Subject: Misc "B" Births
Date: Monday, September 10, 2001 4:43 PM

I am not going to transcribe the Record Number, the date of File Return, place of mother's residence at time of birth and if born in wedlock. (I will note if any were not born in wedlock.)

Name of Child Name of Father Father's Nationality Occupation

Birthplace of Father Sex; # Child; Color Maiden Name Age; Birthplace Nationality of Mother of Mother Birthdate Place of Birth Attendant

Boyd, Unknown Henry Boyd Ohio American Farmer
F; Six; White Louisa L. Coffee 42; Michigan American
Dec 9, 1888 Westerville, IA R. R. Walker, M.D.

Becker, Unknown Francy Becker Iowa American Farmer
M; First; White Mary V. 20; Kentucky American
Dec 12, 1888 NewBuda Twp J. B. Horner, M.D.

Baker, Arthur S. E. Baker Decatur Co. IA American
M; ---; White Emily S. Honn 25; Decatur Co. American
Mar 22, 1889 Eden Twp. W. C. Wheeler, M.D.

Baker, Unknown Jasper M. Baker Decatur Co., IA American Farmer
M; 3rd; White Sora Alice Honn 26; Decatur Co., IA American
Mar 11, 1892 Eden Twp. J. B. Honner

Bergerson, Unknown Gus Bergerson Norway Norwegan Farmer
M; 4; White Nellie Baird 33; Ill. American
Jun 25, 1892 Fayette Twp. J. H. Hansen

Bowman, Unknown John W. Bowman Ohio American Harness Dealer
F; 3; White Mary E. Emberling xx; Ill American
Jul 10, 1892 Leon IA H. R. Layton

Biddison, Chas. A. Albert Biddison Iowa American Hardware
M; Five; White Hannah E. Richardson 30; Decatur Co., IA American
May 10, 1892 Leon IA C. P. Mullinix

Brown, John Orr Elmer J. Brown Iowa American Farmer
M; 1st; White Etta M. Stone 24; Iowa American
Aug 9, 1892 Center Twp. H. R. Layton

Bullock, Unknown O. E. Bullock Iowa American Farmer
F; Fourth; White Mary Jones 27; American
Mar 27, 1892 Lamoni, IA John H. Hansen

Browning, Unknown Oliver Browning Illinois American Farmer
M; Ninth; White T. Furgeson 34; Iowa American
May 28, 1886 Bloomington Twp M. Kamp M. D.

Bullock, Junie S. Frank Bullock Minnesota American Laborer
F; Second; White Clemma Heath 21; ------
May 28, 1886 Decatur Co. D. R. Springsteen M.D.

Black, Fred Sam Black Indiana American Farmer
M; Fourth; White Dora Hallowell 28; Iowa American
May 22, 1886 Decatur City W. J. Laney, M.D.

Barnered, Unknown R___? Barnered Indiana American Farmer
M; Eighth; White Emily Lupton 41; England English
Jul 13, 1886 Bloomington Twp W. L. Gleason, M.D.

Bouge, Unknown Joseph Bouge Michigan American Farmer
M; Fourth; White Jenett Smith 23; Indiana American
Aug 8, 1886 Decatur Co., IA Mary A. Patterson M.W.

Bullock, Idia G. J. N. Bullock Indiana American Farmer
F; Second; White Hattie Bullington 22; Indiana American
Aug 9, 1886 New Buda Twp W. C. Wheeler, M.D.

Brown, John Melvin Arturias Brown Kentucky American Physician
M; Second; White Hattie Eliz. Dunn 22; New Jersey American
Jul 23, 1886 Richland Westerville A. Brown, M.D.

Briner, Ollie Wm. M. Briner Tennessee American Farmer
F; Eighth; White Sarah E. McConnel 36; Indiana American
Jul 12, 1886 Westerville, IA A. Brown, M.D.

Bruce, Bryson Bryson Bruce Indiana American Editor
M; Eighth; White Mary A. Siddel 37; New York American
Mar 20, 1886 Garden Grove V. _____, M.D.

Burns, John Dana Jas. D. Burns Iowa American Dentist
M; First; White Hattie P. Stiles 22; Wisconsin American
Apr 12, 1886 Garden Grove E. W. Doolittle, M.D.

Boyer, Unknown Harrison Boyer Illinois American Farmer
M; Second; White Nancy J. True 20; Missouri American
Apr 7, 1886 Leon IA