Grand River Cemetery

Richland Township, Section 33
Nearest town: Grand River
Cemetery GPS Coordinates: 40.8146537,-93.9751625
Earliest tombstone burial: May 26, 1916, #14-5, Perlie "Virgil" Lane
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Cemetery Status: Active
History: The land for the Grand River Cemetery was given by Frank Smith Bone. It was surveyed in 1916. The cemetery was laid out in a unique pattern by having each burial plot in a raised mound.

The first burial was a boy in 1916, Perlie "Virgil" Lane. At first, Lane was considered for the name of the new cemetery, but decided on Grand River because of the town located nearby. One tombstone, for Nellie Brenamen #15-14, has a death date of 1896, but there was not a burial at that time in this cemetery.

* missing gravestone
SurnameFirst Name PlotBirth PlaceAge DeathPlace Comments
ActonCharles Edward7-606 Oct 18771964s/o Silas & Mary Lavine Lovina (Allen); md 1920 Elnora (Trowbridge) Arnold
ActonElnora7-618 Feb 1875Decatur Co11 Apr 1953Decatur Cod/o Walter E & Mary Etta (Bohall) Trowbridge; md 1st 26 Aug 1892 George Washington Arnold (1865-1910) interr Middle Ford Cem, Ringgold Co, IA; md 2nd 1920 Charles Edward Acton
ActonGeorge Albert7-730 Apr 1883Decatur CoJan 1968Leons/o Silas & Mary Lavine Lovina (Allen)
ActonMinerva3-1117 Mar 1889NebraskaApr 1976Grand Riverd/o John D & Mabel F (Shull) Foster; w/o W Harrison Acton
ActonWilliam Harrison3-1112 Sep 1889Grand RiverJun 1965s/o Silas & Mary Lavine Lovina (Allen)
AdamsAlberta Louise4-501 Apr 1913Mt Ayr IA88y28 Aug 1999Urbandale IAd/o James & Elsie Ellen (Toney) Zimmerman; w/o Armel Dale, md 02 Nov 1929
AdamsArmel Dale4-529 Sep 1906Grand River84y04 May 1991Des Moines IAs/o George Franklin & Sarah Ellen (Hopkins); h/o Alberta Louise Zimmerman md 02 Nov 1929
AdamsCecil Faye4-714 Jul 1920Union Co IA20 Aug 2014Bloomington MNd/o Howard Vern & Vera Opal (Metts) Glazebrook; md 18 Feb 1939 Harland Carr Adams
AdamsDonald Duane4-28 Nov 1939Osceola IA07 Nov 1993Des Moines IAs/o Harland Carr & Cecil Faye (Glazebrook)
AdamsEdward Joseph07 Nov 1932Hiteman IA85y08 Feb 2018Mt Ayr IAUS Army 1953-1955; s/o Michael & Katherine (Gergley); h/o Laura Viola 20 Aug 1955
AdamsEmma Adeline13 Oct 1923Leon19 Apr 1994Des Moines IAd/o Christian Ellis & Margaret (Gale) Overholtzer
AdamsFern Lucille26 Apr 1921Leon04 Jan 2013Newton IAd/o Oral & Mar (Hopkins) Smith; md 26 Feb 1841 Centerville IA Truman Albert Adams
AdamsFreda Viola4-419 Nov 1913Grand River95y17 Oct 2009Mt Ayr IAd/o John Clarence & Laura Lucretia (Wadsworth) Taylor; w/o Russell Raymond md 12 Nov 1931
AdamsHarland Carr4-722 Mar 1916Richland Twp95y23 Sep 2001Leon"Barney"; s/o George Franklin & Sarah Ellen (Hopkins); h/o Cecil Faye (Glazebrook) 18 Feb 1939
AdamsJames Clair4-604 Apr 1942Osceola IA09 Apr 1962Des Moines IAdeath from injuries in car accident; s/o Harland Carr & Cecil Faye (Glazebrook)
AdamsLaura May13-1223 Dec 1869Fairfield IA12 Sep 1923Rochester MNd/o David & Margaret Ann Snook; 3rd of James Adams md 04 Nov 1914; previous marriage to ? McKee
AdamsLavern T10 Feb 194228 May 1997SP4 US Army Vietnam
AdamsRussell R4-410 Sep 1909Richland Twp15 Feb 1922Grand Rivers/o George Franklin & Sarah Ellen (Hopkins); h/o Freda Viola Taylor md 12 Nov 1931
AdamsTruman Albert23 Jan 191215 Nov 1994s/o George Franklin & Sarah Ellen (Hopkins); h/o Fern Lucille Smith md 26 Feb 1941 Centerville IA
AdkissonErnest Lyle30 Sep 192371y 11m 5d05 Sep 1995Grand Rivers/o Alfred Andrew & Edna Marie (Johnson); h/o Betty A Gilbert (b. 1929) md 05 Oct 1946
AkersElmer Otis18971983s/o William H & Mary Jane (Hickman); h/o Myrtle Mae Bryant md 29 Aug 1918
AkersHenry M15-610 Sep 188607 Apr 1965s/o William H & Mary Jane (Hickman); h/o Ruth R Anna Hoffman md 28 Aug 1912
AkersMary Jane14-1604 Jul 18631939d/o Joseph & Elizabeth (McLaughlin); w/o William H, md 17 Feb 1878
AkersMyrtle Mae25 Aug 1899Grand River101y25 Nov 2000Mt Ayr IAd/o Frank & Blanche (McDowell) Bryant; w/o Elmer Otis, md 29 Aug 1918
AkersRuth R Anna17-1511 Aug 1895Blairsburg IA13 Sep 1985Leond/o Ferdinand August & Edith Marie (Godfrey) Hoffman; w/o Henry M, md 28 Aug 1912
AkersWilliam H14-1622 Nov 1855Decatur City19 Jul 1935Grand Rivers/o Benjamin & Mary Jane (Gunter); h/o Mary Jane Hickman, md 17 Feb 1878
AllenAlice Laura15-125 Dec 1896Decatur City14 Jun 1965Osceola IAd/o William Thomas & Jane (Bohall) Jones; w/o Arthur Leroy, md 01 Mar 1914
AllenArthur Leroy15-129 Oct 1892Grand River03 Feb 1985Osceola IAs/o William H & Evaline (Briner); w/o Alice Laura Jones, md 01 Mar 1914
AllenDon19 Nov 191419 Mar 1991h/o Georgia M
AllenEvelyn16-108 Aug 1872Grand River18 May 1950Osceola IAd/o William Morgan & Sarah Elizabeth (McConnell) Briner; h/o William H
AllenGeorge M03 Nov 1918[uncut]w/o Don
AllenOlin C15-212 Aug 192812 Aug 1928s/o Arthur Leroy & Alice Laura (Jones); s/s & b/o William "Don"
AllenWilliam Don15-223 Aug 191821 Mar 1919s/o Arthur Leroy & Alice Laura (Jones); s/s & b/o Olin C
AllenWilliam H16-118671953Leons/o Charles & California May (Williams); h/o Evelyn Briner, md 03 Jan 1892
AlvarezLois Marie08 Oct 1940Clarke Co IA60y11 Aug 2001Des Moines IAdp Wayne & Alta Margaret (Johnston) Fullerton; w/o Raphael
AndersonBerneice19-703 Jul 192403 Sep 1926d/o Clarence & Mary Matilda (Fesler)
AndersonClarence19-714 Aug 1902Lineville IADec 1966Leon"Buck"; s/o Bert Austin & Minnie May (Brant); h/o Mary Matilda Fesler, md 12 Jan 1923 Leon
AndersonElveta19-711 Jun 192709 Nov 1944
AndersonMary Matilda19-702 May 1905Oct 1984Leon"Goldie"; d/o Julius Glendore & Mary Rebecca (Davenport) Fesler; w/o Clarence, md 13 Jan 1923, Leon
AndersonTwyla19-729 Jul 193229 Jul 1932d/o Clarence & Mary Matilda (Fesler)
AndrewAllen Sylvanus4-1112 Oct 1878Decatur Co1945s/o John Newton & Evaline Aldora (Akers); h/o Louella Maude Wion, md 12 Feb 1900 Decatur City
AndrewGenevieve3-909 Jun 1916Riley Twp, Ringgold Co IA21 Nov 1991Mt Ayr IAd/o Charles Francis & Evalena N (Longacre) Patrick; w/o Vernon W, md 09 Jun 1939 Chillicothe MO
AndrewGiffin Klyne01 Dec 191593y31 May 2009Mt Ayr IAs/o Allen Sylvanus & Louella Maude (Wion); h/o Norma Pauline Baker, md 17 Oct 1934 Hiawatha KS
AndrewHarry Alonzo3-1016 Nov 1884Grand River100y 2m 24d09 Feb 1985Leons/o John Newton & Evaline Aldora (Akers); h/o Jessie Lloyd, md Aug 1909
AndrewJessie T3-1008 Oct 1888South Dakota06 Apr 1953Grand Riverd/o George & Louisa J Lloyd; w/o Harry Alonzo, md 10 Aug 1909 Leon
AndrewLewis Marion5-1420 May 1881Grand River08 Jul 1964Grand Rivers/o John Newton & Evaline Aldora (Akers); h/o Olive Margaret Mae Bason, md 12 Mar 1905
AndrewLouella Maude4-1124 Feb 1881Bloomington TwpOct 1968Des Moines IAw/o Allen Sylvanus, md 12 Feb 1900 Decatur City
AndrewNorma Pauline18 Feb 1917Grand River01 Jan 2004d/o Sherman William & Gerna Vivian (Boles) Baker; w/o Giffin Klyne, md 17 Oct 1943 Hiawatha KS
AndrewOlive Margaret Mae5-1431 Mar 1885Grand River02 Jul 1954Grand Riverd/o George & Mary J (Nicer) Bason; w/o Lewis Marion, md 12 Mar 1905
AndrewRalph Clayton3-1430 Nov 191610 Sep 1979Osceola IAs/o Harry Alonzo & Jessie T (Lloyd); h/o Rayola Lucille Boles, md 29 Jul 1939
AndrewRayolda Lucille22 Jan 1921Whatron Co TX92y02 Jun 2013Osceola IAd/o Ray & Goldie (Adams) Boles; md 29 Jul 1939 to Ralph
AndrewVernon W3-911 Jan 1914Grand River06 Apr 1953Grand Rivers/o Harry Alonzo & Jessie T (Lloyd); h/o Genevieve Patrick, md 09 Jun 1939 Chillicothe MO
ArnoldAlice May22-613 Mar 193184y26 Apr 2015Mt Ayr IAd/o Orel D & Beryl A Boles; w/o Dale Edward, md 30 Aug 1951 Shephard AFB Wichita Falls TX
ArnoldDale Edward22-621 Oct 1928Clarke Co IA89y06 Mar 2018Mt Ayr IAUS Air Force & Reserves Korea; s/o Forest Lee & Hazel Manila (Audelhelm); h/o Alice May Boles
AshburnWyona Winifred21 Sep 1907Decatur Co33y11 May 1939d/o George Earl & Margaret J (Bronson) McDowell; w/o John (1908-1979, interr. Fairlawn Burial Park, Hutchinson KS), md 28 Apr 1927; surname on gravestone is McDowell
BakerBessie H23-1103 Mar 1882Decatur City02 Feb 1961Los Angeles CAd/o Joseph Alvador & Minerva Alice (Hawley) Moren; w/o Robert Carl, md 29 Dec 1913 MO
BakerBirt Samuel11-1503 Mar 1873Iowa1954Decatur Cos/o Leonidas Frank & Martha Ann (McMannis); h/o Zora C Cook, md 23 Jan 1897/98
BakerEarl Marion16-1025 Oct 1897Grand River06 Oct 1918Grand RiverS2/C US Navy WWI, steerman aboard USS Missoui; s/o Richard Franklin & Hannah Elizabeth (Street)
BakerHannah Elizabeth16-1112 Dec 1871England26 Sep 1955d/o Peter & Alice (Weston) Street; md Richard Franklin 14 Dec 1892
BakerRichard Franklin16-1118631973s/o Joseph & Sarah (Binning)
BakerRobert Carl23-127 May 1883Iowa05 Jul 1927Osceola IAs/o William Henry & Margaret E (Beck); md Bessie H Moren 13 Dec 1913 MO
BakerZora C11-1502 Sep 1876Chariton IA10 Feb 1922Des Moines IAd/o Walter & Nancy Jane (Ryan) Cook; md Birt Samuel 23 Jan 1897/98 Chariton IA
BallEdith M8-1419011984nee Beers; w/o Eldon Harold
BallEldon Harold8-1425 Aug 1898New Virginia IA30 Jun 1951Iowa City IAs/o George William & Anna (Harsh); h/o Edith Beers
BartonRobert Alan17 Jun 1964Leon01 Jul 1994Des Moines IAPV2 US Army; s/o Robert Otis & Suellen (Pickering); f/o Alan, Eric, Amber
BartonSuellen07 May 1942Leon18 Feb 1999nee Pickering; w/o Robert Otis, md 09 Jun 1963; m/o Robert, Ryan, Regina, Rena
BeardsleyArthur Leo23 Apr 193116 Apr 1997US Marine Corps
BeardsleyBerdean Freda02 Jun 1927Armstrong IA84y22 Mar 2012Grand Riverd/o Lyle & Ruby (Work) Johnson; w/o Donald Edward, md 23 May 1951 Algona IA
BeardsleyDonald Edward26 Jun 1922Kellerton IA89y02 Apr 2012Lamonis/o William John & Margaret Ann Louise (Lang)
BeardsleyMargaret Ann Louise21-191893Iowa1967nee Lang; w/o William John
BeardsleyMary L19171982w/o Paul
BeardsleyPaul24 Feb 1918Iowa08 Apr 1994Lebanon MOs/o William & Margaret Ann Louise (Lang)
BeardsleyWilliam John21-1931 Jan 1883IowaFeb 1977Grand Rivers/o Jacob B & Mary Ann (Owens)
BeckCarmelita17 Jun 190523 Feb 1989d/o Wirt Jasper & Fannie F (Chapman) Beck
BeckFannie FNov 1876Michigan1965Decatur Cod/o Charles H & Jerusha (Cudworth) Chapman; w/o Wirt Jasper, md 18 Nov 1896 Grand River
BeckRuth A18971918d/o Wirt Jasper & Fannie F (Chapman) Beck; no stone; info Wilma (Ramsey) Foland
BeckWirt Jasper21 Mar 1870Decatur Co04 Mar 1937Decatur Cos/o Thomas Tipton & Sarah A (Crees)
BeckerGrant Lorimer17 Apr 1924Fraser IA84y21 May 2008LeonUS Navy; s/o Dewey Clarence & Blanche Beryl (Phipps); h/o Norma G Foland b. 1927, md 24 Nov 1951 Boone IA
BeersMartha10-2019001979nee Brammer; w/o William H
BeersWilliam H10-2019031996s/o M/M Frank
BengstonMargaret Yvonne04 Jul 1922Iowa15 Jul 2001Philadelphia PAd/o Christian Ellis & Margaret (Gale) Overholtzer
BigleyEarl Vere22-419 Sep 1917Decatur Co60y 2m 22d11 Dec 1977LeonCSM US Army WWII Korea; s/o Earl & Jessie (Brooke)
BigleyLouise22-401 Mar 1913New Buda Twp76y 3m 25d26 Jun 1989Des Moines IAd/o Lawrence Cleveland & Nora Minerva (Rains); md 1st Russell I Owens; md 2nd Earl Vere Bigley 03 Nov 1946
BigleyMarie Belva9-151906Davis City1944Indianola IAw/o Bert
BlackDaniel Allen20 Feb 194617 Feb 1995SP5 US Army Vietnam; h/o Heidi, md 01 Jul 1969
BlackElizabeth Kathryn5-1021 Feb 1865Richland Twp1946d/o Benjamin & Amelia (Dudley) Millstead; w/o Samuel M, md 1886 Westerville IA
BlackMyrtle17-918801962d/o William M & Susannah (Negley) Kelley; s/s sister Mary (Kelley) Waller
BlackSamuel M5-1018621946
BladesDuane Allen30 Mar 1956Leon59y31 Aug 2015s/o Harold Roger & Vera May (Jimmerson)
BladesHarold Roger20 Dec 1918Van Wert81y30 May 2000Mt Ayr IATEC5 US Army WWII; s/o Leroy & Cathrine Pearl (Glazebrook)
BladesVera May04 May 1917Grand River91y12 Mar 2009Mt Ayr IAd/o Henry & Bessie (Chipp) Jimmerson; w/o Harold Roger, md 15 Nov 1945; m/o David Eugene, Dean Roger, Duane Allen, Connie Sue
BohallJames Andrew23-913 Feb 1882Iowa22 Dec 1942Grand Rivers/o John & Rose Bell (Allen); md Gussie May (Herrod) Kepley (1889-1969 interr. Norwalk IA, 26 Sep 1905 Beaconsfield
BohallMalinda J18-6Sep 1866Missouri1954Grand Riverd/o William & Elizabeth (Millstead) McIntosh; w/o William Peter, md 29 Mar 1899 Ringgold Co IA
BohallWilliam Peter18-623 Apr 1873Jackson Co IN1955Grand Rivers/o John & Mary Emily (Briner)
BolesArba Ray5-313 Jun 1897Grand River1957Decatur Citys/o Walter D & Susie Jane (Dean)
