Brick School No. 1

Richland Twp., Decatur County, Iowa
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Brick School, Richland Twp 1898-1899 School Year
Back row, man on left - Thomas Emley, founder and president of the school board; teacher John Jones to his right.
Front row, each identified with an "x" - Tressie Emley and Roy Clawson.
Thomas and Huldah (MOSS) EMLEY came to Richland Township, Decatur County, Iowa, with their family in 1850. They came from Danville, Illinois. Thomas, who descended from a long line of Protestant reverends, was a country doctor and a farmer. He established the Tennessee/Mt. Zion Christian Church which was located approximately 1/4 a mile north of his farm and directly south of the Wheelis/Tennessee Cemetery. To the west of the cemetery, Thomas established the Brick School and served as the school district's president.

The Brick School served the "Tennessee Neighborhood" which referred to the early settlers in the vicinity who came to Iowa from Tennessee.

NOTE: The original Brick School (top photograph), a brick building, was destroyed by fire and
a "new" wooden framed building replaced it by the time the 1913 photograph was taken.
The school still stands in Grand River Town Park and is utilized as the School House Museum.

Brick School Album
Courtesy of Grand River Schoolhouse Museum and Donna Vann
Etola Grimm, Betty Jones and Sharon R. Becker
Souvenir, School District No. 1, Richland Township
Sept. 5 '98 - June 30, '99

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complete view
Presented by John Jones, Teacher.
School Board - Thos. Emley Pres, L. J. McConnell Secy, James Smith
Esther HopkinsLloyd Wood
Helen EdwardsZora Fullerton
Julia CurrinHulda Boles
May GrimmDollie Fullerton
Laura WorrickNora Worrick
Thomas ChippAlva Hammond
Lloyd VanderpoolJames Williams
Roy PalmerLola Williams
Alva HilemanJimmie Edwards
Claude LuceRoy Clawson
Alice EdwardsAlva Ramsey
Maggie GrimmFloyd Ramsey
Gussie HarrodGrace Ward
Loren WordsAvery Clawson
Nettie FullertonGussie Palmer
Artie SmithClate Vanderpool
Cager CollinsJohn Palmer
Esther ColeJennie Woods
Frank ColeMay Woods
Thomas CurrinOllie Hileman
John CurrinWillie Gibbins
Mertie WilliamsLinda Worrick
Tressie EmleyEverett Niday
Leo FullertonDella Collins
Frank Fullerton
Minnie FolandCarrie Edwards
Lulu FullertonSylvia Fullerton
Lillian VanderpoolAlex Ramsey
Addie ColeNellie Clawson
William EdwardsNorman Dennis
Huldah WestWillie Collins
Thomas CollinsMary Worrick
Nellie CurrinMary Grimm
Edward HammondJames Cole
Luster FolandJohn Fullerton
John HilemanOscar Boles
Isaac WorrickEdith Palmer
Anna CurrinAlbert Fullerton
Lola GrimmSamuel West
Thomas FullertonElla Clawson
Addie GibbinsMabel Ward
Bennie CollinsEarnest Vanderpool
John CollinsJessie Dennis
Ophelia NanceRobert Hopkins
Bessie ChippJoseph Worrock
Frank BolesLevisa Williams
Jane FullertonAbbie Palmer
Fred SmithElla Hopkins
Lulu WardJennie Harrod
Herbert ClawsonJudson Vanderpool
1907 Souvenir
1907 Souvenir was issued as "Royal Independent School District No. 1" of Richland Township.
It is for the Brick School.

