Teachers' minimum wage: daily wage based upon two and one half cents for each per cent of general average grade on the certificate of a third grade, two and three-quarters cents on a second grade up to a general average grade of eighty-five per cent, and three cents on a first grade. To obtain a third grade certificate, an average score of 65% was needed on examination; 75% for a second grade certificate, and 85% for a first grade certificate. You could retest to try to get a higher rated certificate, which could mean a raise in pay and a better choice of schools. An increase in pay could also result from each year of teaching experience. The salaries listed below are per month.

O. M. Gass, Superintendent $155.55No. 1--W. G. Wise, Lamoni $50.00No. 2--Ruby Gardner, Decatur $39.60
Frances M. Sears, Principal 85.002--Edith Poush, Kellerton 35.003--Alice Jones, Decatur 50.00
Margaret Hurst, English 65.003--Frank Ervin, Kellerton 53.004--Sylvia Follmer, Leon 51.00
Himena Hoffman, Civics 65.004--Zada Haroff, Lamoni 46.205--Lola Shelton, Decatur 45.00
Doris Lake, Mathematics 65.005--Marcia McNeill, Lamoni 46.756--Hazel D. Brown, Decatur 43.75
Grace Phillips, Science 65.006--Amy Downey, Lamoni 40.007--Louva Hanner, Decatur 54.60
Hattie Whitney, German 65.007--Daisy Hall, Lamoni 43.758--Isabel Freestone, Decatur 45.00
Clara M. Barnes, Domestic 60.008--Aileen Scott, Lamoni 44.55
Mida Bradley, Music 60.00FAYETTE
Fred J. Ehrhardt, Manual Training 80.00BURRELLNo. 2---Laura B. Steckel, Lamoni $50.00
Hallie V. Moore, 8th 54.60No. 1--Cora Hardinger, Davis City $50.003--Sue Haroff, Lamoni 48.40
Nellie Mullins, 7th 57.002--Fred W. Cash, Lamoni 56.404--Mrs. Mary Wight, Lamoni 50.00
Olive Gwinn, 6th 53.403--Hettie Euritt, Decatur 46.755--Esther Keown, Lamoni 50.00
Ella Grogan, 5 and 4 60.004--Zula Poush, Decatur 46.756--Wayve L. Monroe, Lamoni 51.00
Wynne Cash, 5 and 4 51.605--Louisa Butcher, Decatur 47.30
Josephine Cooney, 4 and 37--Emma Adkins, Decatur 46.75 GARDEN GROVE
Grace Beavers, 4 and 3 53.408--Olive Bright, Decatur 46.50No. 2--Myrta Marble, Garden Grove $47.50
Harriette Beavers, 2 54.603--Gertrude Keown, Garden Grove 57.12
Lyda Epperley, 2 51.00CENTER4--Edith Young, Garden Grove 51.00
Nora Colter, 2nd Primary 54.00No. 1--Nina Still, Leon $51.005--Clara M. Howard, Weldon 52.20
Adaline Crawford, 1st Primary 60.002--Ida Briggaman, Leon 54.00
Helen Deck, 1st Primary 60.003--Iva Briggaman, Leon 54.00 GRAND RIVER
4--Grace Garber, Leon 45.65No. 1--Letha Bunch, Grand River $45.65
LAMONI5--Fanny Hazlet, Leon 47.302--Anna Slauter, Kellerton 44.55
E. W. Neveln, Superintendent $140.006--Mary Hazlet, Leon 45.103--Bess Porter, Decatur 50.00
C. B. Woodstock, Principal. 50.007--Elizabeth Follmer, Leon 48.954--Eerie Leigh, Grand River 45.00
Mrs. Cyril Wight 65.005--Elmer Dunn, Lamoni 52.80
Hattie Hill 60.00EDEN6--Claire Wilson, Grand River
Nora A. Carter 65.00No. 1--Winnie Shira, Leon $48.407--Neva Curry, Grand River 54.00
D. F. Lambert 80.002--Guy McMorris, Leon 45.108--Mollie Euritt, Grand River 37.00
Frances W. Davis 56.403--Ethel Bunch, Leon 44.40
Harriette Kelley 50.004--Hazel L. Moore, Leon 44.60 LONG CREEK
Verna Elefson 56.405--Capitola Robicon, Leon 40.00No. 1--Zora Overholtzer, Grand River $40.50
Martha Lester 52.506--Maud Stover, Pleasanton 46.203--Howard Machlan, Leon 40.00
