Glenwood/Cashen/Conwell School No. 2

Richland Twp., Decatur County, Iowa

photo courtesy of Sharon Becker
 On August 3rd of 2009, Mike Avitt and I took a road trip through Decatur County to photograph items of interest. We came into Decatur County from Hopeville and headed south to Westerville. Along the road from Hopeville to Westerville is what I knew as the Luke CONWELL farm. Directly north of the farmhouse is a wood-framed building. Judging from the the architecture, with an enclosed front porch added on or re-vamped later, Mike and I believed that it was at one time a country schoolhouse. After posting the photograph on Ringgold County's IAGenWeb site, I received the following confirmation:

Martha writes, saying, "The building north of Luke Conwell's farm was a school house. His daughter Nellie taught school there for a few years while I was growing up. I was born in Hopeville along with my brothers and sister and lived there till I moved to Des Moines in the spring in 1957.

"There is a lane just north of the Methodist church and we lived east on that lane. Our home is still standing. The land around the house is used for a camp ground through out the summer and fall. It is owned now by a Reasoner.

"Elvera Mullen taught me my 2nd, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grade. She was a wonderful lady, truly dedicated. [Mrs. Mullen was - many of us remember her quite fondly ~ Sharon R. Becker]

"Wonderful Memories."

Edna Elizabeth (MULLENS) BUCKINGHAM taught one year at the Glenwood/Conwell School.
Glenwood School
Glenwood School Souvenir, 1916 Glenwood School Souvenir 1919
Hettie E. Euritt, Teacher

School Officers
Ira E Brown - Pres.
J. M. Spray - Supt.
M. Burchett - Treas.
F. A Buck
H. H. Gilreath

Helen BlackMarshall Black
Clyde BrownDoyle Brown
Merrill BlackRaymond Brown
Cleo BrownLeona Chew
Raymond AdamsHelen Lyons
Bernard GilreathJoe O'Grady
Harold GilreathAudrey Spray
Mary O'GradyEdgar O'Grady
Genevieve GilreathHarry Morgan
Ruth SprayMaria Spray
Calvin Spray
Milly Cunningham, Teacher
Kate Hull, Co. Supt.

School Officers
Dennis Conwell Glenn Chew
Harry Gilreath

Orral Burchett,Secretary
Marsh Burchett,Treasurer
Wanda BurchettLela Chew
Leona ChewDaniel Dorm
Bernard GilreathGenevieve Gilreath
Harold GilreathRaymond Gilreath
Harry MorganLouise Murphy
Edward O'GradyHelen Lyons
Joseph O'GradyMary O'Grady
Ruth Dorm
 Leon Reporter, Leon, Iowa
Thursday, March 3, 1904

Report of Pleasant Ridge [?] School
District No. 2, Richland Township:

Total days attendance 276.
Number enrolled 37.
Average daily attendance 23.
Whole number of days taught 120.

Names of the pupils that received certificates of award during the term:

Everett Haynes, Frankie Jones, Nora Carrel, Boise McConnell, Earl Smith, Guy Smith, Goldie Carrel, Lela McConnell, George McConnell, Hoyle McConnell.

School closing February 19, 1904.
-- JENNIE E. CONWELL, Teacher.

Copied by Nancee(McMurtrey)Seifert

In 1910 the school was moved to Wayne Burchett's property. When Lorraine Warrick was the teacher, some of her pupils included Bill Gilreath, Jim O'Grady, Linda Hailey, Dick O'Grady, Dwayne Warrick, Arthur Warrick, Duane Hailey and Donald Acton.

Pupils during the 1950's included Shirley Stark, Harold Foland, Anne Burchett, Linda Stark, Steve Stark, Marion Jones, Sharilyn Stark. Joyce West, Jim O'Grady and Dick O'Grady.

The building has been moved to the former Luke Conwell property (north of Westerville) and is being restored.

~ Reflections of Grand River, 1881 - 1981
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