High Point Cemetery

High Point Township, Section 23

Contributed to Iowa Gravestone Photo Project
Nearest town: Garden Grove
Cemetery GPS Coordinates: 40.7591392,-93.5911989
Earliest tombstone burial: May 8, 1851 (25-8)
Latest tombstone burial: 1982 (14-15) (as of 1982)
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History: In 1851 there were 5 families settled in the High Point community. A school house was built on the southwest corner of the cemetery. This building was also used for church services until a church was built in 1881. Later, when the school was torn down, this section became the south part of the cemetery known as the “School House Addition”. (Dean Bremer, who lives across the road west, keeps the cemetery plot.) There were once several stores in High Point, but only a church and the name remain. Mendenhall family history says that a Mendenhall, born 1776 and died 1853, was the first burial (unmarked). Elijah Mendenhall came to High Point in 1851 and broke the first 80 acres in High Point township (section 22).

DEED: #156 page 61 Book 156

John Cronin and wife, Mary M., to Trustees High Point Township November 8, 1905 $100.00 in Section 22 & 23; “all of which to be used for cemetery purposes.”
SurnameFirst Name Stone LocationBirth PlaceAge DeathPlace Comments
1-1Foundation only
6-4Mounted 1905; top broken off
12-5Foundation only
16-5temporary metal marker unreadable
20-16temporary metal marker unreadable
20-17temporary metal marker unreadable
21-9cement temp marker unreadable
AlbinBarbery E16-105 Jun 183009 Aug 1900w/o PG
AlexanderEli H14-1211 Mar 182205 May 1903Footstone-Father; Capt Co. A. 24th IA Vol. Inf. 1861 Enlisted Co F 2nd Ind. Vol. Inf. Mexican War 1846
AlexanderJean A14-1217 Nov 177620 Dec 1864w/o Reuben; m/o Eli H; footstone-Jean A
AlexanderSallie E Flynn14-1214 Dec 1826Leesville IN22 Feb 1904Footstone-Mother
AlexanderCora B14-1225 Feb 185513 Feb 1870d/o EH & SE; footstone-Cora B
AlexanderOllie E14-1221 Dec 185718 Mar 1872d/o EH & SE; footstone-Ollie E
AmmermanMartha13-983y 1m 15d15 Jan 1879
AmmermanMary13-1038y 10m 6d22 Dec 1876w/o WS
AtenA K21-811 May 185605 Jul 1914[Aaron Kimble]
AtenAbner H25-1018881946
AtenW Blanche25-1018891957
AtenWinnie21-823 Oct 186310 Apr 1944
BaileyGeorge P8-218831971
BaileyHerbert W8-521y 3m 21d05 Apr 1903
BaileyOwen V9-1318831978
BaileyVerda N9-131904(uncut)
BaileyVirginia A8-318491942
BairdMary Lavina13-1818861974
BairdWalter L13-1718861949
BakerWilliam J14-1015 Dec 1874s/o JS & SA
BarberDonald Lee2-419301931Son
BayAnnie C21-1219y 10m 11d26 Oct 1882
BayMary M19-924y 9m 28d02 May 1880w/o BC
BeaversChristena11-682y 9m 11d24 May 1896
BeaversEssie Dodd18-118871981
BeaversHenry11-56y 4m 18d22 Jun 1856s/o J & C
BeaversInfant11-420 Nov 188720 Nov 1887s/o CP & EC
