Leon Reporter, Leon, Iowa
Thursday, June 7, l923

List of Births Filed With Clerk McMorris During May (1923):

HOYLE VERE ANDERSON, boy, April 24, to MR. and MRS. CLARENCE ANDERSON, Long Creek Township.

DARWIN LESLIE BRIGHT, boy, April l3, to MR. and MRS. CHARLES FREDERICK BRIGHT, Decatur Township.

KENNETH WAYNE BOOTH, boy, April ll, to MR. and MRS. THEODORE BOOTH, Hamilton Township.

MARIAN LEANOR BRAMMER, girl, April 3, to MR. and MRS. HENRY BRAMMER, Richland Township.

PAULINE MAY BURCHETT, girl, April l7, to MR. and MRS. GEORGE F. BURCHETT, Grand River.

_____CAMPBELL, twins, boy and girl, April 26, to MR. and MRS. CLARENCE M. CAMPBELL, Richland Township.

LYLE GLENDELL DAVIS, boy, April 22, to MR. and MRS. J.H. DAVIS, Eden Township.

DORIS LOUISE EASTIN, girl, April 24, to MR. and MRS. OLIN EASTIN, Eden Township.

BABY VESTA ELSTON, girl, May 8, to VESTA LAURA ELSTON, Pleasanton.

GRENTOLINE RICKS FETTY, girl, on April 9, to AGNES FETTY, New Buda Township.

ROBERT LEWIS GILLHAM, boy, April l2, to MR. and MRS. HARRY A. GILLHAM, Leon.

ROBERT HECKATHORN, boy, April l8, to MR. and MRS. ELMER E. HECKATHORN, Decatur Township.

JAMES BRABY JONES, boy, April l3, to MR. and MRS. LEWIS JONES, Fayette Township.

_____LEAHY, girl, April 25, to MR. and MRS. CHARLES EDWARD LEAHY, Decatur Township.

BLANCHE MARIE LANDPHAIR, girl, April 20, to MR. and MRS. KINGLEY L. LANDPHAIR, Hamilton Township.

_____MILLS, boy, April 8, to MR. and MRS. OSCAR MILLS, Eden Township.

JOHN WILLIAM MCCORMICK, boy, April 28, to MR. and MRS. ERNEST A. MCCORMICK, Hamilton Township.

ADRAIN ARMEL SMITH and ALVIN AARON SMITH, twin boys, April 25, to MR. and MRS. GUY RAYMOND SMITH, Grand River Township.

OSCAR LEE VAN WINKLE, boy, April 20, to MR. and MRS. CLEMIT ORAL VAN WINKLE, Davis City.

JAMES MAURICE WILEY, boy, April 4, to MR. and MRS. PEARL E. WILEY, Eden Township.

TRESSIE ARYTEEN WEST, girl, April l0, and CLYDE EARL WEST, boy, April ll, twins, to MR. and MRS. A. BURTON WEST, Richland Township.

_____WOODARD, boy, April 27, to MR. and MRS. GEORGE H. WOODARD, Decatur Township.

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