Lentz Cemetery

Woodland Township, Section 16
Photograph courtesy of Nancee (McMurtrey) Seifert, 2010
Nearest town: Leon
Cemetery GPS Coordinates: 40.6918983,-93.6144028
Earliest tombstone burial: Lewis K Lentz, Apr 16, 1854
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History: Also, known as Woodland Cemetery. Jacob L. and Jane Lentz moved to Woodland Township in the fall of 1853 from Ohio. Their infant son who was born in Ohio, died the following spring and was buried on the family farm. Later they deeded one acre of this land to Woodland township for use as a cemetery. Jacob's father, Erhard Lentz was a drummer for Napoleon when he was defeated at Waterloo, France. In 1959, the Des Moines Register carried an article with photos on Erhard. There are many burials without stones and the cemetery is almost filled.
SurnameFirst Name Stone locationBirth AgeDeath Comments
AdairAddie GR13 DS114 Jan 188410 Dec 1910w/o LG
AdairInfantR13 DS129 Jan 1909s/o LG & AG
AllenIda LentzR12 S318801912
BeaversCyrus ErnisR5 S75y 6m 11d18 Aug 1879s/o AJ & AA
BeaversE MarcellaR2 S615 May 1925
BeaversE MaxwellR2 S719131933
BeaversEdmondR1 S429 Nov 187027 Feb 1891s/o J & S
BeaversElisabethR8 DS328 Nov 182214 Mar 1899w/o J
BeaversEllaR1 S307 Apr 188719 Apr 1887d/o J & S
BeaversElma OR2 DS818831972
BeaversGary AR1 S529 Sep 187706 Mar 1897s/o J & S
BeaversGeorge MR2 S12y 10m 21d27 Oct 1877s/o JL & MA
BeaversInfantR2 S218 Feb 1878s/o JL & MA
BeaversIsaac NR8 DS518471920
BeaversJacksonR1 S617 Feb 183905 Jun 1902
BeaversJamesR8 DS304 Apr 181913 Jan 1891
BeaversJames AR1 S28y 10m 28d02 Nov 1880s/o WJ & MA
BeaversJoseph DR8 S121y 3m 17d29 Mar 1880
BeaversLois OR2 S519061914
BeaversNancy ER8 DS518481935
BeaversNancy MR8 S431y 9m20 Jan 1880w/o IN
BeaversOra LR1 S12y 5m 16d03 Oct 1880s/o WJ & MA
BeaversRoyR2 DS818791953
BeaversSarahR1 S714 Apr 184020 Dec 1902
BeaversSarah ER5 S82m 8d05 May 1873d/o AJ & A
BeaversSusan JR8 S29y 2m 11d01 Jan 1865d/o J & E
BethardsSamuel LR9 S113y 6m 28d06 Sep 1863s/o J & M
BethardsStephen LR9 S123y 2d13 Feb 1865s/o J & M
BremerAlma AvaR4 DS826 Nov 187915 Dec 1943nee Rains
BremerHanceR9 DS718331893
BremerP MR4 DS818721959
BremerViolet BR9 DS718471924w/o Hance
BurksElizaR1 DS530 Sep 1867w/o HJ
ByrumInfantR10 S419 Jul 1903s/o SG & Carrie
CainGeorge W3m 28d08 Dec 1859s/o MG & M; stone broken
CainMaryR9 S929 Nov 184002 Oct 1884w/o MG
CainMorris GR9 S852y 6m 28d12 Aug 1887
CainWillie G1y 1m 18d11 Oct 1870s/o M & ME; stone broken