BeaversJoseph11-551y 10m 22d23 Oct 1865
BeaversMary A11-51y 1m 18d16 Jan 1858d/o J & C
BennettChristina E16-718641954
BennettElizabeth Randall15-2320 Dec 183624 Sep 1908s/o Wm A
BennettHiram15-20184224 Mar 1904dates per WPA; Co C 48th IA Inf
BennettHiram W24-142y 5m 10d17 Sep 1887s/o M & CB
BennettJason16-610 May 185314 Oct 1898
BennettLaura16-621 Jan 1859101y03 Mar 1960
BennettLenora24-155m 2d26 Jul 1887d/o M & CB
BennettMaude Ellen22 Oct 1914Davis City91y29 Jun 2006Springdale ARd/o William & Emily (Pearce) Deemer; md Jesse H 23 Jun 1936
BennettOrval Willard16-918881965s/o Rolland & Christina
BennettRolland M16-718541937
BennettSharlotty15-2126y 8m 20d12 Apr 1880w/o HM
BennettWilliam A15-2413 Apr 183331y 1m 18d31 Dec 1865Co A 34R IA Inf
BennettWilliam F15-228m 21d07 Jan 1875s/o H & C
BethardsCora E2-818741951
BethardsDenzel Dean15 Sep 192803 Jun 2014
BethardsLeland Dwain10 Dec 1924Woodburn IA86y09 Jun 2011LeonUS Navy WWII; s/o John E & Elsie Marie (Marquis); md Lois Maxine Bremer 12 Sep 1946
BethardsLois Maxine18 Feb 192584y10 Nov 2009Leond/o Horace & Elsie (McDowell) Bremer
BethardsWebster M2-818771967
BloomEarl L2-519131942
BloomElmer D13-1919201943PFC 1 Ranger BN WWII
BloomRuby O13-2018951960
BloomVirgil H13-2018851971
BradneyAndrew12-455y 7m 17d05 Feb 1857
BradneyRalph H14-423y 9m 6d02 Aug 1856s/o A & S
BrantMaria A13-559y 11m 15d28 May 1900w/o OC
BrantOliver C13-555y 9m 6d25 Aug 1883
BrantFrelin I D13-45y 11m 3d19 Oct 1864s/o OC & MA
BrantHattie A13-410m 20d16 Feb 1895d/o OC & MA
BremerEllen M15-3018871971
BremerElsie M13-1518941979
BremerHorace B13-1518921967
BremerNellie M2-219101916d/o M & AD
BremerOlive O2-318911931
BruceTheodore R21-1519241979PVT US Army WWII
BullM C19-827 Jan 182307 Jul 1903
BullMartha J19-525y 9m 4d21 Aug 1872d/o MC & S
BullSusan19-752y 4m 24d21 Jun 1878w/o MC
BumgarnerCurtis21-1114y 3m 13d29 Oct 1871
BumgarnerDon12-1620 Aug 1893[uncut]
BumgarnerLaura E3-1518581945
BumgarnerMable E1-3189019[uncut]
BumgarnerNelle E3-1418831968
BumgarnerRoy21-104m 13d11 Sep 1884
BumgarnerVirgil D1-219171924s/o C & L
BumgartinIsaac68y27 Feb 1933s/o John & Mary; all per WPA records; no stone
BumgartinJohn80y1904per WPA records, no stone
BumgartinMary--w/o of John; per WPA records, no stone
CanfieldCarrie Mazie13-110 Jul 1885d/o HO & LM
CarpenterMary F24-423 Mar 186916 Jun 1898w/o RL
CarpenterWilliam Andrew24-325 May 189828 Feb 1899s/o RL & MF
CartwrightClarenc E23-918921967
CartwrightDoris D25-1519081995w/o Joseph W
CartwrightGrace E6-518771963
CartwrightJoseph W25-1519041975md Doris 06 Jun 1929
CartwrightMabel M23-918941983w/o Clarence E
CartwrightWilliam C6-518771935
ChaseMabel20-3m 18d27 Nov 1877d/o JH & CR
ChaseNorman Lewis20-710 Jan 189122 Oct 1892s/o NL & LS
ClarkClare L18-81y 1m 21d15 Feb 1880s/o John & Dora