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Royal Independent School
District No. 1
Grand River, Iowa

Presented by
Leonard Pierson, Teacher

December 25, 1907

School Officers
W. F. Burchett, President
Isaac S. Emley, Secretary
J. A. West, Treasurer
Edward Emley
A. W. Ricker

Everett WestLeo Fullerton
Harley DavisHomer Burchett
Edna BurchettEdith Boles
Sherman BolesWilliard Boles
Ray BolesEllen Boles
Nellie BolesMabel Ricker
Ines GillEldwin Gill
Harley GillMarie Emley
Tressie EmleyHollie Emley
Ralph EmleyCarl Clawson
Lee HillHenry Hill
Clint HillFred Hill
Maud HillFreeda Hill
Lydia HendricksonRhody Hendrickson
Thomas HendricksonMary McConnell
Nevia McConnellGrit McConnell
Homer HukillHattie Woods
Edith WoodsEdna Woods
Laila EdwardsScharleen Edwards
Vernon WilliamsDon Williams
Eddie WilsonJay Swegle
Ben SwegleRichard Collins
Della CollinsGoldie Collins
Lawrence Woods
Brick School, District No. 1
Grand River, Richland Township,
Decatur County, Iowa

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Brick School - 1935-36
Rose Davis 12 years old
Eula Keller, Teacher, 1921
School Officers
Michael FolandPresident
Tom FullertonSecretary
Chas. DavisTreasurer
Will AdamsDirector
Luke ConwellDirector
Della BolesOrpha Cooper
Pearl DavisRuby Emily
Opha CooperPearl Emily
Violet BolesAtha Davis
Vivien EdwardsGrace Brown
Pearl WoodsRose Davis
Grace AdamsClifford Davis
Raymond SprayArmel Adams
Glen BrownThelma Jones
Russell AdamsCharley Brown
Laura WoodsOrell Boles
Gerald WestBasil Foland
Arben FolandIvene Foland
Oren WestGilbert Adams
Rex DavisDale Davis
Ica FolandEva Fullerton
Arby WoodsClair Adams
Mae DavisClell Cooper
Truman AdamsHoyle Fullerton
Wayne DinnellClarence Jones
Clifford JonesLorene West
Reah Robison, Teacher
April 21, 1922
School Officers
Michael FolandFrank Adams
Frances Burchett
Advanced Grade
Orpha CooperClifford Davis
Vivian EdwardsOpha Cooper
Atha DavisPearl Emley
Violet BolesRaymond Spray
Pearl WoodsThelma Jones
Armel AdamsRose Davis
Grace AdamsOrrel Boles
Bernice FolandEarl Munyon
Gerald West
Intermediate Grade
Charley BrownBasil Foland
Laura WoodsGilbert Adams
Rex DavisOren West
Everett BolesClell Cooper
Cloris CooperMae Davis
Clair AdamsClarence Jones
Russell AdamsTruman Adams
Primary Grade
Dale DavisEva Fullerton
Wayne MunyonRuby Tillotson
Pauline MunyonLorene West
Clifford JonesRollie Adams
Arby WoodsHoyle Fullerton
Hartzel FolandWillard Larum
Harland AdamsFlorence Davis
Doris WoodsDoris Cooper
Pauline Adams
Etola Grimm, teacher
Brick School, 1935-1936
The Girls
Brick School, 1935-1936
The Boys
Brick School No. 1
Richland Township
Decatur County

Berniece Fullerton Burchett

Gerold West, President
Everett Boles, Treasurer
Frances Boles, Secretary
Orel Boles        Rex Davis
Dallas Pennock
Raymond PettisLoretta Miller
Paul ParkerAlice Boles
Della Pettis
David BolesShirley Parker
Wayne PennockSamuel West
Lorraine BolesWendell West
Adrienne ParkerDonald Pettis
Maxine Davis
Wayne WestJo Ann Davis
Susie BolesMyrna Davis
Cora PettisNorma Fullerton
Annetta MillerAnne Boles
The Brick School closed during Iowa's school reorganization of the mid to late 1950's, as did most country schools. However, unlike most of these rural schoolhouses, the Brick School was acquired by the Grand Valley Community School District and moved onto the school grounds in Grand River. Here the Brick School sat east of the gymnasium, serving as the music room.

When the Grand Valley Community School District dissolved and the final deposition of the school's assets were made in 1998, the Brick School was given to the town of Grand River. It was moved west across the street where it stands in the Grand River Park, serving as a school and town museum.
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