CarpenterWilliam HR10 S113 Apr 188318 Jun 1892s/o Wm & EE
ComelyPhebeR3 DS1414 Mar 182417 Jun 1884
CoontzVirgil HR5 S114m 26d16 Feb 1897s/o CK & E
CurryArbeliaR11 DS923 Jun 181618 Apr 1904w/o James
CurryEllenR11 DS718551881
CurryJamesR11 DS925 Dec 181022 Oct 1887
CurryLoneyR11 S618781880
CurryMelissaR11 S818811881
CurryWalterR11 S518781879
CurryWilliamR11 DS718521939
DeisherCathrineR3 S118551930
DeisherDella MR3 S229 Oct 188403 Oct 1905d/o G & SG
DeisherJennieR4 S61869 1943
DeisherOtisR4 DS618691940
DyerChas LR11 S326 Aug 1870
DyerCordellaR11 S216 May 184018 Sep 1905w/o DE
DyerMaryR11 S125y 6m 13d29 Dec 1893d/o E & ED
FarverIda LR5 S618661919
FarverIda MR6 S2013 Feb 186728 Nov 1895w/o JJ
FlemingEllisR4 S412 Feb 185904 Apr 1898
FlemingJohn FR3 DS906 Dec 182925 Mar 1907
FlemingNaomiR3 DS915 May 183618 Dec 1917
FreemanMarilda LR7 S1110 May 188018 Feb 1905d/o LL & MN Gammon; w/o FN
GammonInfantR7 S1217 Feb 189617 Feb 1896s/o LL & MN
GammonLewis LR7 DS1318531927
GammonMary NR7 DS1318581946
GochenourNancy TR12 S218611898
HamiltonArchie KR7 S1619131915s/o LN & CZ
HamiltonClara ZR7 S1518911932
HibbardMary TR3 S1001 Apr 183101 Apr 1903d/o James
HollidayJennieR11 S1310y 8m 15d01 Feb 1889d/o CH & MJ
HousemanDavid GR11 S1127 Sep 182223 Aug 1903
HousemanLiddyR11 S1022 Feb 181904 Dec 1899
HutchinsonEdithR7 DS1818741878
HutchinsonEliR7 DS1918781934
HutchinsonGeorge JR7 DS1818371897
HutchinsonGraceR7 DS1918821953
HutchinsonMelissa MR7 DS1818471911
HutchinsonPearlla ER7 DS1818801923
JenningsCharlotteR11 DS418681960
JenningsEarlR10 DS318991914
JenningsGeorgeR10 DS2-- no dates
JenningsInfantR10 DS319111911Dau
JenningsOliverR11 DS418561923
JenningsPearlR10 DS2--no dates
JenningsRoreR10 DS2--no dates
JenningsSarah CR3 S1142y 2m 13d18 Apr 1910w/o George M
JohnsonInfantMay 1903s/o M/M Asbury
JohnstonIzoraR9 S2027y 7m 23d07 Feb 1893w/o LD
KellerAlfred KR9 S2122 May 182726 Oct 1914
KellerDella MR9 S191y 14d21 Aug 1880d/o AK & SE
KellerLaura VR8 S1003 Aug 18782y 11d14 Aug 1880d/o MV & NJ
KingBarbara AR9 DS1618671948
KingJohn WR9 DS1618621945
KingRoy AR9 S1504 Dec 188411 Apr 1902s/o JW & BA
KlineBeatriceR9 S142y 2m 27d10 Dec 1872d/o JH & A
KlineWilyR9 S131y 27d04 Nov 1870s/o JH & A
KnowelsTalbotR11 S1241y 7m 11d12 Feb 1893
KonklinAlbertR2 S1718 Feb 186506 Nov 1896
KonklinGeorgeR2 S1116 Oct 181018 Nov 1879h/o Mary
KonklinGeorge AR2 DS1219 May 184119 Oct 1899
KonklinGeorge FR2 S144y 3m 29d12 Jan 1881s/o GA & MA
KonklinIdaR2 S1627y 1m 1d15 Mar 1890
KonklinLawrenceR2 S1324y 11m 23d25 Sep 1894s/o GA & MA
