Shields Cemetery

Woodland Township, Section 27
Photograph courtesy of Nancee (McMurtrey) Seifert
Nearest town: Leon
Cemetery GPS Coordinates: 40.6589012,-93.5988998
Earliest tombstone burial: Oct. 17 1854 #11-3
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SurnameFirst Name Row-StoneBirth Birth PlaceAge DeathDeath Place Comments
Unknownssee comments2-6, 1-2, 7-1, 7-2, 6-22, 7-15, 7-20, 7-4, 9-1, 4-5, 11-1, 4-8, 6-17, 2-9, 6-14
AdairElizabeth Savin16 Aug 1824Davidson Co TN1885Decatur Cow/o James B
AdairJames Barton28 Feb 1828Franklin Co IN10 Oct 1907Decatur Cos/o Robt F & Margaret (Spear)
AdairMargaret1790NC-Iowastone not visible; nee Spear; w/o Robt F
AdairSarah E11 Mar 186726 May 1910d/o Thos C & Rebecca A (Lyslie) Hursey
BaughmanElizabeth Louise15hrs12 Sep 1940d/o Earl & Elizabeth; no stone, courthouse records
BlairCarley2-5--child of HJ & PR
BlairGerald W2-528 Jun 190719 Jun 1911s/o HJ & PR
BlairMartha E2-5--d/o HJ & PR
BlairNathan A2-5--s/o HJ & PR
BrightCharley8m 6d15 Oct 1873s/o SS & SE; broken stone in SW corner of cem
BrightFerlinda Daisy1y 1m 22d06 Aug 1884no stone, courthouse record
BrightHenry A6y 9m 6d29 Aug 1871s/o SS & SE; broken stone in SW corner of cem
BrightWiley W4y 13d02 Sep 1871s/o SS & SE; broken stone in SW corner of cem
BrowningElizabeth A31y 1m 9d13 Jul 1875w/o J; broken stone in SW corner of cem
BrowningT M7-1815y 1m 23d01 May 1877s/o J & EA
CampbellAurelia T5-1730 Jun 182602 Mar 1903w/o JA
CampbellJohn A5-1727 Oct 182118 Mar 1906
ClarkGlatie8-316 Oct 189015 Oct 1893child of E & E
ClarkJohnnie8-305 Dec 189920 Oct 1900s/o E & E
ClayJohn Henry2-7--
ClayMellie Mae2-7--
DarrMary P11-31y 10m 18d11 Sep 1863d/o WJ & C
DarrNancy J H11-31y 11m 6d17 Oct 1854d/o WJ & C
DooleyAlexander09 Feb 1871Lineville IA22 Jan 1927Leons/o Uriah & Eliz. (Johns); unmarked grave
DooleySarah Estella18 Sep 1875Woodland Twp22 Dec 1908Woodland Twpdied of consumption; d/o Geo Conway & Phebe Ann (Breece) Jennings; w/o Alexander; unmarked grave
EvansA T18471920[Andrew T] WPA records, no stone
EvansAlbert H11-52y 2m 25d02 Aug 1866s/o WH & N
EvansAnn7-32y 2m 19d06 Nov 1878d/o J & A
EvansAnn10-514 Jul 1769Virginia91y 10m 21d04 Jun 1861Woodland Twpd/o Henry & Rebecca R Creswell; w/o Joseph H
EvansArthur M E11-41y 4m 4d06 Aug 1863s/o WH & N
EvansBryant1-1-16 Jan 1866Woodland TwpMesa Co No 58 Colo (handcarved)
EvansCatharine B7y 9m 9d04 Mar 1862d/o WH & N; broken stone in SW corner of cem
EvansCharles G7-169m11 Aug 1873s/o AT & MJ
EvansCharlotte4-921y 4d24 Mar 1864d/o John & Samantha (Roberts) Jennings; w/o JH
EvansElizabeth6-715 Feb 1813Knox Co TN17 Jan 1879Woodland Twpnee Maget; w/o JH
EvansElizabeth10-615 Nov 181614 Sep 1866Woodland Twpw/o RC
EvansG H6-4-02 Sep 1843s/o JH & Elizabeth
EvansGuy2-26y 6m 4d19 Mar 1882s/o WED & LE
EvansHarve Bryant2-416 Jan 1866-s/o WTD & LE
EvansInfant5m 5d04 Feb 1865d/o AJ & S; broken stone in SW corner of cem
EvansInfant19 Oct 186819 Oct 1868s/o AJ & S; broken stone in SW corner of cem
EvansJ G184708 Nov 188?WPA records, no stone