ClarkE D10-1018421884Co K 51st IL Inf; dates per WPA records
ClarkLewis19-1501 Jan 182324 Feb 1876
ClarkLovina19-1501 Nov 182821 Dec 1908w/o Lewis
CooperMary69y19052nd w/o William V; listed in WPA records, no stone
CooperWilliam T6-218701946
CooperWilliam V6-3181010 Oct 1906Co B 2nd Neb Cav; dates per WPA records
CoxAngeline14-513y 3m 17d03 Jun 1857d/o S & H
CoxHannah14-767y 4m 4d30 Mar 1878w/o Samuel
CoxHannah E14-64y 10m 23d03 Jul 1859d/o S & H
CoxMary C15-62m 6d06 Mar 1875d/o SL & MC
CoxSamuel14-871y 15d12 May 1887h/o Hannah
CoxSamuel W15-77y 1m 28d18 Jan 1883s/o SL & MC
DayAnna19y26 Oct 1882listed in WPA records, no stone
DayJoseph23-709 Feb 184924 Aug 1906
DeMoulinAgatha Ellen16-818851961d/o Rolland & Chrstina
DoddAgness17-1154y 2m 1d23 Feb 1884
DoddCharles M18-218561937
DoddEli17-1204 Dec 183011 Apr 1899
DoddEverett18-316 Feb 188419 Aug 1903s/o GD & ED
DoddFelecia J18-218551938
DorseyA W21-308 May 183611 Mar 1908
DorseyClifford R13-1418941966Co K 357 Inf WWI
DorseyEvert O21-21y 10m 25d06 Aug 1871s/o W & L
DorseyFayette C14-1518981982
DorseyGrant T11-329 Jul 187023 Oct 1914
DorseyJames O21-12y 3m 25d18 Feb 1870s/o W & L
DorseyLettelia21-322 Apr 183615 Feb 1915w/o AW
DorseyMary E11-265y 9m 4d28 Apr 1912w/o VH
DorseyMary I11-327 Jun 187207 Oct 1943
DorseyRoxie A13-1418891964
DorseyRuth M14-1519021984
DorseyVolney H11-17y 3m05 Jul 1898s/o GT & MI
DruryInfant17-1413 Jul 187513 Jul 1875s/o AM & EA
DruryOthol17-131y 4m02 Aug 1874s/o AM & EA
DuckworthFra E17-25m 1d16 Apr 1896d/o WM & ID
DuckworthInez17-122 Mar 190422 Feb 1905d/o WT & IB
DunkinMargaret J21-141935[uncut]
DunkinW Duane21-1419271979
ElliottDouglas Ray23-819561956temporary metal marker
FisherF T7-29m 22d01 Nov 1854d/o JJ & SE
FisherGeorge M7-4185923y02 Jun 1882s/s JJ & SE
FisherS E7-310m 22d31 Aug 1862d/o JJ & L
FisherS E7-126y 3m 24d14 May 1859w/o JJ
FlemingEstella M12-1718761965
FlemingJ Harry12-1718711951
FultonLillia A5-118831966
FultonRoss C5-118801672
FultonWilma Arlene5-210 Sep 190512 Apr 1907d/o RC & LA
GarrettMasie Layton20-1826 Aug 186519 Apr 1891w/o CW; d/o JW & P Layton
GochenouerAdam9-307 Oct 184522 Oct 1910
GochenouerChristena9-204 Jul 185121 May 1907
GochenouerDavid9-469y 11m 11d18 Apr 1888
GochenouerElizabeth9-411y 1m 11d03 Jan 1858d/o D & J
GochenouerJane9-466y 1m 16d12 Apr 1890
GochenouerJoseph W3-318591945
GochenouerLydia9-41y 4m 26d11 Dec 1856d/o D & J
GochenouerMartha3-318681959w/o Joseph W
GochenouerMary E9-414y 8m 22d28 Dec 1857d/o D & J
GochenouerMelissa J9-43y 8m 5d01 Jan 1858d/o D & J
GochenouerRobert W9-45y 1m 25d26 Dec 1857s/o D & J
GochenouerOla Maud3-518871974
GochenouerWm David3-418841945
GordonBert J10-1418811969
GordonDale L10-1319231957
GordonGrace B10-1418861984
GouchHelena Grace8-47y 3m 21d21 Dec 1900d/o D & DL
GribbleHenry14-366y 11m 24d21 Apr 1894