KonklinMarandayR2 DS922 Nov 183526 Oct 1916md Thomas 05 May 1859
KonklinMartha AR2 DS1223 Dec 184617 Sep 1918
KonklinMaryR2 S1016 Jul 181307 Apr 1890w/o Geo
KonklinOliveR2 S153y 7m 9d23 Jul 1875d/o GA & MA
KonklinThosR2 DS911 May 183705 Nov 1896
LanceGoldie DR3 S418781909w/o Herbert
LaneIda CR3 DS1218661935
LaneLelah AR7 S1715y 9m15 Nov 1906d/o WT & Ida
LaneThomas WR3 DS1218581936
LaopoldMartinR10 S767y 4m 13d25 Jul 1886
LaopoldMary AR10 DS876y 11m 27d31 Jan 1871
LaopoldSusanR10 DS826y 2m 29d21 Nov 1868w/o G
LarueNora ER3 DS31y 22d11 Sep 1878
LarueOrah LR3 DS327 Apr 1883
LentzAgatha MR7 S417y 1m 13d28 Mar 1885w/o JE
LentzAmanda WR7 S972y 6m 4d16 Apr 1883w/o E
LentzBarbara ER7 S1010y 11m 9d28 Dec 1864d/o HW & MA
LentzDavid--buried next to wife
LentzEdna BlancheR7 S35y 5m 22d02 Dec 1894d/o JE & TG
LentzErhardR7 S876y 2m 3d05 Mar 1873Drummer boy for Napoleon at Waterloo
LentzJacob LR7 S661y 9m 17d18 May 1891
LentzJaneR7 S571y 11m 13d26 Aug 1905w/o JL
LentzJohn HR7 S24y 1d04 Feb 1897s/o AE & TG
LentzLewis KR7 S78m 5d16 Apr 1854s/o JL & J
LockwoodInfantR4 S928 Nov 191029 Nov 1910d/o JH & M
LockwoodInfantR2 S313 Feb 189513 Feb 1895s/o RD & MV
LockwoodInfantR4 S1127 Jan 191627 Jan 1916s/o JO & G
LockwoodRichardR2 DS418721922
LockwoodVivianR2 DS418761961
LyonHenryR13 DS220 Nov 182625 Jul 1900
LyonSusanR13 DS222 Mar 184101 Jul 1897w/o Henry
MartinLouisaR8 S618461928
MasseyE FranklinR5 S910 Feb 190614 Dec 1907s/o Eugene & Ethel
MasseyEthel CR5 DS1018781937
MasseyEugeneR5 DS1018771952
MasseyJohn WR8 DS918641934
MasseyMargaret TR4 DS527 May 183503 Mar 1914w/o William T
MasseyRosa BR8 DS918641918
MasseyWilliam TR4 DS515 Sep 183813 Jun 1909
NewlinJames FR6 DS1418541938
NewlinMary ER6 DS1418561910
O'HaraEllaR3 DS1418 Dec 185930 Jul 1890adopted d/o Phebe Comley
ParsonsHerman LoydR9 S427d10 Nov 1886s/o NT & VJ
ParsonsJacob ER9 S312 Feb 187704 Sep 1895s/o NT & VJ
ParsonsNeson TR9 S618511931
ParsonsOlive AR9 S217 Feb 186301 Mar 1904w/o NT
ParsonsOwen HR9 S11891 1916
ParsonsViola JR9 S523 Mar 185720 Jun 1895w/o NT
PattonInfantR7 S121 Feb 1902s/o EM & CC
PerdueInfantR6 S122 Feb 1892d/o JR & OO
PerdueInfantR6 S2 24 Jun 1881d/o JR & OO
PerdueInfantR6 S317 Sep 1885d/o JR & OO
PerdueJ RR6 DS482y 5m 13d21 May 1934
PerdueOolaita OR6 DS444y 4m 9d01 Aug 1899w/o JR
PerksLonaR7 S1419001968nee Gammon
PriceEllen74y 1m 27d04 Feb 1871w/o J
RainsBenjaminR9 DS1763y 9m 4d22 Jan 1891
RainsCharles KR5 S36y 9m 8d30 Jun 1880s/o GW & F
RainsEdwin ER5 DS110 Dec 187008 Sep 1902
