Denham/Dunham School No. 3

Richland Twp., Decatur County, Iowa
Not much is known about the Denham/Dunham School. The school was probably established by J. A. DENHAM, and attorney and farmer who resided on Section 8 of Richland Township north of Westerville. Mr. DENHAM came to Decatur County from Indiana in 1853. He was a Civil War Veteran.

Denham School was located north of the O’Grady Cemetery north of Grand River and west of Westerville in Decatur County, Iowa.

Back row: Mary Ann O'Grady, Patrick O'Grady, Ayr Brown, Samuel Jones, Wesley Needam, Cora Haney, Ollie Needam, Ned O'Grady, Bill Smith.
Center row: John McConnell, George O'Connell, Stella Carrel, Mike O'Grady, John Brown.
Front row: Agnes Bailey, John Denham, unknown, Dean Denham.
Four generations of the Henry Warrick family started school at Denham country school in Richland Township, Decatur County. Samantha Needham Warrick (born 1867); her son William Robert Warrick (born 1891); his son, Carl Wesley Warrick (born 1914); and his son Arthur Will Warrick (born 1940). Arthur's children are all three going to school this year in California.

Many descendants in this picture live in Decatur County: Floyd Jones of Leon; his dad Sam is in the picture; descendants of the O'Gradys, Denhams and Needhams live in the county. Names as Brown, Smith and Bailey are found in the telephone book and could be relations. Not sure about Haney, McConnell and Carrel.

Dunham School, Richland Township, (5 miles east of Grand River), 1913
Zeta Robinson, teacher
Back row, l to r, Clyde Glazebrook, Zora Glazebrook, Hoyle McConnell, Elda Jones, teacher Zeta Robinson, Alice Jones, Vern Glazebrook, Goldie Carroll (Carrel?).
Second row, Vera Metts, Archie Glazebrook, Vernice Needham, Esther Smith, Harley McConnell, Edna Glazebrook.
Front row, Lloyd Smith, Maggie Glazebrook, Cleo Duncan, Katie Jones, Sylvia Metts, Lola Metts.
~submitted to The Leon-Reporter by Hoyle McConnell.

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Denham School No. 3 1932 Denham No. 3 1933 Denham School, 1942-43 Denham No. 3 - 1947-48 Denham No. 3 - 1950
wiener roast April 1932
Back row:
Gene Foland, Don O'Grady, Doris Pierce, Mary Black
front: Betty Shields, Alice Shields.
Submitted by Betty Shields Wetzler.
Rubye Bradshaw, teacher.
Betty Jean Shields, Mary Black and Alice Shields.
Submitted by Betty Shields Wetzler.
Pupils: Dwain Hailey, Don Neff, Don Acton, Dorothy Buell, Bill Gilreath, Gerold O'Grady.
Teacher, Julia Conwell
Lorine DeVries Warrick, teacher
Top row: Dwain Hailey, Franklin Brown, Bill Gilreath, Gary Booth, Richard O'Grady;
center: Lorine DeVries, teacher
bottom row: Dwayne Warrick, Jim O'Grady, Linda Hailey, Arthur Warrick, Wanda Hailey.
the picture was found in the school when bought in 1957 by Russell Vanderflught, who submitted the picture.
Edith Ball, teacher
Back row: Wanda Hiley, Cleone Shields, Mervin Davis, Linda Hiley
Front: Wanita Hiley, Jerry Vanderflught, Harold Davis, Mary Jane Bron
Submitted by Virginia Shields.
 The following news article identified School District #3 of Richland Township as Pleasant Ridge School.

Leon Reporter
Leon, Decatur County, Iowa
Thursday, March 3, 1904

Report of Pleasant Ridge School District No. 3, Richland Township:

Total days attendance 276.

Number enrolled 37.

Average daily attendance 23.

Whole number of days taught 120.

Names of the pupils that received certificates of award during the term:

Everett Haynes, Frankie Jones, Nora Carrel, Boise McConnell, Earl Smith, Guy Smith, Goldie Carrel, Lela McConnell, George McConnell, Hoyle McConnell.

School closing February 19, 1904.


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