HamakerJustin Todd26 Mar 197310 Nov 2010
HamiltonJosie187045y1915listed in WPA records, no stone
HammJohn H15-2831y 1m 18d96 Aug 1871h/o HA
HammSarah15-2677y 6m04 Jan 1889w/o UG
HammUriah G70y17 Oct 1871listed in WPA records, no stone
HammWillie E15-2711y 1d16 Aug 1871s/o JH & HA
HamonCora23-12y 11m 9d09 Nov 1872
HamptonGeorge D13-71y 19d06 Sep 1873s/o JA & NR
HamptonLelia L13-71y 2m 19d13 Aug 1869d/o JA & NR
HancockLenna K25-1218921968
HankinsDaniel25-766y 10m 29d02 Nov 1871h/o Anna
HarmanWorthey D16-1110y 15d30 Jan 1872s/o JF & LG
HarmanZuleka L L16-105y 1m 16d13 Nov 1871d/o JF & LG
HarrahMaxine28 Jul 1940Iowa City IA76y16 Feb 2017Leond/o William Joseph & Cornelia (Voetee) Briley; md Wallace Mitchell 18 May 1958
HartChester M5-1719001981
HartDanny D5-1719501968
HartRuth Ann5-1819431943
HartVelma M5-1719102003
HawkinsBenjamin10-368y 1m 28d07 Oct 1883h/o EJ
HinebaughJeanetta S9-1218691950
HinebaughJonathan M9-1218631957
HinebaughPearl L9-1415 Sep 189724 Mar 1958Iowa MM3 USNR WWII
HitchcockDellie M24-86m 10d09 May 1879d/o J & H
HitchcockGilbert R24-1125 Jun 189721 Jan 1898s/o EC & N
HitchcockHester24-1028 Feb 183330 Jun 1908w/o James
HitchcockI P24-1201 Apr 183920 Dec 1903[Isaac Perdue]Co L 3rd IA Cav
HitchcockJames24-977y 3m 28d28 Jan 1890
HollandAndrew23-58y 11m 7d07 Jul 1882s/o M & LJ
HollandGeorgie23-26m 5d19 Mar 1876s/o M & LJ
HollandInfant23-326 Jul 1879d/o M & LJ
HollandInfant23-412 Sep 1880s/o M & LJ
HonnPolka Dot40y1923listed in WPA records, no stone; male
HoudesheldtPhilo S9-1518751963
HoushCarroll Lester5-919141938
HoushDanny H1-425 Apr 194724 May 1947
HoushDavid A Jr1-522 Oct 1971s/o David & Dorothy
HoushWilliam Glen5-1119071942
HullAmelia A12-218 Aug 184506 Apr 1932
HullCharles N12-211 May 183926 May 1908
HullPeyton O12-106 Mar 187411 Oct 1890s/o CN & A
HustonDaniel A14-1338y 7m 29d13 Nov 1885h/o LF
HutchinsonMary9-1345y 2m03 Aug 1892w/o WL
HutchinsonSarah E19-1433y 5m 11d19 Apr 1889
JacksonJohnney9-105 Jan 189629 Oct 1901s/o D & EJ
JamisonRobert Ashton16 Jan 188716 Sep 1986
JohnsonLewis W14-122 Aug 183823 Nov 1907
JohnsonMary E14-102 Jun 185524 Apr 1930
KasslerFreddie15-83y 2m 20d04 Dec 1873s/o JK & MJ
KeggAlbert M14-1918731963
KendallAlma7-618 Feb 186331 Mar 1947
KendallArletha J12-1418891977
KendallC A13-1107 Oct 184931 May 1921
KendallCarl W12-1518831951
KendallDorothy E14-1419112007
KendallE Frank12-1418871966
KendallEdwin D7-603 Jun 186506 Feb 1937
KendallElizabeth12-13182572y 7m 7d10 Nov 1897w/o JS
KendallElizabeth M13-822 Apr 188913 Jan 1892d/o WA & MM
KendallEtta P12-1518821961
KendallHenry A12-92y 8m 24d29 Jan 1862s/o JS & E
KendallIrvin E13-1318871972
KendallJames S12-1265y 10m 16d25 Dec 1889
KendallKermit E14-1419111997
KendallM L13-1116 Jul 184911 Mar 1919
KendallMargaret E13-1318911991
KendallMary M6-718651948
