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Thursday, February 7, l924

'The Oldest Lady in Mercer County, Celebrated the Event at Her Home, Jan. 25.'

MRS. PRUDY ANN GOINS celebrated her l03rd birthday Friday, Jan. 25 at her home in the southeast part of Princeton. She is probably the oldest lady in the State. Although she has attained an age which is seldom reached, she still retains all her mental faculties. Her memory is wonderful, not only of dates that transpired years ago, but incidents that are happening daily. She is very jovial and always ready to greet her many friends with a smile. She carries on a very interesting conversation.

"AUNT PRUDY", as she is familiarly called, was born twelve miles east of Knoxville, Tenn., where she grew to womanhood, receiving what little education was afforded by the schools of that time, most of which were subscription and lasted only a few months of the year.

In l84l, she was married to PRESTON LEE GOINS. In l860, she and her husband, with the DYKES and BROGANS, there being fifty-two in the caravan, moved to Mercer County, making the trip overland with ox teams, settling north of Princeton. The dwellings of the pioneers were made of logs with little furniture. So far as money was concerned, the demand was supplied by wolf scalps and beeswax. Deer, wild turkey and game of all kinds were plentiful.

MRS. GOINS is the mother of nine children. Those living are: WILLIAM and MRS. J.N. FAULKNER, of Princeton, ALBERT and JESSE, of Kansas City. She has nine grandchildren, nineteen great grandchildren and two great great grandchildren.

MR. GOINS died 48 years ago and she moved to Princeton shortly after his death. Besides raising her own children, she has raised three other sets of children, one being the children of her sister, and one each for two of her sons.

Those who enjoyed the l2 o'clock dinner with her were her husband's cousin, ROBERT GRIFFIN, of Princeton, her daughter-in-law, MRS. MAY WALTERS, of Kansas City, Kans.; her granddaughter, MRS. PEARL DAYER, of Kansas City, Kansas; and her great grandson, EDDIE WHITE, of Kansas City, Kans.; MRS. RACHEL RAGAN, of Mercer; LEORA HOLMES; MR. and MRS. H.R. SPENCER.

The family has always been known for their longevity. Her father, RICHARD COX, lived to be l05 years old and his father was ll0. Her mother died in Princeton at the age of 98 years.

She united with the Methodist Church at the age of l5 and feels that everyone should devote their whole life to Him who doeth all things well. She told each caller Friday that she wants them to live so they can meet her on the other shore.

All day Friday her friends could be seen going to and from the home of "AUNT PRUDY" carrying tokens of love and remembrances to this beloved lady. Over sixty-five persons brought and sent presents which ranged from flowers and fruit, etc., to a dress pattern. The teachers and their pupils in the grades sent her a lovely miscellaneous shower.

She wishes to thank everyone who so kindly remembered her.

--Princeton Telegraph.

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