Leon Reporter
Thursday, January l3, l92l

Editor Reporter--A happy surprise birthday was given at the home of J.H. EVANS, formerly of Leon, Iowa, now residing at 237 East 5lst Street, Los Angeles, it being the seventy-sixth time MR. EVANS has dealt in years and birthdays.

It was one of the happy occasions of old time neighbors and friends brought together by the love and thoughtfulness of MR. EVANS' son, JOHN and wife, and MR. JOHN BAKER and son, FRANK, who live at the EVANS home. They planned a complete surprise and successfully carried it out to the end. The Los Angeles friends met at the HENRY MILLER home which is near the EVANS home. We arrived in quietness, rang the bell and MR. EVANS opened the door. JOHN EVANS, wife and daughter, MARJORIE, stepped in. He was glad to see them alright. The MILLERS came next. He said, "Well, HENRY, how are you?" Next, the CHASTAINS, and he says, "JOHN has come, how's this?" The others followed in and he was quiet. Soon all were greeted and found seats a plenty. MR. EVANS said he ought to fix up some, but his wife said "No, they found us like this, so have a good time as we are." MR. EVANS was called to the door to meet the Long Beach friends and he now knew it was not all a just happen so as he at first supposed. Slipping around to his wife he asked her what it was all about. She said, "Don't you know it is your birthday?" "Yes, I knew it, but how did all these people find it out?" MRS. JOHN EVANS said, "We all came to greet you with kisses and shower you with love and good wishes, so now I will light the candles on your birthday cake and see you blow them out."

He did a neat stunt, the cakes were cut and social hour began while the birthday menu was melting away. A call for speeches was responded to by MR. EVANS in a thankful and happy way, speaking of old time friends in Alta and Leon, Iowa, and now some were here to share the great blessings in sunny California. One who enlisted as a boy with him was present to enjoy his birthday, MR. WILLIAM GRAHAM. We pulled turnips out of the same patch, ate the same pumpkin and divided our crackers to the last ditch. Now we are near neighbors here to enjoy ourselves in a sunny clime. I feel very grateful to all our friends and the Heavenly Father for all His blessings to us.

A call for MR. H.G. POPHAM, of Alta, Iowa, and he responded in behalf of the Alta friends, and in a few well chosen words, made a presentation speech and handed MR. EVANS a box all wrapped in tissue paper. MR. EVANS thanks were tearful at least.

MR. CHASTAIN was called to respond for the Leonites, which he did in kind greetings to all. MR. EVANS still held his box and someone asked him what he had, and MRS. MILLER said it looked like a doll box. He jumped up at that and said "I'll see." His wife came to help him. They first found a card of congratulations on one side, and on the other "A present from the bunch." Then he raised the lid of the box and laughingly said, "They want me to drink coffee and lots of it. It's a Thermos." We all agreed it was nice to meet old friends at the JIM EVANS home in California, and expressed the hope he would have many other birthdays for us to enjoy with him and his good family.

Others not mentioned who were present from Alta, Iowa, were MRS. WM. GRAHAM, MRS. LAURA PARSONS, of Los Angeles, PHOEBE BAKER, of Long Beach. From Leon, MRS. SALLIE CHASTAIN, MRS. HAZEL BAKER, MR. and MRS. STEWART, of Los Angeles, MRS. CORA BRANT and MR. ROBERT PALMER, of Long Beach.

We all send greetings to Decatur County people from their California friends.


Copied by Nancee(McMurtrey)Seifert
April l9, 2002