Ireland School No. 4

Woodland Township, Decatur County, Iowa
 [In 1854] the next land entries and purchases were in Woodland Township, ten miles southeast of Leon, which became a rural farming community known as Ireland. There was never a town at Ireland, only a church and cemetery.

[However, Rev. Harkin continues, stating that] MARY BARRETT (MRS. ED MACY) was a school teacher in the very early days and taught Catechism at the Church. [And] HANNAH E. DILLON taught school at Ireland School, Woodland Township, from September 1896 to 1898.

SOURCE: HARKIN, Rev. Edward J. A History of the Catholic Church. 1956.

The Ireland School, according to period maps, was located south of the Ireland rural neighborhood.

Ireland School - 1913-14, Marie Grogan, teacher

First row: Tony Owens, Tommy Owens, Russell Hays, Bill Owens, Genevieve Campbell, Blanche Richards, Ellen Owens.

Second row: Geraldine Campbell, Lena Thornton, Nellie McDowell, Edna Richards, Reta Potter.

Third row: Mary Richards, Millie Peace, Ruth McDowell, Edith Wills, Ora Wills, Henry Wills, teacher Marie Grogan.

~Submitted to Leon Journal-Reporter by Mrs. Glen Ivins.

IRELAND SCHOOL - Woodland Township - Joe McMorris, teacher, 1920

First row: Alta Johnson, Lola Virden, Clifford Rumley, Aubrey Virden, Woodrow Rumley, Dolly Johnson, Madonna Emmick, Wilber Potter.

Second row: Bill Emmick, Clarence Rumley, Harley Johnson, Jessie Bennett, Cecil Leahy, Edward Leahy, Eloise Waller, Mildred Waller.

Third row: Carl Poole, Delia Leahy, Bessie Rumley, Opal Poole, Merle Smith, Hazel Poole, Beatrice Leahy, Reta Potter.

~ Submitted to The Leon Journal-Reporter by Mrs. Glen Ivins.

IRELAND SCHOOL, Woodland Township, 1929-30, Ada Phelps, teacher

Back row, l to r, Dorothy Flynn, Dorothy Vaughn, Margery Vaughn, Madge Adair, Adrah Adair, Wilber Potter, Elizabeth Adair, Kenneth Adair, Wilfred Potter.

Front row: Miles Phelps, Paul Adair, Raymond Vaughn, Viola Adair, Madelyn Vaughn.

~ Submitted by Coral Vaughn to The Leon Journal-Reporter

IRELAND SCHOOL, Woodland Township, 1932-33, Coral Vaughn, teacher

[portion of caption clipped off] Wilson, Darrell Vaughn, Maxine Vaughn, Robert Vaughn, Floyd Collins.

~ Submitted to The Leon Journal-Reporter by Coral Vaughn.

IRELAND SCHOOL, 1940's, Miss Josephine Flummer, teacher

Back Row, L-R: Bonnie Jensen, Gary Hill, Marion Stanford, Bert Stanford, Ottie Reed Owens.

Middle Row, L-R: Virginia Perkins, June Jensen, Joan Owens, Larry Hill

Front Row, L-R: Shirley Jensen, Max Martin, Rex Martin, James Stanford

Leon Journal-Reporter articles and photographs courtesy of Decatur County Historical Museum, Leon, Iowa
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