BolesBeatrice L25 Sep 1923Grand River89y05 May 2013Mt Ayr IAd/o Paul S & Carrie B Andrew; w/o Ralph C, md Sep 1946
BolesBeryl Alice22-502 Jan 1911Greene Co IAMar 1974Grand Riverd/o Clarence Raymond & Nancy Abbie (Roberts) Woods; w/o Orel Dale, md 12 Jan 1930
BolesCharles Alvin7-1920 Mar 1872Iowa27 Apr 1951Osceola IAs/o William & Sarah D (Gilmore)
BolesConnie Sue11 Sep 1947Osceola IA68y25 Jul 2016Grand Riverd/o Leonard Lee & Juanita Lenora (Page) Brenton; w/o Garry Bervan, md 02 Jul 1971 Cheyenne WY
BolesErma Ruth02 Mar 1903Grand River13 Apr 1992Lake City IAd/o John Marion & Martha Lucinda (Burchett) Spray; md Royal William 30 Oct 1924 Hettinger ND
BolesEverett Lowell09 Sep 191219 Jul 1995Grand Rivers/o Walter D & Susie Jane (Dean)
BolesFrances Olive31 Mar 1912Grand River87y23 Dec 1999Mt Ayr IAd/o Daniel Warren & Madora Leah (Landis) Day; md Everett Lowell 16 Sep 1933 Osceola IA
BolesGoldie5-316 Jun 1895Pleasanton NE10 Dec 1981Osceola IAd/o George S & Rosa E Adams; md Arba Ray 04 Sep 1917
BolesJames T9-318561935s/o William & Sarah D (Gilmore)
BolesJennie Ann17-1911 Apr 1875Richland Twp25 Jun 1944Grand Riverd/o John Valentine & Minerva (Hopkins) Foland; md Charles Alvin 1894
BolesMansel Lavon24 Jan 1915Decatur Co82y08 Jul 1997Grand Rivers/o Charles Alvin & Jennie Ann (Foland)
BolesMary Ermal7-2125 Jul 1910Leon64y30 Oct 1974Grand Riverd/o John Litler & Carrie Armina (Young) Mendenhall; md Russel Doyle 31 Aug 1926
BolesMary Lucille17-1326 Nov 1897Westerville IA80y 6m 23d18 Jun 1978Leond/o Oscar E & Essie M (Bay) Shields; md Reese N 31 Mar 1920 Leon
BolesMinnie Ellen20-11Jun 1899Decatur Co1937d/o Walter D & Susie Jane (Dean) Boles
BolesNoel Clifton05 Nov 1908Decatur Co91y16 Dec 1999Leons/o Charles Alvin & Jennie Ann (Foland)
BolesOrel Dale22-522 Feb 1907Richland Twp05 May 1999Grand Rivers/o Walter D & Susie Jane (Dean)
BolesRalph Clair04 Jun 1925Decatur Co85y11 Oct 2010Kellerton IAs/o Reese Nile & Mary Lucille (Shields)
BolesReese Nile17-1316 Dec 1896Grand River22 Sep 1989Grand RiverWWI; s/o Charles Alvin & Jennie Ann (Foland)
BolesRoyal William12 Sep 1902Grand River08 Mar 1988Ft Dodge IAs/o Charles Alvin & Jennie Ann (Foland)
BolesRussel Doyle7-2018 Jan 1901Decatur Co23 Jan 1969Osceola IAs/o Charles Alvin & Jennie Ann (Foland)
BolesSusie Jane20-10187529 Dec 1959Van Wertd/o Silas & Jemima Armina (Mickael) Dean, both died before 1880; adopted by Doc & Candace Rebecca (Adams) Cole; md Walter D 01 Jan 1895
BolesTeresa Nell22 Sep 1933Hopeville IA55y28 Jun 1989Leond/o Phillip Bernard & Harriet Fay (Sumner) James; md Richard Doyle 11 Aug 1956 Leon
BolesVera Ellen16 Jan 1919Decatur Co96y06 Sep 2015Leond/o Milton Everett & Iva Pearle West, md Mansel Lavone 24 May 1939 Bethany MO
BolesVerl Mervin7-1826 Apr 1911Grand River82y28 Nov 1993Mt Ayr IAs/o Charles Alvin & Jennie Ann (Foland)
BolesWalter D20-101869Long Creek TwpOct 1953Van Werts/o William & Sarah D (Gilmore)
BolesWilda E13 Nov 1915Grand River89y06 Jul 2005Leond/o Orval & Mary Alice (Coon) burchett; md Noel Clifton 09 Jul 1932 Bethany MO
BolteRobert William26 Feb 1929Belle Plaine IA07 Jul 1994Grand RiverS/1 US Navy WWII; s/o Boyd Mason & Florence Bessie (Webb); f/o Vicki, Robbie, Michelle
BoneBoyd Hull10-1603 Mar 1904Grand River21 Sep 1961Grand Rivers/o Frank Smith & Dora Ellen (Johnson) Bone
BoneDora Ellen10-1720 Dec 1881Ames IA02 Jul 1974Paw Paw MId/o William Henry & Elizabeth Jane (Sinclair) Johnson; w/o Frank Smith Bone
BoneDorothy Hazel10-1612 Dec 1906Grand River95y05 May 2002Kalamazoo MId/o Frank Smith & Dora Ellen Bone
BoneFrank Smith10-1705 Apr 1879Westerville IA23 Jul 1957Grand Rivers/o James A & Alice Jane (Tharp)
BoneGarry Frank10-1520 Jan 1909Grand River22 Feb 1934Grand Rivers/o Frank Smith & Dora Ellen (Johnson) Bone
BoydAlice Virginia11-1823 Jul 1917Hatfield MO93y28 Mar 2001Mt Ayr IAd/o Raymond & Florence Barnhouse; md Robert Curtis 11 Jan 1936 Bethany MO
BoydFrank C8-121881Decatur Co1940Grand Rivers/o John & Elizabeth Annie (Bullock); twin b/o Laura (Boyd) Gae
BoydIda Ellen8-101873Decatur Co1948Grand Riverd/o John & Elizabeth Annie (Bullock) Boyd
BoydMarilyn Louise05 Jan 1934Westerville IA54y 11m 9d14 Dec 1899Des Moines IAd/o Raymond & Alice (Owens) McGraw; md Jan C 15 Nov 1958 Grand River
BoydMary Mayne8-1218811969w/o Frank C
BoydNora Julia8-10Feb 1877Decatur Co1958Grand Riverd/o John & Elizabeth Annie (Bullock) Boyd
BoydRobert Curtis11-181917Decatur Co1967Grand Rivergs/o John & Elizabeth Annie (Bullock) Boyd; s/o Curtis Allen & Susan (Fear)
BoylanBetty J26 Mar 1924w/o Richard K
BoylanRichard K01 Aug 191827 Oct 2004
BradshawLulu C12-3Jul 18711917w/o William G
BradshawWilliam Gannon12-315 Feb 1866Westerville IA22 Mar 1953s/o JJ Jr & Mary Jane (Quiett); md 1st Sarah J Cole (1868-1892) 17 Oct 1886 Grand River; md 2nd Lulu C 1896
BrammerAlbert21-1303 Nov 18911954s/o James Harvey & Druzilla (McConnell)
BrammerBlanche E21-1330 Nov 1894Hamilton Co IN23 Dec 1953Murray IAd/o John William & Lora Ellen (McKinney) Foland; w/o Albert, md 24 Dec 1910
BrammerCarl Franklin27 Dec 193Grand River04 Feb 2005Osceola IAs/o Albert & Blanche E (Foland); f/o Carlene - Catherine
BrammerCharles25 May 191102 Aug 1943Gela, Sicily"Mendle"; KIA WWII, PVT US Army 1st Inf Div HQ; s/o Perry & Mabel Janette (Brown)
BrammerFlorence Irene17-317 Dec 19011969d/o David Alfred & Hattie Jane (Sipherd) Jennings; md Glenn Wood Brammer 04 Mar 1925; m/o Donald, Duane, Merlyn
BrammerFrank Daniel21-1603 Nov 1884Decatur Co30 Apr 1969Mt Ayr IAs/o James Harvey & Druzilla (McConnell)
BrammerGlenn Wood14-2209 Jul 1902Grand River08 Aug 1960s/o John Wesley & Dora Ann (Hukill)
BrammerHenry L10-211872Grand River1940Grand River s/o Francis Marion & Nancy Ann (Briner)
BrammerJames Ellsworth10-312 Sep 1880Grand River05 Oct 1935Carson Co SDs/o Robert Frederick & Elizabeth Ann (McConnell)
BrammerLarry Gene21-1511 Jun 1939Murray11 Jun 1939Murray IAInf s/o Albert & Blanche E (Foland)
BrammerLena Lurene17 Jun 1917Grand River98y25 Feb 2014Osceola IAd/o Fred & Helen (Baker) Van Laar; md Carl Franklin 30 Sep 1933 Osceola IA
BrammerMabel Janette21-1813 May 1881Hopeville IA06 Apr 1966Grand Riverd/o Robert G & Janette (Shepard) Brown; mother died in childbirth when Mabel was born; md Perry 04 Oct 1900 Decatur City
BrammerMary Laverda10-329 Nov 1882Lineville IA17 Jan 1924Grand Riverd/o Joseph H & Rosemary A (Peabody) Crees; md James Ellsworth 20 Oct 1897 Grand River
BrammerNellie Loretta21-1611 Sep 188519 Apr 1969md Frank Daniel 16 Oct 1904 Grand River
BrammerPaul Edward21-1412 Aug 1929Murray10 Oct 1929Murray IAs/o AW & B
BrammerPerry21-1806 Jul 1877Grand River01 Mar 1969Grand Rivers/o James Harvey & Druzilla (McConnell)
BrammerPerry Mansel20-324 Apr 1908Decatur CoJul 1982State Center IAs/o Perry & Mabel Janette (Brown)
BrammerStella Ann10-2113 Oct 1882Grand River25 Jan 1971Grand Riverd/o John Temple & Sarah Jane (Evans) Wycoff; md Henry L 19 Jan 1899
BrammerSylvia20-322 Mar 1913Decatur Co22 Aug 2000Barnesville MNd/o James Wesley & Emma Alsina (Lawrence) Glazebrook; md Perry Mansel 16 Jun 1930 Des Moines IA
BrammerVern A14-2007 May 192301 Feb 1977Adopted by John Wesley & Dora (Hukill) Brammer; TEC 5, US Army WWII; md Charla Waener 25 Jul 1942
BrenamanElizabeth15-14184572y09 Dec 1917d/o Cyrus David & Nancy (Underwood) Quiett; md Peter 17 Sep 1863
BrenamanNellie15-1418 Jun 1875Grand River10 Sep 1896Grand Riverd/o Peter & Elizabeth (Quiett) Brenaman
BrenamanPeter15-1431 Jul 1841Huntington Co PA26 Oct 1924Grand RiverCo 34th IA Vol Inf Civil War; s/o Henry & Esther (Cryder)
BrennamanCarrie Beatrice17-410 May 1886Iowa23 Oct 1946Leond/o Andrew Jackson & Rebecca Ann (Ramsey) Edwards; md Irwin Blair 1907
BrennamanIrwin Blair17-403 May 1885Westerville IAOct 1975Grand Rivers/o Blair & Mary Emma (Jennings); md 1st Carrie Beatrice Edwards 1907; md 2nd Margaret Bright
BrennamanRoland13-1518 Mar 1856Decatur Co24 Oct 1922Grand Rivers/o Henry & Esther (Krider)
BrennamanSarah Jane13-15Sep 1866Richland Twp1948d/o Jesse & Louisa (Miller) Briner; md Roland 03 May 1896 Leon
BrewerCalvin Wallace28 Oct 1923Norwalk IA06 Oct 1998Lakeview ARs/o Howard M & Lydia LaVon (Sheriff)
BrewerIris M29 Nov 1924Kellerton IA16 Jul 2003Des Moines IAd/o John William & Margaret Anna (Lang) Beardsley; w/o Calvin W
BrinerEllis17-113 Nov 1919Decatur City13 Nov 1919Decatur Citys/o ES & GC
BrinerEllis Sylvester17-212 Jul 1882Grand River07 May 1927Decatur Citys/o William Morgan & Sarah Elizabeth (McConnell); md Goldie Cleo McKee 01 Mar 1914 Van Wert
BrinerJackie Lee23 Apr 1940Grand River75y28 Dec 2015Leons/o Lloyd Raymond & Wilma Bernice (Houser)
BrinerLloyd Raymond08 Feb 1915Grand River23 Jul 1991Grand Rivers/o Samuel Edward & Edna diantha (Bartholow)
BrinerWilma Bernice02 May 1914Humeston86y12 Apr 2001Mt Ayr IAd/o Clarence Albert & Rosa (Davidson) Houser; md Lloyd Raymond 11 May 1932
BrothersClarence Glen18-818 Jul 1891Decatur Co08 Jan 1972Grand RiverPVT US Army WWI; s/o James Cross & Leota Maude (Burham); h/o Vera G Cox (1893-1977 interr. Des Moines IA), divorced
BrothersElizabeth B10-14Oct 1833Massachusetts1924d/o Peter & Rhoda Rice; md HP 01 May 1855 Pepperil MA
BrothersH P10-1426 Jul 1834Verrenne Quebec Canada84y 5m 25d02 Jan 1919Grand Rivers/o Hyppolyte & Paulisa
BrothersJames Cross18-7Jan 1866Massachusetts1939s/o HP & Elizabeth B (Rice)
BrothersLeota Maude18-7Sep 1870Iowa1950d/o John & Laura Jane (Hale) Burham; w/o James Cross
BrownAllie May23-1619141952
BrownArnold Jesse08 Feb 1913Grand River11 Nov 1991Des Moines IAs/o John Landis & Rosa Ann (Fogelman)
BrownCaroline Ann15-1129 Sep 1867Illinois02 Jan 1952Los Angeles CAd/o James & Hester Ann (Schroeder) Shepherd; md Joseph III 26 Dec 1890 Chautauqua KS
BrownCleo May03 May 1914Bethany MO88y18 Oct 2002Osceola IAd/o Benjamin Harrison & Hattie May (Harvey) Goucher; md Arnold Jesse 03 May 1935
BrownClifford Warren18-1529 Aug 1908Richland Twp19 Apr 1969US Army, Prisoner of War, WWII; s/o Ransom Grant & Mary Jane (Woodard)
BrownEllree Monroe12-1329 Sep 190008 Aug 1981s/o John Landis & Rosa Ann (Fogelman)
BrownEmma Lorene18-1511 May 1914Decatur Co15 Jan 1965Decatur Cod/o Thomas Milton & Fannie Caroline (Brown) Glazebrook; w/o Clifford Warren
BrownH E10-526 Jul 1918Custer Co NE21 May 1938Walcott IAdied by being hit by a train; s/o Clarence Victor & Elma (McDowell)
BrownInfant23-1406 Oct 195513 Oct 1955Inf s/o Dale & Joan
BrownJoseph III15-1106 Dec 1862Richland Twp15 Jun 1928Decatur Cos/o Joseph Jr & Hulda Goldsmith (Young)
BrownLarry Dean08 Jul 1948Decatur Co05 Jan 1989Decatur Cos/o Arnold Jesse & Cleo May (Goucher)
BrownLeonard John13 Jun 190615 Jun 1989Grand Rivers/o John Landis & Rosa Ann (Fogelman)
BrownMary L19 Jun 1906Richland Twp30 Nov 1981d/o Lieu T & Stella (Fullerton) Greenland; md Ellree Monroe 1924
BrownMaxine Elizabeth06 Oct 1924Grand River81y14 Jun 2006Creston IAd/o Ephriam Pratt & Bessie Ann (Brammer) Munyon; md 1st Paul Hileman 1941, div; md 2nd Leonard John Brown 1953; md 3rd Fern Barker
BrownPatrick E23-1509 Mar 1958Grand River17 Oct 1964Mt Ayr IAs/o Dale & Joan
BrownShirley Virgene11 Jun 1932Grand River80y 11m 1d12 May 2013Mt Ayr IAd/o Clifford Warren & Emma Lorene (Glazebrook) Brown
BrowningArlie Mae14 Apr 1914Custer Co NE20 Mar 1952Leond/o John Arthur & Clara Alice (Judson) Luce; md Leonard John 14 Dec 1932 Bethany MO
BrowningLeonard John13 Jul 1905Grand River15 Jun 1989Mt Ayr IA
BryantAlbert Lewis22-311 Jun 1886Delaware Co IA14 May 1938Beaconsfield IAs/o John Edward & Elizabeth (Binning)
BryantArletta Mae25 Dec 1918Grand River13 Feb 2009Lafayetta COd/o Claude & Opal Odetta (Grimm) Munyon; md Harold Henry 01 Feb 1935 Leon
BryantBlanche14-321 Dec 1876Grand River05 Apr 1966Grand Riverd/o Peter Leander & Elizabeth (Gibson) McDowell; md Frank 29 Sep 1897 Leon
BryantBurl13-305 Dec 1881Gr03 Dec 1958s/o John Edward & Elizabeth (Binning)
BryantCharles Edward15-518 Apr 1871Delaware Co IA06 Sep 1941Grand Rivers/o John Edward & Elizabeth (Binning)
BryantElizabeth13-4Nov 1844Somerset England10 May 1931Grand Riverd/o John Jeffrey & Joan (Wall) Binning, md John Edward 31 Mar 1864 Somerset England
BryantFrank14-303 Jul 1874Delaware Co IA17 Jun 1954Grand Rivers/o John & Betsy