KendallMilton F12-1111y 18d19 Jan 1862s/o JS & F
KendallPhylander12-106y 2m 8d06 Jan 1862s/o JS & F
KendallStella7-704 Apr 189208 Aug 1902d/o ED & AA
KendallWilliam A6-718611911
KentnerFrankabt 1918listed in WPA records, no stone
KerrSedora E19-622y 3m 22d12 Nov 1874
KingAndrew J10-844y 2m 19d09 Jun 1874
KingGeorgianna10-49y 4m 17d05 Jun 1858d/o Eliza
KingJesse C10-534y22 Jan 1868
KingMargua10-989y08 Nov 1877w/o Elias Sr
KingMelissa J10-732y 6m 17d06 Aug 1868w/o AJ
KingPocahontas10-66y 5m 24d18 Jul 1867d/o AJ & MJ
KnappInfant15-199m 2ds/o CM & EA
KonklinJohn A3-118971927Footstone-Father
KonklinOra Ethel3-221 Nov 189431 Dec 1915d/o JA & HE
LavenderChristena5-1255y 11m 11d26 Oct 1915w/o JS
LavenderJ S25 Feb 185522 Feb 1916[John S] listed in WPA records, no stone
LaytonCora M20-127y 10m 25d03 Nov 1880d/o JW & P
LaytonJohn W20-1418311914
LaytonJulie E20-1518661920
LaytonPhebe20-1353y 7m 14d14 Nov 1889d/o James & Cassandra Fisk; w/o JW
LittlerElizabeth14-4177676y12 Dec 1853First grave in the High Point Cemetery; w/o John
LovelaceDale M2-618981985
LovelaceMaggie M2-419071994
LoweJohn R6-130 Aug 190427 Aug 1905s/o GM & HM
MacyEdward80y1931listed in WPA records, no stone
MacySarah E15-2541y 4m 5d03 Aug 1892w/o JE
MarlowEsther7-534y 10d05 Apr 1863w/o Joseph
McClearyB F16-223 Jun 187329 Nov 1911
McClearyCharles W22-318621941
McClearyEarl22-610y 11m 5d15 Mar 1898s/o CW & EE
McClearyElla E22-318651945
McClearyElmer E17-41y 5m 15d19 Aug 1888
McClearyEvern16-43m 21d01 Jul 1894s/o FD & CE
McClearyFlorence24-62y 2m 7d26 Feb 1873d/o JB & ML
McClearyFloyd V17-62y 8m 20d08 May 1887s/o MV & NM
McClearyFred D16-329y 1m 15d15 Mar 1900
McClearyGeorge W17-52y 1m 10d14 Oct 1869s/o I & ME
McClearyHalley17-52y 8m 9d09 Jan 1879s/o I & ME
McClearyHoward C22-118891968
McClearyHoward C22-205 Sep 188913 Aug 1968Iowa Mech Btry E 336 Field Arty WWI
McClearyInf Dau22-71898
McClearyInfant17-511ds/o Isaac & ME
McClearyInfant24-610 Apr 187310 Apr 1873s/o John B & Mary L
McClearyIsaac17-820 Feb 180214 Aug 1871
McClearyIsaac17-453y 10m 13d26 Nov 1892
McClearyJohn B24-707 Dec 183015 Jul 1904Footstone-JBMc
McClearyLenna L17-333y 2m 18d24 May 1897d/o I & ME
McClearyMartin V17-718491931
McClearyMary17-41y 1m 21d21 Aug 1882
McClearyMary L24-706 Jul 183605 Sep 1913Footstone-MLMc
McClearyN Melissa17-718451930
McClearyNora17-318y 5m 2d09 Apr 1898d/o I & ME
McClearySarah17-812 Aug 180508 May 1876
McClellandAndrew P10-170y 5m 2d12 Jul 19001st SGT Co I Regt 8 Cav Vol Inf
McKayMary E13-1228y 9m 14d09 Oct 1879w/o WS
MeltonDaniel25-810y 1m 2d29 Aug 1861s/o JC & R
MeltonEdwin25-85y 11m 26d16 Jun 1871s/o JC & R
MeltonMartha J25-82y 1m 22d08 May 1851d/o JC & R
MeltonViola25-910y 8m06 Sep 1874d/o JC & R
MeltonWilliam A25-81y 6m 11d20 Feb 1855s/o JC & R
MendenhallElijah S15-474y19 Feb 1902
