...I will make thee an eternal excellency,
a joy of many generations.
Isaiah 60:15 


Franklin Cemetery


Decatur County, Iowa

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Center Township, Section 14

Source: Cemeteries of Decatur Co. IA; compiled by Lois Slade.

Nearest town: Leon
Earliest tombstone burial: William E. Garber on 1855 May 26.

History: This cemetery, also known as Dunkard, is located just west of the Franklin Church of the Brethren. In the early 1850's there was a Franklin community (a post office was established in January 1854). There were burials made in the cemetery before the church was organized in 1856 and the church building built in 1874. (The church now serves as the Mennonite school.)

The first burial (an unmarked grave) was Christina Sears from Lee County who was visiting here when she died.

An interesting tombstone was found covering the cornerstone of the Garden Grove Methodist Church when it was torn down in 1976. It was identical to the stone in Row 1 Stone 9 except for the spelling of the first name Reubin instead of Reuben. It is surmised the stone was rejected because of the misspelling, left at Garden Grove and a second sent to replace it.

Last Name, First Name, Information, Location

??? ??? (small stone broken off and gone) N2-8
??? ??? (4 corner stones with letter "H") N3-3
??? ??? (old base only) N15-3
??? ??? (temporary metal marker) S14-5
??? Edmond C. (broken) Died Apr. 13 1856
     (broken stone along west fence) West fence
??? Harrison (temporary metal marker) S14-4
??? John (temporary metal marker) S14-3
Archer John 1844-1922 (metal GAR Marker) S13-2
Archer Margaret 1833-1900 S13-2
Arney Ira R. 1871-1917 S6-8
Arney Jacob S. Mar. 23 1839 - Feb. 13. 1927 S6-6
Arney Linia A. wife of J.S. Arney Died Apr. 5. 1880 aged 39Y 11m 27d S6-7
Arney Lucinda C. Ryan Officer Our Mother wife of J.S. Arney
     Oct.14.1846 - Jan.24.1928 S6-5
Arnold Amelia dau. of M.M. & J. Arnold died Nov. 10. 1855 aged 17y 9m 22d N12-3
Arnold John 1840 to 1872 Co. D 4th Ia Inf (W.P.A. Records) No stone
Arnold ??? (handmade cement marker) N12-1
Beasley John T. died Sep. 12. 1874 aged 2y 11m 10d. Child of E. D. Beasley S4-8
Beasley Mattie L died Sep 27. 1870 aged 6m 8d Child of E. D. Beasley S4-8
Brazelton Emily died Aug. 27. 1860 aged 1Y 5m 16d S12-1
Brazelton Huldah wife of Wm. Brazelton died July 21. 1861 aged 35Y 10m 11d S12-1
Brazelton Reed C. died Aug. 28. 1856 aged 24D S12-1
Brazelton William died June 2 1895 aged 77Y 11m 20d S12-2
Brown Enous R. Son of A. & M. Brown died Mar. 10. 1856 aged 1y 3d S8-1
Brown Florance A. dau. of J.A. & M.A. Brown
     died Mar. 18. 1866 AE 2y 10m. 10d. N9-8