BryantFredrick John13-204 Mar 1872Delaware Co IA27 Dec 1940Beaconsfield IAs/o John Edward & Elizabeth (Binning)
BryantGeorge Leslie Sr12-423 Mar 1883Grand River05 Mar 1963Grand Rivers/o John Edward & Elizabeth (Binning)
BryantGladys18-1301 Mar 1904Ringgold Co IA23 Oct 1992Mt Ayr IAmd William Burl 06 Mar 1922
BryantHarold Henry09 Nov 1914Hughes Co SD85y06 Mar 2000Falon NVs/o George Lesley Sr & Zettie (McDowell)
BryantHelen Marie9-113 Jun 1909Van Wert27 May 1929Shannon City IAd/o Everett & Ella (Briner) Deao; md Glenn Leslie Jr (1908-1971 interr. Graceland Cem, Creston IA) 18 Mar 1928 Creston IA
BryantHenry J11-1305 Apr 1868Delaware Co IA14 Apr 1945Grand Rivers/o John Edward & Elizabeth (Binning)
*BryantHomer Dewey26 Jul 1898Decatur Co18 Feb 1942St James MNs/o Frank & Blanche (McDowell); md Esther E Hoffman (1895-1991 inter. St James MN) 03 Jul 1918 [source: Wilma Foland]
BryantJohn Edward13-431 Dec 1843Somerset England14 Dec 1916Grand RiverCivil War; s/o Charles & Hannah (Binning)
BryantJohn Howard6-504 Sep 1910Beaconsfield IANov 2000Mt Ayr IAs/o Albert Lewis & Mary (Browing)
BryantLizzie13-225 Dec 1870Grand River28 Aug 1937Beaconsfield IAmd Fredrick John 09 Jun 1896 Leon
BryantLora Christina15-515 Oct 1873Grand River13 Nov 1946Grand Riverd/o Robert E & Malissa Ann (McDowell) Redd; md Charles Edward 29 Jun 1892 Leon
BryantMartha Jane11-1328 Feb 1866Grand River20 Aug 1939Grand Riverd/o John & Elizabeth Annie (Bullock) Boyd; md Henry J 21 Oct 1891 Leon
BryantMary22-304 Jul 188727 May 1935Beaconsfield IAd/o James F & Elizabeth (Williams) Browning; md Albert Lewis 16 Aug 1905 Decatur Co
BryantNellie Naomi6-505 Sep 1914Beaconsfield IA16 Mar 2011Mt Ayr IAd/o Kenneth Burl & Ora Ethel (Onstot) Scott; md J Howard 03 May 1933; Children: Billy H, Bobby W, Beth E
BryantRaymond Clayton14-219091975 TEC4 US Army WWII; s/o Frank & Blanche (McDowell)
BryantRoy Bethus23-1705 Apr 1898Decatur Co31 Jul 1992 s/o Henry J & Martha Jane (Boyd)
BryantWilliam Burl18-1326 Nov 1896Ringgold Co IA23 Dec 1976 s/o John Edward & Elizabeth (Binning)
BryantWinona Alverta23-1703 Jun 190021 Oct 1948 d/o M/M WE Boles; md Roy Bethus 14 May 1919
BryantZettie12-405 Jun 1886Grand River81y09 Dec 1967Mt Ayr IAd/o Peter & Elizabeth (Gibson) McDowell; md George L 07 Apr 1903 Leon
BuellAmy Emma13-16Feb 1879Decatur Co1963Ringgold Co IAmd Homer George 22 Feb 1909
BuellBessie Lorraine13-1702 Jun 1912Oct 1980Grand Riverd/o William Rolla & Anna Malissa (Jones) Glazebrook; md Virgil James 30 Jun 1929
BuellHomer George13-1603 Jan 1887Ringgold Co IA1959Grand Rivers/o Ephraim & Alice L (Gillett)
BuellVirgil James13-1716 Feb 1910Feb 1975Grand Rivers/o Homer George & Amy Emma (Daughton)
BurchettCarmaleta Leota03 Jul 192422 Feb 1998 d/o William Burl & Gladys (Green) Bryant; md Edwin Eugene 30 Mar 1946; daus: Janet, Jacqueline
BurchettCharles Anderson4-1527 Sep 1886Decatur Co05 May 1959Decatur Citys/o William Cole & Sarah Elizabeth (Dietrich)
BurchettEdwin Eugene27 Aug 1922Grand River15 Jan 1989Creston IAWWII; s/o Roy Achelis & Merle Eulala (Crees)
BurchettElizabeth Ann4-1516 Sep 1885Ripple Co IN85y 7m 11d27 Apr 1971Leond/o George C & Margaret (Kirchhoff) Follmer; md Charles Anderson 22 Mar 1916
BurchettEmery C19192004s/o Charles Anderson & Elizabeth Ann (Follmer)
BurchettGayle Elaine31 Mar 1925Adams Co IA82y06 Feb 2008Mt Ayr IAd/o Francis & Lucille Carns; md Wayne O 18 Jul 1942; daus: Anne & Cathy
BurchettGeorge Franklin4-1218 Mar 1884Clarke Co IA78y 11m 8d26 Feb 1963Leons/o Franklin & Margaret Jane (Grimm)
BurchettHarold Woodrow1-215 Aug 1912Clarke Co IA09 Mar 1971Grand RiverPTR2 US Navy CA WWII; s/o George Franklin & Libbie Mae (Monroe); md Dorothy Arlene Hensley (1913-1983 inter. CA) 27 Aug 1939
BurchettKathleen Amelia07 Apr 1928Grand River85y16 May 2013Osceola IAd/o Harry & Alice Ellen (Owens)McGraw; md Robert Adrian 01 Nov 1947 Leon
BurchettLibbie Mae4-1202 Nov 1885Grand River84y04 May 1970d/o James Thomas & Matilda Frances (Perdue) Monroe; md George F 17 Jul 1905
BurchettMarshall19-622 Nov 1854Greene IN05 Oct 1926Des Moines IAs/o Achelis Fanning & Leah Jane (Anderson)
BurchettMary Alice19-1225 Sep 188915 Sep 1971Grand Riverd/o Aaron F & Margaret Evelyn (McNeal) Coon; md Orval 21 Dec 1911
BurchettMerle Eulala15 May 1895Grand River13 Dec 1989Leond/o Willis Wilbur & Anna Cora (Kier) Crees; md Roy Achelis 11 Mar 1921
BurchettOrval19-1213 Dec 1890Decatur Co04 Feb 1954Grand Rivers/o Marshall & Sarah Elizabeth (Grimm)
BurchettRobert Adrian19 Aug 1924Clarke Co IA91y19 Oct 2015Osceola IAUS Army Air Corps WWII 07 Jul 1943-24 Nov 1945; s/o roy Achiles & Eulala (Crees)
BurchettRoy Achelis02 Aug 1893Clarke Co IA01 Oct 1983LeonPVT US Army WWI; s/o Franklin & Margaret Jane (Grimm)
BurchettSarah Elizabeth19-605 Sep 1861Long Creek Twp08 May 1932Grand Riverd/o John Calvin & Hannah Jane (Rush) Grimm; md Marshall 05 Oct 1879 Grand River
BurchettWayne Oscar25 Dec 1920Grand River80y23 Mar 2001Mt Ayr IAs/o Orval & Mary Alice (Coon)
BurhamElla P24-105 Oct 1874English River IA1964Grand Riverd/o Martin Van Buren & Lucetia (Imes) Nelson; md Jesse Wilson 16 Oct 1901 Decatur Co
BurhamJesse Wilson24-130 Oct 1873Hopeville IA1962Grand Rivers/o John V & Jane Laura (Davis)
CainCecil L6-119121987w/o Paul F Cain, md 01 Jun 1933
CainPaul F6-119011973
CampbellEtola11-1719031979w/o Floyd Vincent
CampbellFloyd Vincent11-1710 Mar 19001958s/o William H & Minnie (Fear)
CampbellMinnie12-1120 Nov 1863Dubuque Co IA18 Jul 1918d/o Robert & Mary (Day) Fear; me William H 18 Mar 1888
CampbellNeal Dow12-1028 Feb 189522 Sep 1918Great Lakes Training Station ILAppr Seaman USNRF WWI, Co L4 Reg; s/o William H & Minnie (Fear)
CampbellWilliam H12-1125 Mar 1861Decatur Co11 Nov 1961s/o Marion & Phebe (Hannah)
CarlsonEmil14-2313 Sep 1897Sweden1988s/o Carl & Elna Nilson
CarlsonOlga Hilda14-2328 Jan 1896Rowley IA02 Jun 1978d/o Adam & Olga Wagner; md Emil Carlson 03 Jul 1926 Chicago IL
ChewSamuel F61y18 Oct 1903md Sarah Gray (1846-1939 inter. Memphis Cem, Memphis MO) 01 Oct 1863 Decatur City
CombsWinnie17-1218871972md Quincy 22 Jan 1913
CooperAddie Ethel8-124 Feb 1888Decatur Co43y15 Feb 1931Decatur Cod/o John Valentine & Minerva (Hopkins) Foland; md Clyde Franklin 17 Jun 1903
CooperClyde Franklin8-111 Aug 1882Hopeville IA90y 3m 17d28 Nov 1972Leons/o Phillip Haines & Cora (Leas); md 1st Addie Ethel Foland; md 2nd Nellie Robbins DeLong 27 Mar 1940
CornelisonAndrew Jackson19-907 Aug 1846Parke Co IN08 Jul 1937Grand Rivers/o John Riley & Easter Ann (Davis); md 1st Susan Lorinda Rhone/Roan (1850-1883 inter Bullock Cem Macksburg IA) 30 Jul 1866; md 2nd Jennie Carter 1887; md 3rd Emma B Kendig (1861-1886 inter Bullock Cem Macksburg IA) 21 Jan 1895; md 4th Ella Mabe Dymond 06 May 1899
CornelisonElla Mabel19-906 Mar 187620 Jun 1937
CornelisonElmer Allen23 Jun 1903Walnut IA27 Aug 1986s/o Andrew Jackson & Ella Mabel (Dymond)
CornelisonEverett Truman18 Apr 190926 Oct 1990s/o Andrew Jackson & Ella Mabel (Dymond)
CornelisonLeila Louella08 Jul 1908Grand River102y05 Oct 2010Humansville MOd/o Allen Sylvanus & Louella M (Wion) Andrew; md Elmer Allen 07 Aug 1927
CornelisonRichard16 Aug 1928s/o Elmer Allen & Leila Louella (Andrew); ms Dorothy (b. 21 Sep 1930) 10 Aug 1958; f/o Allen, Ann, David
CornwellCarla R08 Dec 194802 May 2004
CreesDaisy12-61890Nebraska1930md Fred 01 Mar 1911 Leon
CreesDella M10-23Aug 18771952Grand Riverd/o Charles Washington & Elizabeth Isabella (Doherty) Fuqua; md Phillip Sylvanus 1909 KS
CreesFred27 Ocvt 188701 Jun 1954s/o John Frederick Sr & Margaret Emarine (Koger)
CreesGladys Opal15-719051994d/o Harry & Lilly M (Bryant) McDowell; md Homer Alonson 23 Sep 1929 Osceola IA
CreesHomer Alonson15-1718 Apr 1904Nov 1977Grand Rivers/o Joseph Jordan & Nellie Maude (Woodard)
CreesPhillip Sylvenus10-2318 Oct 18781951Grand River
DaughtonAmy Alice24-521 Jul 1890Ringgold Co IA1992d/o John Abner & Cyrena (Lewis) Jackson; md Emmett Michael 06 Apr 1908
DaughtonCarrie A24-318771961w/o William 1903
DaughtonDoris Edna24 May 1913Bartlett NE100y 2m 24d06 Apr 2014d/o Raymond Leroy & Odessa L (German) German; md Max Leo 14 Jan 1938 Grand River
DaughtonDwain Lelan25 Aug 1910Richland Twp92y04 Apr 2004Maryville MOLT US Navy 1944-1946 WWII; s/o Emmett & Alice (Jackson)
DaughtonEmmett Michael24-510 Apr 1885Jul 1872Grand Rivers/o James Patrick & Hannah (Griffin)
DaughtonJohn Leo10 Oct 1928Decatur Co62y 5m 7d17 Mar 1991s/o Ralph James & Martha Helen (Hukill)
DaughtonKathryn Irene27 Apr 1908South DakotaSep 1984Grand Riverd/o Gilbert David & Gertrude Edith (Austin) Brown; md Dwain Leland Dec 1935
DaughtonLucia Merle10 Mar 1929md John Leo 14 Nov 1947 Oswego KS
DaughtonMartha Helen24-208 Oct 1892Decatur Co21 Jul 1967d/o Ohio & Satira Ann (Burns) Hukill; md Ralph James 27 Jan 1916
DaughtonMary Colleen23-305 Nov 193905 Nov 1939d/o ML & DE
DaughtonMax Leo30 Dec 1917Decatur Co66y24 Oct 1984Des Moines IAs/o James & Martha Helen (Hukill)
DaughtonRalph James24-227 Aug 1891Decatur Co25 Jun 1979Grand Rivers/o James Patrick & Hannah (Griffin)
DaughtonWilliam23-431 Dec 1877Decatur Co1946s/o James Patrick & Hannah (Griffin)
DavisMarie Rosa25 Feb 186331 Jan 1882Grand Riverw/o George Riley (1856-1939 inter WI)
DayDaniel Warren23-114 Oct 1881Decatur Co15 Oct 1969Grand Rivers/o Daniel Rufus & Olivia Ann (Puckett)
DayEthyl O23-21873Washington IA1946Grand Riverd/o Martin Van Buren & Lucetia (Imes) Nelson; w/o William Bird Day
DayMedora Leah23-101 Sep 1884Grand River03 Feb 1959Grand Rivermd Daniel Warren 01 Mar 1908 Westerville IA
DayWilliam Bird23-207 Oct 1869Missouri29 Sep 1961Grand Rivers/o Daniel Rufus & Olivia Ann (Puckett)
DeaoElla15-829 Sep 1888Grand River20 Nov 1971Des Moines IAd/o William Morgan & Sarah Elizabeth (McConnell) Briner; h/o Everett Earl
DeaoEverett Earl15-829 Jun 1888Linn Co IA08 Nov 1985Osceola IAs/o Orlando & Mary M (Wolf)
DeemerJohn Richard5-1530 Dec 194625 Nov 1980s/o Harold John & Esta T (Walter); h/o Nancy L Wicker (b. 1948)
DobsonJacob14 May 1823Cranberry PA89y 10m 29d12 Apr 1913Grand Rivers/o William & Barbara
DobsonPhoebe Catherine26 Aug 1828PA16 Mar 1887Grand Riverd/o Francis & Lucille McClintock; md Jacob 1849 Cranberry PA
DoddJerry Gene2-202 Nov 1941Truro IA03 Feb 1967s/o M/M Wilbert Eugene
DooleyBobby Wayne15-1808 Nov 1974Infant s/o Lois & Bobby
DraperNathan Austin Sr6-1213 Aug 18461924Grand RiverPVT IN Vol Inf Civil War; s/o Jonathan & Mary (Thomas); dod per WPA
DraperSarah Ann6-12Aug 1847Jackson Co IN1921d/o Thomas & Elizabeth Jane (Jones) Millstead; md Nathan Austin Sr 10 Sep 1864 Jackson Co IN
DuffFrank Albert4-126 Jan 196209 Aug 1971s/o Melvin & LeAnn June (Kirkpatrick)
DuffSheryl Arlene11-303 Aug 196304 Aug 1963d/o Melvin & LeAnn June (Kirkpatrick)
EavesMary16-1224 Jan 184807 Jul 1929d/o Henry & Esther (Cryder) Brenaman; md Nelson Ball 1870
EavesNelson Ball16-1328 Jun 1844IndianaDec 1926Decatur CoCo I 34th IA Vol Inf Civil War, GAR; s/o John H & Mary Jane
EdwardsAlbert Lawrence23-521 Mar 1888Decatur Co23 Sep 1968Grand Rivers/o Thomas Parky & Margaret Amelia (Hukill); md Mabel Ellen Wills 02 Feb 1909
EdwardsCharles A3-2May 1892MissouriFeb 1920s/o John & Ida Lois (Hukill); h/o Ruby McKee b. 28 Aug 1899
EdwardsFredrick I2-315 Jan 192030 Nov 1971Grand RiverTSGT Co G 197th Inf Iowa WWII; s/o Charles A & Ruby (McKee)
EdwardsIda Lois3-111 Dec 1869Iowa01 Feb 1955Centerville IAd/o Ohio Elza & Satire N (Burns) Hukill; md John Henry 02 Mar 1888 Decatur City (s/o Abel & Elizabeth Jane (Dowden), 1867-1925, d. Omaha NE
EdwardsKathryn L2-3192188y10 Apr 2010Leonmd Fredrick I 28 Aug 1947
EdwardsKathryn Rebecca8-725 Jul 1869Clarke Co IA09 Aug 1952Iowad/o John Valentine & Minerva (Hopkins) Foland; md Freeland E (1857-1912 inter Young Cem) 25 Mar 1888
EdwardsThomas Parky23-6098 Aug 1863Clarke Co IA08 Sep 1936Decatur Cos/o Abel & Elizabeth Jane (Dowden); md Margaret Amelia Hukill 1887 (1867-1948 inter Shiloh Cem Sonoma CA)
EvansCarol04 Jul 194427 Dec 1981d/o William Dean Fear & Marjorie Marie (Boord) Reasoner; w/o Rodney Bohn Evans (1941-2013 inter White Church Cem Gaither AR)
EvansFrances Elna1906Bowden ND2005d/o Edwin Arthur & Annah Elizabeth (Jimmerson) Bohn; md Garel Wayne 04 Oct 1930
EvansGarel Wayne06 Jan 1909Grand River24 Feb 1991