Grace Thompson 52.507--Fay M. Linden, Pleasanton 45.654--Merle Crees, Van Wert 46.20
Marcella Schenck 52.508--Edith Chambers, Leon 45.655--Rosa Smith, Van Wert 46.75
Ada Monroe 50.006--Wilma Garber, Leon 38.00
Mary Murphy 60.00FRANKLIN7--Mae Irving, Van Wert 45.00
Alice Chase 60.00No. 1--Jessie Nish, Weldon $46.758--Zora Cummins, Van Wert 47.85
Helen Judy 65.003--Dewey Garton, Weldon 45.009--Agnes Conwell, Van Wert 45.00
Anna May Morgan, Music part time 25.004--Jennie M. Ritter, Van Wert 41.25
5--Alta Hart, Leon 52.20NEW BUDA
DAVIS CITY6--May J. Nish, Weldon 47.85No. 2--Lelah Johnston, Davis City $46.20
J. M. Howell, Principal $90.007--Hazel J. Moore, Weldon 46.203--Nellie Pullin, Davis City 40.00
Ethlyn Reinking, assistant 60.008--Laura Hacker, Leon 48.804--Fanny Komers, Lamoni 50.00
Cecil Sutherlin 53.405--Neal Howell, Davis City 43.45
Gladys Rogers 45.10HAMILTON6--Cecile Flora, Davis City 45.10
Mabel Bradley 55.20No. 1--Gladys Chambers, Pleasanton $36.50
Mrs. Eva Poush 50.002--Angie H. Cozad, Pleasanton 37.00 RICHLAND
3--Maude Lasley, Pleasanton 45.10No. 1--Geo. O. Johnston, Grand River $50.00
DECATUR CITY4--Florence McNelley, Pleasanton 37.502--Willard Beck, Grand River 50.00
G. E. Brose, Principal $90.006--Marjorie Rockhold, Pleasanton 52.803--A. W. Hanson, Grand River 50.00
Sarah Reinwald, assistant 65.007--Zeta Robison, Pleasanton 47.854--Mrs. Martha Hanks, Grand River 50.00
Evelyn Campbell 55.006--Nora Johnston, Grand River 45.00
Mrs. Anna Mulkey 52.63HIGH POINT7--Mrs. Ina L. Springer, Grand River 55.00
Esther Jones 48.40No. 1--Etta McDowell, Garden Grove $45.758--Hazel Overholtzer, Grand River 51.00
Mac Bowsher, Music 17.502--Ruth Longacre, Garden Grove 45.00
3--Deane Gill, Garden Grove 52.20
GARDEN GROVE4--Elsie Andrew, Garden Grove 45.10
E. P. Morlan, Superintendent $133.335--Josephine Beavers, Leon 46.75
Aurelie Zichy, Principal 85.006--Margaret Gammil, Leon 49.50
Ethel Lamme 70.007--Mabel E. Morgan, Garden Grove 46.20
Gail Stahl 60.008--Ora E. Konklin, Garden Grove 51.00
Dorothy Durland 60.00
Susie Weachter 60.00MORGAN
P. G. Ervin 65.00No. 1--Bertha Young, Lineville $46.00
Mabel Tapscott 55.002--Herbert Cozad, Lineville 52.00
Hazel Lionberger 55.003--Coral Curry, Lineville 47.85
Mrs. Mabel Arnold 55.004--Arthur Phelps, Lineville 45.00
Bess Baldwin 60.005--Mary E. Lillie, Leon 41.80
6--Ora Fetty, Lineville 50.00
Estella Foster, Principal $100.00WOODLAND
Martin Boatman 54.60No. 1--Ada V. Phelps, Garden Grove $48.40
Ethel Edwards 55.002--Margaret Perkins, Woodland 45.00
Mary Green 55.003--Cecilia Mahoney, Leon 47.30
Ada Shinn 60.004--Marea Grogan, Leon 42.50
5--Zelta Robison, Lineville 46.75
PLEASANTON6--Alma McCarty, Lineville 43.40
B. G. Tye, Principal $75.007--A. V. Wilson, Lineville 48.40
Dorothy Tye 57.608--Helen Barrett, Leon 38.00
Marian Huston 50.009--Artie I. Trisler, Woodland 52.80
J. E. Prather, Principal $100.00
M. lone Peterson 55.00
Agnes Eggleston 46.75
Ina Shriver 45.00
Mertie Edwards 45.00
H. J. O'Neill, Superintendent $90.00
Jessie Shirk 65.00
Rose R. Lamoree 65.00
Margaret Fox 52.20
Clara Thompson 46.20
Grace Lockwood 60.00
Mary S. Buffum, Principal $75.00
Cecelia Coffey 57.00
Bessie Hatfield 53.40
Source: Leon Reporter, Jan. 14, 1915, page 3
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