Brown George F. Son of J.R. & M.E. Brown Died July 15. 1871 aged 1y. 22d. N9-3
Brown Mary O. dau of J.A. & M.A. Brown Died Oct. 18. 1870 aged 3Y 2m. 19d. N9-4
Brown Thomas D. died Mar 7. 1867 aged 36y 1m 3d S8-4
Bullard Reubin Son of R. & C.M. Bullard Died Aug. 23. 1864 22Y 27D
     Co. A 34R Io. V. (1861 GAR metal marker also) N3-4
Bunch Mildred F. Infant daughter of J.G. & B.F. Bunch June 2 1909 N11-3
Campbell Catherine Marie wife of C.M. Campbell Sep 5. 1899 - May 19 1926 S12-10
Caster Catherine 1837-1928 N2-7
Caster Jacob 1836-1889 N2-7
Caster Louisa Ann dau. of J.&C. Caster died Dec. 28. 1872 aged 2y 11m 12d N2-6
Caster Ethe1 A. 1893-1894 S12-8
Caster John T. 1865-1936 S12-9
Caster Marion M. son of J.T. & S.J. Caster Born Aug. 1. 1895 Died Nov. 3. 1897 S12-7
Caster Marion M. 1895-1897 Child S12-8
Caster Matilda aged 3d N2-5
Caster Nancy wife of P. Canter died Nov. 26. 1863 aged 26y 8m 25d
     She was a permanent member of the German Baptist Church N2-5
Caster Sarah J. 1862-1935 S12-9
Chandler Alice dau of Howel & Martha Chandler
     Died Apr. 15. 1911 aged 58Y & 15d S10-8
Chandler Infant dau of M.T. & A.B. Chandler died Apr. 20. 1879 aged 4 days S9-3
Chandler Infant son of M. & H. Chandler S10-9
Chandler James G. Son of G.T. and M.E.. Chandler
     died Apr. 23. 1872 aged 2m & 23d S9-2
Chandler John Wesley son of W.S. & H. Chandler Jan. 28. 1869 - Jan. 28. 1890 S10-7
Chandler Howel L Born July 11. 1818 Died Dec. 4. 1898 S9-6
Chandler Martha wife of Howel Chandler
     died Sept. 15. 1881 aged 86Y 5m 28d (broken) S9-7
Chandler Miles 1876-1895 S10-7
Chemoweth Martha J. dau. of L & E Chemoweth Died Dec 5 1867 aged 7m & 8d S1-7
Cherry Cary husband of Dulcindia Cherry
     Died Feb. 4. 1876 aged 63y 3m 20d (broken) S3-12
Cherry Dulcindia wife of C. Cherry died Oct. 2. 1873 aged 63y 4m 27d S3-11
Chick Mary Died Sep. 24. 1889 aged 66y 5m 18d N5-8
Chick William Died Feb. 22. 1879 aged 72y 11m 5d N5-9
Chupp Menno I. 1895-1971 N17-1
Clark George H. 1877-1960 N8-2
Clark H. Maude 1884-1962 N8-2
Coontz Henry L. 1877-1962 N15-1
Coontz Susie C. 1866-1949 N15-1
Darrah John Lindsley Son of Dr. A.J. & M. Darrah
     died June 3 1867 aged 11y 3M 19D N2-4
Darrah Nancy Nevada Dau. of Dr. A.J. & M. Darrah
     Died Aug. 30. 1864 aged 1Y 8M 21d N2-2
Darrah Susanna E. Dau. of A.J. & M. Darrah Died Oct. 3. 1865 aged 9m 11D N2-3
Davis Nevada F. Dau of John & Mary C. Davis Died Nov. 20. 1881 -1Y 9M 13d N1-3
Davis Eulah M. His wife 1894-1973 N6-1
Davis Eunice W. 1894-1978 S16-7
Davis J. Henry 1895-1926 N6-1
Davis John F. died Oct. 19. 1896 aged 60y 2M 9D N1-1
Davis Lucas E. 1894- S16-7
