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Barry West

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Society from out of the city

Birthday surprise on Jeff West at Corydon

Monday, Nov. 11, being the 76th birthday of Mr. Jeff West of Corydon, a number of his relatives from Van Wert, joined by those of other places, drove to his home Sunday to help him celebrate his birthday. He attended church in the morning and when he returned home and opened the door his friends were in the room ready to greet him with Happy Birthday. He was very much surprised to see his friends there. Those who shared the event were; Alice Hacker West, Bertha Fierce Ross, Margaret Barrackman Fierce, Hester West Ciantoa, Edith Stevens Fierce, Lowell V. West, E. W. Fierce, Virgil S. West, Russell Fierce, Ralph D. Hoadley, William Raymond West, Clifton A West, Ray West all of Van Wert.

Jeff was a barber in Corydon. Anyone have a hair cut from Jeff. I once got a haircut in Eagleville for .25 cents and you could buy a watermelon from outside.