The Independent Patriot
Lamoni, Iowa
November 18, 1897


G. H. DERRY, more popularly known as "Bert" DERRY reached the twenty-seventh milestone in the journey of life on Friday, November 12, and to bring him to a realization of the fact his wife planned a surprise for him. There was not a flaw in the arrangements, but by some means, he says it was because his birthday has never passed without a similar event since his married life began, he "caught on." So when the visitors were rather late in making their appearance, the greeting they first received from him was, "Folks I began to b e afraid you were not coming." But his having surmised the facts did not hinder the company from a good social time, and when they departed it was - well it was time.

Copied by Stacey McDowell Dietiker
July 17, 2003