Davis Mary C. Died Nov. 26. 1915 aged 77y 3M 22D N1-1
Delk E.J. his wife 1852- (Uncut) N5-1
Delk J.H. 1845-1912 N5-1
Delk John Died Aug. 4. 1888 ag 73Y 3M 18D N5-3
Delk Sarah Ann wife of John Delk Died Sept. 4. 1887 aged 66Y 11M 25D N5-3
Dilsaver Catharine G wife of Z. Dilsaver Died Oct. 11. 1865 Aged 58y & 10d S3-3
Dilsaver Frank M. Son of A & E Dilsaver Died Jan. 28. 1863 aged 4m S3-2
Dilsaver James H son Of JS. & M.C. Dilsaver Died Oct. 6. 1862 Aged 1y 4m S3-1
Dilsaver Maggie E. dau. of W.H. & E.P. Dilsaver
     Died Nov 3. 1871 aged 1y 6m 18d S3-5
Dilsaver Minnie L. dau. of W.H. & E.P. Dilsaver Died Ju1 25. 1875 aged 1y 9m 2d S3-6
Dilsaver Zachariah Died Apr. 28 1872 aged 68y 1m 27d S3-4
Doan Hannah R. wife of M.S. Doan died Mar. 2. 1861 aged 25y 11m 14d N9-11
Doan Infant Son of M.S. & H.R. Doan Died Feb. 28. 1859 age 1d S8-2
Duffield Anna M. 1880-1965 S16-4
Duffield Avah Z. dau. of S.H.& S.A. Duffield died July 30. 1903 aged 1y 9m 24d S15-5
Duffield Henry died July 30. 1903 aged 72y 8m 24d S15-7
Duffield John C. 1883-1960 S15-9
Duffield Olive 1884-1968 S15-8
Duffield S.H. 1855-1929 (W.P.A. "Samuel H. died 7-11-1929") S15-6
Duffield Sidney 1858-1939 (W.P.A. "Sidney Ann (Kob) died 12-26-1939") S15-4
Ehm Kittie A. dau. of G. & M.A. Ehm died Mar. 26. 1880 aged 11m S3-8
Ehm Mary A. wife of G.A. Ehm died Mar. 17. 1905 aged 56Y 9m 4d S2-6
Ehm Gustave A. Died Nov. 9. 1924 aged 86y 3m 2d S2-7
English Arthur J. Mar. 14. 1876 - Nov. 16. 1954 S8-9
Evans A. Belle Frost Aug. 5. 1862 - June 3. 1919 S9-12
Evans Angie Ethel Sep. 4. 1885 - Mar. 29. 1897 S9-12
Evans Charles Simeon Jan. 3. 1860 - Nov. 5. 1944 S9-12
Farris George W son Of JS & S Farris Died Aug. 30. 1862 1y 2m 13d S2-1
Field Jane dau of N. & MA Field Died Dec. 9. 1872 aged 24y 11m & 21d S2-2
Field Mary Ann wife of N. Field Died July 22 1893 aged 79y 9m 21d S2-2
Field Nathaniel Died Mar. 31. 1869 aged 60y 6m 27d S2-2
Frazier John L. Born June 10. 1825 Died Nov. 12. 1895 N7-2
Frazier Loudema wife of J.L. Frazier Born July 30. 1827 Died July 20. 1893 N7-2
Frazier Martha E. dau. of J.L. & L. Frazier Born July 26. 1870 Died Feb.22. 1892 N7-2
Frost Infant son of L.M. & N.E. Frost Died Aug. 30. 1902 S12-12
Frost Nora Etta wife of L.M. Frost Died May 24.1907 aged 28y 6m 12d S12-11
Funk William J. 1871-1903 S11-2
Garber Edwin Son of S.A. & N.A. Garber Died Oct. 14. 1864 aged 7m 24d N11-8
Garber Infant Dau. Died Jan.1.1882 Infant child of J.F. & Rosa Garber N11-7
Garber Infant son Died Dec. 26. 1881 Infant child of J.F. & Rosa Garber N11-7
Garber Joanna dau. of S.A. & N.A. Garber Died Jan. 12. 1859 aged 3y 2m 28d N11-10
Garber William E. Son of S.A. & N.A. Garber died May 26. 1855 aged 1y 3m 25d N11-9
