Leon Reporter, Leon, Iowa
Thursday, July 30, l925

An interesting affair was the coming together of the HENDERSON family in the Davis City Park, Sunday, July 26th, to celebrate the birthday of numerous members of the family that happen to fall in the same week of the year. The birthday of CLARENCE, KENNETH his son, THERESSA, his mother, CHARLES, his brother and MRS. ALNORA HOWELL, his sister, all fall in the same week. This being the case you can readily see that it takes the greater part of one week in each year to celebrate all of these birthdays. In order to expedite matters and have one glorious big day, JAMES K. HENDERSON, who is now turning eighty years old and is the head of this famous family in Decatur County, decided to bring all the members of the family together in the city park on July 26th, which was done to the satisfaction of all.

JAMES K. HENDERSON, the founder of this family, was born in Lawrence County, Indiana, in the year l846. Came to Decatur County, Iowa, in l854; was married to THERESSA STARKEY in l856. MR. HENDERSON is the father of seven children, eighteen grandchildren and eight great grandchildren. There were present at this family reunion, sixty members old and young, besides a large following of friends. A Mr. Hudson and wife entertained with banjo music and song, after which H.L. McLaran, an old friend of the family, gave a very interesting talk on the HENDERSON family history describing in detail its growth until it now numbers thirty-three active members besides the collateral members who came in by marriage. A large table was spread and all members and friends of the family feasted on pie, cake, spring chicken, ice cream, hot coffee and fruit of every description.

JAMES HENDERSON, the venerable head of this family, joined the Baptist Church while yet a young man, and has lived all these years a consistent Christian life. MR. HENDERSON has been a farmer all his life, only a few years since he retired and moved to Davis City. We understand that he has sold his farm in Hamilton Township where he lived so many years. This aged man is among the last of a fast disappearing host of pioneers who came to this county in poverty in the early days, driving an ox team, but who has been spared by the hand of providence to see his children and grandchildren grown to manhood's estate and all leading the lives of happy peace loving citizens, and enjoying the blessings of our modern progress. It is a notorious fact that no member of this family has ever been found in jail or in the poor house.

Copied by Nancee(McMurtrey)Seifert
"With permission from the Leon Journal Reporter"
October 22, 2002