EvansRalph Wayne01 Jul 1937Grand River80y16 Mar 2018LamoniUS Air Force 1960-1964; s/o Garel Wayne & Frances Elna (Bohn); md Billie Darlene Griffin 06 Jun 1964 McAdoo TX
EwingFlorence Edith13-126 Aug 1899Ringgold Co IA18 Jun 1932Des Moines IAd/o William H & Evaline (Briner) Allen; md James S (1899-1969 inter Houston TX) 31 Dec 1918
*EwingWanda Louise01 Feb 193201 Feb 1932d/o James S & Florence Edith (Allen)
FayJoseph L19081991
FayMary C04 Apr 190722 Oct 1990nee Hausmann
FearGrace Rachel11-930 Jun 1887Grand River31 Mar 1967Leond/o William C & Eveline (Wright) Overholtzer; w/o Robert Lesley
FearRobert Lesley11-907 Feb 1881Grand River05 Nov 1970s/o Robert & Mary Jane (Day)
FearTerry Lane19-1119391939s/o Robert Doyle & Wanda Allen (Burdhett)
FearWilliam Dean8-1316 Mar 1917Grand River21 Jun 1957Grand Rivers/o Robert Lesley & Grace Rachel (Overholtzer); md 14 Jul 1939
FolandAlbert Lyman05 Apr 1906Richland Twp91y18 Nov 1997Osceola IAs/o George & Celeste (Little)
FolandArba Dale15-1015 Jan 1916Richland Twp2y 3m 20d05 May 1918Rochester MNs/o Harry Irvin & Mary Ann (Miller)
FolandBarbara Jean6-624 Jun 1952
FolandCeleste Jane7-526 Sep 1870/71Mercer Co MO27 Feb 1923Osceola IAd/o Stephen Nolan & Samantha Ann (McKee) Little; md George 10 Jan 1893
FolandCharles Wilbert9-514 May 1882Grand River23 Sep 1968Creston IAs/o Isaac Randolph & Martha Elizabeth (Boles)
FolandDena Ruth11-1223 Aug 1888Decatur Co29 Sep 1973Decatur Cod/o James Franklin & Minnie Inez (Denham) Jones; md Leonard Luther 01 Jan 1908
FolandElden Neal5-804 Jun 1902Grand River27 Aug 1967Des Moines IAs/o Benjamin Franklin & Tersa Ann (Young)
FolandEliza Jane4-903 Mar 1867Richland Twp85y24 Nov 1952Weldond/o Leminel & Dulcent Parker; md 1st Johnny Woods; md 2nd Sanford Marion 29 Nov 1905
FolandFern Ethel11-1123 Jan 1899Decatur Co11 Sep 1982Los Angeles CAd/o Harry Delmar & Cedothia Ann (Crees) Weldon; md Orval Ferrin 29 Mar 1919 Grand River
FolandGeorge7-521 Apr 1866Richland Twp79y18 Apr 1946Osceola IAs/o Michael Jr & Elizabeth (Sowerwine)
FolandHarry Irvin15-927 Oct 1884Richland Twp77y 14d11 Nov 1961Leons/o Samuel & Sarah Belle (Emley)
FolandHerbert Angelo6-711 Sep 1908Grand River71y25 Feb 1980Osceola IAs/o Frank & Tersa (Young)
FolandHomer Lowell11-1620 May 1898Richland Twp04 Feb 1963Grand Rivers/o Samuel & Sarah Belle (Emley)
FolandIsaac Randolph9-403 Apr 1860Decatur Co13 Sep 1945Grand Rivers/o Michael Jr & Elizabeth (Sowerwine)
FolandJennie S9-505 Oct 189225 Jul 1947d/o John & Eliza Jane (Parker) Woods; md Charles Wilbert 30 Mar 1909
FolandJohn Valentine8-603 Nov 1847Delaware Co IA30 Oct 1929Grand Rivers/o Michael Jr & Elizabeth (Sowerwine)
FolandLeonard Luther11-1201 Dec 1887Grand River09 Sep 1974Osceola IAs/o Isaac Randolph & Martha Elizabeth (Boles)
FolandMabel Iola6-721 Dec 1911Grand River77y 23d13 Jan 1989Des Moines IAd/o Harry & Lilly M (Bryant) McDowell; md Herbert Angelo 04 Jan 1930 Osceola IA
FolandMartha Elizabeth9-411 Jan 1863Van Wert15 Jul 1943Richland Twpd/o William & Sarah (Gilmore) Boles; md Isaac Randolph 07 Aug 1881
FolandMary Ann15-918 Jul 1893Decatur Co96y 2m 28d15 Oct 1989Leond/o SD & Viola (Ladd) Miller; md Harry Irvin 15 Oct 1913 Grand River
FolandMary Maxine29 Mar 1917Richland Twp84y30 May 2001Des Moines IAd/o Leonard Luther & Dena Ruth (Jones) Foland
FolandMinerva8-629 Mar 1846Tennessee75y20 Mar 1921Grand Riverd/o James Martin & Rebecca (Baker) Hopkins; md John Valentine Dec 1868
FolandNolan Paul7-405 Feb 1904Grand River82y07 Jan 1987Osceola IAs/o George & Celeste (Little)
FolandOrval Ferrin11-1104 Aug 1895Richland Twp22 Dec 1968Los Angeles CAUS Army 1918-1919 WWI; s/o Alva Albert & Ella (McConnell)
FolandPearle Veva11-1607 Nov 1898Delphos IA71y 1wk15 Nov 1969Iowa City IAd/o Fred & Luella (Young) Bramon; md Homer Lowell 01 Feb 1920
FolandRuby Estella5-802 Aug 1903Grand River66y 3m 12d14 Dec 1969Osceola IAd/o Richard & Hannah (Street) Baker; md Eldon Neal 27 Sep 1924 Torrington WY
FolandRuth Elizabeth7-1211 Aug 1909Grand River15 Dec 1921Grand Riverd/o George Wesley & Ollie May (Briner) Foland
FolandSanford Marion4-925 Jul 1863Richland Twp14 Oct 1944s/o Michael Jr & Elizabeth (Sowerwine); md 1st Martha A Grimm 12 Dec 1887 (1866-1902 inter Wheelis Cem); md 2nd Eliza Jane Parker 29 Nov 1905
FolandWilma Gertrude7-417 Sep 1908Grand River86y05 Jan 1995Osceola IAd/o John & Lefa (Brammer) Ramsey; md Nolan Paul 31 Jan 1931 Des Moines IA
FosterJohn Doriad7-1708 May 186703 Sep 1950Leons/o Joseph A & Lucinda (Shull)
FosterLeatha M7-16Feb 18981975Decatur Cod/o John Doriad & Mabel Florence (Shull) Foster
FosterMabel Florence7-1702 Jul 1866Clinton Co IA1947Decatur Cod/o Richard Riley & Sarah Catherine (Albright) Shull; md John Doriad 24 Jan 1887 Merrick NE
FullertonAlta Margaret15-1717 Nov 1916Harrison Co MO20 Aug 1968Decatur Cod/o Otis Mayfield & Minnie Beulah (Carter) Johnston; md Wayne 08 Sep 1936
FullertonCleota Pauline15-1611 May 19211983Grand Riverd/o Loren & Margaret Ann (Pettis) Paxton; md Hoyle 02 Sep 1940 Nodaway MO
FullertonDonald Wayne15-1921 Sep 1942Decatur Co01 Oct 1966ArizonaA/1C US Air Force Iowa; s/o Wayne & Alta Margaret (Johnson)
FullertonHoyle15-16Oct 1915Decatur Co26 Jul 1966Grand Rivers/o Leo L & Iva Blanche (Boles)
FullertonIva Blanche14 Oct 1895Grand River09 May 1924Des Moines IAd/o Wesley Edwin & Bertha (McKee) Boles; md Leo (1894-) 22 Nov 1913
FullertonKenny Joe14 Feb 1956Leon58y10 May 2014Oroville CAs/o Hoyle & Cleota Pauline (Paxton)
FullertonWayne15-1703 Sep 1917Colorado1983s/o Leo L & Iva Blanche (Boles)
GaleLaura8-10Jun 1881Decatur Co1926Grand Riverd/o John & Elizabeth Annie (Bullock) Boyd; twin sister of Frank Boyd; md Boyd L (1880-1950 inter Sheridan WY) 25 Aug 1909 Grand River
GardAsbury5-1302 Aug 1868Indiana1923s/o Stephen & Sarah
GardCora15-1308 Feb 18701937d/o Peter & Elizabeth (Quiett) Brenaman; md Asbury 24 Apr 1895 Grand River
GibsonEdith Esther24-627 Sep 1896Lamoni94y26 Jun 1991Leond/o Henry & Rachel Emma (Orfield) Campbell; md Nile Huston 02 Mar 1914 Leon; m/ Vera, Freda, Vivian
GibsonNile Huston24-615 Dec 1892Van Meter IA25 Oct 1959Grand Rivers/o William John & Emma Belle
GilbertClara Estella01 Sep 19061996Lamonid/o Ralph Bert & Maude Ellen (Turnipseed) Stafford; md Albert Walker Gilbert (1893-1955 inter Douds IA) 13 Mary 1927 Fairfield IA
GilreathNora Catherine12-718 Feb 1882Grand River74y 10m 26d14 Jan 1957Leond/o William H & Nervesta (Edwards) Young; md Lloyd William (1879-1978 inter Calvary-Emerson Cem Dixon Co NE) 03 Apr 1901
GlazebrookHelen Louise19 Feb 1916Decatur Co6y18 Feb 1923d/o Milton & Fannie
GlazebrookHoward Vern10-602 Sep 1897Decatur Co21 Jan 1971s/o James Wesley & Emma Alsina (Lawrence)
GlazebrookVera Opal10-626 Aug 1899Feb 1996d/o Francis Marion & Eliza Jane (Baker) Metts; md Howard Vern 10 Oct 1917
GreenClifton27 Aug 1903Missouri08 Sep 1975"Pinky"; s/o John Riley & Mariah Anna (Brammer)
GreenEthel R15-11Jan 18961951d/o Asbury & Cora (Brennaman) Gard
GreenJosephine E11-1024 Jun 1907Decatur Co06 Apr 1971d/o Harry Delmar & Cedothia Ann (Crees) Weldon; md Clifton 18 Jun 1924 Osceola IA
GreeneEarl Franklin14-425 Aug 1915Grand River81y01 Aug 1997Des Moines IAS/1 US Navy WWII, USS Audrain APA #59; s/o William Henry & Carrie Mae (Brown)
GreeneMary Alma14-427 Sep 1913d/o Perry & Mabel Janette (Brown) Brammer; md Earl Franklin 06 May 1933
GreenlandStella12-1218781956d/o Thomas Aaron & Armilda Jane (Shipp) Fullerton; md 1st Alva E McKee (-1902 interr Ellston Cem Ellston IA); md 2nd Lieu T (1870-1945 inter Westerville Cem Westerville IA)
GrimmEarnest Floyd11-530 Mar 1895Long Creek Twp20 Dec 1981s/o George Washington & Anna (Burchett); md 1st Sylvia Estella Brand (1898-1920 inter Wheelis Cem) 10 Feb 1915; md 2nd Emma Ethel (Coon) Burchett 24 Nov 1920
GrimmEmma Ethel11-523 Jun 188720 Aug 1979Grand Riverd/o Aaron F & Margaret Evelyn (McNeal) Coon; md 1st James Cleveland Burchett (1885-1918 inter Gregg Cem Clarke Co IA); md 2nd Earnest Floyd 24 Nov 1920
GrimmLouie Everett19 Sep 1903Grand River28 Aug 1984Ellston IAs/o James Franklin & Addie Mae (Gibbbens)
GrimmNeva Irene30 Nov 1904Decatur Co21 Jul 2002Afton IAd/o Samuel Edward & Edna Diantha (Bartholow) Briner; md Louie Everett 28 Nov 1923
Grunfelder7-81878SwitzerlandAug 1947Richland Twp
HagenEnid18-1417 Aug 1914Grand River80y31 Aug 1994Mt Ayr IAd/o Charles & Lora (Redd) Bryant; md 1st Charley Sutherland (1911-1936 inter Grand River Cem); md 2nd Paige 10 Jan 1939
HagenPaige18-1401 Nov 191728 Mar 1994s/o William Harold & Anna M (Carroll)
HallEmily Elizabeth20-820 May 1856Lone Jack MO10 Mar 1940St Joseph MOd/o Granville R & Mariah Theresia (Henning) Yates; md Amos Welch Hall (1849-1933 inter Mountain View Cem Beaver OK) 07 Nov 1875 Vernon Co MO
HardyBob G10 Jul 194414 Dec 2004"Whitey"; s/o Wayne Roderick & Mildred Evelyn (Sage); md Carolyn J Hardy 17 Feb 1982
HardyMildred Evelyn2-722 Jan 1920Apr 1979Decatur Cod/o Raymond & Mollie Sarah (Young) Sage; w/o Wayne Roderick
HardyNelson Neal29 Sep 1947Pekin IL58y27 Oct 2005US Army 09 Nov 1966-30 Oct 1968 Vietnam; s/o Wayne Roderick & Mildred Evelyn (Sage)
HardyWayne Roderick2-719 Aug 1915IllinoisDec 1966Decatur Cos/o Goldie Myrtle (Neal)
HardyWilliam Lyle26 Nov 1942Pekin IL72y16 Aug 2015Osceola IAs/o Wayne Roderick & Mildred Evelyn (Sage)
HargerDorothy E17-1615 Sep 1915Decatur CoOct 1972Osceola IAd/o Benjamin Theran & Lulu Kathryn (Parker) Sears; md Edgar Glen 08 Mar 1936
HargerEdgar Glen17-1611 Sep 19101980s/o Elaska & Irene E (Kier)
HarpJames William23-21 Jan 1907Decatur Co18 Jun 1990Becker Co MNs/o James Michael & Sarah Clare (Parkhurst)
HarpMartha Allie23-11 Mar 1916Grand River85y08 Feb 2002Frazee MNd/o Perry & Mabel Janette (Brown) Brammer; md James William 16 Sep 1932 Bethany MO; memorial stone - inter at Vergas MN
HawkArthur Duane22-102 Jun 1930Grand River17 Jun 2012Boliver MOs/o Frank & Mary (Burchett); md 1st Donella Elaine Sutherland 03 Jul 1948; md 2nd Vivian C Hosfield Oct 1976 Creston IA
HawkDonella Elaine22-117 Apr 1931Grand River12 Jan 1976d/o Charley Hagen & Enid (Bryant) Sutherland
HealyIna7-2309 Sep 1887MissouriDec 1977Arizonad/o Dr William & Mary Loveland; md William Emerson 08 Sep 1904 Bedford IA
HealyJohn Lucius7-2205 Jun 1905Taylor Co IA19 Mar 1955TEC3 3-763 AAA-AW-BN-CAC Iowa WWII; md Dimple Daisy Evans (1907-1985 inter Taylor Co IA) 05 Jun 1925 Conway IA
HealyRobert John13 Nov 192628 Jun 1985Santa Barbara CAs/o John Lucius & Dimple Daisy (Evans); h/o Raquel Alaniz (1919-2009 d. Beaverton OR)
HealyWilliam Emerson7-2307 Oct 1877Moline IA1954s/o Henry Emerson & Sarah (Buxton)
*HelderAlexander18611929per WPA records
HembreyElma9-714 Dec 1874Richland Twp1952Grand Rivermd Tyle L 28 Nov 1900 Leon
HembreyTyle L9-71865Dryersville IA1943Grand Rivers/o William H & Eliza M (Roe)
HendricksonElias Anthony9-10Jun 1856Mahaska Co IA1937Richland Twps/o Erastus F & Rebecca Jane (Kirkpatrick)
HendricksonMary Ellen9-10Nov 18621943Richland Twpd/o I & M (Comstock) Ross; md Elias Anthony 23 Mar 1874
HewlettAlbert Leslie9-1415 May 1878Decatur Co01 Oct 1952s/o Richard F & Mary L (Otto)
HewlettArthur Ray14-8Mar 18941953s/o Richard F & Emma Eldora (Ross)
HewlettAuris Lee24-403 Jun 1906Grand River88711 Nov 1994Leons/o Albert Leslie & Bertha Isabella (Bronson)
HewlettBertha Isabella9-141881Grand River08 Feb 1956"Birdie"; d/o Mathew & Sarah Elizabeth (Prettyman) Bronson; md Albert Leslie 18 Mar 1901
HewlettCleo Mae24-406 Jul 1910Bloomington Twp81y19 Feb 1992Leond/o Ai & Bernice (Lantz) Payton; md Auris Lee 26 Apr 1930
HewlettClifford Virgil13-524 Sep 1902Grand River70y02 May 1973Grand Rivers/o Albert Leslie & Bertha Isabella (Bronson)
HewlettDoris Arlene13-518 Sep 1911Grand River78y 11m 8d1989Leond/o Frederick Manning & Ruth E (Ward) Young; md Clifford Virgil 04 Dec 1933
HewlettElizabeth16-903 May 1855Chenango Co NY92y 10m 17d20 Mar 1948Decatur Cod/o Joseph Sr & Sarah (Binning) Baker; md John J 1873
HewlettEmma Eldora14-729 Oct 18701941d/o Jacob Cousman & Julia Etta (Coffey) Ross; md Richard F (1854-1906 inter Oak Hill Cem) 1896; s/s son Homer F
HewlettFrancis Lee09 Feb 1935Grand River54y13 Dec 1989Leons/o Auris Lee & Cleo Mae (Payton)
HewlettGeral Edwin Jr21 Sep 1927Grand River10 Sep 1970Grand Rivers/o Geral Edwin & Mabel Lola (Burchett)