Garber Infant dau. of L.D. & M.A. Garber Died May 3. 1883 aged 3 Days. N11-5
Garber Mary R. Little Ruth" dau. of F.A. & S.E. Garber
     Died Oct. 26. 1897 aged 1y 9m 11d N 11-4
Garber Nancy A. died May 21 1910 aged 75y 8m 11d N11-6
Garber Samuel A. died Jun 14. 1888 aged 56y 5m 13d N11-6
Garber Wilfred D. Sep. 4. 1893 - Oct 15. 1918
     Died in the service of his country at Camp Sheridan
     Ala. 133rd Base Hospital Corps U.S. Army N11-2
Gaskill Elanor wife of (broken).Gaskill Died Mar. 27. 1874 Aged 67Y 9M 9D N4-2
Gaskill Samuel Born Apr. 10. 1805 Died Dec. 17. 1886 N4-3
Gates Addie M. Dau. of S.H. & C. Gates Died Oct. 25. 1878 aged 21y 11m 24d N8-5
Gates C. Frances dau. of S.H. & C. Gates Died July 7. 1880 aged 16y 4m & 1d N8-6
Gates Samuel H. Husb. of C. Gates Died Nov. 15. 1886 aged 62y 6m 2d N8-7
Gates C. Catharine M. May 1. 1866 - Nov. 30. 1896 N8-8
Gilbert Evva dau. of T. & T. Gilbert died Apr. 30. 1877 1Y 2m S8-6
Gilbert Maggie E. dau. of H.R. & E. Gilbert died May 16. 1877 ag 7y 7m 21d S8-5
Gilbert Emily wife of H.R. Gilbert Nov. 24. 1836 - Sep. 5. 1910 S8-7
Gilbert Herman R. May 8. 1836 - Oct. 1. 1914 S8-7
Gilbert Ada K. 1887-1969 S8-8
Gilbert Daniel 1879-1940 S8-8
Gillham John N. Died July 7. 1870 aged 62Y 9m 25d N8-9
Gittinger Agnes Died Feb. 2. 1892 aged 36Ys 6Ms 17Ds N1-5
Gittinger Annie. dau. of D.R. and S.E. Gittinger died Sep. 12 1861 aged 4M. 15d. N1-10
Gittinger Daniel R. Died April 11. 1891 Aged 69Ys 17 Days N 1-7
Gittinger Laura dau. of D.R. & S.E.. Gittinger Died Aug. 16. 1871 Aged 2M. 5D. N1-8
Gittinger Sarah E. wife of D.R. Gittinger Died Oct. 7. 1895 aged 64Y 3M 17D N1-6
Goodman Alice E. wife of Aaron Goodman Born Jan. 12. 1859 Died Apr 3. 1891 N8-3
Goodman Anna A. wife of John Goodman Nov. 17. 1875 - June 28. 1904 S12-4
Goodman Sam'l Milo died 1-25-1936 age 57 (W.P.A. Records) No stone
Goodman Abe b Sept. 19. 1866 Died June 28. 1953 aged 86y 9m 9d S12-6
Goodman Dilemina wife of Abe Goodman
     Born Apr.1.1872 d. Jul 14. 1906 ag 34Y 3m 13d S12-6
Goodman Elizabeth 1879-1945 S12-3
Goodman, Hannah (Winner/Wimmer), wife of Sam Goodman b. 22 Jan 1839  d. 01 May 1894, AE 64Y 3m 8d   OBITUARY   S7-3
Goodman John Sep 3. 1869 - Jul 19 1933 S12-4
Goodman Sam died Oct 4 1894 aged 64y 10m 10d S7-3
Goodman Sidney A. died Apr. 11 1893 aged 41y 6m 19d S7-7
GOODMAN, Sherrisa DeLea b. 13 Jul 1978 d. 05 Mar 2014 OBITUARY
Goodman Wilma F. Baby dau of John & Anna A. Goodman
     Nov. 13 1896 - Feb. 22. 1897 S12-5
Hale Arthur F 1894-1925 Co. D 335th Mach. Gun Bat'l. (Picture on stone) S2-8
Hall Ann wife of W. Hall died June 26. 1858 aged 72y 2m 3d (broken) N5-11