EvansJ H6-708 Mar 1817Knox Co TN11 Sep 1914[Joseph Harvey]
EvansJames Elmore11-24m 27d23 Aug 1870s/o WA & MP
EvansJames G6-39m 20d26 Sep 1881s/o JG & ME
EvansLoren7-1419 Oct --
EvansLouisa E2-341y 4m 6d01 Aug 1882w/o WTD
EvansMary6-51y 9m 27d11 Oct 1878d/o JG & ME
EvansMary Francis4-101843Indiana41y 4m 6d29 Mar 1883Woodland Twpd/o Elizabeth (Maddox) Petty; 2nd w/o JH
EvansMary J18481921WPA records, no stone; nee Petty; w/o AT
EvansNancy10-322 Sep 1794NC72y 2m09 Dec 1867Woodland Twpnee Johnson; w/o Wm
EvansRay2-116y 11m 21d12 Aug 1881s/o WTD & LE
EvansRobert Colville14 Oct 1814Tennessee15 May 1880Woodland Twph/o 1st Elizabeth, 2nd Lydia (Breese) Jordan md 1866
EvansSarah M6-633y 5m 9d22 Jun 1878d/o JH
EvansSharon Key-12 Dec 1935WPA records, no stone
EvansWilliam Harvey10-477y 9m 3d13 Mar 1866
FarmerLyman6-137y 1m 18d12 Dec 1874h/o M
FarmerMalissa J6-222y 5m 13d25 Nov 1874
HallAnnie F5-103y 11m 1d13 Dec 1876d/o A & C
HartnagleMrs & Infant-01 May 1903Woodland Twp
HawkinsMary1818Indiana1859Woodland Twpstone not visible; d/o Robt F & Margaret (Spear) Adair
HowellOttoIowa09 Feb 1885Decatur Co
JenningsElizabeth7-818 May 1833Penntown IN72y 11m 13d05 Apr 1906Russell Co KSnee Bennett; w/o Joshua Henry
JenningsGeorge Conway04 Apr 1847Penntown IN29 Jan 1923Woodland TwpCo M 3rd IA Cav Civil War; WPA records, no stone; s/o John & Samantha (Roberts)
JenningsJohn4-703 Sep 181405 Jul 1900
JenningsJoshua Henry7-615 Apr 1833Penntown IN17 Aug 1915Grand Rivers/o James & Anna (Kemp); h/o 1st Elizabeth Bennett, 2nd Martha Ann Vaughn
JenningsMirtie Edith28 Mar 1895Leon15 Oct 1909Leon
JenningsNancy A8-88y 3m 7d10 Feb 1865d/o J & R
JenningsPhebe Ann2-184913 Jan 1938Decatur Conee Breece; w/o Geo C; unmarked grave
JenningsSamantha D4-714 Sep 182124 Nov 1891Decatur Conee Roberts; w/o John
JordanGeorge M6-211y 3m 1d08 Aug 1864s/o J & L
JordanJacob6-1952y 10m 5d30 Nov 1864
JordanJames B6-237y 10m 6d22 Jun 1869s/o J & L
JordanLydia6-1802 Aug 181721 Jul 1897nee Breese; w/o J
JordanLydia A6-109y 6m 19d25 Jul 1859d/o J & L
JordanMartha E6-212y 2m 17d13 Jun 1857d/o J & L
JordanRobert H5y 10m 18d20 Nov 1864s/o J & L; broken stone in SW corner of cem
MasseyJoseph G5-81y 9m 8d01 Jan 1872s/o CA & SB
McKinzieJimina5-303 Feb 185103 Jan 1892Woodland Twpd/o Wm & Susannah (Shockey) Moon; w/o R
MerrickRay10-28m 12d06 Apr 1888s/o JC & SS
MillerAlbert A5-1212y 8m30 Aug 1873s/o JW & MF
MillerMary M5-1160y 8m 11d08 Nov 1868w/o J
MoonAnnie5-216y 11m 26d12 Jul 1882d/o Wm & S
MoonSusanna5-107 Jul 1829Somerset Co PA27 Aug 1907Decatur Cod/o Johann Abraham & Susan (Rector) Shokey; w/o Wm
MoonWilliam5-130 Jan 182213 May 1901
MoonWillie M5-210y 7m 10d19 Sep 1873s/o Wm & S
Newlin-6-24--Here sleeps four of HE & S's children
NewlinH D8-1218611942
NewlinHenry E8-1469y 1m 11d27 Nov 1888
NewlinJesse6-2520 May 1791Wythe Co VA27 Feb 1866Decatur Co
NewlinPermelia6-2592y 19d30 Jun 1892w/o Jesse
NewlinSarah8-1323 Aug 182324 Aug 1897nee Adair; w/o Henry E
PeckHiram L5-1515 May 185316 Nov 1902
PeckHorace S5-1626 Jan 189029 Nov 1895s/o HL & LA
PeckInfant5-616 Feb 189516 Feb 1895d/o HL & LA