HewlettGeral Edwin Sr5-1302 Jul 1903Weldon67y 4m 28d30 Nov 1970Des Moines IAs/o Benjamin & Birdie Graves; adopted s/o William & Mary Catherine (Joy) Hewlett
HewlettHomer F14-721 Jun 18921914s/o Richard F & Emma Eldora (Ross)s/s as mother
HewlettJerald5-1228 Dec 194928 Dec 1949s/o Geral Edwin & Mabel Lola (Burchett)
HewlettJohn J16-9Jun 1851New York05 Nov 1922Decatur Co
HewlettLawrence L9-131904Grand RiverNov 1958Leons/o Albert Leslie & Bertha Isabella (Bronson)
HewlettLena Marie06 Dec 1934Leon79y10 Apr 2014Des Moines IAd/o Reese Nile & Mary Lucille (Shields) Boles; md 1st Francis Lee Hewlett 19 Sep 1954 Grand River; md 2nd Daniel Wilson Cunninghma 14 Oct 2006
HewlettMabel Lola5-1310 Jun 1906Clarke Co IA85y 6m 4d14 Dec 1991Leond/o George Franklin & Libbie Mae (Monroe) Burchett; md Geral Edwin 22 Dec 1926
HewlettMary Catherine5-1108 Feb 1875Decatur CoOct 1975Leond/o James Andrew & Phebe Ann (Blazer) Joy; md William 17 Nov 1897 Van Wert
HewlettRobert Clifford09 Feb 1937Decatur Co62y03 Jul 1999Des Moines IAs/o Clifford Virgil & Doris Arlene (Young)
HewlettWilliam5-11Jul 1874Delaware Co IA1961Decatur Cos/o John J & Elizabeth (Baker)
HilemanAlva12-1808 Jun 1889Grand River30 May 1956Grand Riverh/o Carrie May Morris (1895-1977 inter Moon Cem Macksburg IA)
HilemanDoyle Dean12-1728 Jun 1933Decatur Co11 Feb 1964Jefferson IAPVT 40th Engr Pipeline Co; s/o Alva & Carrie May (Morris); md 07 Dec 1956 Council Bluffs IA
HinesEdgar Josiah14-1720 Apr 1891Iowa21 Mar 1974Orange Co CADr; s/o James Franklin & Ella Ann (McCutchan)
HinesEdgar Kenneth14-1719 Sep 1919Grand River09 Dec 1923Grand Rivers/o Edgar Josiah & Minnie Hazel (Overholtzer)
HinesMinnie Hazel14-1711 Mar 1892Grand River93y15 Dec 1985Seal Beach CAmd Edgar Josiah 25 Dec 1915 Grand River
HopkinsDale19111987s/o John Wilson & Susan (Williams)
HopkinsDarlene20-619381938d/o & s/s James Clyde & Hazel Agnes (Bryant)
HopkinsHazel Agnes20-631 May 1901Decatur Co22 Apr 1996Osceola IAd/o Frank & Blanche (McDowell) Bryant; md James Clyde 07 Feb 1922 Leon
HopkinsHelen E19091994d/o Edward & Mary V Beers; md Dale 08 Dec 1945
HopkinsHoyle Donald11-119 Oct 192005 Jan 1921s/o & s/s Roy L & Nola Marie (McDowell)
HopkinsJabez1764Rhode Island1850Decatur Cos/o Nehemiah & Elizabeth (Cole)
HopkinsJames Clyde20-630 Dec 1897Decatur Co16 Dec 1940Grand Rivers/o John Washington & Susan (Williams)
HopkinsJohn Washington23-1022 Aug 1861Iowa13 Jun 1943Grand Rivers/o James Martin & Rebecca (Baker)
HopkinsKathryn Elaine18 Jun 1940Charles City IA76y28 Mar 2017Des Moines IAd/o Marshall & Leona (Zimmero) Crangle; md Donald Ray 02 Oct 1964 Murray IA
HopkinsNola Marie11-101 Feb 1899Decatur Co1981d/o Harry & Lillie M (Bryant) McDowell; md Roy L 02 Nov 1918
HopkinsPatty E10-2404 Jun 194912 Apr 1961d/o Dale & Helen (Beers) Hopkins
HopkinsRachel1782Washington Co TN-Unionville IAd/o George & Elizabeth Clouse; md Jabez 14 Apr 1800/01 Abingdon VA
HopkinsRoy L11-1Apr 1900Decatur Co1988s/o John Washington & Susan (Williams)
HopkinsSusan23-1022 Oct 1870Decatur Co24 Dec 1952Grand Riverd/o Henry & Mary Elizabeth (Wheelis) Williams; md John Washington 20 Sep 1889 Decatur Co
HosackArleta5-419081975d/o Elmer Preston & Carrie (Northey) Hosack
HosackCarrie5-521 Aug 1887Grand River79y06 Feb 1966Ottumwa IAd/o Darley George & Margaret Jane (Overholtzer) Northey; w/o Elmer Preston
HosackElmer Preston5-523 Jun 1888Illinois11 Aug 1953s/o Thomas E & Emma J (McAfee)
HosackFairy C4-2Aug 18921975d/o Thomas E & Emma J (McAfee) Hosack
HouckBonnie Virgene04 Nov 1931Grand River78y03 Sep 2001Leond/o Garel Wayne & Frances Elna (Bohn) Evans; md Deral Dean 26 Nov 1949
HouckDeral Dean192678y07 Sep 2005US Army WWII; Decatur Co Sheriff 1968-1978
HowardJohn Findley19262003CPL US Marine Corps WWII
HukillAlice L6-430 Nov 1913Decatur Co1959d/o John Clifton & Anna May (McCartney) Shaw; md Raymond G 05 May 1931
HukillJohn9-908 Oct 188323 Feb 1935
HukillRobert G6-319341952
IrelanGladys Irene18-1225 Oct 1911Nebraska14 Jan 1992Creston IAnee Rube; md Wayne Paul 19 Nov 1932 MO
IrelanLinda Carole3-5Jul 1948 Osceola, Clarke Co, IAJul 1948Osceola, Clarke Co, IAd/o Myrna Delphine (Davis) Miler and Lowell W Irelan (buried Glendale Cemetery, Des Moines, IA)
IrelanWayne Paul18-204 Apr 191227 Apr 1961Decatur Cos/o Otis Day & Fanny Blanche (Brown)
IrwinAimee Lou30 Jun 194017 Jan 2008Des Moines IAd/o Paul Fredercik & Cecil Lulu (Wadsworth) Cain
JenningsClark17-1421 May 1894Grand River25 Feb 1969Mesa AZPVT 13 APO Const Co US Army Iowa WWI; s/o David Alfred & Hattie Jane (Sipherd)
JenningsDavid Alfred7-308 Sep 1858Henry Co IA05 Mar 1945Decatur Cos/o David & Laura Alvina (Kelly)
JenningsGertrude A05 Aug 193025 Sep 1998Ellston IAd/o Franklin Leroy & Hazel Erma (Werner) Ross; md Norman B 31 Dec 1948
JenningsGlee P7-218951971d/o John Ellsworth & Carrie Margaret (Duer) Palmer; md Ray Earl 15 Jan 1921
JenningsHattie Jane7-326 Dec 1867Knox Co IL29 Jan 1958Leond/o William Henry & Mary McCandless (Woods) Sipherd; md David Alfred 29 May 1888
JenningsMary Leota7-1428 Oct 1901Grand River25 Nov 1990Winterset IAd/o William Coleman & Margaret Frances (Redd) Young; md Clark 02 Apr 1921
JenningsMary Margaret7-1302 Oct 1926Ringgold Co IA14 Oct 1927Ringgold Co IAd/o Clark & Mary Leota (Young)
JenningsNorman B1929s/o Clark & Mary Leota (Young)
JenningsRay Earl7-210 May 1889Grand River91y 7m 6d17 Dec 1980Grand Rivers/o David Alfred & Hattie Jane (Sipherd)
JimmersonBessie Adelle2-513 Mar 1889Clarke Co IA05 Dec 1965d/o Robert & Ida (Ramsey) Chipp; md Henry Samuel 16 Sep 1908
JimmersonBeulah A16 Nov 1919Grand River93y02 Feb 2013Hopkinsville KYd/o Alva & Minnie Trowbridge; md Elbert Alonzo 15 Feb 1941
JimmersonCarol Ann02 Oct 1942Grand River73y01 Mar 2006Creston IAd/o Auris Lee & Cleo Mae (Payton) Hewlett; md Gary Lloyd 18 Jun 1961
JimmersonElbert Alonzo26 Oct 1909Richland Twp05 May 1982Grand RiverTEC4 US Army WWII; s/o Henry Samuel & Bessie Adelle (Chipp)
JimmersonGary Lloyd29 Aug 1942Grand River63y17 Mar 2006Grand Rivers/o Lloyd Harland & Freda Grace (Jones)
JimmersonHenry Samuel2-525 Feb 1883Decatur Co22 Oct 1968s/o Albert Alonzo & Lavina (Brammer)
JimmersonLloyd Harland2-601 Aug 1913Grand River30 Nov 1966Decatur CityTEC4 3109 Ord BAVM Co Iowa WWII; s/o Henry Samuel & Bessie Adelle (Chipp); h/o Fred Grace Jones
JohannesenEthel Ella19-1028 May 1906Winterset IA10 Apr 1975Des Moines IAd/o Andrew Jackson & Ella Mabel (Dymond) Cornelison; md Laurence Christian Feb 1914 Creston IA; parents of Gale, Anton, Hazel, Donald & Donna
JohannesenLaurence Christian19-1003 Apr 1899Stephenson MI17 Jan 1941Minneapolis MNUS Army; s/o Jens Krog & Amelia Marie (Paulsen/Poulsen)
*JohnstonInfantd/o Thomas Rupert & Don Nell (Combs); buried beside great-grandparents William Hamilton & Nevesta (Edwards) Young
JonesAlma Elizabeth19 Sep 1919Decatur Co01 Apr 1997Ringgold Co IAd/o Walter D & Susie Jane (Dean) Boles; md Edward L 26 Aug 1938
JonesAlma May Ruth01 Nov 1915Decatur Co05 Apr 1991Gowrie IAd/o William Robert & Golden (Kinder) Norris; md Clifford Lebert 19 Aug 1933 Leon
JonesClarence Edward4-1411 Apr 1912Decatur Co09 Aug 1953s/o George Lebert & Hattie Ella (Carrier)
JonesClaude Francis Jr04 Jul 1951114 Oct 2005s/o Claude Francis Sr & Mildred D; f/o Christopher, Jesse, Adam; h/o Julie
JonesClifford Lebert20 Dec 1914Ringgold Co IA13 Apr 1989Lake City IAs/o George Lebert & Hattie Ella (Carrier)
JonesEdward Leroy19 Feb 1918Clarke Co IA89y26 Dec 2008s/o Floyd Edward & Kathryn Marie (Cole)
JonesGeorge Lebert4-1306 Sep 1884Grand River30 Aug 1958Leons/o William Thomas & Jane (Bohall)
JonesHarold H19-103 Oct 191304 Jul 1927s/o Wesley William & Mamie Opal (Brown)
JonesHattie Ella4-1312 Sep 1888Elkland MO02 Feb 1961Leond/o Jerome Marion & Maryetta Louise (Masters) Carrier; md George Lebert 06 Sep 1906 Westerville IA
JonesMamie Opal19-221 Sep 1893Grand River08 Feb 1963Osceola IAd/o Lewis Wiess & Sarah Melissa (McConnell) Brown; md Wesley William 20 Sep 1911
JonesWesley William19-217 Jul 1891Decatur Co22 Oct 1960Murrays/o William Thomas & Jane (Bohall)
JosephsonClara Vinf d/o Jerry & Anna Dorthea (Peterson)
JosephsonRaymond16 Jan 192316 Jan 1923inf s/o Jerry & Anna Dorthea (Peterson)
JoyJames Andrew10-1031 Mar 1847Louisa Co IA31 Mar 1925Woonsocket SDs/o William & Eliza Elliott (Patterson)
JoyPhebe Ann10-1902 Jun 1853Ohio06 Dec 1917d/o William & Elizabeth (Rouse) Blazer; w/o James Andrew 12 Jan 1871 Louisa Co IA
KellerAlexander Rufus20-916 Dec 1861Decatur Co17 Oct 1929Grand Rivers/o William Riley & Nancy Jane (Helm)
KellerHorie Neal20-910 Dec 1892Grand RiverFeb 1975Grand Rivers/o Alexander Rufus & Halsie (Strong) s/s parents
KellerHalsie20-930 Apr 186818 Nov 1959Leond/o John Davis & Nancy Catherine (Hiner) Strong; md Alexander R 16 Feb 1892 Decatur Co
KellerLionel Neal20 Nov 1927Decatur Co85y12 Jan 2013Mt Ayr IAs/o Horie Neal
KelleySusannah17-81841PA1922d/o John & Ruth (Foster) Negley; md William M 1871
KelleyWilliam Manning17-8Nov 1836Indiana86y01 Apr 1922Grand River
KellyCharles William18-309 Apr 1870Van Buren Co IA1959Grand Rivers/o Richard & Sarah Jane (Nicholson)
KellyMinnie Maude18-308 Dec 1877Clarion IA21 Jun 1924Grand Riverd/o Philander Caleb & Susan Marie Brooks; md Charles W 01 Feb 1897 Benton IA
KingEffie E19171982
*KiperRonald19391939rock with "Baby Dear" east of tool shed per Stark information
KirkpatrickAlbert Clair4-311 Jun 1911Decatur Co27 Aug 1997s/o Albert Rice & Ethel Mae (Boles)
KirkpatrickAlbert Rice11-412 Jun 1884Decatur Co23 Jul 1959Grand Rivers/o James William & Sarah Candace (Comstock); md 1st Ethel Mae Boles 10 May 1904; 2nd Arlene Moeller (1917-1984 inter Maple Hill Cem Osceola IA) Mar 1938
KirkpatrickEthel Mae11-402 Feb 1889Decatur Co31y 11m02 Jan 1921Syracuse KSd/o Wesley Edwin & Bertha (McKee) Boles
KirkpatrickShawn11-203 Feb 195913 Feb 1959s/o Albert & Arlene (Moeller)
KirkpatrickWilma Ilene4-325 Jul 1912Beaconsfield IA92y 10m 17d13 May 2005d/o Fairy G Hosack; md A Clair 15 Jan 1936 Grant City MO
KratoskaFloyd Richard13-1819141997s/o Charles & Emma (Formanek)
KratoskaPhyllis13-1819162002w/o Floyd R
LandesFrances Isabelle13-725 Feb 1858Jefferson Co IA59y 17d14 Mar 1918Grand Riverd/o William H & Clarinda J (Bradshaw) Trower; orphaned age 3y; md John F 29 Jun 1875 Westerville
LandesHarry Lincoln12-527 Apr 1878Decatur Co1961s/o John Franklin & Frances Isabelle (Trower)
LandesJohn Franklin13-726 Oct 1831Augusta Co VA16 Apr 1923Leon1st LT Co B 18th IA Vol Inf, Capt Co A 18th IA Vol Inf; s/o Samuel & Magdalene (Siple); md 1st Emma Johnson (1846-1872 inter Hopeville Cem Hopeville IA) 14 Dec 1865 Hopeville; 2nd Frances Isabelle Trower 29 Jun 1875 Westerville
LandesNellie Grace12-521 May 1878DeKalb IA93y03 Jun 1972Leond/o of Charles L & Mary Ann (Edwards) West; orphaned at age 7m, raised by Christian & Lucinda (Edwards) Foland; md Harry Lincoln 09 sep 1906 Westerville
LandonPierre O10-518681955h/o Sadie J Kelley
LandonSadie J10-1118731968d/o William M & Susannah (Negley) Kelley
LaneMary M14-622 Apr 1861Illinois27 Jun 1930Des Moines IAd/o Leonard & Catharine (Lane) Wolf; md 1st Orlando Deao (1855-1947), 2nd Oscar Elmer Lane (1871-1942 inter McDivitt Grove Cem Urbandale IA)
LanePerlie Virgil14-506 Nov 189526 May 1916s/o OE & MM
LeekAlbert R10-415 Jul 1888Burt IA15 Dec 1918Grand Riverdied of pneumonia; s/o Gottlieb & Caroline (Bleich); md Nina Ellen Foland (1895-1970 inter Blooming Prairie MN) 01 Jan 1913 Decatur Co
LehmanKenny06 Jul 195506 Apr 2002md Pamela (b. 19 Nov 1958) 15 Dec 1975
LilesAnna Belle6-914 Nov 1875IowaJul 1969Osceola IAd/o George & Magaret Jane (Fivecoat) Vest; md Lemuel M 19 May 1895
LilesLemuel M6-921 Jan 1864Floris IA14 May 1948Grand River"Day"; s/o George Emmett & Hannah (Cooper)
LilesVelma Juanita6-803 Jan 190709 Sep 1963d/o Lemuel M & Anna Belle (Vest) Liles
LloydRuth AOct 18971918d/o Wirt J & Fannie F (Chapman) Beck; w/o Ralph V (1897-1981 inter Riverview Cem Chamberlain SD)
LouthanHenry Hervey2-116 Jul 1849Hancock Co TN27 Dec 1934Grand Rivers/o James H & Mary (Hatfield)
LouthanRachel Ernestine2-122 Sep 185919 Apr 1936Grand Riverd/o William & Mary (McConnell) Smith; md 1878 Henry Hervey
MaxwellJohn O19061986h/o Zelma M Flora
MaxwellZelma M1928nee Flora
