Woodland School No. 9

Woodland Township, Decatur County, Iowa
Decatur County Journal
Leon, Decatur County, Iowa
Thursday, October 23, 1913

The meeting at Woodland, Oct. 18, 1913, to consider the consolidation of five of the schools, viz: Riddle, Beavers, Woodland, South Woodland and Gnat Ridge, was well attended and much interest shown. Prof. Hugh S. Buffum, of Fairfield, made a very convincing talk favoring consolidation. Prof. Long, Principal of the Garden Grove schools, who had taught five years in consolidated schools gave an interesting talk also. County Superintendent Miss MABEL HORNER, of Leon, was present and favors the consolidation. Petitions are being circulated to secure the signature of one third the electors of the last election to see if it shall be brought to a vote.

~ Copied by Nancee (McMurtrey) Seifert, February 8, 2010

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Woodland School

1899 - 1900

Woodland School
Eugene Massey, Teacher
J.A. McIntosh, Co. Supt.

  Erle BeaversGertrude Hartman
  Sada FlemingWinnie Fleming
  Bertha SwanCora Beavers
  Anna SmithNellie Rich
  Austin SmithElvin Gochenour
  Sam WoodsOral Swan
  Jake LentzGeorge Bethards
  Jasper BethardsEllis Newlin
  Myrtle NewlinLizzie Bethards
  Curtis SwanWillie Lentz
  Mart NewlinTalbot Hartman
  Vivia SmithNellie King
  Bertha SmithVernon Adair
  George SmithLenna King
  Grace AdairEddie Knowles
  Gussie AdairGertrude Adair
  Novia AdairAlma Marick
  Glen SwanGoldie Wright
  Letha AdairIda Adair
  Hattie AdairOra Dodd
  Claud AdairRoy King
  Ira Smith
  W. Grace Rayn, Teacher
D.B. Newlin, Director
J.A. McIntosh, County Supt.

  Cora BeaversMaud Still
  Ida AdairLizzie Bethards
  Edd KnowlesWinnie Fleming
  Letha StillGertie Adair
  Amy AdairLeafie Adair
  Alma MarickCurtice Swan
  Gussie AdairEllis Bremer
  Goldie AdairRoy Knowles
  Ella BeaversWillie Lentz
  Ellis AdairBertie Adair
  Luther GleasonGlen Swan
  Merl MarickIra Beavers
  Gatha AdairMelvin Marick
 Claud Adair

Woodland School

1st, 2nd & 3rd Grades

5th & 8th Grades
Erema Woolman, Blanche Cartwright, Claude Adair, teacher Ruth Robertson, Ina Wood, Will Lentz, Ray Johnson, Earl Wood, Clyde Johnson, Enza Wood, Pearl Lentz, Florian Lance, Clara Cartwright, Fred Beavers, Marlow Adair, Elvin Adair, Lester Beavers, Leo Wood, Ione Woolman, Edna Wood, Mae Farver, Sarah Lance, Audrey Woolman, Ruth Truitt, Ray Farver, Clair Beavers, Ross Lance, Ray Beavers, Bryon Cartwright, James Marsingill, Boyd Leachman Blanche Marshall, teacher; Ruth Chapin, Jettie Rose, Wayne Dyer, Clyde Beavers, Russell Rose, _ Hersey, Vick Lockwood, Wesley Beavers, Wayne Beavers, Newell Beavers, Robert Beavers, Madonna Dyer, Frank Rose, Maxwell Beavers, Clarence Beavers, Evan Farver
Submitted by Jettie Petty
Blanche Farver, Connie Farver, Alice Patton, Josephine Patton, Hazel Lane, Blanch Marshall teacher, _ Phipps, Coy Cartwright, Gerald Dyer, Eula Beavers, Alma Hersey, Virginia Farver.
Submitted by Jettie Petty.
Some of the teachers were George O. Johnson, Blanche Marshall, Marguerite Daughton, Carl Lane, Eli Hutchinson, Coral Vaughn, Hazel Lane.

The Leon Journal-Reporter
Leon, Decatur County, Iowa
publication date clipped, probably in 1975 or 1976

Here is Woodland Rural Schoolhouse, Number 9, with Myrtle Wagner, teacher, standing in front in 1954. This was four years before the school was closed, then remaining students were transported to Mormon Trail Schools after reorganization.

The students enrolled in 1954 were Larry and Ronald Nulph, Kenny, Larry, Ed and Donald Wood, Doris, Jimmy and Johnny Baughman, Meredith Johnston, Marquita Posey, Garvin Ross, Fay and Dorothy Patton, Larry Kelley, Jo Martin, Dale Adair, Jim and Estella Flummings and Dick Martin.

The schoolhouse picture was in a School "Daze" 1954 book with eight pages of individual and activity pictures of the school students. Advertisers who helped make the book possible were: Leon Concrete and Building Supplies, Ben Franklin Store, Leon Implement Co., Coast to Coast Store, Leon's Skelgas Service, Stewarts, Smyth Studio and Record Shop, Mike's TV Service, A Friend, Burnam, Larson's Dairy, Ralph L. Hibbs - Your Standard Oil Man, Slade Funeral Home and Woodland Store - Complete line of groceries, cream, eggs, Stanley Feeds.

This schoolhouse is still standing. Howard Scudder bought the land and the schoolhouse. He uses it for a machine shed and storage area.

Velma Patton, Leon, submitted the pictures and information. Mrs. Patton had four children graduate from eighth grade at Woodland School. Her fifth went through seventh grade and then went to Mormon Trail School.

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