Bucy Cemetery

Burrell Township, Section 12
Nearest town: Decatur
Cemetery GPS Coordinates: 40.6902056,-93.8869286
Earliest tombstone burial: Jan. 7, 1860
Latest tombstone burial: Dec. 21, 1906
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History: This is a private family cemetery which was never deeded to the county and stands abandoned. A road which ran close by is now closed and the cemetery cannot be seen from the present road. It stands on a rise of ground with large elm trees. The stones are all standing (except one) in one row; there is no gate to the fenced-in area. The Bucy family came from Kentucky and lived nearby, but they are not listed on county maps of 1875 or 1894.

Above information was sent to me from Lois Slade. I visited the cemetery on the 3rd of March 2000. The Elm trees are in poor condition and the fence that is around the stones is flat on the ground. I have heard stories about the Bucy's were dying from "Copper Water" I believe this would mean copper poisoning from the water. There seems to be some confusion about where the water came from, Elk creek of Grand River (the section of river called Grand River by local people is actually Thompson Fork of the Grand River).

~ Walked by Leah Walling
Bucy, Andrew J.
  Apr. 14, 1864
age 49y 2m 6d
Bucy, F. M.
Aug. 6, 1850 Jan. 7, 1860 
Bucy, Harriet M.
Aug. 21, 1873 Aug. 22, 1882
age 9y 0m 1d
d/o J.K. & Mariah E. Bucy;
Courthouse Records: Mary Hattie Bucy
Bucy, J. K.   on Bucy family list
Bucy, John G.
  Mar. 17, 1866
age 23y 2m 6d 
Bucy, Louisa B.
Oct. 15, 1817 Dec. 21, 1906  
Bucy, Maria
  Aug. 5, 1875
39y 2m 4d
w/o James Bucy
Bucy, Mariah     on Bucy family list
Bucy, Mary J.
Aug. 30, 1847 Jan. 16, 1863  
Bucy, Obediah
Apr. 19, 1860 May 17, 1862  
    Rock with no markings

Source: Transcribed and Completed for Decatur County IAGenWeb by Leah Sue Price Walling.
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