MendenhallElizabeth Jane15-418381933
MendenhallGary Dennis14-1630 Dec 1936
MendenhallGeorge B15-57m 2d21 Jul 1871s/o ES & EJ
MendenhallHelena Ruth5-1919031975
MendenhallIvan Frank14-1717 Feb 190015 Oct 1985
MendenhallMary J9-84y 1m 3d06 Dec 1862d/o IT & EM
MendenhallNile Stephen5-1918981977
MendenhallRichard Nile5-2315 Dec 193019 Jul 1931
MendenhallRita Jane5-2113 Oct 193621 Nov 1941
MendenhallRolly D5-221932
MillerElizabeth13-238y 7m 11d02 Dec 1857w/o I
MillerInfant13-225 Sep 185625 Sep 1856d/o I & E
MillerIsaac13-273y 6m 14d20 Mar 1889
MillerMaggie10m 18d17 Feb 1863d/o I & M
MillerMary13-267y 9m 12d31 Aug 1900w/o I
MorrisBertha Pearl4-418791972
MorrisCecil E5-1401 Jul 1844
MorrisF Arlene5-151918[uncut]md R Leland 10 Sep 1936
MorrisR Leland5-1519161975
MorrisSarah J4-318401934
MuseWarner23-673y 6m 16d30 Jan 1877
NutterWilliam--Co A 34th IA Inf Civil War; listed in WPA records, no stone
ParisFrank A20-201y 9m10 Sep 1873s/o WH & M
ParisGeorge20-201y 8m 19d10 Sep 1871s/o WH & M
ParisMaria A20-1961y 11m 15d09 May 1906w/o WH
ParisW H20-1956y 5m 17d23 Apr 1897
ParsonsLenna C17-918821932
ParsonsMartha6-618571922w/o NT
PhelpsBenny A18-64m
PhelpsMartha18-722 Feb 177696y 2m 26d15 Feb 1872
PorterMary E25-525 Dec 190002 Feb 1901d/o WE & HR
PryorCora B12-655y13 Mar 1861
PryorJohn12-755y 4m 17d17 Aug 1866
PryorLydia12-820y 5m12 Sep 1873w/o EA
RamboHarvey8-119 Apr 183217 Sep 1903
RamboMartha8-1Jul 1844Oct 1908
RamseyJennie19-174m 28d30 Jun 1883d/o JG & H
RamseyLyda19-1664y 5m 4d20 Feb 1884w/o JF
RhoadesInfant22-823 Sep 189023 Sep 1890d/o FM & NM
RichardsCyrus3-803 Aug 190005 Apr 1989
RichardsMarvin L3-619 Apr 192437 Aug 1926
RichardsMerl M3-711 Feb 190211 Jun 1928
SayersDella L5-1618741952
SayersRobert H5-1618721959
SeyboldJames14-113y 9m 5d26 Apr 1863s/o S & E
ShockeyJames25-49y 6m 2d28 Feb 1866s/o J & N
SkinnerAle Dell15-218621952
SkinnerD Paul18-1019181934
SkinnerGuy E18-1018911988
SkinnerJames R19-1918881976
SkinnerL Ruth18921986
SkinnerLevi Lloyd15-319 Jul 189525 Sep 1896s/o ME & AD
SkinnerMarshall E15-218591936
SkinnerVerda E19-1918891988
SkinnerWilliam J15-118821974
SmithAlma E20-46m 9d08 Jun 1897d/o EA & EJ
SmithCarl L25-1119011976
SmithCharles R20-31y 3m 18d19 Nov 1899s/o EA & EJ
SmithClara M3-918781930
SmithEarl A4-718921946
SmithElla M5-818771949
SmithElver A20-206 Oct 186621 May 1914
SmithEtta Jane20-118681947
SmithFrank J5-818731935
SmithJoseph D20-561y 9m 26d25 Aug 1897
SmithJosephine Mildred25-1423 Aug 191921 Jan 2012nee Campbell
SmithL Mary4-718951980
SmithLouisa M25-111904[uncut]
SmithLyda A20-651y 1m 19d14 Jun 1893w/o JD
SmithNorman F3-9187519[uncut]
SmithWalter R25-1419121965
SnyderAnna M24-11y 8m 5d12 Sep 1900d/o SB & EO
SnyderJ Floyd10-221 Apr 188627 Mar 1891s/o JB & IE
SpargurMary A24-1641y 5m 23d12 Mar 1876w/o WW
SparksJay C2-708 May 1934