Hamm Sarah E. wife of R.B. Hamm died Jan. 12. 1886 aged 37y 12d S9-11
Hampton Reuben Died Apr. 2. 1863 aged 60Y 5m & 17d N1-9
Handley Chancy C. Son Of C & J Handley Died Aug. 25. 1863 aged 1y 1m 16d S1-3
Handley Ida Bell Died Feb. 17 1865 aged 7m 2d Dau of C. & J. Handley S1-4
Handley Rosette B. Died June 26 1865 aged 10Y 9m 10d
     Dau of C. & J. Handley S1-4
Harper John W. Son of S. & MJ. Harper 1864-1871 N6-4
Harper Mary J. 1830-1914 N6-4
Harrow John W. Husb. of S.P. Harrow Died Nov. 18. 1886 aged 66y 3.10m 6d N13-7
Harrow Sarah P. his wife Jan. 2. 1825 - Feb. 28. 1915 N13-7
Hart Benjamin Son of R.J. & R. Hart Born Sep. 4. 1889 Died Mar. 26. 1892 S4-9
Heaston Margaret wife of Jacob Heaston
     died June 21. 1858 aged 43y 8m 26d (broken) S8-3
Helt John G. Son of S.L. & S.J. Helt died Feb. 7. 1864 AE 7m 9d N12-2
Henry Eulah Lorene 1911-1944 N11-1
Hiatt Infant dau. of L.A. and E. Hiatt Born & Died May 9. 1902 S15-1
Hilterbrand James E. 1882-1938 S17-1
Howell John E. Son of J. & M.F. Howell b Dec. 24. 1886 Died Mar 4. 1892 N7-1
Infant S4-6
Infant S7-6
John William Son of E. & S.J. John Died Aug. 16. 1883 Aged 3M 26D N3-2
Johnson Mary E. dau. of H & S Johnson Died Feb. 2. 1864 ag 19D. S1-2
Johnson Sarah A. wife of L.W. Johnson died Dec. 16. 1872 aged 25y 12d S4-2
Keim Alma A. Died June 23. 1909 aged 1m 14d N13-4
Keim Charles H. 1856-1937 N13-5
Keim Ira L. Born Oct. 3. 1885 Died Dec. 6. 1909 N13-4
Keim Margaret B. Mother 1884-1956 N13-6
Kelley Bartie Son of R. & F Kelley Died Oct. 9. 1871 aged 1y 3m 15d S1-5
Kob Anna his wife Dec. 11. 1837 - Oct. 8. 1916 S 6-2
Kob Barbra wife of Phillip Kob died Sep. 4. 1881 aged 79 Y 8m S7-4
Kob Jemima 1860-1937 S6-1
Kob John R. son of L.M. & Anna Kob & husb of Maggie Kob
     died Sep.20. 1893 22y 6m 13d S 6-3
Kob Lewis M. Dec. 25. 1834 - June 26. 1911 S6-2
Kob Philip Died Jan. 6. 1858 aged 57Y & 11M S7-5
Kob Philip A. son of L.M. & A. Kob Died June 13. 1872 aged 7y 2m 13d S6-4
Landon Peter Husb. Of Sarah Scott Died Jan. 25. 1892 aged 70y 3m 13d S2-4
Landon Sarah wife of Samuel Landon (illegible)
     Died Aug. 27. 1871 aged 69y 11m 1d S2-3
Lantz Alpha L. Son of G.H. & N.A. Lantz Died Sep. 30. 1882 1Y 1M 17D N1-2
Lewis Christian P. Died Aug 31. 1888 aged 62Ys 8m 16Ds N1-4
Lewis Elizabeth J. Wife of C.P. Lewis Died Dec. 28. 1919 aged 80Y 8M 20D N1-4
Lewis Milo D. Third son of C.P. & E.J. Lewis
     Died Sept. 18. 1877 aged 3y 11m 18d N1-4
Lillie Ada Mae 1888-1968 N17-2
Lillie R. Ellsworth 1888-19 Co. F 359 Inf. World War I N17-2
Lionberger Chester W. 1919-1938 N13-2
Lionberger Margaret Keim 1882-1966 N13-3
Lorey Maria Died March 11. 1876 aged 70y 2m 20d N8-4
Machlan Mary E. 1861-1935 S5-5
