Warrick Cemetery

Richland Township, Section 2

Photo courtesy of Nancee (McMurtrey) Seifert, 2010.
Nearest town: Grand River
Cemetery GPS Coordinates: 40.8960000,-93.9234000
Earliest tombstone burial: Oct. 28, 1853 #4-5
Latest tombstone burial: March 12, 1969 #5-1
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History: It is believed the Warrick Cemetery was started the winter of 1851. The W.P.A. cemetery records show a burial, “Louthen, --- (Hatfield).” An account of an early settler, Thomas J. Edwards, records first burial, Mrs. H.J. Louthan, the winter of 1851. An abstract record shows Robert Warrick bought this tract with other land from the government in 1854. After his death the land passed through various heirs down to Lottie Warrick, wife of Loyd. On November 2, 1962 Lottie deeded this cemetery tract to the trustees of the township. Descendants carefully cleared the cemetery and it was fenced. Two huge oak trees are on each side of the entrance gate. A small hand gate is south of that.
SurnameFirst Name Row-StoneBirth AgeDeath Comments
BladesMary3-328y 2m 2d 03 Mar 1864w/o J
BladesNellie3-24y 23d 12 Feb 1876d/o WJ & A
CollingsMargaret N5-619y 4m 11d 14 Sep 1869w/o TE
EdwardsJohn3-411y 11m 26d 18 Apr 1859s/o J & R
EdwardsMary C3-61d 24 Feb 1863d/o S & JA (stone leaning against a tree)
EdwardsVina B3-110m 5d 20 Apr 1869d/o H & M
HatfieldElizabeth A6-511 May 1833 25 Mar 1902w/o R
HatfieldRalph30 Jul 1825 Avon IL 20 Nov 1893PVT Co A 3 IA CAV
LeathermanKaleb- -no stone, WPA records
LouthenMary- ca 1851m/o Henry; w/o James Harvey (buried Coon Rapids IA)
SeaboltJacob- -no stone, WPA records
SmithMary6-243y 5m 1d 19 Aug 1865w/o AP
StubbsInfant- 20 Nov 1928d/o Harold & Faye (Nicholson); no stone, courthouse records
WarrickAbner2-172y 3m 3d 16 May 1918
WarrickDella2-210m 22d 11 Oct 1876d/o A & SJ
WarrickElizabeth5-827y 2m 26 Aug 1867w/o Henry
WarrickElizabeth6-389y 4m 4d 04 Mar 1868w/o Wm
WarrickForest H5-122 Dec 1893 12 Mar 1969ND PVT Quartermaster Corps WWI
WarrickFrancis Marion1-21854 1930
WarrickHannah A6-515 Dec 1822 12 Oct 1894
WarrickHenry5-229y 1m 7d 28 Aug 1894
WarrickHenry5-724y 8m 1d 18 Mar 1865
WarrickHuldah2-33y 10d 25 Mar 1877d/o A & SJ
WarrickMartha5-991y 6d 18 Jan 1903w/o Robert
WarrickMartha Jane1-11875 1958
WarrickMary A1-326y 6m 6d 24 Apr 1878w/o FM
WarrickRobert5-1055y 9m 12d 04 Feb 1865
WarrickSamantha5-21867 1951
WarrickSarah Jane78y 2m 7d 23 Dec 1930d/o Joseph B & Huldah (Young) Brown; w/o Abner md 25 Dec 1871 Decatur Co
WarrickThomas W4-58m 28 Oct 1853s/o R & M
WarrickWilliam4-74y 17d 01 Mar 1865s/o R & M
WarrickWilliam F5-319y 4m 7d 29 Nov 1882s/o H & E
YoungBertha Jca 1860 1861d/o John Dale & Catherine (Warrick)
YoungCatherine7-11836 1875
YoungJohn D7-11829 1909
YoungMartha J4-31y 9m 5d 27 Dec 1864d/o JD & C
YoungRobert D4-41y 5m 14d 13 Sep 1860s/o JD & C

Source: Cemeteries of Decatur Co. IA; compiled by Lois Slade and transcribed for Decatur County IAGenWeb by Stacey Dietiker. Updated and reformatted by Conni McDaniel Hall, May 2019.
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