Woodard School No. 1

Long Creek Township, Decatur County, Iowa
Woodard School, Section 31, doubled as a place of worship as early as 1910 through 1919. H. O. Tuttle served as the minister for several summers. Rev. E. C. Vanderpool, along with a few others, held meetings at the school.

The Woodard School was closed in 1953 with Evelyn (Palmer) Smith as the teacher.

A few teachers at Woodard School were: Elizabeth Follmer, Mary (Miller) Foland, Rose Smith, Lenna (Beers) Cummins, Zora Cummins, Nora Johnson, Zora Overholtzer, Gladys Overholtzer, Edith McKee, Rosamond Ramsey, Beulah (Foland) Richards, Eula Overholtzer, Betty Poore, Mary Lux, Nina Boswell, Irene Schwalbe, and several others.

An account of the Woodard School was published in the October 9, 1975 issue of the Leon Journal-Reporter along with pictures.

The schoolhouse was sold to Lloyd McCarl who moved it to his farm and made it into a garage.

~ "A Century of Memories of Van Wert, Iowa: 1880 - 1980"
The Leon Journal-Reporter
Leon, Iowa

The Woodard School was located in Long Creek Twp. but most of the students continued their education at Grand River High School.
Woodard School, No year indicated.
 Dwain Weeter, Ruby Binning, Donna Reed, "Butch" Weeter,
 Judy Reed, Bonnie Reed and Linda German. Robert Weeter,
 Jim Redman, Velva Binning, Marilyn Redman and Kay German.
 Leonard Weeter, Marlyn Stark, Marlene Redman, Max German,
   Orval McDowell and Irene Schwalbe 
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Woodard School

year unknown

Woodard School

1933-34 Names


Woodard School

Front rowBack row
1. Junior Wilson (7) Jan 12 - 1st9. Glenn Leigh (8) April 18 - 4th
2. Carol Kirk (6) April 2 - 2nd10. Lois Kirk (12) July 17 - 7th
3. Aneita Cox (6) March 12 - 1st11. Elmer Lewis (12) Sept 8 - 7th
4. Reta Cox (9) Nov 29 - 3rd 12. Maurice Redman (14) Oct 24 - 8th
5. Helen Wilson (9) June 24 - 5th13. Gladys Leigh (13) Sept 26 - 8th
6. George Wilson (6) March 25 - 2nd14. Edith Lewis (13) June 22 - 8th
7. Anabel Redman (8) July 24 - 3rd15. Marie Thurman (11) July 6 - 6th
8. Darlene Thurman (7) Nov 5 - 2nd16. Delbert Lewis (9) July 23 - 5th
Photographs courtesy of Grand River School Museum and Donna Vann 
Mary Miller Foland

Beulah Foland Richards

Before her marriage to Harry Foland, Mary Miller taught at the Woodard School.
Year later, Harry and Mary (Miller) Foland's daughter Beulah also taught at the Woodard School.

  Photographs courtesy of Sharon R. Becker
from the albums of Pearle V. (Bramon) Foland and Norma G. (Foland) Becker
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