RainsFredericaR5 S428 Feb 184315 Mar 1914nee Lentz; w/o GW
RainsGeorge WR5 S522 Feb 183906 Oct 1906
RainsInfantR5 S222 Oct 1906d/o EE & N
RainsNellieR5 DS118741935
RainsRebeccaR9 DS1764y 11m 23d14 Aug 1892w/o Benjamin
RainsSarah AR9 S1828y 11m 15d27 Mar 1888w/o JW
RaynBarbra AnnR8 DS818431924
RaynMary MR8 S719 Apr 187705 Nov 1880d/o Wm & BA
RaynWilliamR8 DS818271898
ReederC HR5 S12--Co I 2nd Iowa Inf
RiddleBertha VR10 S1418831904
RiddleElizabethR10 S1218211877
RiddleGuyR10 S151880s/o M/M Thomas
RiddleJohn WR10 S1129y 2m 2d18 Dec 1874s/o S & E
RiddleMary AR10 DS1318581907nee Curry; w/o Thomas M
RiddleSusan CR10 S108y 3m 15d25 Feb 1865d/o S & E
RiddleThomas MR10 DS1318481920
SeuferBaby BrotherR12 S125 May 1893s/o GM & ME
ShowersCharles LR4 S1016 Oct 193522 Sep 1936
SiferChristinaR10 DS628 Nov 182714 Sep 1915
SiferLewis WR10 S521y 11m 3d17 Jun 1893s/o M & C
SiferMathiasR10 DS626 Jan 182712 Feb 1902
SmithClarinda AR3 S718741888
SmithSarah AR3 DS618381915w/o William
SmithSarah IR3 S81882infant d/o Wm & SA
SmithWilliamR3 DS618291903
SmithWilliam IR3 S518691896
SpargarCora WR6 S176y 1m 24d01 Dec 1881d/o WA & JW
SpargarEmma WR6 S168y 7m 12d02 Apr 1882d/o AW & IW
SpargarNewton WR6 S1509 Oct 186521 Jan 1890
SpargarJoseph WR6 DS96y 10m 18d12 Jan 1881
SpargarWilliam AR6 S194m 5d30 Sep 1878s/o JW & SM
StephensBryantR6 DS929 Mar 180914 Aug 1864
StephensBryant JR6 S101y 9m 3d11 Apr 1883s/o AC & EJ
StephensCharlie MR6 S1226y 9m 12d06 Mar 1901s/o TJ & HM
StephensCharlott TR6 DS907 Mar 181904 Sep 1897w/o B
StephensEdgarR6 S81y 9m 16d23 Sep 1873s/o JR & LE
StephensEmmaR6 S618y 10m 8d25 Jan 1895d/o JR & LE
StephensEverettR6 S718y 2m 3d20 May 1894s/o JR & LE
StephensHannah MR6 DS1318451908
StephensJames RR6 DS558y 10m 11d22 Mar 1800
StephensJohn WR6 S1128 Aug 185425 Jul 1887s/o B & CT
StephensLydia ER6 DS558y 2m 8d30 Nov 1905w/o JR
StephensT JR6 DS1318441924
VanceEllenR4 S373y 8m 14d04 Jan 1901w/o John
VanceJohnR4 S270y 9m 7d25 Dec 1890
VanceWilson JR9 S1031y 7m 20d07 Jul 1883h/o Laura E
VlerebomeAbraham SR13 S356y 7m 6d01 Jun 1896
WilcoxClaudyR3 S1516 Feb 187518 Aug 1875adopted s/o WM & AM
WilliamsEdithR4 S173y 8m 5d10 Feb 1893w/o George
WilsonAngelineR3 DS1325 Mar 184703 Mar 1914nee Bethards; w/o WH
WilsonW HR3 DS1328 Oct 184212 Mar 1921
WoodHenry MR4 DS718791956
WoodS JaneR4 DS718811964

Source: Carla Rae Perks, 1977
Courtesy of Carla Rae Perks Lauttenbach
Reformatted by Conni McDaniel Hall April 2019
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