Decatur County Journal
Thursday, October 2, l9l9

MRS. ALBERT BULLARD, who is well known to many of our Journal readers, celebrated her 9lst birthday anniversary on September l6th, at the home of her daughter, MRS. C.J. PRICE, of Des Moines. A pleasant surprise had been planned for her and a number of friends invited to a l2 o'clock luncheon. Another daughter, MRS. J.N. EASTER, of Topeka, Kansas, was also present. A number of beautiful and useful tokens of their friendship were presented, among them being a quantity of flowers, both potted plants and hot house flowers. The ladies were all treated to a long automobile ride. "A most enjoyable time, indeed," was the expression of all. Then as a very pleasant ending of a perfect day, she, in company with her home folks, was invited to six o'clock dinner at the home of a dear old Decatur County friend, MRS. JENNIE GRIBBLE RINKLER, who, with her husband and family, are located in the city. Letters and cards of congratulations were received from a number of friends who were unable to be present.

--One Who Was There.

Copied April 22, 2002 by Nancee (McMurtrey) Siefert