Spunky Ridge School No. 1

High Point Township, Decatur County, Iowa
Spunky Ridge School No. 1 was located southeast of High Point, just north of the Dorsey farm.

Spunky Ridge School, High Point Township
October 31, 1913, Nadine McClung, teacher

Front Row, L-R: Mary Dosey, John Bethards, Ruth Bremer, Linly Dosey, Ruth Bethards, Dio Dorsey.
Back Row, L-R: Willie Kendall, teacher Nadine McClung, Leslie Parsons, Coy Smith, Fayette Dorsey, Wilma Kendall.

Submission by Jane Dorsey; additional names from Denzel Bethards.

Spunky Ridge School, 1902

Spunky Ridge School, 1910

Spunky Ridge School, 1912
Harry Kendall, Roxy Bremer, Ella Bremaer, Essy Bennett, Lyman Parsons, Jim Skinner, Earl Bennett, Guy Skinner, Ella Zook - teacher, Clifford Doresey, H.B. Bremer, Ola Bremer, Melvy Cronin, Merele Kendall, Orange Dorsey, Owen Parsons, Mary Parsons, Gerlad Dorsey, Dean Stiles, Lewis Bremer, Ross Cronin, Myrtle Roberts, Glen Stiles.  Submitted by Gladys Zook Smith. W. Blanche Morton, Teacher
Owen Parsons, Orange Dorsey, Lena Trauepel, Horace Bremer, Mary Parsons, George Smith, Eurith Morton, Clifford Dorsey, Myrtle Roberts, Lewis Bremer, Merle Traupel, Gerald Dorsey, Esther Bremer, Leslie Parsons, Coy Smith, Willie Kendall, Jimmie Roberts, Fay Dorsey, Roy Bremer, Wilma Kendall, Dio Dorsey, Ruth Bethards, John E. Bethards, Maurice D. Traupel, John Konklin, Fred Wooley, Kemp Aten, N.T. Parsons
Contributed by Decatur County Historical Museum, Leon
Janie Hull - Teacher
Willie Kendall, Roy Bremer, Mildred King, Wilma Kendall, Ruth Bethards, John Bethards, Mary Dorsey, Linly Dorsey, Nelson King, Ruth Bremer, Dio Dorsey

Spunky Ridge School, 1936

Spunky Ridge School, 1941-42
Contributed by Decatur County Historical Museum, Leon John Hart, Denzle Bethards, Grady Hart, Vinetta Hullinger - teacher, Clifford Bates, Robert Hart, Mary Ann Bethards, Georgia Bates. Submitted by Velma Hart.

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