Beavers School No. 2

Woodland Township, Decatur County, Iowa
Term 1902
W. Grace Rayn, Teacher
Eugene Massey, Director
J.A. McIntosh, County Supt.
 Vieva SmithGussie Lane
 Ivan CoontzAustin Smith
 Guy BeaversRalph Brooke
 Virdie LaneJesse Tatman
 Jamie DunnPearl Coontz
 Irl BeaversIra Smith
 Lucy ByrumBertha Smith
 Carl BrownArchie Coontz
 Nellie LaneGeorge Smith
 Alta LockwoodSopha Hersey
 Mary HerseyIrl Brown
 Iva BrookeOka Beavers
 Jessie BrookeOlive Coontz
 Clemen LaneFay Dunn
 Bessie ByrumFay Beavers
 Tommy LaneGaylord Baily
 Hattie BrownBeulah Brooke
Transcribed by Conni McDaniel Hall.
Beavers School, 1957-58, Woodland Township, Teacher Barbara Skinner
First row, Mike Hembry, Sharon Vaugh, Paula Vaugh, Jeanne Vaughn, Janice Vaughn, Dena Hembry, Carolyn Jackson, Donnie Hembry.

Second row, Debbie Adair, Norma Vaughn, Nancy Lockwood, Linda Jackson, Mike Adair, Raymond Jackson, Kathy Vaughn, John Lockwood, Osa Foltz.

~ Submitted to The Leon Journal-Reporter by Mildred Lockwood.
Images contributed by Decatur County Historical Museum.
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