Machlan Merritt A. Son of J.N. & M.E. Machlan died Feb. 19. 1890 aged 2y 4m 8d S5-6
Manning Benj. Died Sep. 4. 1856 aged 17y 2m 11d S11-1
Manning Jacob R. died Dec. 20. 1866 55y & 15d S11-1
Manning Rachel Died Jan. 25. 1877 aged 59Y 5m 15d S11-1
Martin Frank A. June 15 1876 - May 12. 1878 Son of R.D. & A.F. Martin N5-6
Martin Mary B. Feb. 16. 1872 - Sep. 28. 1884 Dau. of R.D. & A.F. Martin N5-6
Martin Adelia F. wife of R.D. Martin Apr. 30. 1841 - Aug. 13. 1892 S6-10
Martin Aletha E. his wife July 21. 1816 - Apr. 4. 1899 S6-11
Martin Angie A. dau. of R.D. and A.F. Martin June 4. 1880 - Oct. 8. 1897 S6-10
Martin James Jan. 21. 1808 - Apr. 2. 1872 S 6-11
Martin Mary J. dau. of J. and A.E. Martin Mar. 16. 1850 - Oct. 8. 1863 S6-11
Martin W.N. 1852-1921 S6-9
MATTE, Shyla Allison b. 21 Sep 2010 d. 05 Mar 2014 OBITUARY
McCready Joseph Mar. 15. 1803 - Jan. 4. 1881 OBITUARY S9-5
McDonough Alice Dau. of W.B. & M. McDonough
     Died July 20. 1886 aged 27Y 5m 5d N7-4
McDonough Mary his wife Feb. 25 1831 - July 6. 1924 N7-3
McDonough W.B. Oct. 24 1826 - Oct. 3. 1903 N7-3
Merrill Mary Grace Infant N8-1
Miller John W. son of R. & E. Miller died Feb. 24. 1874 aged 13y 4m 2d S4-3
Miller Lydia E. dau. of J. & S. Miller Died Feb. 6. 1865 aged 9Y 4M 19D S4-1
Miller Martha J. his wife 1853-1883 (GAR Metal Marker) S4-7
Miller Sophia wife of John Miller died March 25. 1893 aged 81y 7m 2d S4-5
Miller Fay R 1910-1967 N13-1
Miller Henry S. 1843-1926 S4-7
Miller John Died March 23. 1874 aged 74y 1m 23d S4-4
Miller Kathryn 1914- N13-1
Milligan Sendra B. dau Of CW & SJ Milligan Died Apr. 30. 1869 Aged 2m 24d S1-6
Milligan Susan wife of I. Milligan died Nov. 13. 1860 aged 24Y. 10M 2D (broken) S10-1
Mintonye George A. son of AG & S Mintonye died Mar. 6 1868 aged 5m 24d S3-10
Moore Eliza J. Pace wife of John W. Moore Aug. 11. 1820 - Feb 3. 1907 S9-10
Morgan Rebecca A. wife of Thomas Morgan Died Feb. 3. 1898
     Aged 60y 10m 23d N14-3
Morgan Thomas Died Feb. 9. 1904 Aged 70y 2m 13d (GAR marker) N14-2
Morrison Benjamin F. Died Feb. 8. 1865 Aged 57Y 4m. 7d. S10-4
Morrison Thomas H. son of H.J. & M. E. Morrison
     died Oct. 9. 1865 aged 4y 10m 3d S10-5
Muck Harry Edgar 1899-1935 N16-2
Muck Jessie M. 1876-1968 N16-1
Muck Ulysses S. 1866-1943 N16-1
Muck William Clide son of U.S. and Jessie M. Muck
     Born Oct. 16.1897 Died Aug.20.1898 S5-3
Nather Malina dau. of G.W. & L Nather died Oct. 9. 1872 aged 2y 2m 29d S3-7
Norman Lucinda dau. of J. & M. Norman Died June 5. 1862 aged 1y 2m 24d S1-1
Overholtzer Minnie A. 1883-1934 N9-2
Overholtzer Samuel J. 1869-1949 N9-1
Overholtzer William A. son of S. & H. Overholtzer Died Apr. 9. 1883 aged 11D. N2-1
