Johnson Cemetery

Franklin Township, Section 34
Photograph courtesy of Nancee (McMurtrey) Seifert, 2010
Nearest town: Leon
Cemetery GPS Coordinates: 40.8244019,-93.7144012
Earliest tombstone burial: Aug 19, 1855 (#5-7)
Latest tombstone burial: Aug 14, 1936
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History: Calvin Johnson settled on this land in 1853, and 2nd person to enter land in Franklin Township. (He helped to organize 2 Presbyterian churches-Garden Grove in 1856 and Leon in 1857.) Johnson Cemetery was also known as the Wilson Cemetery since it was located in the Wilson school district. This cemetery is not well-cared for; many stones have fallen and broken. There are probably many stones that cannot be seen because of un-mowed grass. Johnson Cemetery was canvassed (copied) by Chad Kellogg in 1969.
SurnameFirst Name Stone LocationBirth AgeDeath Comments
BayExperience18481927WPA records; no stone
BayJames18441921WPA records; no stone
BayJonathan E05 Sep 1937WPA records; no stone
CarrithersElizabeth5-301 Dec 183314 Apr 1902w/o SC
CarrithersGeorge C5-53y 6m 22d11 Jun 1860s/o S & E
CarrithersJames A5-62y 1m 19d07 Jun 1860s/o S & E
CarrithersSarah J5-45y 8d15 Jun 1860d/o S & E
CarrithersStephen5-329 Jan 181606 Apr 1895
CarterMary E5-74y 29d19 Aug 1855d/o J & S
CarterSarah5-744y 4m 10d04 Jun w/o J; broken stone
CarterThomas F5-78y 29d08 Sep 1855s/o J & S
CraneRuth A2-133y 24d17 Apr 1873d/o BF & SM
FentG F1-891y 1m 12d26 Jan 1870WPA records; broken stone
FentMary1-976y18 Mar 1871WPA records; broken stone
FittroArrabella2-102m 3d24 Mar 1869d/o JF & E
FittroChristopher2-117y 8m 5d10 Apr 1881s/o J & E
FittroElizabeth2-648y 6m 5d29 Mar 1882w/o John
tiElizabeth2-913y 6m 29d09 Feb 1880d/o J & E
FittroElizabeth I3-241y 9m19 Mar 1864w/o S; stone broken
FittroGeorge10y 3m 19d22 Aug 1860No stone
FittroJasper2-101y 1d15 Jan 1862s/o JF & E
FittroJohn2-768y 1m 11d16 Mar 1902
FittroSilvester2-104y 1m 26d07 Sep 1871s/o JF & E
HarrettJay T3-34y 7m 17d24 May 1863s/o T & CA
HarrettLevina S2m 22d17 Dec 1865ch/o T & CA no stone
HarrettMary A2-81y 3m 22d29 May 1861d/o T & CA
HonnCyrus F3-69d08 Dec 1876s/o T & R
HonnHenry T3-81y 4m 17d17 May 1857s/o T & R
JohnsonCalvin5-208 Jun 180205 Feb 1892
JohnsonCharles N5-118y 9m 17d20 May 1866s/o JA & E
JohnsonEliza E5-918331918
JohnsonJ A5-902 Jul 183214 Apr 1884
JohnsonJosie5-1017y 3m 19d24 Jul 1879d/o JA & E
JohnsonMary Ann5-122y 1m 29d06 Sep 1855d/o JA & E
JohnsonSarah5-161y 1m 30d29 Dec 1863w/o C
LewisArtha5-1504 Jan 191204 Jan 1912d/o JF & AM
MagillMary M3-522 Dec 184120 Mar 1882w/o CN
MagillWilliam E3-71y 3m 11d21 Aug 1864s/o GM & MM
McClureEdward L5-1415 Sep 183529 Jun 1898
McClureElizabeth J5-1401 Apr 183610 Feb 1910
McClureJosephine5-1325y 7m 10d24 Nov 1857w/o SP
McNewJeremiah3-456y07 Dec 1859
MillsFrank L1-41y 7m05 Oct 1867s/o A & S
MillsHenry1-330 Mar 1881s/o DW & L, broken stone
NewmanEleanor S7-182y 8m 10d18 Dec 1879
NortonAlbert J1-71y 1m 12d29 Oct 1877s/o S & CA
NortonFreddie R1-61y 1m 29d08 Oct 1863s/o S & CA
NortonGeorgia O1-71y 9m 10d18 Aug 1877d/o S & CA
NortonSarah M1-717y 9m 27d28 Nov 1870d/o S & CA
PeughCatharine2-174y 2m 17d26 Apr 1901w/o Isaac
PeughCharles E2-518671936
PeughIsaac2-184y 2m 15d04 May 1901
PeughMissouri E1-16y 1m 26d19 Jan 1865d/o I & C
PeughOrpha A2-426y 1m 2d28 Oct 1897w/o Charles E
PeughSamuel L2-242y 5m 30d07 Jan 1895
RedmanMargaret1-576y 1d27 Jun 1876w/o Henry
RyanFranklin2-143y 3m 2d11 Apr 1868s/o JS & L
ScottCharles F4-31m 16d05 Nov 1871s/o J & IJ
ScottElmer T4-217y 10m 23d28 Feb 1894s/o J & IJ
ScottHarry W1-28y 2m 27d27 Jun 1884s/o JP & MB
ScottInfant4-310min01 Aug 1872s/o J & IJ
ScottIra J4-128 Nov 184602 May 1902w/o J
ScottJohn4-112 Jul 184606 Dec 1900
ScottSarah L2-125y 5m 5d11 Jul 1859d/o P & S
ScottWilliam W4-31y 3m05 Oct 1871s/o J & IJ
WarrenMary Jane72y13 Dec 1933WPA records, no stone
WilsonIsaac N3-91y 5m 8d01 Dec 1856s/o I & R
WordenCharles E6-114 Aug 1936Iowa PVT 1C1 352 Inf SS Div
WordenCharles J6-202 Feb 185117 Jan 1913
ZikaLydia3-118151890w/o Frank

Source: Cemeteries of Decatur Co. IA; compiled by Lois Slade
and transcribed for Decatur County IAGenWeb by Judy Chastain
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