PeckLucy Ann5-1515 Oct 185531 Aug 1928Woodland Twpnee Bellows; w/o Hiram L
PeckWilbert H5-1631 Jul 187609 Oct 1877s/o HL & LA
PettyDemoss D4-24y 10m 13d23 Sep 1873s/o JD & A
PettyElizabeth4-120 Oct 1798Virginia80y 1m 12d02 Dec 1878Iowad/o Matthew & Rachel (Bonnifield) Maddox; w/o Bailey md 22 Oct 1818 Wood Co WV
PettyElmira4-41839Indiana40y 4m 12d09 Aug 1879Decatur Conee Jordan; w/o Jesse D
PettyGlaudy8-1110m 18d06 Nov 1876d/o H & N
PettyHazel7-1118 Feb 190127 Jan 1904d/o Alfred & Rosie
PettyHezekiah8-928 Jun 185014 Apr 1912
PettyIda R7-1729 Mar 186812 Aug 1887d/o J & PJ
PettyJ D4-411 Mar 183881y 2m 19d30 May 1919[Jesse D] WPA records provided dod
PettyJames7-1703 Feb 182018 Dec 1888
PettyJames E7-1917 Oct 186021 Aug 1861s/o J & PJ
PettyJettie D8-202 Aug 1911-w/o Leslie D
PettyLeslie Dale23 Jul 193121 Apr 2017
PettyLeslie Dane8-103 Sep 190616 Oct 1944GermanyIA PVT 199 Inf 30 Inf Dvi WWII, KIA
PettyMary E4-31y 6m 14d01 May 1880d/o JE & E
PettyNancey8-928 Dec 184429 Apr 1926Woodland Twpnee Browning; w/o Hezekiah
PettyPheba J7-17182576y 9m 21d23 Dec 1901Woodland Twpnee Breese; w/o J
PettyRosa Belle7-1018651937Woodland Twpnee Ward; w/o Alfred
PettyVerona A7-919071970
PettyWalter8-102y 10m 4d19 Jul 1875s/o H & N
PettyWm A9-28m 16d15 Jul 1880s/o HO & MC
RoseCharles Franklin6-1519421942temporary marker
RoseConstance M7--1835WPA records, no stone
RoseHallie M6-82y 2m 3d13 Sep 1886d/o LD & Jane
RoseJane6-918 Feb 185629 Oct 1894d/o JH Evans, w/o Dow
RoseL Russell6-1319091974
RoseLorenzo Dow184918 Sep 1921WPA records, no stone
RoseMartha E6-1201 Jan 189605 May 1896d/o LD & LB
RoseOma E6-1028 Oct 189005 Apr 1899d/o LD & Jane
SellRebecca4-618581928w/o Joseph
SellWiley E5-718851886s/o J SR
ShieldsNathaniel7-583y 8m 15d21 Oct 1895
ShieldsRebecca7-572y 10m 20d30 Dec 1970w/o N
SinclairHomer D5-44y 2m 14d26 Aug 1893s/o JH & RE
SinclairRussel5-506 Feb 189520 Feb 1895s/o JH & RE
SnowArbor5-131y 1m 18d22 Feb 1868s/o RC & AE
SnowInfant5-9-Feb 1871s/o AL & P
SnowLucius L2-822 Feb 188627y 1m 9d01 Apr 1913s/o AA & Fanny
StewartWilliam19 Nov 186412 Sep 1906no stone, courthouse records
SwanA J5-609 May 187130 Apr 1873d/o F & J
SwanFredrick8-627 Sep 180911 Mar 1894
SwanJames8-5-14 Oct 1868Capt Co H6th IA Inf
SwanSarah8-784y 7m 9d05 Sep 1900w/o F
SwanVernie8-49m 9d19 Oct 1888s/o TJ & L
SylvesterInfant6-1616 Jan 190931 Jan 1909s/o JJ & SJ
ThompsonRussell D1985-buried next to grandmother Sarah Swan
VaughnJane5-1431y29 Sep 1895nee Bellows; w/o CW
WallaceJohnie10-112d31 May 1886s/o SW & JE
WilsonAdaline Sylvania4-1306 Apr 184706 Jan 1917Woodland Twpd/o James B & Elizabeth Savin (Newlin) Adair; w/o Joseph M
WilsonBazel4-1405 Aug 181327 Oct 1899Woodland Twps/o Thomas J & Elizabeth (Mackey)
WilsonCyntha4-1403 Mar 181127 Nov 1899Woodland Twpd/o Robt F & Margaret (Spear) Adair; w/o Bazel
WilsonJ M4-1309 Aug 184418 Feb 1918Woodland Twps/o Bazel & Cyntha (Adair)
WoodIda E3-16y 11m 9d12 Sep 1878d/o JW & ML
Wood-3-2stone for Family of JW Wood

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