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Date: Wednesday, May 30, 2001 8:13 PM

Decatur County Journal

March 3, l898


Wednesday, February 23, l898, being the thirty-ninth birthday of MRS.

C.L. RUDIBAUGH and the eleventh birthday of MISS GEORGIA, of New Buda

Township, MR. RUDIBAUGH arranged a surprise for them.

MRS. RUDIBAUGH and children had gone to spend the day at MR. FLORA's and

MR. RUDIBAUGH was supposed to have gone to Lamoni, but instead he was

preparing the house for the reception of his guests.

MRS. H. SNETHEN and MISS HALLA BARR assisted in the culinary department.

At about 8 o'clock, MRS. RUDIBAUGH came home to find her house filled

with about forty of her friends from DAVIS CITY, besides MR. and MRS.

J.E. LEEPER from Pleasanton. She was indeed surprised but tried to

appear at ease and give her friends a hearty welcome.

Supper was served from 9 o'clock until ll o'clock. The fare consisted

of fresh oysters, fruit and cake, and the guests did ample justice to


After supper, DR. HORNER made a presentation speech in behalf of the

guests, in which they showed their friendship for MRS. RUDIBAUGH and

daughter by presenting each with a fine rocking chair. MR. RUDIBAUGH

also presented his wife with a fine parlor suite and MISS GEORGIA with a

set of silverware. At twelve o'clock they all departed for their homes,

expressing their regrets that the evening had passed so quickly, and

wishing MRS. RUDIBAUGH and MISS GEORGIA many happy birthdays.



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