McCabeCathy Lynn17 Feb 1948Leon03 Apr 2003Arizonad/o Wayne O & Gayle (Carns) Burchett; md Michael Jerold (b. 01 Nov 1843) 25 May 1993
McCarlBessie Orena 12-1322 Mar 1895Decatur Co08 Ju 1985Creston IAd/o John B & Eliza (Parker) Woods; md 10 Sep 1913 William Sylvester
McCarlJames Monroe18-430 Apr 1852PA01 Apr 1936Grand Rivers/o Joshua & Mary Elizabeth (Ginnis); md 1st Ida Mae Null, 2nd Samantha Elisa, 3rd Mary Belle Huddleson (1878-1973 inter Dallas Cem Melcher-Dallas IA)
McCarlOpal Louise12-1413 Sep 1920Grand River24 Feb 1924Grand Riverd/o William Sylvester & Bessie Orena
McCarlWilliam Sylvester12-1319 Aug 1889Clarke Co IA16 Jan 1962Grand River"Pete"; s/o James Monroe & Ida Mae (Null)
McClureEldred17-1804 Apr 1913Carroll Co MOSep 1981Grand Rivers/o Verne & Virginia Blanche (Spray); md 1st 24 Dec 1933 Grand River to Hazel Leverene German, 2nd 02 Dec 1967 Grand River to Lois Louise (Foland) Steen
McClureHazel Leverne17-181911Nebraska1967d/o Raymond Leroy & Odessa L (German) German; md 24 Dec 1933 Grand River to Eldred
McClureLois Louise17-1821 Jun 1912Grand River15 Jan 2002Creston IAd/o Charles Wilbert & Jennie S (Woods) Foland; md 1st 28 Jan 1930 William Steen (19001-), 2nd Eldred 02 Dec 1967 Grand River
McClureVerne James16-1728 Jul 1888Tina MO16 Jun 1968Garden Groves/o James M & Lilly Ann (Plunkett)
McClureVirginia Blanche16-1709 Sep 189106 Sep 1968Waukee IAd/o Casper Gottlieb & Emeline (Moran) Spray; md Verne J 09 Feb 1910 Tina MO
McConnellLaura Ann14-825 Aug 1879Richland Twp01 Oct 1963Decatur Cod/o Christian & Lucinda (Edwards) Foland; md Leo 16 Mar 1902
McConnellLeo14-1828 Jun 1881Decatur Co88y 8m 21d19 Mar 1970Leons/o Franklin Pierce & Amanda Celesta
McConnellLeo Eugene18 Sep 1923Grand River93y10 Jun 2017Osceola IAs/o Lert & Nancy Katherine (Hanner)
McCutchanMardean03 Aug 194031 Dec 1997d/o William Dean Fear & Marjorie Marie (Boord) Reasoner; w/o Kermit K
McDowellElla20-519 Apr 1884Decatur CoNov 1965Grand Riverd/o Mathew & Sara Elizabeth (Prettyman) Bronson; md John F 07 Nov 1907 Leon
McDowellGeorge Earl20-1205 Feb 1873Richland Twp09 Sep 1968Creston IAs/o Peter Leander & Elizabeth (Gibson)
McDowellHarry Weldon14-113 Feb 1875Decatur City15 Apr 1952Washington IAs/o Peter Leander & Elizabeth (Gibson)
McDowellJohn Franklin20-507 Oct 1883Richland Twp17 Feb 1937s/o Peter Leander & Elizabeth (Gibson)
McDowellLillie Mae14-111 Oct 1877Dyersville IA08 Jan 1969Grand Riverd/o John Edward & Betsey (Binning) Bryant; md Harry W 10 Mar 1897 Leon
McDowellLowell D9-212 Mar 1925Grand River16 Aug 1926s/o Oren & Dollie (Wiley); gs/o Peter Leader & Elziabeth (Gibson)
McDowellMargaret Jane20-1215 Feb 1871Decatur Co02 Feb 1948Creston IAd/o Mathew & Sara Elizabeth (Prettyman) Bronson; md George E 04 Jan 1900 Leon
McDowellMatthew Wayne8-924 Sep 1913Decatur Co74y12 Jul 1988Grand Rivers/o John Franklin & Ella (Bronson)
McDowellMerna Dean8-916 Jan 1917Grand River85y12 Jan 2003Maryville MOd/o Walter Franklin & Gladys Orpha (Boles) Overholtzer; md Matthew W 16 Jan 1935 Leon
McDowellPearl Gladys9-813 Oct 1906Richland Twp75y17 Jul 1982Marshalltown IAd/o Emmett & Anna Elizabeth (Bradshaw) Foland; md Peter L 23 Feb 1926 Grand River
McDowellPeter Leander9-826 Jan 1904Grand River29 Aug 1967Marshalltown IAs/o George Earl & Margaret Jane (Bronson)
McDowellVivian Louise11 Feb 19278d19 Feb 1927d/o Floyd & Gretchen Juanita (Fesler); gd/o Harry Weldon & Lillie Mae (Bryant) McDowell
McDowellWyona Winifred20-1321 Sep 1907Grand River22 apr 1939Creston IAd/o George Earl & Margaret J (Bronson) McDowell; md 1927 Forrest Ashburn
McGrawAlice Ellen13-807 Apr 1899Beaconsfield IA92y30 Oct 1991Leond/o John & Kathryn (Daughton) Owens; md Raymond 30 May 1927 Grand River
McGrawRaymond13-826 Aug 1892Grand RiverDec 1971"Buck"; s/o James & Mattie (Grogan)
McIntoshMyrtle8-5Mar 1880Clarke Co IA1949d/o George Washington & Lenora (Palmer) Fullerton; md 03 Oct 1902 Decatur Co Wilbert
McIntoshWilbert8-5Oct 1870Decatur Co1938Richland Twps/o William Allen & Elizabeth (Millstead)
McKeeAlva Roy12-224 Apr 1900Ellston IA28 Oct 1972Des Moines IAs/o M/M Alva E
McKeeBetty Maxine12-109 Jul 1922Decatur Co29 May 1923d/o Alva Leroy & Ruby Charlene (Brammer)
McKeeEvaline3-404 Nov 1868Decatur CoMar 1968Grand Riverd/o William Riley & Elizabeth (Switzer) Green; md James U 18 Oct 1890 Decatur Co
McKeeFloy E12-610 Jul 1879Iowa15 Jul 1969Columbus MId/o John Stockton & Rebecca Ann (Crees) Davidson; md Mason H 11 Jan 1899 Decatur Co
McKeeFred V U12-1505 Sep 1905Grand River16 Oct 1944ItalyKIA WWII, PFC Inf Co B Reg 365, Purple Heart; s/o Mason Henry & Floy E (Davidson); inter Florence American Cem, Florence Italy
McKeeJames Ulysses3-406 Oct 1868Indiana04 Mar 1944Grand Rivers/o Cornelius Mason & Susan Catherine (Smith)
McKeeMason Henry12-621 Jun 1873Scott Co IA1956
McKeeRuby Charlene17 Apr 1906Grand RiverAug 1990Des Moines IAd/o Perry & Mabel Janette (Brown) Brammer; md Alva Roy 28 Nov 1921 Bethany MO
McKeeWilliam Mason3-306 Dec 1891GR Twp17 Jun 1966Long Beach CAs/o James Ulysses & Evaline (Green); h/o Mary Edith (Shields) McArthur (1895-1971 inter Greenwood Memorial Park San Diego CA
MercerCecil C09 Apr 191109 Mar 1998s/o Orie Danford & Bessie (Curry)
MercerRosalee23 Jul 192824 Feb 2005md Cecil C 04 Apr 1945
MericalGordon W10 Aug 1936Iowa City IA20 Jan 2008Des Moines IAUS Marine Corps Korea; s/o Gordon & Florence Marie (Sheaffer); md Irene (11 Jun 1946) 22 Jun 1968; f/o Wesley
MilerMyrna Delephine3-620 Jun 1928Grand River61y 25d15 Jul 1989Osceola IAd/o Clifford & Merle (Hatfield) Davis
MillardMartha Pearl12-927 Sep 1917Des Moines IA84y05 Feb 2000Osceola IAd/o & s/s Frank & Minnie May (Anstey) Millard
MillardMinnie May12-918741951w/o Frank
MillerBillie Jane01 Feb 1939Elko NV75y21 Oct 2014Des Moines IAd/o William Lowell & Florence Minnie (Bellinger) Henderson; md 1st Robert Leroy Chapman 31 Jul 1858 Denver CO, 2nd Larry 01 Feb 1965 Omaha NE
MillerElberta May16-719191919s/s bro Eugene Franklin
MillerEugene Franklin16-719171918s/s sis Elberta May
MitchellEmma18-11Feb 1856Ohio78y1934Grand Riverd/o William & Lucinda Hogue; md Enos H 16 Oct 1879
MitchellEnos H18-1119 Dec 1853Keokuk IA86y09 Dec 1940Pringhar IADr; s/o Enos & Harriet Newell (Chaffin); orphaned before age 12y
MollisonMildred Lurene01 Jan 1920Decatur Co94y28 Nov 2014Webster City IAd/o William Robert & Golden (Kinder) Norris; md William Elmo 08 Apr 1938 Leon
MollisonWilliam Elmo06 Feb 1914Des Moines IA08 May 1983Grand Rivers/o William & Blanche (Miller)
MorenDavid Lyle11 Jul 1960Grand River53y10 Feb 2014Grand Rivers/o Joseph Raymond & Hazel Marie (Burchett)
MorenHazel Marie19 Dec 1925Grand River84y13 Apr 2010Leond/o George & Libbie (Monroe) Burchett; md Joseph R Mar 1944
MorenJoseph Raymond26 Jul 1921Van Wert24 Dec 1981Grand RiverPFC US Army 1942-1946 WWII, Purple Heart & Bronze Star
MorrellDon Francis01 Nov 1918Grand River14 Sep 1982Grand RiverSSGT US Army South Pacific WWII; s/o E Raymond & Gussie Edna (Foland)
MorrellEdna Velma26 Jun 1919Dahlonega GA73y09 Oct 1992Des Moines IAd/o Thomas Santford & Ollie Adeline (Grizzle) Jarrard; md Don F 01 Apr 1943 Washington DC
MorrellGussie Edna11-712 Oct 1888Richland Twp67y 10m 28d18 Sep 1956Grand Riverd/o Christian & Lucinda (Edwards) Foland; md E Raymond 04 Mar 1908 Grand River
*MorrellLottie Lenore25 Jun 192625 Jun 1926stillborn d/o Ray & Gussie (Foland) per courthouse records
MulcahyA R17-604 Mar 1870Angola IN25 Oct 1918Beaconsfield IAh/o Margaret Hawley (Miller)
MulcahyArthur Rex17-815 Oct 1904Beaconsfield IA05 Oct 1977Davis ILs/o Dr Arthur Richard & Margaret Hawley (Miller)
MulcahyMargaret Hawley17-713 May 1880Beaconsfield IA29 Dec 1964Mt Ayr IAd/o James Oliver & Josephine Emily (Spangler) Miller; w/o Dr Arthur Richard
MunyonCleo19-01914Missouri1942Grand Riverw/o Wayne )1914-1995 d. Mt Pleasant IA)
MunyonElla F4-802 Jul 189616 Sep 1990Grand Riverd/o John Franklin & Eliza Jane (Parker) Woods; md James O 22 Nov 1916 Decatur Co
MunyonEva Marion21-11Apr 1895DecaturApr 1951Decatur Cityd/o George & Mary Alecta (Smith) Jones; md Hurlbert 30 May 1915
MunyonGeorge Washington18-109 Nov 1855Ringgold Co IA21 Aug 1927Grand Rivers/o Thomas Alva & Mary Ann (French)
MunyonHarry Everett21-1014 Jul 191520 Feb 1926s/o Hurley & Eva M (Jones)
MunyonHelen Fern16-525 Jan 1917Grand River28 Jan 1922Des Moines IAd/o Thomas Stockton & Lottie May (Deao) Munyon
MunyonHurlbert21-1122 Aug 1890Grand River63y 9m 2d24 May 1954Des Moines IAs/o George Washington & Julia Ethelyn (Davidson)
MunyonJames O4-807 Nov 1893Decatur1953Grand Rivers/o Charles Lesley & Ida Mae (McConnel)
MunyonJoseph13-1431 Dec 1887Decatur Co16 Dec 1948Grand Rivers/o George Washington & Julia Ethelyn (Davidson)
MunyonJulia Ethelyn18-127 Jan 186202 Jun 1949d/o John S & Rebecca Ann (Crees) Davidson; md George W 10 Dec 1879
MunyonLarry H24 Feb 1924Decatur Co77y13 Aug 2001Apache Jct AZUS 8th Air Force 379th Bomb GRP tail gunner 1943-Sep 1945 WWII; s/o Hurlbert & Eva Marion (Jones)
MunyonLeland Dale17-501 Jan 1907Grand River18 Nov 1995Des Moines IAs/o George Washington & Julia Ethelyn (Davidson)
MunyonLetha Beatrice13-418 Feb 898Ellston IA25 Mar 1982Grand Riverd/o Stella (Fullerton) Greenland & Alva E McKee; md Joseph 06 Jul 1913 Grand River
MunyonLottie May16-6Nov 1885Linn Co IA1939Grand Riverd/o Orlando & Mary M (Wolf) Deao; md Thomas S 24 Dec 1901 Osceola IA
MunyonMark H19601982Arizonas/o M/M Larry H; gs/o Hurlbert & Eva Marion (Jones) Munyon
MunyonMartha O17-515 May 1909Long Creek Twp25 Sep 1988Grand Riverd/o Harry E & Helen Dekald (Fry) Wilson; md Leland D 22 Feb 1928 Leon
MunyonMichael L21-1215 Sep 1947Grand River27 Apr 1964s/o M/M Larry H; gs/o Hurlbert & Eva Marion (Jones) Munyon
MunyonRichard Duane21-902 Jan 193302 Jan 1933s/s Hurlbert & Eva Marion (Jones)
MunyonStephen L4-830 Jan 195530 Jan 1955s/o Dale & Donna
MunyonThomas Stockton16-605 Jul 1881Decatur Co1936Decatur Cos/o George Washington & Julia Ethelyn (Davidson)
*NewbaerRobert Dean06 May 193009 May 1930per courthouse records
NicholsGlen Walter23 Mar 1926Beaconsfield IA73y08 Sep 1999Grand RiverUS Marine Corps WWII Vietnam;
NicholsHelen Marie10 Jul 1930Ravana MO85y12 Dec 2015d/o George Dewey & Etta Marie (Jeffries) French; md Glen W 08 Apr 1949 Little Brown Church Nashua IA
NobleJessie Alaneda21-21887Nebraska1955d/o Alva & Rosalie (Lloyd) Noble
NobleLewis Dean21-419011931s/o Alva & Rosalie (Lloyd)
NobleRobert Hale21-119001969s/o Alva & Rosalie (Lloyd)
NobleRosalie21-31866Iowa1936Grand Riverd/o Jesse & Elizabeth (Coats) Lloyd; md Alva 1888 (1861-1914 inter Grand Island NE)
NortheyCharles18-907 Oct 1889Decatur Co18 Dec 1972Knoxville IAs/o Darley George & Margaret Jane (Overholtzer); md Ethel Jenks (1892-1981)
NortheyDarley George18-018 Dec 1859Decatur Co22 Aug 1940Beaconsfield IAs/o Edmund Lillicrap & Jane (Day)
NortheyMargaret Jane18-1002 Sep 1866Knox Co IL07 Oct 1945Albany MOd/o Jacob & Mary Elizabeth (McDowell) Overholtzer; md 14 Dec 1884 Darley G
O'GradyMichael Scott07 May 196003 Nov 2000Des Moines IALt Col US Air Force; md 17 Oct 1987
OverholtzerAdda A20-218591929Grand Riverd/o John & Rachel (Berry) Wright; md 1885 James Leander (1858-1936 inter Oak Hill Cem)
OverholtzerChristian Ellis20-108 Apr 1887Grand River15 Jul 1949Grand RiverCPL 338 Field Arty, 88th Div Iowa WWI; s/o James Leander & Adda A (Wright)
OverholtzerFlorence Eva13-1914 Sep 1884Grand River28 Aug 1970Afton IAd/o Henry Henderson & Eliza (Bryant) Gilreath; w/o Hency C
OverholtzerGeorge Clayton21-619 Jan 1884Grand River18 Oct 1946Grand Rivers/o William Clayton & Eveling E (Wright); h/o Edna R Clark (1887-1906 inter Young Cem)
OverholtzerGladys Orpha9-1618 Jul 1894Grand River77y 7m 20d09 Mar 1972d/o Charles Alvin & Jennie Ann (Foland) Boles; md Walter F 27 Oct 1915
OverholtzerHenry Christian13-1931 Oct 1883Grand River07 Oct 1960Mt Ayr IAs/o William & Mary Jane (Long)
OverholtzerJames Clyde21-530 Dec 1924Leon86y01 Aug 2001Mt Ayr IAUS Navy WWII; s/o Christian Ellis & Margaret (Gale); md 1st Mary Elizabeth Long 29 Aug 1948, 2nd Lila Mae (Reynolds) Richards (1937-2012 inter Rose Hill Cem Mt Ayr IA) 24 Aug 1985
OverholtzerJanice Christine02 May 1950Leon17 Jan 2001Fairfield IAd/o James Christian & Mary Elizabeth (Long) Overholtzer; d/o Susan V Lay
