Mar 1896nee Roberts; w/o Francis
EurittJames W7-318531930
EurittJohn Minor7-926 Jun 185708 May 1883b. VA
EurittJohn R7-217 Nov 181602 Oct 1877
EurittJohn W7-1249y 2m 12d08 Apr 1897
EurittLydia M7-19y 10m 22d06 Oct 1871d/o TE & ME
EurittSarah C B7-205 Feb 183230 Nov 1858w/o JR
EurittThomas E7-1001 Feb 182324 Oct 1887
GibsonAnna S18561926w/o George
GibsonWillard W11-428 Jan 192512 Mar 1925
HargerBertha E6-24y 11m 6d02 Jun 1895d/o SY & SA
HargerInfant6-416hrs01 Apr 1887s/o SY & SA
HargerSloma A6-441y 8m 6d01 Sep 1894w/o SY
HargerSydney Y184418 Jun 1905Co A 59th IN Inf; no stone, WPA records
JonesClabourn4-458y 8m25 Apr 1864
JonesDonald Dean4-919291929funeral home marker
JonesGeo W7-529 May 184305 Apr 1880
JonesGracie7-420 Sep 187813 Jul 1879
JonesH Scott7-13185412 Jul 1912
JonesHoward M7-1318961899s/o H Scott & Nancy C
JonesMahala4-310 Oct 190592y 5m 9d19 Mar 1898broken stone
JonesNancy C7-13185609 Oct 1934
JordanWilliam4-133y 2m 16d13 May 1863s/o Reuben & Nancy (Beaman)
JourdanInfant4-21d17 Feb 1858d/o M & N
JourdanSina J4-23y 6m 4d01 Oct 1862d/o M & N
LeeBruce Townsend191915 May 1982TEC 5 US Army WWII
LeeInfant6-10-07 Oct 1907d/o RE & MM
LeeMaude M6-1118831935
LeeNancy Mae6-1719081966
LeeParthenie6-926 Dec 183007 Jul 1912w/o RW
LeeRichard E6-1118711940
LeeRichard W6-810 Oct 180087y 3m 7d17 Jan 1888Drummer Boy OH Regt War of 1812
LeeRobert Earnest6-1610 May 191203 Jan 1964IA TEC 5 US Army WWII
LeeWoodrow Wilson23 Jul 191613 Feb 1983PFC US Army WWII
McLaughlinEtta Gertrude5-1031 Aug 186627 Dec 1908
McLaughlinJohn5-71y 3m 4d01 Nov 1873s/o JW & ME
McLaughlinJohn W5-1024 Apr 184029 Mar 1908Co I 34th IA Inf Vol
McLaughlinMary E5-1019 Jan 184614 Dec 1920
MillerBert A6-1419011936funeral home marker
MillerEliza6-1518741942funeral home marker
MillerHomer A6-1319291931funeral home marker
MillerParthenia E18741942funeral home marker
MillerSarah7-1120 Jun 185431 May 1936nee Euritt
MillsapDavid E8-1218541925
MillsapHuldah8-1418471934nee White
MillsapJames C8-911 Mar 183803 Mar 1911
MillsapJay Forest8-1619001961
MillsapLavisa A8-914 Feb 184245y 6m 8d22 Oct 1887nee Keithly; w/o JC
MillsapMary Ann8-1518601940
MillsapMary E8-720 Sep 185001 Feb 1893d/o J & E Millsap
MillsapMildred Maxine8-1719241928d/o Warren & Gladys
MillsapRebecca C8-1318491926
MillsapRobert M8-1118411920
MillsapSadie J8-1018571952
MillsapSamuel A8-1018391916
MillsapWarren Sylvester8-1819021980
MillsapWilliam H8-812 Aug 184208 Oct 1896
MillsapsEliza8-113 Nov 181221 Aug 1905w/o James
MillsapsJames8-117 Jun 179861y 11m 14d24 May 1960
MillsapsJoseph H8-248y 8m 21d05 Jun 1874
MillsapsZerelda8-329y 8m 7d07 Feb 1866d/o J & M Millsaps
MooreDulcenia6-101 Feb 183924 Jan 1926
OrfieldNina L4-1301 Dec 188509 Jul 1910
PaytonAllie9-312d09 Oct 1894child of II & Florence E
PaytonGracie M9-38m 20d29 Jul 1896d/o of II & Florence E
PenceAnnie11-125y 3m 28d12 Aug 1886w/o AC
PenceRosabelle11-17y25 May 1888d/o AC & A
PhillipsElizabeth10-214 Nov 191317 Feb 1914d/o WH & Ida M
PhillipsHelen10-211 Jan 190119 Aug 1904d/o WH & Ida M
PrettymanElizabeth4-514 Sep 181461y 10m 12d26 Jul 1876w/o Wm
PrettymanRobert T4-721 Nov 184139y 2m 15d06 Feb 1881
PrettymanWilliam4-614 Feb 180873y 5m 3d17 Jul 1881
RobertsMary7-204 Aug 180416 May 1874
RyanMargaret J04 May 184115 Apr 1899w/o Matthew P
RyanMatthew P04 Feb 183710 Mar 1899
ShieldsGrace S3-1129 Jan 187527 Jun 1893w/o WF
ShieldsJames S3-1107 Jul 182907 Aug 1891
ShieldsMary E3-1118341920
ShieldsWilliam F3-1224 Sep 186713 Jun 1953PVT Co I 51 Regt IA Inf Spanish-American War
SpitznogleHattie A3-529 Dec 187029 Apr 1896w/o E
ThomasonWashington1-1182017 Aug 1886CO. D 55TH U.S.C.T
WillsonSarah L7-214 Aug 184418 Feb 1863
WoodardAugustus C5-1318531917
WoodardLovie Nye5-1218831960s/s Elizabeth Crane
WoodmanseeD B5-14-1892Co C 37th IA Inf
WoodmanseeInfant5-311d09 Feb 1870d/o RS & CJ
WoodmanseeInfant5-630 Jan 187003 May 1870s/o J & MA
WoodmanseeJames5-51y 8m18 Jan 1835s/o JW & RB
WoodmanseeJames W5-881y 4m 16d16 May 1898
WoodmanseeLydia V5-1118511912
WoodmanseeRachel B5-870y 25d09 Dec 1889

Source: Cemeteries of Decatur Co. IA; compiled by Lois Slade and transcribed for Decatur County IAGenWeb by Stacy Dietiker. Recanvassed by Leah Sue Price Walling, Summer 2000. Updated and reformatted by Conni McDaniel Hall, May 2019.
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