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Mrs. Wilberta Neal

Wilbert (sic) Neal was Lamoni's first World War I "war baby." She attended grade school here, excelling in spelling and representing her school in county and district contests. She was graduated from Lamoni high school.

She has taken work at Graceland college, State College of Iowa at Cedar Falls, State University of Iowa at Iowa City and received her bachelor of arts degree from Drake university in Des Moines.

Mrs. Neal had her early teaching experience in Evergreen and Black rural schools. For a time she taught the primary grades in Davis City. This year completes her sixth year as kindergarten...

...teacher in Lamoni Community schools.

She had the unusual experience of doing her first years of teaching here in the same room where she attended kindergarten under Verna Brackenbury. Perhaps it is this local experience which helps her to so ably understand her young students now. At any rate, she endears herself to those who finish her department and generates enthusiasm in the pre-school children who will soon enter it.

She is an able secretary for the Lamoni Education association, and has membership in both the Education Association of Iowa and of the National association.

Wilberta says, "Having been inspired by my own teachers, I cannot remember the time when I did not want to be a teacher. I have found it a very rewarding experience especially in my present field. Looking to the future, I should love to write children's literature when I retire from teaching."

Wilberta Neal is a member of the RLDS church and has worked in the children's department.

Her husband, Herbert Neal, is a farmer in the community.

Mrs. Neal enjoys boating or just being around water. She is fond of tropical fish and other small pets. She likes to wrote poetry for her own pleasure. She enjoys music.

LAMONI, IOWA      -      THURSDAY, APRIL 30, 1964
Original newspaper clipping belongs to Craig Boswell.

Transcribed by Conni McDaniel Hall, June 24, 2021

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