OverholtzerJuanita10-709 Jul 1908Grand River74y1983Thayer IAd/o Albert M & Josephine (Gibson) Spray; md Lyman C 24 Dec 1933 Leon
OverholtzerLyman C10-719051988s/o Henry Christian & Florence Elva (Gilreath)
OverholtzerMargaret20-126 Dec 1890Iowa29 Apr 1973Grand Riverfoster d/o Edward N & Emma (Dady) Gale; md Christian E 31 Aug 1921
OverholtzerMary Bessie23-423 Feb 187424 May 1966d/o Daniel & Olive Day; md William F 06 Dec 1880
OverholtzerMary Elizabeth21-511 May 1929Grand Jct CO52y06 Aug 1981Leond/o Samuel H & Violet (Davis) Long; md James C 29 Aug 1948
OverholtzerMary Jane11-620 Apr 1844Ohio13 May 1923Grand Riverd/o David & Elizabeth (Martin) Long; md William 04 Sep 1864 Ohio
OverholtzerPerry A10-1031 May 194808 Jun 1967PVT Co C 1 BN4 Est BDE Iowa Vietnam; s/o Lyman C & Juanita (Spray)
*OverholtzerRuth Ethel11 Apr 1931Grand River25d06 May 1931Grand Riverd/o George Clayton & Ethel Ellen (Latta); per courthouse records
OverholtzerWalter Franklin8-809 Oct 189387y 11m 14d23 Sep 1981Osceola IAs/o William Franklin & Mary Bessie (Day)
OverholtzerWilliam11-605 Apr 1836Adams Co PA12 Jn 1923Grand Rivers/o Christian M & Elizabeth (Shindledecker)
OverholtzerWilliam Franklin23-418 Jul 1868Ohio26 Jan 1943s/o William & Mary Jane (Long)
PalmerAnna Eunice07 Apr 1930Dearborn MO55y26 Aug 1985Des Moines IAd/o Norton Payne & Marvin Anna (Chestnut) Boydston; md Wayne J 27 Aug 1949
PalmerBertha Phalana4-1024 Mar 1875Iowa13 Oct 1960d/o Thomas & Eliza Jane Jones; md 1894 Samuel O
PalmerGlen Clifford13-1328 Feb 190312 Feb 1976Grand Rivers/o Allie & Mary Frances (Stark)
PalmerLowell W5-921 Feb 1904Iowa22 Oct 1942s/o Samuel O & Bertha Phalana (Jones)
PalmerSamuel O4-1018 Oct 1871Decatur CoApr 1943Decatur Cos/o Samuel & Emily Jane (Norris)
PalmerThelma Rose3-1301 Sep 1907Van Wert06 Apr 2000Creston IAmd Glen C 17 June 1925
PalmerWayne Jerald18 Dec 1936Grand River79y29 Jun 2006Des Moines IAUS Army 1948-1952 Korea; s/o Glen C & Thelma R (Jones); md 1st Anna E Boydston 27 Aug 1949 Grand River, 2nd Harriet Jennie (Kilgore) Young Dec 1987 Des Moines IA
ParkinVenis L14-1002 Dec 1903Decatur Co23 Dec 1952Iowad/o John Robert & Judith Ellen (Young) Snyder
PaxtonLoren24-724 Feb 1895Worth Co MO02 Jun 1967Grand Rivers/o John Nave & Eleanor (Arnold)
PaxtonMargaret Ann24-703 Jan 1900Weldon03 Dec 1968Leond/o George Elza & Iva O (Dunn) Pettis; md Loren 17 Aug 1918 Ringgold Co IA
PaxtonRobert25 Jan 1929Parnell MO30 Jun 1991Denver COUS Army; s/o Loren & Margaret A (Pettis)
PenceAllen3-703 Jun 1879Decatur Co1946s/o M/M Abner C
PenceDarold Dean3-819301933
PenceEuclid19071933s/o Allen & Lottie (Wadsworth)
PenceGrace M19081984Grand Riverd/o George Franklin & Avah Ella (Hopkins) Adams; md Euclid 02 Nov 1929 Des Moines IA
PenceLottie3-718881966w/o Allen
PooreGlen Edward13 Aug 1921Beaconsfield IA10 Sep 2006Osceola IAUS Army 387th Inf Reg WWII; s/o Wesley Ralph & Goldie Winifred (Bryant)
PooreGoldie Winifred16-304 Apr 1900Iowa1946d/o Fred J & Elizabeth (Brunson); md Ralph W 1920 Mt Ayr IA
PooreInfant13-122 Oct 192722 Oct 1927s/o RW & Goldie
PooreMaurine22 May 1920Grand River93y04 Jun 2013Urbandale IAd/o Walter Franklin & Gladys Orpha (Boles) Overholtzer; md Glen E 26 Dec 1941 Beaconsfield IA
PooreRalph Wesley16-330 Jan 18991952s/o Wesley Ames & Lucy Ann (Lowder)
*PrayLucinda14 Aug 184724 Dec 1918Decatur Cod/o Wadkins & Mary (Dunlap) Pruitt; md 07 Apr 1864 Jeffersonville IN to Hezekiah (1841-1880 inter Young Cem) per courthouse records
RamseyJohn Thomas6-1013 Mar 1877Decatur Co09 Apr 1949s/o Alexander & Sarah Jane
RamseyLefa Alvira6-1009 Dec 1878Decatur Co18 Feb 1954Van Wertd/o Albert & Mary (Acton) Brammer; md 1906 John Thomas
RamseyRosamond Ruth19 Jan 1907Grand River83y05 Mar 1990Indianola IAd/o John T & Lefa A (Brammer) Ramsey
RanneyAnellie Orna6-1529 Nov 1883Clarke Co IA1969Clinton ILd/o James Andrew & Phebe Ann (Blazer) Joy;
RanneyMerle Alden6-1530 May 1882Galesburg ILJun 1966Grand Rivers/o Darwin David & Sarah Jane (Mark); md Anellie Orna Joy 03 Oct 1904 St Joseph MO
ReasonerMarjorie Marie14 May 1916Leon86y19 Jun 2002Mt Ayr IAd/o Joseph H & Elizabeth L Boord; md 1st William Dean Fear 14 Jul 1939, 2nd 1960 Mryle Adrian Reasoner (1913-1986 inter Tingley Cem Tingley IA)
RedmanOneta Lorene02 Apr 1914Grand River04 Feb 2012Grand Riverd/o John Leslie & Esther Merle (Cole) Stark; md W Leonard 24 Jul 1936 Clarinda IA; m/o Marlene, Marily, Jimmie
RedmanWalter Leonard17 Sep 191617 Aug 1982Osceola IAs/o Harry L & Lela I
ReedCraig Allen7-118 Dec 194519 Feb 1946
RitchieFlorence Ida27 Jul 1902Fremont NE14 Apr 1985Leond/o George & Maria (Schneider) Gaeth; md Wm Van Duyn 18 Apr 1926 Saunders Co NE
RitchieWilliam Van Duyn21 Aug 1905Bloomfield IA22 Sep 1983Leons/o William Hansen & Florence Eleanor (Van Duyn)
RobertsJoshua E22 May 200031 May 2000
RobinsonDoris Jessie4-1620 May 1920Decatur Co20 Nov 1972Aurora COd/o George Lebert & Hattie Ella (Carrer) Jones; md James D 28 Oct 1953 Leon
RobinsonJames Dean4-1621 Oct 192520 Dec 1993Denver CO
RyanSandra Sue10-101 Jan 194301 Nov 1998d/o Paul Fredercik & Cecil Lulu (Wadsworth) Cain
SchwalbeHenry14-16190801 May 1947md Margaret Irene Buell 24 Apr 1935 Des Moines
SchwalbeMargaret Irene14-1627 May 1914Decatur Co81y19 Aug 1996Mt Ayr IAd/o Homer & Amy Ellen (Daughton) Buell
SegoGeorge Edison09 Aug 194461y22 May 2006Diagonal IAs/o George Edison Sego & Alice Arlene (Day) Eberly; raised by Everett & Frances Boles; md Judy Ann O'Dell 16 Sep 1962
ShieldsEssie Mary9-1126 Jul 1877Wayne Co IA04 Mar 1965Grand Riverd/o Bryon Campbell & Mary Margaret (Bull) Bay; md Oscar E 28 Sep 1895 Leon
ShieldsHazel Mercedes12 Nov 191216 Mar 1998Jacksonville FLd/o John Thomas & Lefa Alvira (Brammer) Ramsey; md Sanford E 24 May 1941
ShieldsNelson Bay11 Apr 1900Westerville IA24 Nov 1991Grand Rivers/o Oscar E & Essie Mary (Bay)
ShieldsOscar Eaves9-1116 Mar 1871Decatur Co01 Feb 1953Grand Rivers/o Francis Marion & Nancy Ann (Briner)
ShieldsPearle Goldie26 Mar 1906Wayne Co IA09 Dec 1985Grand Rivermd Nelson B 21 Apr 1926 Grand Island NE
ShieldsSanford Elmer13 Sep 1910Richland Twp31 Aug 1994Jacksonville FLs/o Oscar E & Essie Mary (Bay)
*ShillEulah Fay25 Dec 192226 Jun 1959d/o Arby Floyd & Irene (Boles) Woods
ShortBetty Louise19-1425 Dec 1923Grand River21 Dec 1932Des Moines IAd/o Roy William & Ruth Irene (Brammer) Short
ShortRoy William19-1522 Jan 1901Beaconsfield IA25 Dec 1989Leons/o Stephen Douglas & Cora Myrtle (Hall)
ShortRuth Irene19-1516 Oct 1902Grand River11 Mar 1976Leond/o Perry A & Mabel Janette (Brown) Brammer; md Roy Wm 22 Dec 1920
SimpsonSheila Jean1-126 Aug 196826 Aug 1968
SmithMarvin K16 Jan 191824 Jun 1996TEC5 US Army WWII
SmithMary M191716 Aug 2004w/o Marvin K
SnethenLillian Opal24 Feb 1904Richland Twp82y17 Dec 1986Grand Riverd/o Emmett & Anna (Bradshaw) Foland; md Mason M 24 Feb 1928 Maryville MO
SnethenMason Milford05 Dec 1904Harrison Co MO84y19 Jul 1989Leons/o James Doyle & Mary Prudence (Flanagan)
SnookDarwin Forrest Sr30 Nov 1913Grand River84y07 Jan 1998Grand Rivers/o Forrest Franklin & Mary Elizabeth (Jones)
SnookDavid Franklin13-1315 Apr 1846Fairfield IA74y 1d16 Apr 1920Richland Twps/o Israel & Nancy (Gish)
SnookForrest Franklin13-1115 Sep 1888Decatur CoJul 1972Grand Rivers/o David Franklin & Margaret Ann (Greenland); h/o Mary Elizabeth Jones
SnookLucille Verna29 May 1925Wayne Co IA88y30 Dec 2013Osceola IAd/o Louise Clarence & Iva Illo (Thompson) Jelsma; md Darwin F 21 Aug 1945 Des Moines IA
SnookMargaret Ann13-1305 Jan 1850Jefferson Co IA17 Nov 1940Decatur Cod/o Daniel & Mary Ann (Bradshaw) Greeland; md David F 30 Mar 1869 Fairfield IA
SnyderJohn Robert14-9Oct 1874Maryland1948
SnyderJudith Ellen14-918771962md 1900 John R
SpeelmanCameron Kerney9-1205 Jul 1903Shannon City IA77y 1m 25d20 Aug 1980Creston IAs/o George & Nettie (Cameron)
SpeelmanMary Elizabeth9-1227 Sep 1908Grand River77y1986Albuquerque NMd/o Curtis & Susie (Sears) Boyd; md C Kerney 14 Oct 1929
SpeelmanShirley Jean9-1219301932d/o & s/s C Kerney & Mary E (Boyd)
SprayAlbert Marshall10-914 Mar 1876Decatur Co26 May 1948Grand Rivers/o Casper Gottlieb & Emeline (Moran)
SprayAudrey Fields6-1609 Dec 1904Grand River12 Feb 1943Grand Rivers/o John Marion & Martha Lucinda (Burchett)
SprayC G9-621 Jun 1846Prussia08 Dec 1921Grand RiverCasper Gottlieb; s/o Henry William & Mary Elizabeth (Baker)
SprayEmeline9-621 Jun 184815 Jun 1929Grand Riverd/o George Washington & Sara Elizabeth (Thomas) Moren; md C Gottlieb Oct 1867 Westerville IA
SprayEsther Lorraine10-107 Aug 1908Greene Co IA21 Oct 1996Des Moines IAd/o Benjamin Harrison & Catherine Lorraine (Litchgy) Crow; md Audrey F 06 Mar 1932 Des Moines IA
SprayJohn Marion6-1704 Sep 1873Grand River25 Jan 1952Grand Rivers/o Casper Gottlieb & Emeline (Moran)
SprayJosephine Mabel10-828 Apr 1883Iowa09 Jul 1961Decatur Cod/o John W & Sarah Catherine (McDowell) Gibson; md Albert M 24 Dec 1902 Grand River
SprayMartha Lucinda6-1705 Sep 1880Richland Twp13 Jun 1955Grand Riverd/o Marshall & Sarah Elizabeth (Grimm) Burchett; md John M 01 Jan 1902 Grand River
StanleyDouglas Wayne5-115 Jun 195911 Dec 1961s/o Roger & Beth
StarkCurtis Douglas09 Jan 1987Ottumwa IA21y30 Sep 2008Monroe Co IAs/o Ronald Douglas & Cynthia Ann (Bickford)
StarkGoldie Pearl07 Aug 1911DeKalb IA101y17 Aug 2012Mt Ayr IAd/o George & Ella Virginia (Fry) South; md Wilbert Neil 30 Dec 1936; Ch: Eloise, Marion, Caroyln, Darwin
StarkMarion Lavern29 Jul 1938Grand River07 Mar 2015s/o Wilbert Neil & Goldie Pearl (South); md Donna Lee Reed 19 Apr 1958
StarkWilbert Neil21 Apr 1912Grand River93y12 Dec 2005Leons/o John & Esther (Cole)
StephensonFrances Maureen14 Aug 1938Grand River74y01 Jul 2013Princeton NJd/o Raymond & Alice (Owens) McGraw; md William Boyd 24 Dec 1974 Hartford CT
StewartCindy Ann02 Aug 1956Newton IA59y09 Jun 2016Des Moines IAd/o Edward Joseph & Laura Viola (Adams) Adams; md 1st Robert Guetherman, 2nd Don Stewart
StillMargaret Louise31 Jul 192327 Dec 1993
Stiverson-OehlerZeta Louise06 Aug 1902Decatur Co09 Dec 1988Grand Riverd/o John Henry & Ida Lois (Hukill) Edwards; md 1st Milton Milton Stiverson (1901-1940 inter Clarinda Cem Clarinda IA) 20 Aug 1924, 2nd ? Oehler
StoddenVernon Fred Sr23 Dec 1924Monona Co IAOct 1986Grand Rivers/o Albert Joseph & Amanda Margaretha (Sievers); h/o Gloria J Stodden (1944-2005 inter McKeever Cem Colfax IA next to Arthur Beals)
StogdillAmy Arlene09 Mar 1912Decatur Co28 Oct 1988Leond/o Homer George & Amy Ellen (Daughton) Buell; h/o Claude Hollifield
StogdillClaude Arlo22 Dec 1928Ringgold Co IA14 Jan 1997St Petersburg FLs/o James Monroe & Norma Gladys (Veach); md Beverly 29 Jul 1956
StogdillClaude Hollifield30 Apr 1909Glenwood MO31 May 1982Leon"Sandy"; s/o Jesse Alexander & Lettie Olevia (Hollifield)
StogdillJames Monroe11 Nov 1893West Grove IA06 Jun 1908Beaconsfield IAs/o Alonzo & Phoebe Ellen (Spurgeon); md Norma Gladys Veach (1895-1986 d. Crawfordsville WA) 06 Feb 1914 Schuyler MO
StogdillJesse Alexander3-1215 Nov 1883Jackson Co IN25 Mar 1857Diagonal IAs/o Alonzo & Phoebe Ellen (Spurgeon)
StogdillLettie Olevia3-1219 Nov 1889Van Zandt Co TX09 Sep 1955Diagonal IAd/o William & Sophrona (Stringer) Hollifield, md 14 Apr 1908 Canton TX to Jesse A
StoryJolene18 Aug 192811 Feb 2000
StrangeBeth Ann14 Oct 1955Cedar Rapids IA02 Jul 2011Tulsa OKd/o Norman B & Gertrude A (Ross) Jennings
StrangeHiedi Alice04 May 1978Mt Ayr IA16 Sep 2016d/o Doug & Beth Ann (Jennings) Strange; twin sis/o Hatti McClary
StreetAddaline16-1518 Dec 1886Iowa1954md Albert 09 Feb 1907
StreetAlbert16-1606 Aug 1884Decatur Co07 Sep 1937Palo Alto CAs/o Peter & Alice (Weston)
StreetEdith M17-1018901929d/o William H & Minnie (Fear) Campbell; md Earnest E 09 Aug 1910
StreetErnest E17-1107 Sep 189012 Apr 1929s/o Peter & Alice (Weston)
StreetHelen16-1414 Mar 19101925d/o Albert & Addaline (Combs) Street
StreetHenry James7-1126 Jan 1882Delaware Co IA15 Nov 1967Elgin IAs/o Peter & Alice (Weston); md 1st Sarah Olive Shields 21 Feb 1906, 2nd Ida Brown 28 Jul 1942
StreetIda7-1013 Mar 1882Decatur Co80y 3m 16d29 Jun 1962Leond/o Ara & Lizzie (McConnell) Brown
StreetIola Esther7-912 May 1907Decatur Co20 Jul 1907Decatur Cod/o HJ & SO
StreetRichard R6-1124 Dec 193302 Oct 1972MM3 US Navy Iowa Korea; s/o Henry James & Sarah Olive (Shields); md Eileen Evans Jul 1954
