The Davis City Advance, Davis City, Iowa
Thursday, October 5, l899

Saturday, September 30th, being MRS. MINERVA FRANKLIN's 5lst birthday, she entertained the Post at 6 o'clock tea, in remembrance of her husband, SQUIRE FRANKLIN.

The Post met at the G.A.R. Hall and marched up to the house, where a fine supper, which MRS. FRANKLIN had prepared for the occasion, awaited them. They all did ample justice to the sumptuous repast, being nicely waited on by Misses Myrtle Switzer and Mary Freeman. After they all had partaken of supper, they repaired to the parlor where Miss Switzer rendered a few instrumental selections. Mrs. Van Beek then favored the Post with two excellent songs. The Post then requested Miss Switzer to play the old time songs which they all joined in singing.

Before returning to their homes, they presented MRS. FRANKLIN with a fine rocking chair, Wm. Craig acting as spokesman.

By request we print the names and ages of those present:

G.D. Van Beek, 84.
A.A. Patterson, 79.
Dr. W.C. Wheeler, 7l.
Wm. Craig, 72.
J.W. Valentine, 59.
B.A. Norman, 55.
Rastus Grim, 52.
Mrs. R.H. Hawkins, 80.
Mrs. Van Beek, 56.
Mrs. Valentine, 55.
Mrs. Dr. Wheeler, 53.
Mrs. B.A. Norman, 5l.
Mrs. Thomas Doss, 48.

Many more of the Post were invited but sickness prevented them from being present. They all enjoyed the eveing very much and wish MRS. FRANKLIN many more pleasant birthdays.

-- O.W.W.T.

Copied by Nancee(McMurtrey)Seifert
October 6, 2003