StewartMartha J21-1238y 11m 9d13 Nov 1889w/o Jacob
StoneNancy Sue21 Mar 195362y12 Feb 2016
StoutWilliam J21-45y 11m 1d27 Oct 1882s/o JA & MA
StuartInfant21-132d28 Aug 1881s/o J & M
SurbaughJ H18-918951966(Ted)
SurbaughMerle F18-918951986
SurbaughRoberta I19-1820 Apr 192931 May 1960
SurberMary I14-233y 11m 26d08 Sep 1896w/o JA
SwopeAndrew P25-628 Sep 181812 Jun 1898
SwopeCalvin P25-318531934
SwopeDewey25-131 Jan 1900
SwopeFrances I24-1318641953
SwopeHarriet B24-1318621950
SwopeMargaret25-628 Jul 182526 May 1903w/o Andrew P
TerrilDonna May25-1323 Oct 195327 Oct 1953
TraupelAddie E9-918701941
TraupelEarnst Leroy9-1023 Aug 188813 Mar 1908s/o Louis & AE
TraupelEllen J2-1005 Jan 186509 Apr 1940
TraupelHarriet9-1171y 8m 9d25 Oct 1899w/o GA
TraupelLewis9-1171y 7m 23d28 Feb 1882
TraupelMoses2-1010 Mar 186130 Mar 1937
TuckerIda Ann9-52y 5m 22d01 Aug 1876d/o Jacob & Martha A
TuckerInfant9-74d1862s/o J & MA
TuckerNicholas9-673y 6m10 Mar 1869
WagnerEdward F1920/2119091976MOMM 3 US Navy WWII
WagnerNora M192019182006
WalkerElzora A8-61858
WalshJesse J10-1118881940
WalshRichard J10-1219281975
WarringtonInfant20-1122 Dec 188522 Dec 1885d/o WW & MC
WarringtonJessie B19-311y 10d10 Aug 1875d/o Z & MR
WarringtonJohn P19-17m 19d20 Sep 1869s/o NB & ME
WarringtonMartha R19423 Nov 182014 Jul 1889w/o Zeno
WarringtonMatilda E19-231y26 Apr 1876w/o NB
WarringtonW W80y1936listed in WPA records, no stone
WarringtonWillie V18-55m 22d22 Mar 1875s/o JH & TA
WarringtonZeno19-409 Apr 181413 Dec 1896
WileyEstella C21-508 Jan 187514 Nov 1904s/o SP
WileyHorace P15-2919091978
WileySamuel Preston21-618641925
WileyViola F15-2919061989
WilliamsDaniel C19-123y 5m 22d02 Dec 1876s/o S & A
WilliamsDiana Jane3-1219441952
WilliamsHarold A3-1119111996
WilliamsJanet Louise4-625 Aug 1949
WilliamsLucinda M3-1119132015
WilliamsRachel19-1108 Dec 180308 Apr 1879
WilliamsThomas19-1010 Aug 190308 Apr 1879
WilliamsWilliam J3-1018751956
WoodruffErnet C2-920 Dec 189218 Mar 1956
WoodruffEunice M2-904 Feb 189301 Sep 1970
WoodruffFern Reed14-1819071998
WoodruffFred R13-161884[uncut]buried in California
WoodruffHulda M13-1618901957
WoodruffJohn R5-418491942
WoodruffMattie M5-341y 9m 3d04 Feb 1908w/o JR
WoodruffPaul E14-1819071962
WooleyEthel M14-918851958
WooleyHenrietta15-1318571877w/o AK Aten
WooleyJohn15-1618431863Co B 10th MO Vol Inf; d & buried in the south
WooleyMary Ann15-1118231876
WooleyWilliam K15-1718411867Co L 3rd IA Cav
WooleyWm Kindel15-1517951864
WoolleyMax20-84m06 Jan 1887s/o F & FL
WylieCalvin W23-1019061968
WylieMaxine M23-101913[uncut]

Source: Cemeteries of Decatur Co. IA; compiled by Lois Slade and transcribed for Decatur County IAGenWeb by Judy Chastain.
Reformatted and updated by Conni McDaniel Hall April 2019
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