From grandmother West's scrapbook

Society Page (not sure of what paper)

Mrs. E. O. Stearns

Ida S. Stearns, although recovering from hip surgery to repair a break, celebrated her 100th birthday as she entered the Marina Mercy Hospital cafeteria in Hollywood, Calif., Dec. 10, where relatives and friends were on hand to help. Her birthdate was Dec. 8.

Ida Stearns, the widow of the late E. O. Stearns of Van Wert, before moving to California, was a former music teacher and for years played the trumpet, and as she said, "I played until I was 75 and had to quit after receiving my dentures." While living in Van Wert, Mrs. Stearns was active in many projects and after moving to California, continued her interest not in the old-way of doing things but she likes "new things" to keep her modern. She played in a band composed of grandmothers at one time on the Ralph Edward Show. Edwards was invited to her birthday party at the hospital but was unable to attend. He did, however, send her a bouquet of flowers. Mrs Stearns has always been interested in air transportation and had longed for a chance to visit the control tower of a modern airport. The day before she broke her hip in October, arrangements were made for her to spend 30 minutes in the control tower at the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). Reports from her granddaughter, Karen Jacobs, said she was thrilled at the chance to visit the tower and was able to talk to one of the pilots of a plane in the area which made a visit worth remembering.

Helping to celebrate the occasion at the hospital were her daughter Esther Andrews; her granddaughter, Karen Jacobs, and her doctor, J. Flore.

Her daughter Esther said,"Mother has always been active and has had a bright outlook on life." Mrs. Stearns said, "Don't say anything about anyone unless it's good. It works. I hear so many ladies complain about other ladies. It pays to have good word for everyone."