McAlister School

High Point Township, Decatur County, Iowa
The McAlister School was located near the McAlister Cemetery, more commonly known as the McCullough Cemetery because most of the burials are of the McCullough family. No one knows for sure where the name "McAlister/McAllister" came from. William and Emaline McAllister were early settlers in High Point Township and then moved to Kansas in 1873. There was also a Dr. Benjamin Rush McAllister who had a medical practice in Leon.

McAlister School closed in 1920.
Teacher's Term Report to Secretary
McAlister School in High Point Township, Decatur County, Iowa
September 8, 1913 - April 10, 1914

John C. Duffield, Teacher
1. Willah Gibson, 15 2. John Smith, 14 3. Verne Smith, 16 4. Gladys Wagner, 12
5. Hazel Smith, 12 6. Charles Smith, 12 7. Wills Knapp, 13 8. Edith Wagner, 10
9. Howard Smith, 9 10. Olsen McCullough, 9 11. Hortense Knapp, 9 12. Harold Knapp, 6
13. Frederick Garvin, 7
The average daily attendance was only 7 and the teachers pay was $52.80 a month. The secretary was to examine the report before issuing the order for the last month's salary.

Submitted by Emily Ehler, January 23, 2003
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