Pace Charles W. Son of W. and R.M. Pace died Sep 2. 1877 aged 11m & 18d S9-8
Pace James Husb of Tobitha Pace died Dec. 8. 1879 55y 7m 20d S9-4
Pace Martha wife of Elisha Pace Died July 21. 1865 Aged 82 Y S9-1
Pace Rachel M wife of WP Pace Born Feb. 16. 1840 Died Aug 19. 1891 S9-9
Pace William P. Pvt 3 Iowa Cav. Aug. 10. 1837 - April 19. 1916 (GAR Metal marker) S10-11
Payton John Husband of C. Payton died May 24. 1871 aged 71y 4m 10d (broken) S10-6
Payton Margaret A. dau of J.M. & M. E. Payton died Dec. 12. 1864 aged 2m 25d S10-3
Petticord Eleanor E. 1881-1959 S16-3
Petticord Glenmore 1875-1936 Tr B 1 IL. Cav. Sp. Am. War S16-2
Petticord John 1853-1914 S16-1
Petticord Sarah 1853-1925 S16-1
Poland Cary Son of D.P. & M. Poland died June 7. 1889 aged 15y 5m 29d S3-13
Poland Danile P. died 3-7-1932 aged 85 (W.P.A. Records) No stone
Poland Eugene M. son of D.P. & M. Poland died Nov. 5. 1889 aged 2y 5m 11d S3-14
Poland Lydia F. dau. of D.P. & M. Poland died July 18. 1876 aged 7m 22d S3-9
Poland Mary wife of D.P. Poland died Oct. 10. 1889 aged 40y 6m & 13d S3-14
Poland Samuel 1879 to 7-30-1897 (W.P.A. Records) No stone
Porter Wm. A. died 12-23-1932 aged 76 (W.P.A. Records) No stone
Porter Catharine A. Born Apr. 28. 1836 Died (uncut) S7-8
Porter Hiram C. Died Aug. 14. 1888 aged 53Y 4m 23d S7-8
Richey Hiram B. Co B 59 Ill. Inf. (family info: died Feb. 9. 1877) N5-2
Schott John died about 1917 (buried next to Emeline)
     (family info) (W.P.A. Records) No stone
Schott Emeline (GOODMAN), Born Aug. 21, 1860, Crown IA; Died Aug. 2, 1909, AE 48y 11m 11d, Jasper MO OBITUARY daugther of Samuel & Hannah GOODMAN; married 27 Oct 1889 J. B. SCHOTT S7-2
Scott George F. 1854-1930 S15-2
Scott Jennie E. 1855-1924 N16-3
Scott Phoebe M. 1869-1941 S15-2
Scott William 1847-1934 N16-3
Scott Etta M. 1882-1945 N10-1
Scott John L. 1872-1947 N10-1
Scott Margaret L. Dau. of J.L. & E.M. Scott Aug. 12. 1909 - July 19. 1915 N10-3
Scott Mary A. 1856-1931 N10-2
Scott Samual J. 1847-1932 N10-2
Scott Sarah Died Feb. 1 1898 ag 78y 5m 21d S2-5
Scott Sarah his wife Died Nov. 14. 1882 aged 57Y 1M 14D S5-2
Scott Stephen Died Sep. 8. 1913 aged 88Y 7M 12D S5-2
Scott Walter E. 1897-1947 S15-3
Sears Christena wife of S. Sears died Mar. 7. 1857 aged 88y S10-2
Sears Ara May 11. 1862 - Feb. 21. 1884 Dau of J & M. Sears N6-7
Sears Augustus Dodge Aug. 11. 1859 - May 31. 1904 7-10
Sears Benjamin T. 1876-1950 N15-2
Sears Daniel b July 10. 1796 Died Mar. 2. 1867 N6-6
Sears Daniel June 7. 1856 - Apr. 26. 1883 Son of J & M. Sears N6-7
Sears Daniel G. b Mar. 6 1834 Died Feb. 17. 1889 N5-4
Sears Edith B. Born Oct. 11. 1799 Died Mar. 1. 1876 N5-5