StreetSarah Olive7-1129 Sep 1889Kansas26 Jan 1941Grand Riverd/o Joseph H & Kate Lillian (Day)Shields; md Henry James 21 Feb 1906
SutherlandCharley22-225 Feb 1911Ava MO23 Aug 1936Decatur Cos/o Bluford & Kate Belle (McKinney); h/o Enid (Bryant) Hagen )1914-1994 inter Grand River Cem)
TarrHazel18 Aug 1928Hilliard OH11 Feb 2000Johnston IAd/o Laurence & Ethel Johannesen; w/o Jack Leroy
TarrHazel D04 Jan 1959d/o & s/s Jack Leroy & Hazel (Johnnesen)
TarrJack Leroy02 Dec 1925Iowa21 Jan 2008Sun City West AZS2 US Navy WWII, USS Washington; s/o Edward Maple & Vivian Nellie (Hoard)
TaylorCloris Vivian26 Aug 1913Grand River91y04 Jan 2005Grand Riverd/o Clyde Franklin & Addie Ethel (Foland) Cooper; md Wellington Arthial 10 Apr 1936 Princeton MO
TaylorJohn Clarence19-511 Mar 1880Newbury KS16 Jul 1949Grand Rivers/o Alfred Arthyle & Margaret (Walker)
TaylorJohn Cotton11 Jul 1942Grand River
TaylorLana Sue24 Dec 1949Leon57y01 Mar 2007Grinnell IAd/o Glen Walter & Helen Marie (French) Nichols; md Robert J 28 May 1971 Grand River
TaylorLaura Lucretia19-411 Mar 1883Grand River19 Nov 1961Newton IAd/o Wellington & Mary Melissa (Wycoff) Wadsworth; md John Clarence 04 Sep 1906 Leon
TaylorRober John31 Mar 1942Osceola IA69y25 Apr 2011Des Moines IAUS Navy USS Gridley Vietnam; s/o Welling & Cloris (Cooper)
TaylorRobert Paul19-328 Jul 1924Grand River20 Aug 1936Grand Rivers/o John Clarence & Laura L (Wadsworth)
TaylorRoy Dale23-821 May 19161960WWII; s/o John Clarence & Laura L
TaylorShirley23-81921md Roy D 10 Oct 1941
TaylorWellington Arthial10 Apr 1911Grand River77y 3m 10d20 Jul 1988Grand Rivers/o John Clarence & Laura L (Wadsworth)
ThomasAlva Oliver14 Feb 1904Jefferson Co KS21 Feb 2000Leons/o William & Paulina Alice (Housh); md 1924 Grace Elizabeth Hopkins
ThomasGrace Elizabeth06 Jan 1906Grand River14 Maqy 1995Osceola IAd/o John Wilson & Susannah (Williams) Hopkins
ThompsonDixie Lee20 Jan 1943Osceola IA48y10 Sep 1991Murrayd/o Loren & Margaret Ann (Pettis) Paxton
TicknorAlice Florence10-13Feb 1872Decatur Co1929Decatur Cod/o HP & Elizabeth B (Rice) Brothers; md Frederick S 1892 Boone Co IL
TicknorFrederick Seth10-1219 Mar 1854Boone Co IL1934Decatur Cos/o Almon & Nancy R (Mead)
TravisGoldie Cleo17-205 Mar 1896Long Creek TwpJul 1978Princeton ILd/o Charles Dwight & Fairy Elizabeth (Lee) McKee
TrowbridgeJoseph Alva2-430 Sep 1889LeonFeb 1968Grand Rivers/o William Walter & Maryette (Bohall)
TrowbridgeMinnie2-422 Mar 1895Grand River21 Jul 1969Leond/o William H & Evaline (Briner) Allen; md J Alva 22 Dec 1912
unknownW W10-1
VanattaBenjamin Franklin21-705 Jan 1843Mercer Co PA85y 11m 3d02 Dec 1928Grand Rivers/o Thomas Virgil & Caroline Elizabeth (Murdock) Vanatta; md 1st Elizabeth J Trusler (1845-1909 inter Sunnyside Cem Caney KS) Caney KS, 2nd Dulcina L (Moyer) Parker 15 Aug 1912 Osceola IA
VanattaDulcina21-718 Mar 1842Indiana18 Mar 1932Grand Riverd/o William H & Elizabeth (Michael) Moyer; md 1st Lemuel Parker (1832-), 2nd Benjamin F
VanderflughtDonald Eugene25 Feb 1933Kellerton08 Aug 2008Grand Rivers/o Roy & Gladys (Allen); md Hzel Ward Jan 1952
VanderpoolByard Burdette14-1308 Jun 192608 Jun 1926s/o Earnest C & Jessie O (Snook)
VanderpoolClate Horace10-2208 Dec 1892Grand River92y22 Aug 1985Leons/o John & Rebecca (Adams)
VanderpoolDella10-2218991969d/o John & Rosa (Folgeman) Brown; md Clate H 20 Jan 1921
VanderpoolEarnest Cleveland14-1230 Jul 1884Decatur Co12 Nov 1966Grand Rivers/o John & Rebecca (Adams)
VanderpoolEarnest L05 Jul 192010 Dec 1988Grand RiverSSGT US Army Air Corps WWII; s/o Earnest C & Jessie O (Snook); h/o Irva I (Arehart) Clark 1926-2014 inter Pauline Cem Rutledge MO
*VanderpoolElizabeth Camelia25 Nov 1832Jackson Co IN20 Mar 1932Grand Riverd/o Coleman & Lydia Bush (Walker) Comstock; md 25 Sep 1884 Decatur Co to Anthony (1813-1902 inter Whellis Cem) per courthouse records
VanderpoolJessie Olive14-1113 Oct 1886Grand River27 Dec 1965Decatur Cod/o David Franklin & Margaret Ann (Greenland) Snook; md Earnest C 24 Mar 1909 Grand River
VanderpoolJohn10-18Aug 1849Marion Co IA17 Jan 1918s/o Anthony & Easter (Stanley)
VanderpoolJudson Ivory11-1907 Nov 1887Decatur CoMay 1981Carlisle IAs/o John & Rebecca (Adams); md 1st 30 Dec 1908 Leon Lucretia Brown (1890-1920 inter Young Cem), 2nd Edith J Wills (1900-1945 inter Leon Cem)
VanderpoolRebecca14-141922Decatur Co1925Decatur Cityd/o Earnest C & Jessie O (Snook)
VanderpoolRebecca Cathrow10-18Jul 1854Iowa1936d/o Joshua & Temperance C Adams; md 1870 John
VanderpoolVerle14-151917Decatur Co1919Decatur Cos/o M/M Lloyd; gs/o Anthony & Elizabeth C
VannDonna Virgene11 Oct 1929Grand River79y22 Apr 2009LeonUS Navy WAVES; d/o Mason M & L Opal (Foland) Snethen; md Joe Wilton Vann Jr 21 Dec 1952
WaddellMarilyn05 Apr 194602 Jan 1999w/o Jack; m/o Aimee & Brian
WadsworthMabel6-221 Jun 1884Missouri1954Grand Riverd/o Davis W & Lorette Ward; md William F 16 Sep 1908
WadsworthWilliam Francis6-230 Oct 1884IndianaJul 1962Leons/o Erastua E & Louisa (Brammer)
WaffleJames Bryce16-231 Aug 193446y28 Aug 1981s/o James Charles & Glada Ola (Dale)
WaffleRuby C16-10 Sep 1934w/o James Bryce
WallerMary17-9Jun 1875Illinois07 Oct 1959Mt Ayr IAd/o William M & Susannah (Negley) Kelley; w/o Perry (1872-1946 inter Ellston IA); s/s sister Myrtle Black
WaltersDonna Alice8-214 Feb 1916Decatur Co09 Mar 1967d/o Frank Smith & Dora Ellen Bone; md 1st ? Gridner, 2nd Leland O 11 Jan 1958 Des Moines IA
WaltersLeland O8-211 Dec 1906Beaconsfield IA101y13 Feb 2008Mt Ayr IAs/o Jap & Jennie (Bunker); md 1st 1927 Helen Sherman div., 2nd Donna (Bone) Girdner
WaltersMildred Ann14-2122 Jun 1899Grand River23 Aug 1966d/o John Wesley & Dora A (Hukill) Brammer; md Ray C 04 Mar 1920
WaltersRay C14-1110 Apr 1897Ringgold Co IA19 Apr 1976Fresno Co CAPVT US Army WWI; s/o Charles & Paroda Elizabeth (Bunker)
WarrickBertha May6-1301 Aug 1892Grand River07 Aug 1967Grand Riverd/o Issac Randolph & Martha Elizabeth (Boles) Foland; md William R 07 Jan 1920
WarrickCarl Wesley10 Jan 1914Grand River69y 5m 4d14 Jun 1983Grand Rivers/o William Robert & Bertha May (Foland)
WarrickMildred Lorine10 Jan 1914Kellerton94y23 Jan 2013Tucson AZd/o Arthur W & Bonnie Lorine (Hyatt) DeVries; md 1st Carl W Warrick 11 feb 1937 Macon MO, 2nd 1994 John Irwin d. 1977 AZ
WarrickWilliam Robert6-1315 Sep 1891Richland Twp80y 2wk 3d10 Oct 1971Leons/o Henry & Samantha (Needham)
WatsonMarie28 Mar 1931Fremont NE86y05 Feb 2018Yankton SDd/o William VanDuyn & Florence Ida (Gaeth) Ritchie; md 1st Robert R Harrison 30 Sep 1948, 2nd Creed Watson 09 Mar 1974
WeldonCedothia Ann11-1402 Jul 1876Decatur Co57y 8d10 Jul 1933Grand Riverd/o Fred & Margaret Crees; md Harry Delmar 04 Mar 1895
WeldonH D11-1416 Jan 1877Grand River79y 7d23 Jan 1956Leons/o John A & Mary (Sheehan)
WileyRose Zetta10-209 Feb 1906Grand River22 Aug 1924Grand Riverd/o George Lesley & Zettie (McDowell) Bryant; md Oren (1902-) 02 Jan 1922
*WileyWayne Louis17 Oct 1924Grand River17 Nov 1924Grand Rivers/o Oren & Rose Zetta(Bryant); per courthouse records
WilliamsJessie Mae27 Mar 1924Hatfield MO83y08 Nov 2007Osceola IAd/o Otha Waring & Bertha Mae (White) Bowen; md Kenneth G 10 Jun 1940 Bethany MO
WilliamsKenneth Gordon21 Nov 1916Good Hope MO07 May 1991Des Moines IAs/o Levi & Mattie DuEssa (Johnson)
WineingerAugusta H8-307 Dec 1890Decatur Co23 Jan 1963d/o Ransom Grant & Lulu M (Gilreath) Young; md R Francis 26 Nov 1908
WineingerFaye N8-119141922d/o Rollin Francis & Augusta H (Young)
WineingerRollin Francis8-529 Jan 1899Downing MO1949Leons/o Melbourne & Effie (McKenzie)
WoodleyWilliam F II22-08 Jul 193716 Dec 1991h/o Joyce
WoodleyJoyce22-23 Apr 194126 Dec 2000w/o William F
WoodleyWilliam F III22-719 Apr 1977
WoodsEulah Fay16-819221950d/o Floyd & I
WoodsJohn William21-819241925s/o Floyd & I
WoodsideJohn Henry19-1614 Oct 1892Ainsworth IA81y22 Feb 1974Des Moines IAWWI; s/o Warren & Mary Elizabeth (Hazen)
WoodsidePearl Edna19-1620 Feb 1897Grand River88y07 Apr 1985Mt Pleasant IAd/o Harry Delmar & Cedothia Ann (Crees) Weldon; md 1st 18 Apr 1914 Elmer Jay Crabb (1896-1924 inter Maple Hill Cem Osceola IA), 2nd John H 31 Mar 1927 Galesburg IL
WookeyAlma R13-1026 May 1882Decatur Co16 Mar 1957Decatur Cityd/o David Franklin & Margaret Ann (Greenland) Snook; md Thomas A 25 Dec 1906 Grand River
WookeyMarie Viola16-410 Sep 1913Macon Co IL97y21 Jan 1011Mt Ayr IAd/o William Robert & Goldie (Kinder) Norris; md W Day 10 Sep 1931 Hale MO
WookeyThomas A13-1012 Mar 1869Somerset England12 Jul 1959Decatur Citys/o Adrian Percial & Jane (Salter); arrived in America 1881
WookeyWilliam Day16-422 Oct 1909Grand River08 Oct 1991Leons/o Thomas A & Alma R (Snook)
WycoffAddie Mae5-203 Oct 1888Murray27 Feb 1966Grand Riverd/o David Cook & Eliza Annise (Fuson) Shaw; md William A 26 Feb 1913 Leon
WycoffElsie Opal15-420 Jun 189317 Oct 1971Millerton IAd/o Charles Edward & Lora Christina (Redd) Bryant; w/o William E
WycoffHarold Eugene19 Jan 1925Grand River76y17 Aug 2001Winterset IAUS Army WWII; s/o William Arthur & Addie Mae (Shaw); md Lucile Mae (Werts) 1938-2016 inter Winterset City Cem
WycoffWilliam Arthur5-220 May 1880Coffeyville KS05 Dec 1957Grand Rivers/o John Temple & Sarah J (Evans)
WycoffWilliam Charles15-311 Aug 191106 May 1932s/o William Ezra & Elsie Opal (Bryant)
WycoffWilliam E15-420 Aug 1890Independence MO26 Mar 1955Cincinatti IAs/o Susannah Campbell Wycoff
YoungChester Richard19 Nov 1932Richland Twp80y07 Oct 2013LeonWWII; s/o Fredrick Manning & Ruth (Ward)
YoungDonald Ward07 Jun 1914Richland Twp76y25 Mar 1993Creston IAWWII; s/o Fredrick Manning & Ruth (Ward)
YoungEdith Abott6-1403 Nov 1899Atlanta MO31 Mar 1999Kansas City MOd/o Edwin & Annie Sarah (Bromley) Baldwin; md Ralph Victor 29 Mar 1924
YoungFern Luvella18 Sep 1913Spencer IA99y01 Mar 2017Leond/o JB & Katherine R (Vanalstyne) Lockey; md Chester R 03 Sep 1967 Bethany MO
YoungFred Cleo7-1510 Apr 1903Grand River58y23 Apr 1961Winterset IAs/o William Coleman & Margaret Frances (Redd)
YoungFrederick Manning13-922 Feb 1887Grand River74y 1m 17d09 Apr 1961Mt Ayr IAs/o William Hamilton & Nervesta (Edwards)
YoungFrederick Maurice19 Feb 1926Grand River74y12 Apr 2000Des Moines IAUS Navy WWII; s/o Frederick M & Ruth (Ward) Young
YoungGrace L7-1525 Jul 1905Leroy81y14 Dec 1986Goshen INd/o George & Ida (Hilliard) Webb; md Fred C 28 Nov 1923 Van Wert
YoungHenry13-2004 Nov 1894Grand River82y15 Jul 1977Leons/o Ransom Grant & Lulu M (Gilreath)
YoungMargaret Frances8-11Oct 1869Illinois1947d/o Robert H & Malissa A (McDowell) Redd; md W Coleman 03 Nov 1890
YoungNervesta12-829 Oct 1855Lacelle IA13 Nov 1938d/o Anderson & Armina (Ramsey) Edwards; md William H 31 Dec 1874 Westerville IA
YoungPauline16 Mar 1927Leon85y31 Dec 2012Creston IAd/o Charles F & Minnie L (McLaughlin) Green; md Donald W 01 Nov 1947 Leon; Ch: Daniel & Kathleen
YoungRalph Victor6-1404 Apr 1897Decatur Co11 Apr 1974Adair MOS1 US Navy Iowa WWI; s/o William C & Margaret F (Redd)
YoungRuth13-918 Aug 1893Marshfield MO85y29 Oct 1978Mt Ayr IAd/o Daniel & Loretta (Millstead) Ward; md Frederick M 01 Mar 1910
YoungWilliam Coleman8-1103 Sep 1862Decatur Co18 Feb 1940Decatur Cos/o William Hamilton & Nancy (Comstock)
YoungWilliam Hamilton12-829 Sep 1854Grand River02 Apr 1939Richland Twps/o John Dale & Catherine (Warrick)
ZimmermanGarnet Kay17-1417 Sep 195227 Jun 1955d/o Woodrow Wilson & Dorothea Margaret (Gilland); s/s father and siblings Joan Lee & John Lyle
ZimmermanJames Wilson30 Jul 1946Decatur Co59y21 Sep 2003Hiawatha IAs/o Woodrow Wilson & Dorothea Margaret (Gilland)
ZimmermanJoan Lee17-1419481951d/o Woodrow Wilson & Dorothea Margaret (Gilland); s/s father and siblings Garnet Kay & John Lyle
ZimmermanJohn Lyle17-1404 Feb 194804 Feb 1948s/o Woodrow Wilson & Dorothea Margaret (Gilland)
ZimmermanWoodrow Wilson17-1418 Dec 1917Iowa08 Sep 1991IowaPVT Co L 378th Inf US Army WWII; s/o Isaac James & Elsie Ellen (Toney); h/o Dorothea Margaret Gilland (1922-2007 d. Davenport IA)

Sources: Cemeteries of Decatur Co. IA; compiled by Lois Slade; transcribed by Stacy Dietiker; updated by Sharon R. Becker, June 2016.
Additional transcriptions from WPA Records, biographies, family pages and obituaries. Reformatted by Conni McDaniel Hall April 2019. Updated Sep 2020.
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