East Elk School No. 5

Grand River Township, Decatur County, Iowa
East Elk School No. 5 was built in 1868, located approximately a mile north of Elk Chapel.

Helen WARNER (1942-43) and Beverly (KINNEY) McCARL (1949-1950) were among those who taught at East Elk School.

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East Elk School

1942 - 1943

East Elk School

Fall of 1949

East Elk School

1949 - 1950

East Elk School

__ Gatton, Jacqueline Bradley, Donald Rauch, V. Gatton, Jame Rauch, Earl Akers, Verna Vasey, Charles Gatton, Chester Young, Hazel Rauch. Teacher Helen Warner. Wayne Warrick, Grade 6; Jim Rauch, Grade 8; teacher Beverly McCarl (Kinney); Marla McDowell (West), Grade 6; Janice McDowell P (Padgitt), Grade 2; Louise Naylor, Grade 4; Sharon Hembry, Grade 5; Arthur Warrick, Grade 4;
Gary Naylor, Frank McDowell, David Anderson all Primary;
Carlton Naylor, Grade 2.
Marla McDowell (West), teacher Beverly McCarl (Kinney), Jim Rauch, Dwayne Warrick, Louise Naylor (Houser), Sharon Hembry, Arthur Warrick, Janice McDowell (Padgitt), David Anderson, Frank McDowell, Carlton (John) Naylor, Gary Naylor Louise Naylor, Minnesota; Sharon Hembry, Osceola; Dwayne Warrick, New Mexico; Arthur Warrick, Arizona; Gary Naylor, Lamoni; Carlton Naylor, Lamoni, David Anderson, Decatur

In 1921, the pupils were Fairy Millsap, Spencer Akers, Bruce Naylor, Francis McDowell, Mat Akers, Marjorie Boord, Winelle Woodmansee, Basil Naylor, Duane Joy, Ardis Beck (teacher), Merlin Boord, Elva Naylor and Mat McDowell. Ardis Beck was the teacher.

After the school closed, it remained at its original location. It was used as Bertha Bedell's machine and hay shed.
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