Sears Elizabeth wife of D. Sears Born Sep. 15. 1795 Died Oct. 18. 1875
     (marker- Elizabeth Martin Sears Daughter of a Revolutionary Soldier
     Erected by the old Thirteen Chapter DAR N6-6
Sears Ellen (GETTINGER), wife of A.D. Sears b Aug. 11 1859 d Jan. 15 1892 OBITUARY S7-9
Sears Ida Dau. of J.J. & M.J. Sears Died Aug. 15. 1886 22 Y & 7d N6-3
Sears Jacob Born Jan. 6. 1792 Died June 3. 1865 N5-5
Sears James May 12. 1822 - Feb. 18. 1883 N6-7
Sears John J. July 9. 1833 - Oct 22. 1911 N6-2
Sears Lewis 1869-1958 N14-1
Sears Lula Kathryn 1877-1961 N15-2
Sears Mary wife of J. Sears Sep. 7. 1822 - Dec. 18. 1903 N6-7
Sears Mary E. 1872-1955 N14-1
Sears Mary I. His wife Feb. 27. 1841 - Mar. 14. 1909 N6-2
Sears William H. Son of J.J. & MJ. Sears Died Dec. 12. 1877 aged 5y 4m 13d. N6-5
Sears George W. 1867-1918 S11-3
Sears Mary E. 1866-1957 S11-3
Smith Grace B. wife of L.L. Smith died Mar. 13. 1908 ag 28y 8m 28d S14-1
Smith Infant dau. of George H. & Floy E. Smith 1896 N10-5
Smith L.J. (no dates) No stone
Smith Andrew J. 1835-1889 N9-2b
Smith Charlotte B. wife of L.J. Smith died Sep. 16. 1864 aged 37Y 5m 23d S5-1
Smith Edgar P. son of I.L. and Grace B. Smith Died Jan. 29.1905 aged 1y 7m 18d S5-4
Smith Margaret Jane 1837-1920 N9-2b
Smith Nora A. 1883-1933 S16-5
Smith Reynols C. 1877-1959 S16-6
Smith Floy E. 1877-1898 N10-6
Smith George H. 1864-1941 N10-6
Smith Infant dau. of James L. & Gladys L Smith June 19. 1922 N10-7
Stout Frank C. Son of W.J. & L. Stout Died Feb. 3. 1866 Aged 1Y 11M 15D N5-7
Stout Letitia A. Wife of W.J Stout Feb. 11. 1823 - Dec. 23. 1908 N4-1
Stout William J. Sep. 22. 1816 - Jan. 23. 1898 N4-1
Swimm died about 1855 aged 105 years (see "broken stone above" ??) No stone
Taylor Benjamin F. 1857-1915 N10-4
Taylor Grover F. 1885-1898 N10-4
Taylor Permelia E. 1859-1941 N10-4
Tharp Elizabeth wife of Thomas Tharp died Aug. 25. 1871 aged 78Y 10m N10-9
Tharp Nathaniel P. son of Z. and G. Tharp died Sep. 10 1857 aged 7M 25D S7-1
Tharp Thomas 1828-1886 N10-8
Tharp Zeno J. Son of Z. & C. Tharp Died Feb. 10. 1863 aged 14d N5-10
Tharp Charity A. 1883-1924 N9-5
Tharp Emily E. dau. of T. & C.A. Tharp died Apr. 9. 1870 aged 8m 24d N9-7
Tharp John S. Son of T. & C.A. Tharp died Oct. 8. 1865 aged 7m 11d N9-9
Tharp Mary E. Dau. of T. & C.A. Tharp died Sep. 15 1864 aged 1y 3m 5d N9-10
Tharp William L. Son of T.& C.A. Tharp Died Oct. 19. 1872 aged 11y. 11m 18d. N9-6
Trisler Infant son of Mr. & Mrs GJ. Trisler Born & Died Nov. 15 1882 S1-8
Turner Allen B Oct- 31 1870 Died Oct. 30. 1911 N3-1
Watson Alexander died 1-1-1936 aged 75 No stone
Watson Frank 1875-1949 S13-1
Watson Jesse 1846-1939 S14-2
Watson Lydia 1877-1967 S13-1