Garden Grove Express
Thursday, May 11, 1893
Garden Grove, Iowa


Garden Grove, April 11, 1893.

Mr. Samuel SHELINE's family and many relatives gave him a grand surprise dinner in honor of his fifty-sixth birthday. The greatest surprise of the day was the appearance of his daughter and grand daughter, Mrs. BOARAM, of Lesan, Ringgold Co., She came the evening before and her brother met her at the depot and conveyed her to her sister's, Mrs. Wellington MCCULLOUGH, where she was kept in concealment until morning. His children presented him with a nice sofa and his wife with a nice looking chair. He received many other valuable presents. His children and grandchildren all being here except David and his family and Bennie and wife, who were in Nebraska, and circumstances prevented them from coming. In spite of the rain and mud, there were thirty-two present to enjoy the occasion.

Copied by Stacey McDowell Dietiker
January 16, 2004